The “Other” Cave Story On Xbox Live Arcade

By Ishaan . February 11, 2011 . 11:28am

If you didn’t already know about Cave Story, chances are you do now, after last night’s reveal of the NIS America-published Cave Story 3D. But did you know there’s a “cave story” on Xbox Live Arcade as well?


Titled The Maid-san’s Caving Adventure, the game’s official description reads: “A maid wandered into a cave where the Benars live. Can she escape the cave safely by using her specialty "trembling" to get away from them?”


Developed by Japanese indie developer, Kohei, the game costs 80 Microsoft points to download. You can also try a free demo of the game.


And in case you’re interested, also by Kohei, here’s…Shooting Chicken Revenge.


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  • Locklear93

    …buying this for the sheer “wtf” as soon as I get home.

  • Testsubject909

    You know. I’m surprised we’re not exploring her ‘cave’ instead in this game…

    Either way… Trembling? Her Trembling powers? What, does she cower in fear before the enemies, they go “d’awww” and that stunlocks them so you can run away or smack them with your broom?

    • fallen

      Yeah, pretty much. IIRC, you can’t attack the enemies head-on, you must crouch as they pass by on their MGS-style paths, whereupon your character trembles, and the enemy doesn’t see her. It’s actually a pretty great game as far as XBLA Indies go.

      • I think “great as far as XBLA Indies” go is doing the Indie Marketplace an disservice. There are many games there that blow retail games out of the water.

        • fallen

          I love the Indie Marketplace. I check it almost every week. There are only a few that “blow retail games out of the water.” If this had been an XBLA title, I wouldn’t have called it “pretty great”. For an indie release, though, it totally is. Could you imagine paying $15 for Breath of Death VII? As much as I liked the game, that’s a big “hell no” for me, unless it was a much longer experience (same exact gameplay, music, and graphics, just more of it!).

          I totally see where you’re coming from, but I humbly disagree.

  • Heh, I have both of them.
    The Chicken Shooting game is pretty meh.

    This one though is sort of interesting though.

    Only a buck so waddya got to lose?

  • lmao I love Japan

  • NetscapePizza


  • Why did she wonder into the cave in the first place? Was she trying to get to her master’s mansion but due to her lack of direction (which 1 in 10 anime character suffer from) and daydreaming (1 in 25 this time) lead her into a cave full of Benars (evolved form of bears?).

    I may have to get this game for the story now.

  • I love browsing through the indie section for the Japanese games. There is one game that was released recently that totally rips off River City Ransom, but the Engrish… oh, sometimes you just never know what you’re gonna find.

  • TaigaAisaka

    Dammit! Why is the Indie section not available in the netherlands. Well gotta make another account i guess.

  • You know this is XBLIG and not XBLA right? Just making sure…

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