Now Watch A Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Trailer In English

By Spencer . February 4, 2011 . 12:06pm

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection packs two games on to one UMD. This trailer starts with the sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which follows Cecil’s son Ceodore. You’ll see many familiar characters in The After Years – Rydia, Edge, Edward, Palom, Porom, and Kain who kidnaps Rosa… again. First released for mobile phones and later as an episodic WiiWare game in North America, The After Years has upgraded graphics on PSP.



Another remake of Final Fantasy IV is also on the UMD with enhanced 2D graphics. New for Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is a storyline that links the two scenarios. Square Enix hasn’t said much about this element, but we should find out more soon since Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection comes out on April 19 in North America.

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  • There are some actors that make it sound as if that which they are saying is sincere and as if they are conversing with you…while there are actors who sound as if they are reading the dreariest monologue on Earth…The lady reading nearly sways me to not get the game. It was if she was reading it for the very first time and being recorded.

    But onto other things, the battle effects look awesome, but the After Years seemed to have, hm, more enhanced effects?

    • Agreed. Where’s the Man with the Deep Voice when you need him?

  • It would be nice to have FFIII as well for the PSP, so that I have it along with I, II, and IV.

    • kupomogli

      FF6 with enhanced 2d graphics and another remake with Crisis Core graphics. I’d buy both day one, even if they came out the same day.

      • He meant FF3, not FF6 lol.

        • kupomogli

          I know he meant FF3. I was saying I’d want FF6. If someone didn’t catch it with the FFIII, it would have easily been noticed with the numerical statement of 1, 2, and 4. I’ve been calling it FF6 before Anthology even came out because regardless if we have had it improperly named, it’s still FF6, not FF3us like people still call it. Though I’ll admit I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I still like the Dragon Warrior title over Dragon Quest.

          Anyways. His was the only post at the time asking for a remake of another game so I replied on a remake that I’d like. Though one person did post about a remake one minute before my post, which I would have had to refresh to see it.

          • Well, I was only hoping for 3’s remake for the PSP, just so it wouldn’t look weird to have 1, 2 and then 4. But I’m not really wishing for it to happen. And yes, I do agree that 6 along with 5 be remade as well.

          • Yeah I haven’t even played III and yet I don’t have a DS… so a III remake would be nice. I know you’re talking about an FFVI remake(I would LOVE that too. FFVI is my favorite ^^), but just saying lol.
            I’m also split about if they do make a FFVI remake, would it be better to make it would full 3D graphics or with 2D sprites.

      • Ladius

        I would buy a FF6 remake even with FF4CC-level graphics, on the other hand I think the Ds remake was quite enough for FF3.

  • Ladius

    XSeed, Square Enix, Sega and NiSA are really keeping PSP alive even when its western sales continue to drop. I’m really happy to see that even FF4 CC is getting localized, now I hope Valkyria Chronicles 3 gets dated for the west :)

    • Ereek

      Agreed. Aksys, too, what with Jikandia coming out in March. But even NISA seems to be a bit hesitant to support the PSP on some games (Atelier). Hopefully with the release of NGP publishers will be more confident in the product.

      I love my PSP and laugh when people say it has very few games. I hope publishers continue support at least until 2012.

      • hystzen

        the only games i seem to have for PSP are done by SE , SEGA (VC) or Konami they seem to be only companies trying to make games that been said most game shops in UK have cut down there PSP stocks

        • kupomogli

          Or you haven’t been paying attention to the system. You have a Zaku 2 MS-06S as your avatar, so why didn’t you also mention Bandai? The Gundam Battle series is amazing as is the Gundam vs Gundam games and the Macross Frontier games are okay.

          Sony has had plenty of first party developed and published games that are good, and no, I’m not talking about God of Bore, but the two Syphon Filter games, Untold Legend games, Pursuit Force games, Wipeout games, Jeanne D Arc, and Field Commander.

          Take a look at (almost) every PSP that XSeed has published or is going to publish. Wild ARMs XF, Half Minute Hero, Ys series, Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki series, Brave Story. All are very good games.

          While NIS has been holding back games, thankfully it’s only been their RPGs as I’m not much of a fan of their RPGs. Prinny is amazing, and while I have yet to play Prinny 2, that’s going to amazing. I own Badman 2 but have yet to play it so I can’t say about that, but it looks interesting so I picked it up.

          There are so many more good PSP games from other developers. Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron, Driver 76, Gurumin(Falcom,) Crimson Gem Saga, etc, even a lot of ports and remakes, such as ones listed like Ys 3, Gurumin, but other’s like Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Breath of Fire 3, etc.

          These are all games that I personally own that I listed and there are a lot I didn’t list. I didn’t list any from Square Enix, Sega, or Konami because you seem to be aware of those companies actually having some good games on the system.

          • hystzen

            not had time to import games for psp have been busy with uni or i would have got gundam vs gundam series and bleach heat the soul. most games i like on psp are rpgs of some sort they my main genre. im not saying the psp is fail just alot of companys dont seem to try to make quality games unlike ones i mentioned before. when was last time a A+ quality title came from activison or EA on psp..PSP is a after thought at moment even sony didnt bother promoting PSPgo or PSP in uk much

          • PrinceHeir

            agree ^^

            you forgot to mention remakes like this game, Persona, Star Ocean, Valkyria Profile, Castlevania SOTN and Rondo of Blood(as part of the Dracula X Chronicles) as well as games like MGS Acid not to mention being able to legally play PS1 games from the PSN store are one of the best reasons to own a PSP.

            nintendo can actually do the same by adding more games from their old consoles as well as GB,GBC and GBA games ^^

      • kupomogli

        Well. To be honest, the PSP really does have very few games. Except that most of those “very few games” are the best games to be released this generation and some of the best games period.

