Cloud, Terra And Tidus Align With Chaos In Dissidia 012[duodecim]

By Ishaan . February 7, 2011 . 9:14am

Square Enix have put up a page for the upcoming soundtrack release of Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy, and it comes inside a very neat cover, with the Cosmos and Chaos alignments on the front and back respectively.


A picture of the cover also reveals that Cloud, Terra and Tidus will be aligning with the Chaos side, while Jecht (look next to Laguna) is on the Cosmos side. Oddly enough, Kain from Final Fantasy IV is on the Cosmos side as well


The Dissidia 012 soundtrack will go on sale on March 2nd, a day before the release of the actual game itself.

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  • Wait Vaan is chaos?

    • No, he’s Good.

    • That’s Tidus. :P

      (Vaan is next to Yuna on the Cosmos cover)

  • Look at Vaan posing awesomely right close to the front, so epic! Wow!!!

    • Testsubject909

      Did you forget to mention/re-mention day 1?

      • Im still on the fence with the game. I will wait for a playtest or maybe I will just randomly pick it up online when Im in the move for a new PSP game in March or April.

        • Still on the fence? Liar, you’re just out of money with all those day 1’s baby! Well’s running dry!

  • FFI:
    Matoya’s Cave
    Caos Shrine
    Gulug Volcano (original)
    Imperial Army theme (original)
    Crystal Cave
    Doga and Une’s Mansion (original)
    Theme of Suspicion (Kain’s theme)
    Theme of Love (Rosa’s theme) (original)
    Home, sweet home (original)
    Phantom Forest
    Searching for Friends (original)
    Tifa’s theme
    Forested Temple
    Those who fight (:____D) (original)
    Find your way
    Foce your way
    Premonition (original)
    The place I’ll return to someday
    Grand Cross
    You’re not alone (original)
    Yuna’s theme
    Aeon Battle
    Via Purifico
    A fleeting dream (original)
    Dalmasca Estersand
    Battle of freedom
    Golmore Jungle
    Nascent Requiem
    Hanged Edge
    Archlyte Steppes

    • Yui

      Wait a minute. If that’s the entire tracklist…is it? Because if it is, that’s…missing some of the coolest tracks from the series. No Blinded By Light, no Don’t Be Afraid, no Dancing Mad…or were these all on the first one? I can’t remember. Anyway, if they’re all new, great! If not, daaaaaang. :(

      • Pichi

        I think SE did say they’ll have DLC for more music. So there’s a chance some might make it in that way if not in-game.

        • Yui

          Ah, that’s a relief on the game front. As long as they make the Dissidia arrangements available for acquisition elsewhere, then I’ve got no problem! :D

          (Also, make them good this time, SE. Some of the first game’s songs were just flat-out terribad. ;P)

      • kupomogli

        I’m thinking the music from the first game will also be on the UMD along with the second games music and that the new music on the second game is the only music on the soundtrack.

        Just look at the soundtrack for example. On FF1 there’s three dungeon themes. Sure the original FF only has one battle music(unless you count the boss music added for Origins, Dawn of Souls, and Anniversary) but do you really think they’re going to leave a battle theme out?

        Seeing as they’re adding another FF11 character in the game, I don’t see why they don’t add atleast one song from FF11. Sure I hated the game, but the battle music was decent.

      • Blinded By Light, Don’t be Afraid, and Dancing Mad are ALL in Prologus…

        • Yui

          Really? I haven’t yet had opportunity to try Prologus. How would you evaluate the arrangements? Or, hell, the entire soundtrack?

          • I haven’t played Prologus either. But there are videos on Youtube with ripped tracks of the remakes, plus Don’t Be Afraid was in the original game, as well as the last part of Dancing Mad against Kefka. Then again, maybe Dancing Mad wasn’t in Prologus, but it definitely was in the original.
            I’d say the Blinded By Light remix was pretty nice. It’s catchy xD. Except I don’t really understand why Ishimoto’s into techno-beat type music so much all of a sudden.

      • No, that’s not all of them.

  • I got the feeling as though the cool kid is with Chaos… Lol.. And there are more female characters in the Cosmo side compare to the sequel…

    Hmmm.. Tidus sure looks cooler being evil than bubbly, but why is he in the front?..Cloud is still so emo.. Lightning looks like the leader, Laguna is hot.. and Sephiroth is just as awesome looking as ever (or should I say sexy?Lol).. Well, maybe not in advent children and the polygon FFVII.. XD

    Importing the soundtrack I will! Too epic to not own it.. >3<

    • Testsubject909

      They’re trying to advertise Lightning and give her as much exposure as possible and provide a familiar face to all the newcommers who began with FF13.

      So basically if you don’t like her. Too bad, deal with her until you do. Seems to be an indirect message.

      (I will note. I’m neutral towards her.)

      • Seriously, I do not really understand which sentence of mine makes you comment the way you do.. Never have I indicate that I dislike her beside saying she looks like a leader.. Or do you just fancy typing some sort of sentence without fully understanding what others say?

