Luida’s Bar To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Pink Sanguini Tiramisu

By Ishaan . February 8, 2011 . 11:03am


Some of you may recall Luida’s Bar in Roppongi, Japan, from our coverage of it last year. In case you missed it, you can catch up with it here. Luida’s bar is a Dragon Quest-themed pub, modeled after Dragon Quest IX, specifically, right down to the menu.


With delectable delights such as Luida’s Prized Pumpkin Salad and Chimera Wing Grill already on the menu, the bar also occasionally offers special dishes to commemorate different events. This  Valentine’s Day, it’s Pink Sanguini Tiramisu.


Customers that buy the special Tiramisu will be given a scratch card that could allow them to win free goodies. Additionally, in celebration of its one-year anniversary, Luida’s Bar is also giving away certain free desserts until February 11th.


The Pink Sanguini Tiramisu will be available from February 12 through March 6th.

  • PrinceHeir

    that looks yummy :)

    the girls look hot but i want them in a maido outfit :D

    btw Valentine’s is coming, any plans on that day siliconera readers?

    im expecting more Love Plus articles and such :P

    • This is just an out-of-nowhere idea, but we were thinking of having some sort of a “Spread the love” post where people name their favourite commenters and say (seriously) why they like them. I’m not sure if people would be interested in participating though. :p

      • PrinceHeir

        that sounds like a great idea :D

        i cannot wait for people saying things about Sawada :)

        this is gonna be good :P

        • Heh, I don’t know if we’ll do it though. It’s just one of those wild ideas that we have no idea if people would even care for. :P

          • PrinceHeir

            i think you should go for it :D

            that would attract pretty much at least half of the people on boards. think about the discussions like “oh know2 he’s not like that. he used to be but he’s just trolling”

            and they can also express things what they plan on that day. going with their GF’s or having a ronery time with yourselves(i know i will XD) it’s perfect :)

            DO IT Ishaan :)

          • Zero_Destiny

            I think it’s a pretty cool idea as well. Seeing how a lot of people have a hard time staying on topic (myself included lol) a fun little thread like that seems like a perfect thing for us to have a blast with. Just so long as people don’t ruin it and start flaming each other. I like to think the people on this site are better than that though.

          • Darkrise

            Well it seems that way so far. At least from what I’ve read in comments. Mild trolling here and there nothing to serious. But really, that’d be a pretty good idea.

        • hystzen

          defo Sawada for his DAY 1 baby , love for Vaan or kids with white hair, if it got naruto or bleach written on it also day 1 no matter what.

      • I just noticed this, but you mistyped Roppongi as Roppongo.

  • Oh, I got plans.
    Not sure if the GF and I are going out, but we’ll have a romantic evening together.

    DQVI likely won’t be in stores until Tuesday anyways, so it’s win/win.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Just another place I would love to go to but probably never will :( I bet they give out free slime deserts for Valentines day. What’s more romantic than a night with your lover and your better half aka the slime :P Gotta love Dragon Quest and all it’s fans. :)

  • Darkrise

    Sigh* Wish I could go to japan at this time of year.

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