Xperia Play Launching In March

By Ishaan . February 13, 2011 . 10:49am

At a press conference that unveiled their upcoming line of Xperia smart phones, Sony also shed some light on the Xperia Play, which some of you might be more familiar with  as the oft-rumoured “PSP Phone.”


The Xperia Play will come with a high-definition screen, and the lower part of its body is meant to mimic a Dualshock controller. Sony confirmed that, while you can’t see them, the Xperia Play also includes the trigger buttons. The device will also allow for local wireless multiplayer. At their press conference, Sony showed off a game of Dungeon Defenders being played on the system.


50 games will be available for the device at launch, and Sony pointed to upcoming games — not necessarily in the launch window — such as Assassin’s Creed, Dead Space, Guitar Hero and Battlefield as examples of games that will be available on the device.


Mobile versions of each of these games already exist, so we aren’t sure if they’ll be ports of those same games or if they’ll be new titles. Sony did confirm that content available on other smart phones would be “optimized” for Xperia Play, however. They pointed out that they have 20 game publishers working with them.


Additionally, the PlayStation Suite program that has been reported in the past will allow for both PlayStation One and “PlayStation quality” games to be developed for the Xperia Play (and other Android devices).


While Sony didn’t announce a price for the device, Xperia Play will be releasing in March, although no regions were specified. In the U.S., the first phone carrier to distribute the device this spring will be Verizon. Sony say that the Xperia Play will come with a “legendary” PlayStation game already included in the system, but didn’t mention which one it would be.

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  • skyblaze

    But… but… I’m on T-Mobile :(

    [Honestly… my PSP Go is already filled with my PS1 favorites… not much of a point in me getting this. Still looks awesome, though]

  • Can’t help but to wonder whether will Guitar Hero be released. Isn’t it dead?

    • Probably a port of an existing game. It’s dead (for now) as far as a new major console game goes.

      • Probably the iOS game.. Ah well… Guitar hero’s not meant to be played on a phone anyway ^_^’

  • Zero_Destiny

    A legendary PS1 game? So Chrono Cross? Heheheheheh Chrono Cross on the go. My Radical Dream can really come true. :)

    • skyblaze

      According to Engadget the legendary title is Crash Bandicoot

      (so depressing how unlegendary he’s become today… please take him back Naughty Dog =_=)

      • That’s not…legendary… ><

        Then again, I'm having trouble thinking of a non-niche PS1 game that could hold up today in the eyes of the mainstream consumer…

      • Zero_Destiny

        Oh Bummer. Oh well maybe it’ll come on PSN or maybe get 3DS port like Trigger and sell well and have SE finally make Chrono Break and complete my dreams. XD And now I’m thinking too much. Oh well I haven’t played Crash in years but it was fun.

      • (looks at the PS1 Crash Bandicoot) ;-; Oh how miss this… Good ol’ nostalgia…

  • inb4 Tales of Xperia.

  • Souji Tendou

    Legendary game? I bet it’s either Gran Turismo or Final Fantasy series.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      It’s Crash Bandicoot actually

  • I can’t help but to say “Do not want.”

    • badmoogle

      I can’t help but to say “Do want.”

      • AdamBoy64

        Yes, same here. Mobile gaming.. with buttons! Really looking forward to this.. could be a while before it comes out in my region though..

      • Me too. I would definitely get this eventually.

      • You are a very bad moogle, ya know?

  • Guest

    Well… Verizon has the iPhone now so um… no thanks.
    I’ll just wait for the NGP to satisfy my Sony handheld gaming desires.

  • WyattEpp

    Oh, Verizon, maybe it’ll be time to switch? Depends on whether there’s Skype for NGP, I guess. That would be prime.

  • Looks nice but I just bought an Android phone, hoping to upgrade to Xperia 2 with PS2 emulation

  • Until I see the games in action I can’t make my mind up. If they offered a pay as you go option and the games were very impressive then I would go for it without a doubt :D

  • If i get this thing noneone would be ever able to contact me, for 2 reasons:

    1) in the middle of the game, if one arrives while im playing i ALWAYS forget to check my cellphone’s msgs later. I always think, ohh!, a msg, ill check it once im done with this… And i always forget it, is even weird how i know i will forget it but i still do it.

    2) My cellphone would always be battery drained for playing all day >_>

  • A phone and a gaming console? I’m not exactly sure if this is such a good idea… It’s interesting to see technology mix together though. Cellphones used to be just for calling people – but then they eventually became music players, then cameras, then computers, and then basically a utility belt.

    But the one problem I found with all-in-one cellphones, like the iPhone, is that I find people growing dependent on it. It’s like they were on their iPhones all the time. So battery life would take a huge hit. I hope they’ve thought of a way to counter that. I also hope they though of a way to deal with being phoned while gaming. No matter how I look at it, it’ll be a very jarring experience.

    • To be honest I’m not fond of all-in-ones phones. I like having my devices separate imo. Though I like the camera portion of my phone because I don’t a digital camera myself yet. ><

      And with Xperia being a game console added to being phone as well, it's up the air.The sad thingis that not only is the Xperia is all-in-one phone, it's also a device begging to be stolen. :/

      I also agree with you on the dependancy issue the iPhone had setup for itself, plus other devices similar to it. While it is cool to see how the technology mixes and improve itself, it also sets up heavy dependancy issues,imo. I miss simplicity.

    • “A phone and a gaming console? I’m not exactly sure if this is such a good idea…”

      Nokia could tell you all about that one.

  • cmurph666

    Meh, I’m going to wait for the PSP2 / NGP or whatever the heck they decide to call it.

  • No9

    Man really wish this phone was out like a couple of months ago before I got my phone… Would of loved having buttons =s

  • Anyone remember the N-Gage? 8D

  • malek86

    Specs look cool, but I can’t see it being too successful. The slider will add to the weight and thickness, making it a bad choice for those looking for a pretty smartphone. And the high specs will mean high price, which will be too much to the casual player (who’d be more apt to spend that money on the more proven and popular iPhone).

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