Compare Screenshots Of Namco’s Two Portable Ridge Racer Games

By Ishaan . February 6, 2011 . 12:00pm

Namco Bandai have two portable Ridge Racer games coming up — Ridge Racer 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and Ridge Racer Accelerated HD for iPad.


While Ridge Racer 3D is a Nintendo 3DS launch game, Accelerated is already available for the iPhone for $4.99. Accelerated HD appears to be the same game, updated for the iPad.


Ridge Racer 3D:


Ridge Racer Accelerated HD:


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  • Ridge Racer HD looks to be the better deal for less, lol, wow!

  • Anyone who trust screens provided by the developer is a fool. They are always touched up, down, or altered in some way. Still it funny how they are willing to sell a game for 4.99. Then sell another game for $30 plus. I know about all the fees they have to pay. Still the make more on the 3DS compared to the 4.99 on Ipad.

    • To be fair, Accelerated looks somewhere in between a PS1 and PS2 game… (not that 3D looks too much better)

      As far as game prices on 3DS are concerned, I think the games that are really at risk are the ones like Ghost Trick, which largely have no replay value, rely entirely on touch input and in general, are perfectly suited to lower prices in digital format.

  • Be mindful that Ridge Racer on iOS is microtransaction hell. You’re limited to a very limited amount of content on it, where then you have to pony up to really get the equivalent of a full game. At that point, it’s just better to get one whole package. Besides, Accelerated is pretty much a rehash of Ridge Racers 2 PSP.

    I’ll prefer the 3DS title with use of slightly better shaders. Both are preferable to whatever abomination Namco is allowing Bugbear to do with Unbounded.

  • I’m still not impressed with non-tactile controls :( I mean, with the iPad’s size and all, wouldn’t it be risky to try a drift maneuvre while you fling that $500 thing around? Although they do supply touchscreen controls, from the looks of it… Man…

    • $500?, there are iPads for less than that, lol.

      • Apple’s official website begs to differ.. Unless you call $499 to being less than $500. (Well, technically)

    • Guest

      dude you dot have to ‘fling’ it lol you’re really exxagerating

  • Guest

    movin to the beat
    movin movin
    movin to the beat
    Ridge Racerrrrr
    movin to the beat
    movin movin
    movin to the beat
    get back to Ridge Racerrrrrrrrrrrr…rr..rr..rrr.rr.rrr..

  • Even for a 3DS launch title, Ridge Racer 3D looks disappointing. The textures on the cars are horrible and the words on them are practically illegible. You would think that Namco Bandai would want to make the cars, something that takes up a majority of the screen, look somewhat presentable.

    I’ll give them a pass and blame it on the company just wanting to get a game out for the 3DS’ launch, but I better not see this kind of sloppy quality in Tales of the Abyss.

  • I think it looks decent. But for me Ridge Racer was never about the graphics but the presentation and the gameplay. If it’s like Type-4 or Rage Racer then I’m going to be having tons of fun with it :D

    • Alrighty, then I guess youre fin paying $39.99 or more for a half done game. For such a series where entries come out every 4+ years, one would expect they would be able to take the time to enhance the graphics. Its a shame when the cheaper iPad version looks more stunning than the pricier version.

      • Heh says you with god knows how many day-1 games that are potentially “half done game”

        Ridge Racer was never about the graphics to me (though they look decent enough anyway), otherwise I’d be wishing for a Forza or Gran Turismo-esque game. It was about having fun in an arcadey way and if Ridge Racer 3DS pulls that off for and has a fair amount of content to unlock I will be satisfied.

  • thebanditking

    Both look like leftovers from the PSP Ridge Racer games. I have Ridge Racers 1&2 on PSP so I think I am good for a while. Don’t get me wrong I love the series but unless they are going to do another proper entry with little to no carry over courses,assets, and songs then its going to be a hard sell for me.

    • jarrodand

      Yeah, both really look like warmed over cut and paste jobs. The 3DS game actually looks worse than the 2004 PSP original in some ways even (reflections notably). Really, really shameful.

      At this point though, I have to wonder if NGP will get any different treatment? I can’t really see Namco investing into anything beyond another RR6/7 asset grab rehash or (worse) a direct Unbounded port. Poor RR…

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