Fourth Tales Of Xillia Character Is Jude’s Childhood Friend

By Spencer . February 8, 2011 . 2:41am

imageShonen Jump revealed a Leia Roland, the fourth playable character in Tales of Xillia. She’s a kindhearted girl and one of Jude’s childhood friends. Described with a cheerful personality, Leia also has a weakness for betting on sports and martial arts tournaments. She works as an apprentice nurse in Jude’s family clinic and uses staff techniques in battle.


The magazine also mentioned Resonance Artes, techniques where two characters link up for a single attack. Alvin and Milla, for example, have a Crimson Sword attack as a team arte.

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  • She somehow reminds me of a girl in Balming, but that’s probably just me.
    She’s very sweet, and I love her betting habit xD

  • malek86

    Why does the childhood friend always have to be female? Don’t these guys make friend with other guys ever? When I was a child, almost all of my friends were dudes, which makes sense because we would go around playing soccer and stuff.

    • How poor is your harem! hahaha XD

      You know that japenese stuff is like that. There are some examples but they are just a few. What I care is that the romantic plot always involve the childhood friend.

    • what about tales of vesperia, or Symphonia? didn’t both main characters have a child hood guy friend?

      i think tales of phantasia was the same way.

      • Abyss also kinda had childhood friends of both sexes. A spoiler makes the situation there a bit more complicated though.

        • i am seriously having brain troubles here. i cant remember Abyss at all! ill have to look on youtube for game trailer or gameplay.

    • Exkaiser

      Asbel of Graces has a couple of male childhood friends, I believe. You actually get to play as him and his friends as kids for a while.

      And in Eternia, the hero was Farah’s childhood friend. Not the other way around.

      • bonafide

        Wait, what? I always thought being friends with someone was mutual. How can Reid be Farah’s childhood friend and not the other way around as well?

        • Exkaiser

          Reid’s only friend is his stomach, but Farah is friends with Reid.

          Get it? Don’t worry, it was just a terrible joke.

      • Keele was Reid and Farah’s childhood friend as well.

        • Exkaiser

          Oh, yeah, forgot about him.

          • Max > Keele anyway, even if Max doesn’t use Craymel Artes.

        • Caligula

          tbh, I don’t remember Reid liking him very much as a kid because Keele was such a whiny crybaby.

          • He changes from crybaby to jerk to respectable human.

          • Caligula

            As a teenager, yeah, but I’m talking about when he was a little kid. It’s been a while since I played Eternia, but I genuinely don’t remember Reid particularly caring for him until they were a ways into their journey.

      • Zero_Destiny

        You’re right. Tales of Destiny II (Eternia) is about three childhood friends (2 male and 1 female) and a visitor from another planet. With some other members quite a way farther down the line that don’t really get as developed as those four.

    • Yesshua

      Actually, the male childhood friend is almost as common a trope as the female childhood friend (in the games I’ve played). The male childhood friend is generally a comic relief character of some sort. I’m thinking of Garet from Golden Sun, or Boyd from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance – you know the type.

      • malek86

        Yeah, but also, for example, poor Chester gets stuck out of the game for the first half, and stays underleveled (with a character in-game pointing it out) for the second half. Basically, whenever the childhood friend is male, they’re either comic reliefs, or get the short end of the stick.

        I guess it makes sense, because it would be difficult to focalize the story on the main character if there was somebody else as competent as him. So a male childhood friend, in order not to be seen as a leader, must be an idiot, so that the main character pretty much retains command all the time.

        I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, though.

        • Yui

          Technically – technically – the male childhood friend in Kingdom Hearts was always portrayed as the most competent of the group. So there is the occasional exception, yeah. Besides that, you’re right – male childhood friends are useless and awful (think Isamu Nitta).

