• ohhhh exciting….. On valentines day huh! :) Its gotta be Arcana Hearts 3

    • Haven’t thought of that. lol What else would send sugar, spice, and everything nice on this particular occasion? :)

    • I would like Arcana Heart 3. I wanna play that game.

      • Guest

        I wanna beat you in that game

        • It’s a deal then, nobody can’t defeat me when Im using an overpower loli D:

          • Guest

            Well if “nobody can’t defeat you” then you must not be very good :P

    • Feynman

      You won’t hear me complaining. The first game was an excellent fighter.

    • PrinceHeir

      yes Arcana Heart 3 for US release please :)

    • Darkrise

      I really hope it’s Arcana Heart 3…

  • Such an adorable little letter ;D

  • I think it could be Umineko. Think about the letter itself. (I see a seagull too)

    • SanityCrisis

      So…. Without love it cannot be seen?

      (Just going with the Valentine’s theme that seems to be going on here.)

      • I didn’t know about valentine. Never interested in that and in my country dont pay much attention to it.

  • Ren

    My, Askys site has such a lovely design! In other hands, I wonder what this is hinting? Haven’t got a clue.

    Is valentines this 14th? I never remember it right because it’s on june where I live.

    • Zero_Destiny

      In the US Valentines Day is on 2/14. Never changes too, so memorize it you foreigner lol *now I’ve just made an enemy out of everyone on the site not from the US O_O Dear lord what have I done!!!* XD

      • Ren

        I only kind of remember the american date because of White day, though I only remember the date of my country valentines day because it’s my father birthday, valentines here aren’t very special or noteful holydays. It’s also the reason I can’t remember the day right most of the time, 12 and 14 are too close. Hmm, is there any other country that call valentines as lovers day like mine(dia dos namorados)? Can’t remember.

        lol, and why would that make enemies from non-Usa people? This is a (presumedly) american site with focus on news to the north american region and sometimes europe in relation to japanese and niche gaming. It isn’t farfetched to think people who acess the site should have some basic american knowledge(even though it’s completely inutile). Hmm, am I the only one who reads Usa as ‘uza’ instead of ‘you as ei’?

        Back on topic, why would this be Arcana Heats 3?

        • Because there’s a pattern when it comes to Zen United and Aksys. Zen United licensed Agarest Zero and announced a month or two before Aksys. Now Arcana Heart 3 has been licensed by Zen United.

          The pattern is clear.

          • Code

            rar, but is there more then just Agarest Zero? Because that’s like *counts on hand* one pair, I don’t know if that qualifies as a pattern exactly opo’ Although if Arcana Hearts 3 (I’d put my money on it) proves true I think you might be onto something >w<;

          • Lol I don’t mind being proven wrong, so long as it’s fair.

            But it makes you wonder. Europe has grown pretty fast when it comes to promoting. Zen United posted the trailer of BlazblueCSII and not Aksys. They even interviewed Ishiwatari and Mori.

          • Code

            Haha I hope I’m the one that’s wrong >w<'

          • Darkrise

            Gah! *rips hair apart!* I’m dying to know!

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine's_Day#Similar_days_honoring_love

          Different holidays that celebrate love that I knew of before reading that: Tu B’av, Qi Xi a.k.a. Tanabata, and er… “Christmas Eve in Japan”. That’s in quotes to put that entire phrase together since celebrating the holiday as a lover’s day is probably unique to the Japanese.

      • Code

        rar, you’ve chosen your side… have fun with Tsuna >w<~!

        • Zero_Destiny

          *Dear lord* My worst fears have now been meet all because of one comment. Why did I have to make said comment!!! *screams in agony* Nnnooooooo!!!!! lol

          • Too late for laments, traitor! Soldiers, take this fool prisoner. I shall see to his execution personally. hehehehe.

          • Ren

            Your avatar only makes it better.

  • That is clearly a seagull in the corner, so obviously–

    Nah, I’m dreaming. XD

    • Zero_Destiny

      If it’s a dream then I don’t want to be waken upped!!!! lol My money’s on Arcana Hearts 3.

    • Hexen

      and that seagull dropped a nuclear bomb with a flower shape alike. look at its target marker below.

  • Aiddon

    it’s interesting to note that Valentine’s Day is Jin Kisaragi’s birthday

    • PurpleDoom

      Yeah, a lot of the BB cast have birthdays on holidays. I doubt it has any bearing on this letter, though.

  • cmurph666

    Arcana Hearts!

    Arcana Hearts 3?!

    Arcana Hearts HD Collection?! (wishful)

  • I’m putting 50 clams on Gal☆Gun!

    • YES! YES!

    • Darkrise

      The possibilities just keep adding up!!!

      • Think about it; school girls attacking you with love letters, then we get this *slapped* on us! Eh? Eh?!
        Or not :P I have to say with all the great guesses people here have been making, if it’s any of them I don’t think it would be possible to be disappointed. (although, I did just order Daifukkatsu as it’s currently on sale at Play Asia, but whatever, I’ll do it again!)

