Black Rock Shooter Premium Edition Comes With White Rock Shooter Figurine

By Ishaan . February 6, 2011 . 4:29pm


Details on Imageepoch’s upcoming Black Rock Shooter RPG for PSP are still scarce, but here’s a new promo video introducing the White Rock Shooter to tide you over until they feel like talking about the game. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the team working on BRS in this post.


When Black Rock Shooter: The Game releases in Japan, gamers will be able to pick up a premium edition box that comes with a White Rock Shooter Figma figurine. There’s been no confirmation of a release for the game outside Japan yet, but NIS America do have an ongoing deal with Imageepoch to publish their games in the U.S.

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  • PrinceHeir

    sooo nice :)

    but i do wonder how much will it cost though?

    im assuming Good Smile is making the figurine?

    • goronyan

      limited edition is priced 9,980 yen wich includes: game, ost, artwork, white brs figma manufactured by Max Factory all these packaged in a limited premium box Illustrated by Huke wich may differ from the umd cover;

  • Mmmm, BRS is so awesome.

    • OneOkami

      Awesome enough to localize?

  • Christian Wright

    Dear God, please don’t let this game suck.

    • We saw some early gameplay a few months ago.

      …I can’t say it looked promising.

      • With that short clip we saw it would be the same if i say that it looks promising that you saying that it didnt looked promising though… I think is better if we dont say anything yet :0

        • Darkrise

          Stay positive, until we see a REAL gameplay vid near the release date of the game that’s more than 10-30 sec long.

    • Guest

      As long as its on par with lets say Resistance Retribution and better than The 3rd Birthday than I’d say it has a chance

      • Christian Wright

        i agree. it’ll probably be fast paced too

      • Just make the gameplay like Crisis Core (without the “random” battles) and it will be awesome :D

    • Kai2591


  • Hmm. Seems like White Rock Shooter somewhat takes the place of Dead Master…?

    • Christian Wright

      i hope dead master is in the game in some kind of form



    • Darkrise

      Never get tired of hearing that. =P

    • Guest


      ZA GAMU

    • Guest

      Weirdest part is that Maaya Sakamoto (she’s the one who says the line, right?) actually speaks fairly good English. They must’ve told her to read it all Engrishy on purpose.

      • Kai2591

        Maaya Sakamoto is nice but why didn’t they stick with Kana Hanazawa?..hmmm…

  • MarkMario

    White Rock Shooter
    Black Rock Shooter
    Who will Win!

    • Guest





  • godmars

    Why do I feel like starting a cheering squad for the translation for this in front of the Atlus US offices?

    • Because you didn’t read the line that says, “NIS America do have an ongoing deal with Imageepoch to publish their games in the U.S.”

  • Zero_Destiny

    Looks good, at least graphics-wise and stuff. We haven’t seen too many videos of gameplay but I still have a positive outlook about it. I think the crazy story with aliens might just work well with Black Rock Shooter even if it means there’s no Mato in it. So to anyone who could read the Japanese writing where it said cast does the game have Kana Hanazawa in it as Black Rock Shooter or is it Maaya Sakamoto or is it someone else? Or did it not tell you that? I’m curious about it. *fingers crossed* that NISA will pick this game up.

    • OneOkami

      Its Maaya Sakamoto

      • Zero_Destiny

        I’ve heard that before. :( I’m sad that it’s not Kana Hanazawa. Where did you find that out? Not that I don’t believe you just curious. I’ve googled it and checked some wikis and really I couldn’t find anything. Did you read it in the video or am I dumb and missed something right in front of my face. lol

        • OneOkami

          She is the first cast member listed in the trailer. Also, I believe I read about it somewhere but can’t remember where.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Thanks I couldn’t find any real reliable info for it. I’m still sad it’s not Kana Hanazawa but at least it won’t keep me up any more wondering about it. lol Oh well I’d hate for ImageEpoch to have to fork over too much money in order to get her on board with the project. I’d rather have them put that money into the game. So I guess it’s okay.

          • OneOkami

            I can definitely understand how you feel. I kinda doubt money had too much to do with it, though. Maaya isn’t exactly a small-time seiyuu herself, lol.

          • ^^; But Maaya is a veteren and famous seiyuu, wouldn’t she be just as expensive?