        Its absolutely fine if you wanted to state that Lightning is the character that helps draw in new players. But, you can leave the “if you do not like it then deal with it” sentence alone, because that false accusation of yours really gets on my nerves.

        • I don’t think Test was implying you dislike her. He was just pointing out Square’s intention for placing her at the forefront of the cover.

        • He wasn’t accusing you of anything. He was explaining the message SE was sending (or at least his interpretation of it). No need to get defensive.

          • i get what you mean there… and i do admit i am being too defensive and i apologize for that… still sometimes, you just can’t help it… but, i will try to relax a little bit more next time..

  • I’m still wondering whether the characters on the OST’s cover is the full roster list, or it’s just a normal cover without representing the complete list of characters in game

  • I don’t really think this is telling of which side they’ll be on, but rather what role they’re more likely to play. They could be tricked into fighting for the opposing side or something for personal reasons. I just find it extremely hard for Tidus to be some evil bad ass. Maybe his daddy issues just caught-up to him and he doesn’t want to be away from his wonderful father anymore.

    • Jecht was never on Chaos’ side until the 13th war. He IS a cosmos Warrior. He’s just literally forced to be on Chaos’ side later on.

  • Testsubject909

    Terra I’m not surprised about (Slave Crown).

    Cloud, I’m not surprised about (Sephiroth Control).

    Tidus, I’m not surprised about (Whining about his dad all the time, he might as well be evil… That and participating in a blitzball competition for his own fun while thousands died with Sin roaming the place).

    …Huh, no big surprises there I guess.

    • joesz

      Aside from Tidus,I’m surprised that Squall wasn’t with them.

      • hystzen

        Squall was more introverted not really emo kid or depressive kid

    • Cloud has always been an emo kid.

      • FFVII says otherwise. It’s the sequels and KH that made him emo.

        • Ah, but he didn’t have all his memories, he had Zack’s throughout a good part of FFVII. So we saw the personified Zack through Cloud.

          • BadenBadenPrinny

            (Haven’t beat CC yet so take this with a grain of salt.)

            Crisis Core says hi

          • lol speaking of… if Tifa found him in the slums with the mako poisoning.. then the ending of CC doesn’t fit. *has to go back and replay both games to refresh her memory* lol gosh, it’s been forever since I played FF7. Looks like I’m gonna go replay it soon. ._.

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            Even after he remembers, he’s only depressed for a very short time and goes straight to his original, goofy “let’s mosey” persona.

          • Eh, it could also be translated to “I gotta perk up and finish off this business for the time being”. And then afterwords he realized his actions, what events happened b/c of those actions, and then he decided to go emo to morn their deaths and not forgive himself.

            lol but whatever the speculation, SE gave us the Cloud as he is now, so whatever goes is whatever.

      • NoElixirs

        Cloud was never emo. People don’t know what they’re talking about half the time. I’m lead to believe a good portion only began to play FFVII after KH and AC.

        Such a specious judgement.

  • Code

    rar, interesting, I’m glad to see there starting to blur the lines a little, which was my problem with the first game’s storyline opo’ It never really tried anything unique and played “teams” the whole way through. I felt like certain characters would have been more interested in there own doings, like Kefka seemed like the type to try and undermine Chaos for his own motives opo’

    As well I always felt like Jecht didn’t quiet kick enough ass, particularly Emperors >ww<' I always felt like he had little reason to be part of a "group" and didn't fit with his character. Oh well here's hoping the storyline tries to be something more~!

  • Eh, Cloud was just sulking that Lightning got the prime spot on the Cosmos picture and decided to wreak vengeance upon them.

    • suzaku_hien

      Lighning: “I’m a badass. Everyone follow my lead!!!”
      Cloud: “… Not interested.”
      Us: “QUIT YOUR WHINING!!!! If you continue to whine, we’ll send you to chaos!!!”

    • Lightning and Cloud fought like men that day.

      Lightning: Man, why do they keep challenging us like this?
      Cloud: Probably jealous of my good looks.
      Lightning: You mean MY good looks! I’ve got that one-of-a-kind charm and I’ve got the beautiful sexy hair.
      Cloud: Pfft! My hair defies gravity! The hell does yours do?
      Lightning: It’s Pink…
      Cloud:…….tch, so?
      Lightning: It’s PIIIINK!
      Cloud: SOOOOOO?
      Lightning: You’re just jealous cuz I’m a better lead than you.
      Cloud: Wait, what?!

      • Lighting: Only a real heronine would beat up a helpless child… *kills Vaan*

        Everyone: *cheers*

        • suzaku_hien

          well, I guess we know why Terra is on chao’s side then. Cloud broke her favorite pillar…

      • Lol.. you are pretty good in making the conversation… Its funny…

    • I prefer Laguna over Lightning……

  • kupomogli

    Cloud, Terra, and Tidus align with Chaos in Dissidia 012. The storyline is still terrible.

    I tried to suffer through the Dissidia storyline because regardless what game it is and how many times I’ve beaten it, I like to read the storyline as it’s usually part of the experience. Sadly to say, I couldn’t handle how boring Dissidia’s storyline was. At the end of each character it had a sort of CG fight scene which was nice, but after about three characters I’ve played through I started to skip every scene and really wished that the event skip option allowed you to use it from the very start, rather than being greyed out until you completed everything first.