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I just hope so, I’m really glad Siliconera put up that playthrough it was enjoyable to watch :) But Arcana Heart 3 isn’t bad either, I’m just excited that Aksys has a new game for us :)

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    It’s Arcana Heart, don’t kid yourselves

  • Pichi

    Would love it if its Arcana Heart 3! The “Heart” is looking clear…

  • neo_firenze

    Notice Ishaan does refer to the “Aksys Cave”. Cave? As in, the company whose only retail game ever published in North America (Deathsmiles) was published by Aksys? Note that if Spencer had made this post I’d think for sure there was a hidden meaning ;)

    The cutesy girls in Deathsmiles 2 would be sort of fitting on V-day too, even if some other potential Cave localizations (say, Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu, Mushihimesama Futari, or Espgaluda II) are better games.

    Arcana Heart 3 does seems like a logical choice, but it wouldn’t be completely out of nowhere to see Aksys publishing another Cave game…

    OK, back to Daifukkatsu Black Label for me.

    • mikanko

      I kinda think Daifukatsu is the only Cave game still having a chance at getting localized, hence why they left it region locked in the latest black label release a couple weeks ago. Pink Sweets/Muchi combo pack being region free is pretty much their acknowledging that it won’t be picked up for US/European release.

      I really hope it is Daifukatsu though. My money would be on Arcana Heart 3 because of the holiday, and the fact it’s already been confirmed for European release.

      • Code

        Nothing says Valentines Day announcement like Daifukkatsu >w<;

        • Darkrise

          What about Death Smiles II!?

  • Kunio_kun

    Aww man, it looks like they started to say the reveal was going to be on Valentine’s Day then crossed it out and put a heart!?! But World Heart Day isn’t until September!!!

  • Hours

    I’m going to make a random guess and say Luminous Arc 3. It has romance elements, and I’d REALLY like to see it come out here.

  • Time to be ready to n00b some characters.

  • j.

    double post. agh. ;/

  • j.

    God, if only it was an announcement for those otome games they teased us with last year… T__T If only…

    • puchinri

      I would love an announcement for an otome game. ;A;

    • Roses4Aria

      I’ll add my vote to this, and Valentine’s Day would be appropriate. I’d be so thrilled if that were the case! Trying to be optimistic…

    • Same here! A Wand of Fortune or Hiiro no Kakera announcement would be quite welcome.

  • ♥♪!?

  • Yukito

    Yep…..Arcana Hearts 3 was my second thought. Well, I first thought Catherine, but then I realized the symbol in the corner and saw it was Aksys, not Atlus. Second, I was like “Oh, MAYBE Umineko” just for a very minor second, then the Hearts part on V-Day sort of made sense.

  • Whatever it is you got for us, Aksys, I’ll buy it.

  • Kai2591

    I’d play Arcana Hearts…if only I wasn’t so BAD at fighting games.

  • raymk

    Well now bring on Arcana hearts 3. I was about to import thankfully I have patience(well that and mvc3 was coming out as well so yea) I want this game bad though.

  • Chow

    Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

  • cj_iwakura

    Aksys and ArcSys are like THIS, so considering that, it’s a safe bet.

    • landlock

      Plus the fact it’s already been confirmed for a european release.

  • cj_iwakura

    Also, there’s only one game I expect an announcement for on 2/14.

    It involves love, alright.

    And sheep.

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    What is this I don’t even…

    I hope a kid drew this…..but it’s kind of scary if it wasn’t. So I’ll just keep telling myself it was.

  • Darkrise

    That letter filled with hearts can only mean 2 possibilities… Galgun or Arcana Heart 3. I’m fine with either. =P

  • You just had to mention Aksys and Cave in the same sentence… way to get my hopes up

  • mikanko

    The “Valen” being crossed out and <3 put instead makes AH3 the most likely suspect. The fact that there's a character in AH3 who fights with a scribbled crayon drawing that looks very similar to the art penned here also supports AH3. Lastly Zen United confirming AH3 for Europe recently, and how both Zen and Aksys pick up a lot of the same licensing deals from Arc System Works… well.

    It's more obvious than the squiggly Tales of Graces logo at any rate.

  • Dimentionalist

    Loli fighter 3!

  • frantisek

    aksys’s on a roll, uh? it would be nice to see some visual novel love… i still haven’t had the time to buy or play steins gate or umineko ps3, so getting them localized would be nice… of course even arcana would be well received

  • Kunio_kun


  • It’s gotta be a horror survival game. The cute “picture” is to lower our false sense of security :D

  • Guest

    Arcana Hearts 3, Luminous Arc 3, Galgun.

    (from most likely to least likely)

    Then again it’s already confirmed Arcana Hearts 3 for Europe so worst case scenario I was gonna import…

  • BTA

    Ok, so I know it’s almost certainly Arcana Hearts 3, but…

    Here’s my ridiculous explanation of how it’s Umineko: first off, the seagull. The flower below it is Maria’s rose. The tree on the left represents the forest. And the house is, of course, the mansion. So HAPPY VALENTINE’S FOR MARIA.

    …I finally got through all of the “question” arcs of Umineko a few days ago, so I’d be really excited if they ever actually do license it. But AH3… might get it, might not. Probably can’t afford it even if I want it. :x

  • That’s really cute XD

  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II

    or Arcana Heart 3.

  • This cryptic message makes me question whether the contrast on my monitor is too low.

    Still, rather than strain my eyes, I’m just going to go with the majority and say it’s Arcana Hearts 3, simply because…well, I want to play that.

  • Sal
    • Arcana Heart 3 will be coming to the PlayStation Network

      No retail release? oh snap.
      Brace for impending outrage.

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