        For having barely any releases compared to the other systems released this gen, it’s definitely my favorite. To me, the PSP is right behind the PSX, PS2, and almost with the NES on about how awesome the system is. That’s only if you’re talking about the games on each system itself without modding, custom firmware, bc, etc.

        • I wouldn’t say it has very few games. After surviving the battle with the DS I’d say its got quite an impressive library of quality games.

          When compared to the DS, yes its like David and Goliath , but the DS is littered with shovelware, and the only release that I find interesting is Radiant Historia.

          I agree with you on the PSP being awesome this gen. If only Sony managed to halt piracy on that system

  • Arcm

    I can’t wait I only played through this game 20 times all ready starting from the snes days.

    Hopefully, this is it when it comes to remaking FF4…. nah who am I kidding it’s square-enix. lol

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I think what splits folks about IV is much interest springs not from the original iteration, but the remakes. Yes it was and is an important title, and first to implement story and music in a manner familiar to those whose first FF was VII, VIII, X or beyond. Yet thematically and structurally, players from that time recognize it more as a step on the way to VI. And these folks don’t want influence VI had on not just Final Fantasy but dramatic games in general to end up lost.

  • Pichi

    Is there any word on whether we can jump straight to The After Years or not?

  • kupomogli

    I really hope this include everything FF4 Advance included, well, except for the bugs, lag, etc. Maybe they can also add a hard mode to it as well.

  • hystzen

    Still great how SE do remakes of the FFs we dont want..give me some kefka bashing on psp.

    • We? There are a lot of FF4 fans who would want this.

      • hystzen

        i think there is a larger minority of fans who would have other FFs that are not as remade as much as this one is. It first time after years has appeared yes looks alright might still pick it up but it only just been done for DS.

        • Kaz

          The funny thing is, that’s the same majority who buys the remakes over and over >______>

  • Looks great, but I want less FFIV and more FFV and FFVI from now on.

    • From what I can see, this is suppose to be it’s final incarnation, since the FF-IV collection is considered COMPLETE!

      Now, to see this, FF-I & II on the NGP…

      • Well, I’m not so sure about it. After all, Square-Enix isn’t reliable about making really “Final” versions of a game, though they love to put that on their products as it usually does a magic that increases the amount of people buying them.

  • Zero_Destiny

    So yet again I need to buy Final fantasy IV lol I’m just glad I didn’t download the Wiiware version of the After Years since this game is cheaper. All the episodes of it on Wiiware = $37 This game = $30. Even if I don’t want to play IV again it’ll be dumb to pass this up. Also I liked the narration at first it sounded weird but the actress had a nice voice. Just hope that After Years is good. I’ve heard it was pretty hard. I do enjoy a good challenge so I can’t wait.

  • This trailer sucked. Just some lady babbling on like its an infomercial. No voice acting? No cutscenes?

    SE, you’re gonna have to try harder than that to make me want to play FFIV again.

  • PrinceHeir

    does the game have in game VA or just the trailer?

    and does anybody know who the girl’s voice in the trailer? she seems familiar to me ^^

  • Guest

    meh I’m not interested in a typical CGI trailer if it looks nothing like the actual game

  • Suicunesol

    The narrator sounds like she was taken straight from a Suave’ shampoo commercial.

    “…and for a limited time only, Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection will be packaged with Square Enix brand Phoenix Down Shampoo, an irresistible, unique blend that will soothe your hair! Now you can have hair like Cecil’s too!”

    • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

      …..I’d get that O_o…..just sayin….

    • If it could instantly revive my hair and moisturize it… I’d totally be on board for that xP

  • Very excited about this! Nice to see After Years finally released in retail form.

  • Darkrise

    @ 1:13

    The narrator sounded so doubtfull lol

  • keriaku

    Dat voiceover

  • Yeahh.. I’m sure some people agree with me, but that lady in the trailer is full of meh lol. I can’t even describe it… I would just rather have “generic deep voice movie trailer man” say all those lines xD.

    But… anyway, really looking forward to getting my hands on this game. After Dissidia ^^

  • Ugh, my ears are bleeding.

  • SupaPhly

    I’ve always wanted to hear a final fantasy trailer voiced over by Aigis

    • I thought you were talking about Maaya Sakamoto >_>

  • lol… come on guys… you can’t be serious right? because the only endless FF remake SE make is FFIV…i never really see any other remakes for other series unless you mean re-releases or slight graphical upgrades.. u can choose not to buy the re-releases but this remake has extras, and is too saucy not to buy it…

  • OOoo!
    Kain is trying to get it on! :D
    Game looks great, I will be buying this for sure!

    • kupomogli

      Watch out, Rydia. It’s a Malboro. Just a joke referencing that one Jill post. :P

      • Wait, what.

        • kupomogli

          Malboro’s are those tentacle monsters that use bad breath on the FF games. I remembered the MvC3 post I made when I saw your post :P.

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