          Why can’t we get more childhood loners, like Ryudo? :(

          • Zero_Destiny

            That’s more like best friends and eternal rivals thing though. XD

          • Yui

            Best friends, eternal rivals, worst enemies…those two have it all. They fit EVERY trope! :D

          • malek86

            He also becomes evil though, and Sora has to shake him out of it, so that counts as getting the short end of the stick, at least for most of the first game.

            PS. Isamu never really seemed like a childhood friend to me, nor did Chiaki. I mean, they don’t seem to care much about each other or the protagonist. I always thought they were just friends from high school – maybe not even particularly close ones at that.

          • Yui

            Tru dat, I suppose! He has suffered a great deal. Your theory is correct, or, at least, I can’t think of anything to disprove it. :D

            I definitely agree that they were awfully quick to disown each other, for people who were supposed to be friends, but at the same time, with that familiarity they shared, I guess I just fell into believing they must have some sort of long-standing tie – and I always assumed that with the whole “vortex world” “omg my friend is a half demon” kinda ate away at those bonds very quickly. There’s really no empirical basis for my interpretation, though. :P

            (Also, I have a love/hate relationship with Isamu. Love his design, hate his character. :>)

          • malek86

            Makes sense for the game part, but even in the introduction when the world hasn’t been destroyed yet, Isamu is always like “hey dude you suck horribly, and by the way, where’s our hot teacher? I care more about her, not you”, and Chiaki goes “gimme that magazine, also search for Isamu while I leisurely read this, kthx”.

            No wonder I didn’t feel any remorse when time came to kick the crap out of their gods.

          • Yui

            The only thing about that introduction that told me the protagonist wasn’t completely alone in the world was the fact that at least Yuko had the decency to apologise for not allowing you the sweet release of death. The other two could go die in a ditch, as far as I was concerned, and my opinion stayed that way for the rest of the game.

            Isamu and Chiaki deserved every bit of it. Hikawa? He may have been played as the bad guy, but I could totally get behind him. :D

          • Belenger

            And this is what makes that good that game, ranting about it 8 years after it was done, I miss you old atlus where is my neo-deus-ex-catharsis new entry for the series :(.

          • Exkaiser

            I dunno, Isamu wasn’t that bad. He was just rejected by the world and forced to find his own path.

            Too bad for him that I had Demifiend disagree with him!

          • Yui

            See, I had Demifiend disagree with everybody, because Lucifer wanted him, and who was he to defy the almighty Fallen One? :D

            But man, I hated Isamu. He was, like, the game’s #1 supply of angst. That got on my nerves. XD

          • Exkaiser

            But agreeing with Lucifer is the Demon/True Demon route!

            I went with the Rejection route. Denyin’ everyone like a boss, because that’s what the Demifiend does.

          • malek86

            “I dunno, Isamu wasn’t that bad. He was just rejected by the world and forced to find his own path.”

            I don’t know about that. First he insults me all the time. Then he blames me for not rescuing him. Uhm, maybe I had somewhat bigger priorities at the time, like trying to survive? He also says he can’t rely on me anymore, except that’s exactly what he does when he needs magatsuhi. Chiaki is evil, but Isamu comes off as a huge douchebag, which is possibly even worse.

      • thebanditking

        My favorite would have to be Larry Butz from the Phoenix Wright series.

    • Caligula

      Haha, good point. Not only that, but it’s almost always the same sort of friendship. Bumbling, average guy who is childhood friends with a headstrong girl who secretly has feelings for him.

      Doesn’t apply to ToS, but it applies to a loooooot of other games and anime I can think of.

    • thebanditking

      Growing up most of my friends were boys too mostly because of the same reason you gave (I played a lot of soccer and baseball as a kid into my early teens). Still I think its part of Japanese story telling in a lot of instances, either to create a love triangle or throw in the “unrequited love” angle to flesh out the characters.

  • joesz

    I like it when they add cute but deadly girls in the Tales franchise.

