French Bread Birth A Trailer For Under Night In-Birth

By Ishaan . February 8, 2011 . 9:27am

In case you missed it, this past weekend, Melty Blood developer, French Bread, revealed their latest project — another fighting game — Under Night In-Birth.


A 2D fighter that’s presently 30 – 40% complete, the game is being published by Ecole Software, but doesn’t have a concrete release date yet. A trailer for Under Night is now available for viewing at 4Gamer if you’re interested in checking it out.

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  • RagnaXBL

    This game is so slick, hope it picks up and we get a console release.
    btw Carmine a dude or a chick i honestly can’t tell

  • id play this if it hits console… and the US

  • DarkWaterClone

    I so hope this gets ported to the PS3, 360 & NGP. I love good 2D fighters & this one looks great.

  • Code

    rar, the animation is really nice and smooth >ww<' Really hope it makes it outside of the arcade scene though, and to North America even if it's only through regional free importing.

  • Dude, the sprites are so high that I got blind, because my eyes are not high level enough, really great work here, the soundtrack seems to be nice too, and I really love the design of the characters, it just seems to be 10 characters only, which is a bit sad for me, but hell am I looking forward to this!

    • They’ll probably add more in later updates.. Man, I’d love to see Melty Blood HD

      • You and me both bro, I can already imagine how awesome some of the moves would look like*drool*.

      • Melty Blood HD Turbo Remix Actress Again Current Code XX Accent Core Plus

        • Longest, most epic name a game could ever have? xd

          Would have a great character line up.

          • No no, you’re thinking of Melty Blood HD Turbo Remix Actress Again Current Code XX Accent Core Plus Continuum Trigger II Portable vs. Capcom: Fate of Two Worlds.

          • Bah, clearly silly me, how could I mix them up >_<

            I correct myself this is the longest most epic game name with the best character line up ever.

        • I wouldn’t mind that, as long as it’s got HD in it. If it was Super Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code XX Turbo Remix Accent Core Plus Champion Edition Full!!! without the HD, I’m not buying

          • HD is a given, like 3D is a given for 3DS games don’t worry, and it even has the 3! exclamation marks at the end, that just shouts “I’m the most epic! high def game! ever!”

            Btw. I so love your avatar, reminds me of the Super Soniko girl <3

          • It IS Super Soniko :3 She’s sitting on my monitor currently. With my lovely Eas :3

          • Aw man I so super envy you, I love Super Soniko, but it’s not easy to buy her figurines when you live with your parents, though everytime I see her I think my manly power of the perverted otaku may overcome me and just buy them. xP

          • Tip: Put them in your wardrobe/anywhere that is concealed. I know my parents will behead me if they my Ringo Hentai Kamen figure. I missed some really awesome Soniko figure, and the latest Yamato sculpt doesn’t really interest me compared to Orchid Seed’s. However, that Yamato’s Super Soniko -Babydoll ver- DX is really trying to tempt me into getting her. But at that cost, might as well get Alter’s Dizzy. @[email protected] She’s gorgeous… However, I think that Dizzy is just out of my league ;___;

            Good bye dizzy

          • Ha, good idea, I actually have some Ikki Tousen ones or the Orchid Seed Al-Azif Takuya ver. figurine, so maybe I’m a bit overreacting, though will probably use your tip in the future, mothers and naked animu figurines just doesn’t work together… :/

            I’m interested in quite some of the Super Soniko figurines, the Babydoll DX ver. is really nice with all the accessories, but at the moment I don’t have enough money, bought too much modelkits :/
            I have seen the Dizzy figurine on a site I visit often, the first thing I thought was “stunning”, everywhere I (go) look it says preorder though, well what I’m trying to say is if you love her you shouldn’t give up! Stand tall and defeat your bad personality which says otherwise! xO She wait’s for you out there, listen you can hear her voice~.

          • Don’t tempt me, man! I’ve got Tony Taka’s artbook on pre order + Neptunia & Ar Tonelico + Matou Sakura ~Nakiri’s Grail~. ;___;

            And I see that you have some Ikki Tousen figures. Only god knows how much I want them. I just got into Ryofu craze a while ago and all the Ryofu that I want are sold out. I am disappoint

          • Haha, ok ok I just leave it at that xD
            Lol, same preorder list as I have, except the Artbook, which I would love to have too. The Sakura figure looks super nice and fits just perfectly in my Type-Moon collection. xP

            They are really great, expensive though(some are insane). Never saw any Ryofu ones, which is sad, because she is a great girl, but I love my Kan’u, Ryoumou and Hakufu ones.

  • In terms of graphics it looks pretty good (a little rough around the edges but at 30-40% it’s to be expected). Presentation wise it’s looking very good at the HUD is impressive looking and the characters have nice designs. Now hopefully the game will have a good single player, good gameplay, have english language and available on PC. That way if I dosen’t get brought to the west I can import it :D

  • Jellybit

    Wow, one of the characters (Waldstein) takes up OVER half the width of a widescreen TV while standing. That’s GIGANTIC for a regular character. I wonder what his hitboxes look like.

  • Guest

    what cant it be a 2d fighter with a 2d rpg story mode (side scrolling)

  • Kris

    Looks beautiful, but the soundtrack sounds a bit like a synthesizer throwing up. Let’s hope they dial that back a bit for release.

  • PrinceHeir

    console release please along with KOF XIII :D

    i wanted the latest Melty Blood on consoles. i wonder why Type-Moon didn’t give the greenlight on it?

    i also want Arcana Heart 3 to be publish in thew states. Atlus where are you? :

  • I wonder how long til people start calling it a Blazblue clone?

    I saw someone with a Scythe <3


    P.S. I’m a dude

    • the first thing i seen was the long e line. it reminded me of the dream i had today. working at office max and fighting off Necromorphs!

      though they said screeeeeeeee- comic book styled letter popping up over there head as they ran towards the checkout lane instead of squeeeeeeeeee-.

      gotta love new jobs >.<

  • Looking good so far, French Bread. Looking REAL good!

  • steaminferno

    The game looks great but the name just made me lol.

    Under Night In-Birth. It doesn’t really bother me or anything but why do some Japanese games have such random, weird names?

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