Viz To Publish Ico Novel In The U.S.

By Ishaan . February 5, 2011 . 3:00pm

Last month, distributor Simon & Schuster revealed a list of Viz Media’s book releases for summer and fall. Amongst them was the Ico novel, authored by contemporary Japanese author, Miyabe Miyuki, and originally published in Japan in 2002.


The news comes via the Twitter feed of manga blog, Tanbishugi. Viz’s edition of Ico: Castle of the Mist has a list price of $15.99, but Amazon are offering it at a discount if you’re interested in pre-ordering. The novel is tentatively slated for release in July.


Meanwhile, Sony are set to publish an Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection on the PlayStation 3 in spring on a single Blu-Ray disc. Both games will be compatible with 3D TVs and Shadow of the Colossus will finally run at a smooth 30 frames-per-second.

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  • A novel following a videogame? I guess depending on how much I enjoy the game will determine if I wanna read about it. A puzzle game going novel does sound odd, lol.

    • PUZZLE…. ICO!? Did you play the game or just saw wikipedia -.-

      • Belenger

        Games regardless genre or style can have novels as long the story has substance for it, and since you clearly never played ICO, you really dont know how much that work can be expanded.

        Nier/Drakengard is also another game that has some sets of amazing short stories that where included on the Artbook/Guide, hell if Squeenix released that on the west I would have bought it a second time in a heartbeat.

      • The images I saw of the game, the lack of an HUD, and such led me to believe that it is a puzzle game. It isnt?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          It’s an aesthetic platformer, which you kind of learn as you play along. The puzzle element is basically figuring out how to advance through the levels. It’s not a pure puzzler where you are putting things together or whatnot to open a locked door or whatever.

          • Is a bit more complicated than how you describe it xD, but it gets close, and we are not counting the fact that we gotta protect the girl 99% of the time spent on the game againts unbeateable enemies (the ending was so good, that sword pwned all and that last battle was so epic x.x, im so getting the HD version)

    • lol Devil May Cry had a novel too, as well as a manga. Tales of Vesperia also has a few novels (I believe there’s more than just the Raven background that’s out in Japan), there’s a fan summary of it on the net somewhere. But really.. it’s not too hard to believe that a video game has another form of media. Hence why he have anime titles based off of games (even if they suck or don’t truly follow the original form) and manga series/anthologies that provide more insight to the characters and their personalities.

  • Thats great news! i’m so happy, i totally forgot that ICO had a book, i’m so glad i will be able to read it now!

  • Pichi

    I’m interested in checking this out. Love the Ico world and such.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Done by the Brave Story creator.

  • badmoogle

    I had a great curiosity to read this book ever since i learned about it.Ico’s style of storytelling is so open to interpretations of it’s various symbolisms that it can really inspire the mind of a writer.
    I really look forward for this.

  • Omg, i wonder if it goes even after the game’s ending

  • Zero_Destiny

    So want. Must buy it alongside Ico’s PS3 upscaled version. :)

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :)

    i wonder if it covers all of the game?

  • coooooooooool

    going to play the game first though.

  • 8D_____

  • hystzen

    Didn’t Ico have hardly any dialogue i.e Shadow of Colossus..memory fuzzy not played it for years..that is until HD comes to ps3.

  • Honestly, I don’t have much urge to read this, but I do so look forward to finally getting a chance to play Ico when the collection comes out. Never played it on PS2.

    As for novels of videogames, I feel like I’ve already played the story. I don’t want to read someone else’s interpretation of it. Embarrassingly, though, I do find myself wanting to read the two Dead Space novels, but mostly because they fill in the blanks in the overall arc of that series. If they were just retellings of the games, I would have no interest.

  • discoma

    Will be getting this!

  • mikanko

    I’m not really sure Ico would work as well as a novel. I’m definitely interested in checking it out, but most of the brilliance the game has is how it tells such an engrossing story with really no need for any text or dialogue. The few scenes that have spoken words can easily be just as effective at telling the story without the subtitles. The strength of the game relies mostly on the visual and audio cues.

  • Tropxe

    Hmm… I love ICO and I’ll pick this book up but the entire game has about 8 lines of dialogue and an incredibly simple narrative. It’s all about the mood and the personal experience of exploring the eerily beautiful locations while having to be considerate of your partner. It’s a great example of something that works best as a game because simply saying “then the boy went into another room and more shadows came and he hit them with a stick” about 200 times isn’t going to be a very good book.

    Just basing it around describing the locations isn’t going to live up to the game, since, as the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and obviously a game is full of pictures and images. So I’m thinking that it might include a load of non-canon, author speculation just with an ICO flavour.

  • WyattEpp

    It’s been a while since I actually wanted a novel…

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