    • Darkrise

      Hmm Leia+Jude= Childhood friends—–Meet’s Milla——>Jude+Milla along the way?——->Leia feeling left out due to the two of them getting more closer,——–> Leia+neglect and w/e feelings she had= Yandere.

      A very possible choice. Childhood friends that are girls who have been left out because of a newcomer girl that get’s close to the main character results in an unpleasant relationship. Sometimes. Watch Shuffle(one of the many examples) if you know what I mean. =P

      • Yui

        …is everyone on Siliconera obsessed with yandere?!

        • i can’t speak for siliconera, but yandere’s make the world more fun.

          • Yui

            Says the commenter with the slasher-smile avatar. ;P

          • oh that? that’s my “we are going to have fun~” face

          • I just wanted to say, I so love your food and drink examples! xD

          • Yui

            Please forgive me for coming all the way up here to respond, first of all. :D

            Second of all, yes, your avatar is hilariously appropriate. XD

          • thanks! i figured if i wanted to give examples i might as well do something that most people could relate to. no offense to thous robots out there that cant eat food. they are indeed missing out!

          • Yui

            First, allow me to preface my response by saying that you have just made the best metaphor in the world. :D

            Second…can’t I have both? ;_;

          • No thing, you made my day more awesome. :P
            Aw man now I feel bad for all those robots, sad existence they have :(

          • Darkrise

            Yeah you have it exact. Yandere’s DO make the world more fun, we don’t get enough of them and we only keep getting the violent loli or childhoodfriend, and every other stereotyped character.

        • What Zonron said is true enough. It’s not obsession, but a part of our lifestyle. You either need to love it or live it. xO

          • Yui

            I don’t want to offend anybody. I’m just curious, because…well…yanderes terrify me. XD

          • Haha, yeah I can see that, though that’s what makes them “exciting”. xD

          • A yandere relationship is like a box of mixed chocolate covered candy. you at first think. Wow this might be good. then you try it. what you get might be something good, great even. or you could get a nice trip to the hospital.

            A tsundere relationship is like spicy food. at first you almost cant stand how hard it is to eat another bite. but eventually you find tricks to work around that unwanted feeling. after you are about half way threw you find out that it isn’t that bad anymore and decide to continue eating.

            so, spicy food or mixed chocolate?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            True apologies if its an uncomfortable subject.

            But somebody’s got to stick up for the ignored, forgotten, abandoned, mistreated and thus homicidal girls of games and anime! No one in their lives gives a damn about em — especially that idiot boy (or girl) they love more than life itself.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          A yandere is nothing more than a tsundere who truly listens to her feelngs.

          • You never know what the f. will happen when it comes to yanderes… Actually, is kinda funny, when i play a game and i know a character is a yandere im like always expecting something “WTFFFF!!!” to happen D: in any second, in the next dialogue maybe… hohoho

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It’s just a have fun and forget show, but in the last ep. of Dragon Crisis Rose (Rie Kugimiya) finally went from just uber clingy to tsundere. And whatdoya know it was because the Yu Horie character stepped up and kissed the boy! Poor Rie, if it ain’t Yu Horie, Ayako Kawasumi’s always after her man.

          • Darkrise

            lol there’s also Yandere onna no ko which is a series of drama cd’s featuring a girl and her “onii-chan” and it’s way more scary than yandere i’ve seen for the moment.


          • Hahaha, i really expected Ryuji to be liked by all the girls of the opening, Rose has really become more protective with Ryuji, she can also make her own choices without depending on him… she is really becoming a woman now haha xD.

            I was actually hoping, knowing the japaneses, for Ryuji to do engage with “whatdoya” (white dragon right) xD Too bad D:, that would had been fun xD.

            And yeah, poor Rie :(

          • Omg why you recommend School days to Yui!! That is a high level yandere, you will scare Yui!! It may be too soon for that D:!

