PlayStation Phone Revealed As Xperia Play

By Ishaan . February 6, 2011 . 7:51pm

Rumours of a PSP Phone have frequently been making the rounds on the Internet for more than a year now. These often tended to be confused with the “PSP2,” which ultimately turned out to be an entirely different device in the form of the NGP.


The PlayStation phone does exist, however. Titled “Xperia Play,” the device has been officially confirmed by Sony on their Ericsson Facebook page, and will be revealed in its entirety on February 13th.


The device runs on the Android operating system, and the PlayStation style buttons probably means it’s going to be the most compatible Android device in terms of control with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Suite program that allows for PS One and “PlayStation quality” games to be brought to Android devices. Here’s a trailer:


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  • Dimentionalist

    I hope it can play Tales of Xperia

    • Now you’ve done it.

    • The “Tales of” series are cursing us now.

    • Guest


    • Would be a perfect opportunity for NBGI to bring the Tales of Mobile series to the U.S.

    • Kai2591

      50,000 requests needed for localization.

      and here comes a new meme~

  • badmoogle

    Glad to see Sony return to their strange style commercials.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’ve seen it. And now I can’t unsee it. Eh that commercial will give me nightmares. Green robots thing with human thumbs embroidered into it’s arms. Oh I just got goosebumps. That aside looking closely at the phone it seems like it has pads (maybe touch or heat sensitive not sure just guessing) in place of the joysticks. Not really a bad idea considering the size of the thing. I wonder if it’ll work well or be a pain to use.

  • Guest


    • whynot.png

      • whyudodis.gif

      • Guest

        Even I gave you a like, nice one. PERSONALLY I think it’s a neat concept but the execution (from everything we know) is complete crap. Horrible design, PSP and Phones don’t have the best battery lives so combining them will equal something terrible, DD only. I just think if you want a dedicated gaming device you will get one and if you don’t care about games that much your touch screen is just fine.

        I’ve got no idea who this is aimed at. The iPhone consumer doesn’t want it and depending on the carrier I doubt people will switch, just to play PSP games or App games with buttons. I only see this appealing to people with dumb/feature phones who don’t care about what kind of phone they have but like games. Which I don’t think is a big market but hey what the hell do I know. I just see another PSPGo all over again.

        • Well…and this is my personal take on it btw…Xperia Play looks interesting to me because it’s more of a blend of game device/cell phone than the iPhone is.

          I’m the kind of person that honestly doesn’t splurge money on phones, smart or not. Even my current mobile is this ancient thing handed down from someone else. I don’t own an iPhone either, but I do love playing iPhone/iPad games whenever I can.

          So, to me, this looks like something different…a “gamer’s phone” if you will. The kind of phone that I might be able to justify buying if it isn’t super-expensive, just because it’d be convenient to carry around as a phone and have something to play with at the same time. :)

          • Guest

            If you think current smartphones are too expensive you’ll probably think this is too expensive. ;P

            And yea you fit into that market I was talking about but I just don’t think that market is big. I know whenever I’m talking about phones with people, games and buttons aren’t a selling point for them.

          • I do agree with what you said though. iPhone penetration is very high, so this is definitely a more niche product. You could make the same comparison with DS/PSP and 3DS/NGP. In every case, Sony’s trying to carve out a niche, away from the more mainstream audience. I guess that’s all they can do at this point…

          • AdamBoy64

            Yes, i’m probably in a minority. But I’ve been looking for a mobile phone that can play games. I’ve used touchscreen controls a few times, and I find them pathetic. They just don’t do it for me at all. That’s why this phone interests me so much.

            I’m like you though, I’ve only ever had older feature-phones up until this point..

          • malek86

            Problem is, even if this phone has the right buttons layout, pretty much all games on the Android market are made for touchscreen controls. So this would really only be usable for those games that will specifically support it. Might be many, might be few, at this point it’s difficult to say.

          • badmoogle

            I’m in exactly the same boat as you (regarding mobile phones.);)
            If the price is reasonable i might be interested in this.

  • That trailer, scares me.

  • AdamBoy64

    The Xperia Play is a device I’ve been interested in for sometime.. Can’t wait for next weeks reveal. Playing games on a mobile device with.. actual buttons.

    I shouldn’t get too excited yet.. lolz.. release could be ages away.

    • Guest

      DS/PSP are mobile devices. ;P

      • AdamBoy64

        Yes, sorry missed the word – phone.
        It’s a good contrast on how modern society has changed words though…
        I only ever hear ‘mobile’ refer to a mobile telephone these days… :(

        • Guest

          Lol, I’m just joking. Usual mobile or mobile devices is used when talking about multiple cellphones here. Anyways we just call em phones or cells/cellphones but we never call our single phones a mobile.

  • Well that scared the crap out of me..

  • malek86

    Hello there, N-gage.

    • thebanditking

      Agreed but at least this has a large enough screen to play games, unlike the N-gage which had a screen so small I believe it could have caused blindness, lol.

      • malek86

        Have you ever played a GB Micro? The screen is even smaller (although at least it had a proper shape). Playing on that thing was painful. I can understand portability, but that was taking it too far.

        Well, it’s worth noting that the N-gage still sold more than the Micro, so maybe it does have an effect on sales…

  • My excitement for the phone has diminished over the last few weeks simply because for me, the main hook of the phone is that it can play PlayStation and “PS One” style games yet I have seen much of that in action except for emulators playing well.

    Hopefully the reveal in a weeks time will shed a huge amount of light on it.

  • Finally a Smartphone from a company i like
    Cant wait OO

  • MarkMario

    That looks disturbing

  • thebanditking

    Not interested in the slightest. I think its good for Sony to expand the PS brand, making it easier for people to transition back in to the actual hardware so obviously this is not aimed at me. I would rather play my PSone games on a real PlayStation device, like my PSP or one day the NGP that have some form of analog stick. I will say that this has potential to do much better then the PSP-Go though, people who play games on cell phones don’t seem to care about DRM policy or a lack of physical media.

  • NetscapePizza

    looks terrible

  • BadenBadenPrinny


  • Bruce

    it’s like they hired Takashi Miike to direct the commercial … it’s pretty disturbing …

  • The concept of the trailer is pretty good, but eeps I winced at the part where he unwrapped the bandages, the stitched on thumbs look pretty gruesome. >_<

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