          • Zero_Destiny

            @shirokiryuu and OneOkami. lol Didn’t mean to dis good old Maaya Sakamoto. I love her in Escaflowne and The Tatami Galaxy. I just meant I’d rather have ImageEpoch focus their budget on the game development instead of going out of their way to get all the seiyuu from the OVA. I’m sure they felt Maaya Sakamoto could do a good job for the role and I’m sure she’ll be paid a good sum of money for her role too. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Barrit

    Wow, looking awesome. I hope the gameplay brings some over the top action. WRS’ shorts give a new meaning to “low-rise”!

  • If the game is half as fantastic as that music was, then I see a great game in the future.

  • *sigh* I only want to figma, but you have to buy it with the game, which is like 9000+ yen

    • Or you can just wait until GSC/Max Factory makes a figure of her. I can see it coming

      • Most likely, since it’s GSC after all. But I don’t really buy scale figures since they’re so pricey. I just stick to nendoroids and figmas :3

    • Kai2591

      I hope there’ll be a figma-only package.

  • BRS is really overhyped for what it is….pretty much all I have to say.

    • Apollonis

      lol, how can a character design be “hyped,” though? People like the way it looks and the ideas behind it and that’s really all it is, hype implies to me that there’s some expectation apart from reality, which doesn’t make sense.

      • I was refering to the character? oh ok sure. Can’t be bothered to say much more really.

        • Apollonis

          I don’t know, were you? To me, BRS refers specifically to the character design, which is what this whole thing started as; other than that you’ve completely lost me, haha. What were you talking about then? The “franchise” as a whole that this is turning into? But the appeal of the franchise is based around the attractiveness of the character designs at its core, and the various pieces (like the OVA) aren’t really held together by any kind of cohesive narrative or anything like that. As for the game, it hasn’t received much of any hype that I can see yet… just the typical pre-release stuff.

  • Darkrise

    My God… I want this even more. That figma… I had no interest in the beginning since I thought it was just a regular BRS figma painted white but this… This is a must buy! Even the game! I really hope NISA really IS bringing the game over. That figma would be nice too but we never get any of that. =/

    • Kai2591

      Same here~

      Buy the premium Jap version AND the localized version (if any) lol

  • Yay no Mato and Yomi!! I hate both of them!!

  • Exkaiser

    I just don’t understand BRS at all.

    How did one random drawing on pixiv spawn an anime and a game? I know what happened, but what I don’t understand is the mechanic behind it. And the appeal. I don’t understand that bit, either, but that’s just a personal thing.

    • SolidusSnake

      One word, my friend. MOE.

      Of course, it’s probably better for your sanity not to try to understand. It’s kind of like Giygas in Earthbound, you cannot comprehend the nature of BRS’s attack!

      • Exkaiser

        Except that, even if I pray, I won’t be able to reach out to the player and defeat the moe.

        Ah, well, I guess that’d be overreacting anyways.

      • Kai2591


        I like BRS but I don’t think she’s moe..

        I just think the designs are artistically, beautifully, awesome.

        Perhaps some do find her moe…which is weird imo.

    • Same here, I actually like the drawings(just the drawings), but it’s so random it’s not even funny anymore…ah well that’s just how the Japanese world turns it seems~

    • >>Connections… As in, i know a friend that his father is the president of X company… Muhahahhaa, and it seems the drawings of this person is very liked in japan, so yeah, maybe they are exploting that.

      I saw the ova, it was pretty well done, without counting the fact that i dont understand why there isnt any male ANYWHERE, it looks good, it is like, kinda “deep”, and there is still a lot that can be shown from BRS, we dont even know who what she is, why is she there, what is her objective, etc…

      • You managed to finish the OVA? I respect your attention span

        • I admit i jumped a part of it, the school part of the girls was so boring -.-, but the fight was pretty good, and i though black shooter was related to the girl that appeared at the beginning but now it seems she is not.

          • Darkrise

            lol, same here, I just kept on skipping to get to the fights. Plus the music. The music in each one was just awsome.

    • Two parts unexplainable flash of inspiration + five parts luck + the unmeasurable thing that all viral phenomenons have.

  • Doubt the white figurine will come to Europe. A shame because it looks very pretty. But as long as the game is awesome I won’t be fussed :D

  • This figma would look so sexy right next to my Saber figma from Fate/Extra and my BRS figma…

    • Nice figmas you got there. My BRS is posed in an epic Rider Kick pose

  • karasuKumo

    I still don’t like the fact this game has no connection to the OVA but if the action is fast paced then I can’t complain. Loving WRS :)

  • I can SMELL a localization.

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