          • The best way to solve something is to jump head on into the core of the problem. School Days will give her a really good explanation. xP

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Ya but, technically the girls in Higagurashi are psycho for reasons beyond yandere and you gotta suffer through all of Shuffle to get like 2 eps of yandere. It’s like if I was asked to introduce someone to a ‘space opera’, I’d show them Episode IV-VI of Star Wars, not one of the bad 70s knock offs or Episode I-III.

            If your purpose is to use something as a teaching tool, you want the best tool in the shed!

          • M’iau, you totally forgot about Mirai Nikki in describing yandere

          • Darkrise

            Mirai Nikki. You cannot and will not forget about Yuno once you meet her. She’s more yandere than any of the girls in School Day’s. She’s so yandere that she raped the protag.

          • Darkrise

            A yandere is a tsundere who is true to her feelings and will do ANYTHING just to achieve the love of her life.

        • Im not really into yanderes :0, the only one that i ever liked is Ayase from orenoimo, she weakened me D:… Ummm… Now that i think about it, i think i prefer more the style of girl like Shiori from the world only god knows, dont know if they have a name lol, the librarian style xD?… i guess that would be the one i like the most, and tomboish too >8D that goes for real life too.

          • Yui

            I can’t think of any yanderes I know off the top of my head, so I’ll have to leave examples out, but I think that you may well be describing a meganekko. Not sure, though. I agree with you, of course. ;P

            (Time for Yui’s Curiosity Corner – I don’t actually know all that much about these archetypes. I don’t watch much in the way of anime, and I come to Siliconera from games. I read TVTropes, so I understand little bits. I wonder if I could learn?)

          • I dont know that much either, i learned most of it from watching people talk (and google xD), meh, these kind of things are learned eventually… All i know is that there is only one key for me…

            Socks… Yeah… socks are a must for me… muehhehehe *drolls* omg japan what are you doing to me!?

          • @WildArms

            Dude, sock or stockings are nothing to be afraid of, sexy laundry and even sexier lingeries are what makes this world so great(even more the Anime world)! *proudly stands on a cliff*

          • M’iau M’iaut

            There’s several sites that cover characterizations in detail like that, mainly used to assist creative writing. That particular one covers things beyond anime and manga. It’s a great place to start, but try and watch some of the shows they discuss. A few quick ideas for general background…..

            Yandere: School Days, Higagurashi, Shuffle
            Tsundere: Shana, Toradora, Familiar of Zero (might as well learn from the best)

            A classic like Nadesico gives you tsun tsuns, childhood friends, busty older women, Mary Sues and sports/combat rival characters, all in one amazing show.

            @ Zonron Ya, I know Louise plays with both archetypes, but shes more tsundere in the first season, which so far is the only one brought to the west. Louise’s darker side is more reserved for Tiffania and the Queen once she sticks her nose in the game.

            Still waiting on just when we’re finally going to get the later Shana stuff stateside.

          • Yui

            @M’iau M’iaut
            Thanks, M’iau! I’ll make sure to check as many of those out as I can. I just want to fit in a little better here, understand some of the things people talk about, haha! You’re always so helpful. Thank you. :D

          • i learn a little bit here and there. mostly from friends and of course the glorious(or not glorious) internet!

            a good yandere would be Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière(yes i did pic the longest named anime character i could think of ^_^) off of zero no tsukaima. she is a little bit of both tsundere and yandere. :D

            [note] zero no tsukaima is a light novel/ manga/ anime about a girl that lives at a school for magic user(known as nobles. anyone who can use magic is a commoner.) and as a test they have to summon there familiar(magic protector/servant) well everyone sommons a magical being except for Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière. she summons someone from are world.

            long story short, comedy with likes of tsundere & yandere themes and of course brutal beating of the poor boy from earth. the show is fairly family friendly so don’t expect explicit scene.
            [end note]

          • Yui

            Oh, I think I was reading about that show the other day! I’ll make sure to check it out. Thanks for the info, I love that sort of thing. :D

            Haha, thanks for the further information, man, I’ll try to check that out too. I feel like I’ve just set aside my free time for the next month. XD

            (Also, Siliconera moderators, I ask that you forgive my spamming. I’m terrible. :D)

          • Omg i dont why M’iau M’iaut recommended school days, LEAVE IT AT THE END, that thing is high level yandere, only see it when you feel ready, mentally ready.