    It’d be hard to think of a storyline in any video game that’s worse than Dissidia’s. Even if it’s as bad, is it short enough to suffer through? That’s what makes Dissidia’s so bad. It’s not only boring, but it drags on and on and on in every scene.

    • neilvidyarthi

      I didn’t realize I felt this way until now… You’re right.

      • doesnt matter as long as I get to play as the villains then thats good enough for me!

    • we can’t deny that dissidia really suffers in terms of storyline… It feels as though the plot acts like some sort of decoration.. Heck I am not even interested when looking at it the first time..

      But, somehow, after I give it a chance.. It changes my mind..Seeing all my favorite characters be it evil or good working together… i can’t help feeling all mushy and it just does not matter anymore.. The plot become a mere stage for me to just have a glimpse on them one more time in a new world..

      Anyway, its more like street fighter or Tekken except with more nostalgia about the FF world we once dwell in…

  • Pichi

    So this is a good reason we won’t be seeing more new chaos characters. I guess that’s alright. Maybe in the sequel we’ll see more villain characters.

  • Pfft… old news.
    I know I’ve said this a bajillion times to the point of ultimate cliche-ness, but I need an announcement for a VI and IX character already!
    Square Enix, you will be making the stupidest mistake in your life if you don’t include new VI and IX characters. One for each.. that’s all I want >.<

  • KyoyaHibari

    What…the…F*** screw you Yuna, Vaan and Tifa, why don’t you go to Chaos instead or Kain even but not Tidus you bastards, and why would Terra be there, Cloud, i might see it possible but heel if he’s there Squall should DEFINITELY be there let the emos have their anguish.

  • KyoyaHibari


    • Well, in the later chapters of Dissidia, Someone (I believe it was Emperor Palmecia) tells Jecht that not everyone is always on the same side for each war, and that in the 13th war (Dissidia 1) he just happened to end up on Chaos’ side, whereas he used to be a warrior of Cosmos in the 12th, and assumedly past wars.

    • It reflects the fact that he was a guardian during Yuna’s father’s pilgrimage to stop Sin.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Yea I know he is fairly good, i wasn’t really thinking straight, but still, i would like to have some consistency and relevance for both sides, and WHY IS TIDUS PART OF CHAOS

  • adam483t

    They all make sense, but I don’t think they should be THAT extreme that they would be on the Chaos side.

    Hating your father doesn’t make you evil.

  • Balmung

    Well since theyve shown everyone on the cover does that mean no more characters to be revealed?

  • Roses4Aria

    Okay, not liking this at all… *Sob* Tidus, whyyyyyyyyy????

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    yay update on duodecim!! it’s been so long…T~T

  • PrinceHeir

    damn it Tidus what the hell is your problem :(

    don’t worry yuna, jecht will give him a lifetime beating. blitzball style :P

    and i wonder what’s cloud reason now? i wish zack was here to take back the pride of the soldier that was given to him and beat him up until he realize cloud’s no soldier.

  • rainfire2010

    This was unexpected for me. Couldn’t have seen any of them go bad >.<

    • Or basically were bad, then turned good, since 012 is a prequel.

  • I would love to own those soundtrack boxes just for the art.

    Cloud is the least surprising while Tidus is the most surprising to jump. Then again he kind of hates his dad so I guess the reasoning is that he does the opposite of what his dad does just to stick it to him.

  • Guest

    ost demos are available on SE jp site

  • Come on. We all know that Terra’s on the Chaos side because she’s read all of our ideas about Terra x Sephiroth, and she’s hoping to get involved in some Oedipal action.

  • Terra on Chaos side is no surprise (Slave Crown, it being hinted in the previous game), Cloud was kinda surprising while as for Tidus… wait a minute, Am I seeing things? The fact that Kain is still on Cosmos side still bothers me one bit… unless he decides to betray Cosmos in some point in the game like good ol’ Kain does in good ol’ FFIV!

  • …did we not already know this…?
    Nice cover though

  • Tidus looks badass as a villain.

  • Ht Dam I want those as posters… Gorgeous box art :D

  • I like Tidus look in Chaos alignment. I really like bare naked characters(Kratos,Dante DMC3..etc) It feels very masculine that is almost give me confidence to be BEAR naked hehehe!!
    Peace DUDES!! :D

    • and one more thing….how should i put it…
      I think Tidus had much more attention on that cover hehehe

  • Youtube is gonna get flooded with fan-made videos and quests.

  • Errrrrrrrrrrr………..looks like they makes things complicated.
    actually didn’t even paying attention about the story in first Dissidia.
    I’m just enjoying the gameplay though.

    i will be crazed if Dissidia has gameplay like Kingdom hearts.
    but i will leave it to FF versus XIII, i think….

  • Did anybody else see the interview the other day, where they said that a Dissidia on home consoles was something they’d definitely consider if there was enoughf an feedback towards it?

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