Arcade Edition DLC Possible In Super Street Fighter IV 3D

By Ishaan . February 5, 2011 . 10:31am

This past week, Capcom conducted a live video Q&A with Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono, so he could address fan questions about the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition on the Nintendo 3DS.


One of the very first questions dove right into a subject that’s bound to be on the minds of a few that are interesting in picking the game up — is it possible to have the additional characters and tweaks from the Arcade Edition version in Japan to be offered as downloadable content, similar to consoles?


While Ono didn’t reply with an outright yes or no, he did say that offering post-launch DLC on the 3DS was technically feasible, and that if fans demanded it enough, Capcom would looking into updating the game with the Arcade Edition content.


Ono also confirmed that non-Japanese copies of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition would only come with English voices on the cartridge due to space limitations. Nintendo 3DS cartridges at launch can only hold 2GB of data.

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  • PrinceHeir

    cool :D

    actually today ono said they plan on resurrecting Onimusha and Darkstalkers. but as of right now they’re still gathering some ideas for the next games :P

    i cannot wait for Darkstalkers 4 and Onimusha 5 :)

    • Yessss. Onimusha was great.

    • Guest

      Where’s Breath of Fire, Rival Schools and Tech Romancer

      • Darkstalkers 4 with a meaty single player and online would be epic. And Capcom, if you’re reading this then listen to cowcowcow’s suggestion.


        Note: Would love to see Tech Romancer and Rival Schools sequel on the NGP, to take advantage of the graphical capabilities :D

  • joesz

    I really want these as DLC for the PS3 version:)

    Ishaan, I think that you’ve made a little mistake with the main title:D

    • mikanko

      The rumor arcade owners have passed around is the DLC for PS3 and 360 is coming out in June. This was kinda hushed, but leaked to assuage consciences for shelling out the cash to purchase arcade edition, knowing they’d have close to 7 months of it exclusively.

      Evil Ryu and Oni codes were also supposed to not go out into arcade circulation till May, which coincides with the rumor that the consoles would be getting the dlc in June. The May release of those two characters would have been to add hype for the upcoming console release. Obviously that didn’t work out as planned, and Capcom was none too pleased.

      Since SSF4 is coming out on 3ds well before June, it’s highly dubious there was any real consideration to include the AE tweaks SSF4 received as it would circumvent that exclusivity Arcade owners were unofficially promised back in December.

  • With the arcade game being release during the time they were making the 3Ds version. The arcade content should have been in there already. Capcom King of the unnecessary sequels. Well I wasn’t going to buy it anyway, but still they could have done better.

  • Nintendo should really fix those space limitations. Probably without it, We couldve had better graphics and memory for the DS and Wii. Especially the Wii.

    • Cart size can definitely go higher, but the ones at launch are limited to 2GB. :)

      P.S: Wii uses standard DVDs (same as the 360) as its media format. Some games use dual-layered DVDs, which are around 8GB in storage, so I don’t really think that going higher would make much of a difference. WiiWare games definitely suffer from the ridiculous 40MB limit though.

  • xxx128

    Please give us a PC port of Arcade Edition.

  • Day2Day

    2 gigs, huh? It’s odd that the 3DS carts are only as big as the DS carts are now…

  • I approve of this. If you can provide DLC Capcom then do it :D

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