A Twist Of Graces In Gods Eater Burst

By Ishaan . February 8, 2011 . 8:26am

Collaborations, collaborations, collaborations. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker had Mountain Dew and Doritos collaborations. Phantasy Star Portable 2 has a KFC collaboration. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has more collaborations than you can shake a Switch Axe at. It’s all about collaborations.


Naturally, Gods Eater Burst has collaborations, too. The first of these was in the form of school uniforms from the A Certain Magical Index II anime series. The second is a lot closer to home. A version 1.2 downloadable data pack will include equipment inspired by other popular games, Tales of Graces being one of them. Amongst the new outfits available in the pack, will be that of Asbel’s.


Namco Bandai also teased a second image without giving away whose costume it was. If you look at the colours and the shoes, it looks to be Cheria, also from Tales of Graces.

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  • Zero_Destiny

    I have now discovered the true reason for Namco localizing Graces. To make money off of DLC in America from other games. XD I kid. I do like the Asbel costume.

  • That censored screen looks so wrong haha

  • Oh wow, if they can throw in Code Geass outfits than I will surely invest in the game!!!

    • Guest

      Why not Ultraman Zero

  • Christian Wright

    jeez. japanese devs are showering their fans with so many goodies. I wish companies in the US would do us the same. Instead we get stuff like DORITOS Shirt or MOUNTAIN DEW sword. :(

    • Hraesvelgr

      Peace Walker was a Japanese game, what are you talking about?

      • Christian Wright

        the type of we dlc we get for such games. if im not mistaken, i saw that alot of the tales of graces dlc wasnt coming over. i can understand hatune miku since sega thinks there’s no fanbase here but not getting that code geass and .hack dlc is gonna hurt. i’m just not a big fan of publishers or devs working with companies like montain dew or doritos. but then again they do pay them for for it.

        • Where did it ever say the Tales of Graces DLC isnt coming over?

          • We generally don’t get dlc like this. So you could wish for Code Geass (awesome anime show by the way) but chances are the west won’t get any of it.

          • raymk

            Why wouldn’t we get code geass though its owned by namco in the U.S. so that one we would get. Now the Miku costumes I knew from the start that its a slim chance we won’t get that.

          • I agree with raymk, I see no reason why Code Geass DLC isn’t going to the west, Bamco has the rights to the series(well Bandai), so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem to include them in their own game, it even appeals to most Graces players, but maybe I’m overlooking something.

          • My opinion is based on the popularity (perhaps “interest” is a better) in a better word of Code Geass and Tales of games in the west; are they still popular in the west enough to warrent dlc? Tales maybe but Code Geass I’m not sure.

            As it is, we’ll probably get generic dlc such as KFC chicken suit…which would be totally awesome actually. Still want my pixelated dlc though :D

          • We’re never going to get Hatsune Miku and Lelouch outfits. What makes you think there’s a chance the DLC will ever come out in the US?

          • Why wouldn’t we get the Geass ones?

          • raymk

            Same thing I said to someone else code geass is owned by namco in the west so why wouldn’t they get those its theirs to begin with.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Oh, don’t take me too seriously, I was just taking a shot at the advertising in Peace Walker.

  • Ephidel

    Andriasang actually has uncensored images of the Cheria costume now:
    (Also, Taiko Drum Master and Soul Calibur stuff).

    • Oh wow, now i know why they censored Cheria’s image xD

      • Erm…Why?

        • See Raioh’s comment :P, it just looks kinda disproportioned, the clothes look kinda weird, and the face just doesnt suits D:

          • Ah okay! Just when I see the word “censored” I automatically think it’s to do with skimpy or nudity stuff lol.

    • Oh man I must say, I don’t like the Graces costumes(a bit fat), just doesn’t fit here, but damn does SoulEdge looks great, works really good as a big weapon in God Eater! :D

    • PrinceHeir

      yay more collaborations :)

      why does it seem like their eyes look weird +_+

    • Caligula

      Is it just me, or does Cheria look really manly in those pictures?

  • malek86

    I don’t know why, but for some reason, the chara design in Graces strikes me as all the characters being kids. Is that actually the case?

    • Darkrise

      Everyone is in their early twenties I think. At least, that was mentioned somewhere… Except for Manlik.

      • malek86

        They are that old? From the design they look like pre-teens or something. It’s part of the reason why it doesn’t appeal to me too much.

        How about Vesperia? They look older in that one.

        • The characters in Graces are all 17-19 or something like this with only Pascal and Malik being older.

          It’s a bit harder to say in Vesperia, there are a few characters that are really young, but there are some that are older than the Graces charaters too, like Yuri being 22 if I remember correctly, but you could say the characters in Vesperia are older.

          • Joanna

            Sophie is at least 17? She looks like she is 12. :|

          • It doesn’t say how old she is, her appearance never changes(not sure why, haven’t beaten the game yet and my Japanese is not the best either), but she was taller than Asbel and Co. before the time skip(7 years), so she should be older than 12 too.

          • Joanna

            Oh ok. If it’s a plot point then I guess that’s fine. I just dislike when there is one character in the group that looks a lot younger yet is still the same age as the others. Seems sort of sloppy on the artists and developers part. Either way, I shall be giving Graces a go when we get the English game here. :)

        • Caligula

          I agree. Graces characters do look like they’re in their early-to-mid teens.

  • The second image now makes me want to play God Eater Burst as a pixelated character.


  • Darkrise

    It really feels like their overexploiting Graces. Despite the fact that Xillia is coming soon and this is even more than Vesperia ps3. Not that it’s a bad thing though but they should probably move on to other characters.

    • I think they want it to succeed, so they’re trying to generate as much brand recognition as possible, in either direction. I can see a lot of people interested in either game not having any idea that the other existed.

  • Yui

    I finally got around to getting the Tales of Graces F trial today, played it for an hour or so. It was…really different. Totally not what I was used to at all from a Tales game. Whether that is good or not remains to be seen, because so far, it’s challenging, but quite thrilling. :D

    So, any more Graces is a good thing! :D

  • How about Kos-mos’s costume?
    I love it when characters look techno^^

  • Dimentionalist

    Good luck using your sheathed sword artes with a weapon that big, Asbel.

  • Oh wow. I suppose Graces did it, alternate costumes from various, outside franchises; why not do it with God Eater Burst, too?

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