Two Of Your Fenrir Friends From Gods Eater Burst

By Spencer . February 11, 2011 . 6:30pm

Soma in cut scene

In Gods Eater Burst, your custom character is part of a group of Gods Eaters. Fenrir, the group purging the Aragmi, has branches around the world or what’s left of it after the Aragami attacks. Soma and Kota are two characters you’ll meet in the story. Both are from Fenrir’s Far East branch.



Soma Soma_withWeapon

Age: 18

God Arc: Buster Blade, an older model designed for close combat.


A front line fighter since he was 12, Soma joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2064. Now he’s a Gods Eater in the 1st Unit. His God Arc boasts an exceeding compatibility rate. His combat ability is superior to other leaders, but because he is a frequent rule-breaker and often acts alone, his rank is not high.


Soma in cut scene Soma in cut scene 2


Kota Fujiki

Kota Kota_withWeapon

Age: 15

God Arc: Assault, an older model designed for distance attacks.


A green soldier from Fenrir Far East Branch, Kota joined the group in 2071. Tsubaki Amaiya, supervisor of new recruits, says Kota’s lack of concentration during drills and lectures could be a problem, but as of now Kota hasn’t caused any problems during combat situations. Other characters in missions with him should stay on their toes. Kota’s main skill is reconnaissance.


Kota_ingame Kota_ingame2

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  • You’re missing an ‘a’ for Aragami and ‘m’ for Amamiya.

  • PrinceHeir

    this and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will keep my hunting seasons full :D

  • Day 1 or in the words of Tsuna. EPIC DAY 1 PURCHASE!

  • Here’s hoping for an EU release at the same time as the NA one.

    • AzureanBlaze

      According to GAME and shopto, it’ll be released on 18th march 2011, although its still unconfirmed.
      I hope they do release It here around then though.

      • Ephidel

        Yeah, the weird thing about that is that while Game (and Zavvi, I believe) still have the March date, Amazon, HMV and Play have all deleted their listings for the game entirely.
        Amazon’s cancellation mail back in Jan said the “release of the following item has been cancelled” because “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available” :|

        And to confuse things further, Namco Bandai’s UK site claim it was released on the 4th of Feb:
        I sent them a message trying to find out what’s going on, but they never answered me :p

  • Played the Japanese version (translated somewhat) a bit and it seems there is a heavier focus then usual on the story which means it should be more enjoyable then Lords of Arcana.

  • I think I preferred Kota’s name as “Kouta”. It’s easier to pronounce “Kouta”…

  • karasuKumo

    I can’t wait for this, as much as I love Monster Hunter it lacks story so this should be perfect :). Shame that the releases for Duodecim and this are so close -__-

  • Barrit

    Can’t wait for this! Already preordered. i already got a mile long backlog, but this will jump up near the front.

  • Guest
  • Code

    rar, looking forward to it >ww<'

  • JustaGenericUser

    How the hell do these guys hold that stuff with one hand? They Supermen or something?

  • shion16

    I wish this game could have more weapons

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