            For Yandere, a light one maybe, would be the one i talked to you about, Ayase from Ore no imouto konna kawaii wakeganai.

            For the Tsunedere there are no better examples than M’iau could give haha

          • @Yui
            no problem! the show is pretty good! though i would recommend the manga(if you can find it. one manga dieing still haunts me T^T)

            @Raioh im glade i could make your day :D

            its been awhile since a fun topic came up! i guess i do have a good avatar for this topic lol.

          • @M’iau M’iaut
            i miss shana a lot! i really like watching how yuji turned out to be a fairly good character. he even learned to take care of himself in bad situations.

            the opening still plays in my head when i remember that one fight(i wont go any further in fear that i might spoil something to someone else) shakugan no shana 3rd needs to come out sooner! i hear it might be sometime this year.(not in English though)

          • Yui

            …foot fetishism?!

          • No, who do you take me for?

            Aya won me because of her legs, not foot xD, all she needed is long socks and a mini skirt and i buy her a country haha.

          • Soft and slender foots and legs are the awesome! I think my avatar says all I need to say here. xD

            Quite an amusing day today :P

          • Yui

            That’s one thing I’ll agree with you on. Amen for zettai ryouiki. :>

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Of course Yui-chan would like that trope :D Don’t worry I like it too. lol

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Library girls are certainly a trope, but it’s not unusual for the quiet (and brooding) types to be given a dash of the the tsundere or yandere.

            And it wouldn’t be to give examples for these character types, but if I wanted to really mess with someone’s mind, I could always point them in the direction of Air…….

            Although KimiNozo might be a consideration for a bit of the yandere. But in that case, Haruka would have been well within her rights to take care of unfinished business.

        • I like how this comment went to the yandere/tsundere region, then spiraled down into School Days and Higurashi.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Hey, it’s just a defense mechanism to keep Tsuna from turning it into another DAY ONE BABY Naruto or Bleach thread!

            That said, it is not as if either main girl in Bleach is without yandere characteristics. Just think of Orihime’s ‘remake the world’ power in the hand of a proper yandere…….

          • Tsuna’s not that bad ^_^’ He’s just…… Enthusiastic? And have a bit too deep of a pocket.
            I can’t really categorise *-dere unless they’re really apparent, like Senjougahara/Taiga. Not too much of a fan of *-dere either.. I prefer girls that won’t try to kill me in my sleep or beat me with a wooden sword just to show she loves me

        • Darkrise

          Might be only me, I made a fanclub last year and it ended up having 200+ members. =P

      • Darkrise

        lol funny how only 2 posts indicating yandere has turned into a yandere discussion. In a Tales article.

        • This must mean something, I get the feeling the main female character will be yandere now xD.

          And hell, why did you made me hear that video T_T

          • Darkrise

            Well I doubt it but it’d be something really interesting to see.

            Hahaha so how far did you listen it too? ^^
            There’s about 3 or 4 more translated.

          • I got to episode 2… when i had this face “I_______I” i stopped xD

          • I got to episode 2… when i had this face “I_______I” i stopped xD

  • Resonance Artes sound nice, I guess we already saw one in a previous image. My anticipation for Tales of Xillia grows everyday.

    • joesz

      What happened to you yesterday? I missed you.

      • >=/

      • Zero_Destiny

        I know where he was!!! He was commenting on the Rune Factory Oceans game post. heheheheh

      • Heh, I think I commented on one story or so yesterday, not much that interested me. Otherwise, I was off playing games, specifically Mass Effect 2, gotta finish it so I can focus on my two tests next week…I mean, most importantly, before Tactics Ogre, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Marvel vs Capcom 3 come out next.

  • i hope this game allows multiplayer like vesperia.

    ,or for it to come over to the ngp,

    or a brand new tales of game for the ngp. they could call it tales of generations! feature two main characters one living in the past and the other living in the future. they could work together to stop the world from being destroyed. maybe they are relatives, or something.

    • Phlo

      1. There’s no way it won’t have multiplayer.

      2. I very much doubt it,

      3. And your fantasies are oddly specific.

      • 1. like i said, vesperia did.(only for battles, not walking around ton and such) maybe they could do the same.

        2. wishful thinking never hurts :D

        3. i used a jrpg story generator, just used the main theme generations.(its sad but i think some jrpgs actually use stuff like that. doesn’t make the games any less fun.)

        • Phlo

          Yeah, I said there’s no way it WON’T have multiplayer. It’s in every Tales game that comes out now, since it’s one of the best things about the series.

          • Its in Tales of the Abyss 3DS?

          • Ren

            Probably, Innocence had it and was a DS game. You used one system save game as a host and other people could connect with yours and play as the second and third player, as long as they had the game(Innocence had three person head limit count).

  • I’m actually interested in this game now that I think there’s a chance it might be released in the US eventually.

  • 1. Another childhood friend. Not surprised
    2. Another cheerful little girl. Meh
    3. Another love interest. Meh

    You think this turned into a JRPG tradition or something. Sure a childhood female friend is worth the romance, yet that said friend is also required in a lot of parties? Unless, of course, that character bears a much higher position.

    So far, it’s still “Meh.” The only interesting factor is that Leia bets on sports and tournaments. Sounds like Cisqa from Elemental Gelade.

    • raymk

      TBH your looking a bit to far here as this is a tales game. Not being a childhood friend but just some girl that ends up as the love interest is the same thing to me. Anyway being a childhood friend isn’t bad,i just don’t like the fact that’s she’s the cheerful little girl troup. Which to be honest most girls I know at that age are either mean or cheerful they are never civilized anymore.

      • “Better too far than ever too close,” at least that’s what I think my motto is.

        Actually, a person you just met that turns into your love interest makes a more engaging relationship (i.e. Abyss and Mass Effect). For Luke, one of his childhood friends is tsundere. lol But for most JRPGs, if it’s a female, it has to be cheery little girl trope.

        • Lol.. Speaking of Mass Effect… I doubt that you can see much of the “relationship”… I personally can’t really feel allot of it especially from when you are playing the male version. Some part are abit awkward like Liara or Jack… Lol..And Heck No I am going to say “I want to talk about our relationship” or “lets have beep*” to Jack.. I mean, yea she has troubles and stuff but.. Meh… I just do it for the trophy… XD

          However, the Tali Shepard romance, well, it still can get a pass from me. After meeting him 2 years later, you know the work of nostalgia.. Its just good.. I guess… Except Garrus.. Mordin is just something else.. Lol..

          I am not saying that romance with the person you just met does not work, but not necessary all the time especially for Tales game where the staff really lack the skill to portray such emotion… I think they should not even have it in the first place like ToV.. Well, maybe to the supporting characters… Least they hired a good script writer… My 2 cents..

          • True, in the end, Yuri and Stella had so much as a mutual relationship. Personally, he should’ve went with Judith. xD

      • Caligula

        Ouch. Bit bitter about the fairer sex, raymk?

        • Hahaha xD… but yeah, lately, at least at my surroundings, lots of girls are like that…

    • My thoughts exactly. I think they need more female supporting roles like Fran from FF12. She wasn’t exactly a childhood friend, but just a friend that goes a long way back. Okay, well not exactly. But more of a partnership than the ambiguous romance that a lot of jrpgs are made of.

      That being said, Tales games always have a way of throwing these things back at me.

      Example, Colette fits into that niche perfectly, but did it in such a cute way that I almost couldn’t hate her. It was like I was secretly rooting for her, despite the fact that I hated her extremely passive personality.

  • Hraesvelgr

    So, are they going to mix it up with the character designers at all, or will all the males be done by Fujishima while the females are all done by Inomata?

    • I like the idea of that. However, I say that they’d have to stick to one fashion template. Wouldn’t want one character to look like someone from Nier while another character looks like someone from Resonance of Fate

  • Darkrise

    Anyone thought of her as an Atelier character?

    Besides that, I really hope expectations for Graces F can be met so that we can get Xillia. =(

    • Lol, i first thought too it was an atelier character xD

    • Zero_Destiny

      Tales of Atelier XD!!!! That would be an awesome combo game. Fast-paced battles with a junk load of customization through the alchemy. Sign me up!!!

    • She actually kinda looked like an Agarest War character at least for me. lol

    • PrinceHeir

      actually she looks like rorona O_O

      yay im excited for this too. people should definitely buy the Tales games so we can have this :P

    • M’iau M’iaut

      With that headpiece of hers — more so the screen rather than the art — I see hints of a Dream Club girl.

      If a girl starts getting behind on her sports and MMA bets, who knows what she might need to do when it time to pay up!

  • Dimentionalist

    Mmmm…. delicious loli!

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’m still just psyched that Graces will come out in America. *fingers crossed* that it’ll do good and we can get this game down the line. XD

    • Darkrise

      I hope that that is every Tales fans intentions. Enough of them at least for a chance of success.

      • People seem to be preparing to boycott the game since they arent getting Vesperia PS3…

        • Darkrise

          Which is stupid of them. But I’m saying that hopefully enough of the fans would support to the point of success.

        • boycotting this game because they want a different one? yeah, like that will work lol. they will cave from there addiction. “tales of” is like a addiction on coffee. you may be mad that you can’t get that flavor of coffee you want, but you will still drink coffee.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Most sad about the threat that is that it’s not about a burning desire for loli pirates — curse you Flynn Scifo!

          Keep the darn yaoi with Yuri thoughts to dirty dojins where they belong!

          • So true. I actually bought Vesperia PS3 just for Petty, she’s just to awesome.
            (pirate girl + loli = no word can describe the win)

        • Caligula

          I like the thought process there.

          no games localized because sales weren’t good -> finally localize something -> fans say they won’t buy it because they want another game -> sales aren’t good -> no games -> shoot self in foot because of complaining

  • Yukito

    Graces F better sell. I want this game.

  • raymk

    Some kinda way i’m sure we’ll get this game. Well looks like i’m buying 3 copies of this game. One for my friend and another for my brother that should help out a little.

  • oh god not another cutesy healer

    • malek86

      Well, you usually need to pray to the gods to use healing magic. So, the easier explanation to this stereotype, is that the gods like lolis.

  • Hmm… She has the tendency to bet on sporting events or martial arts tournaments. Jude practices martial arts. So perhaps to go even further into tropes, he enters a tournament for some reason, and she bets big on either him winning or losing. Then the opposite happens or the tournament gets interrupted and she can’t find the bookie after things settle down. She’s not going to be so cheerful anymore after that…

  • I hope they have a hassle free side quest or scenes this time.. because ToV does not make it easy for one to find their hidden scenes and i cant stop complaining bout that… lol…

  • I like how you say they ‘have a Crimson Sword attack’ as if we’re supposed to know what that means

    • That’s a direct translation of the attack’s name in English. I mean we could just leave it out or write it in Japanese?

  • Man. Please let this get localised! Hopefully if the localisation of Graces F does well, we might see Xillia as well! Oh man. There I go again, getting my hopes up…

  • thebanditking

    I am really hoping a localization announcement is part of Sony’s E3 conference, or is at least confirmed at E3 this year.

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