The Second 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z Trailer Cuts In And Attacks

By Spencer . February 14, 2011 . 1:44am

If you want to see Mazinger Z’s rocket puuuuuunch or the Nirvash Type 0 surf through the sky watch this trailer. Banpresto’s second trailer for The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z runs through dozens of cut-in attacks for the PSP follow up to Super Robot Taisen Z.



A rocket handshake to Darjan for sending us the video. Thanks!

  • Sal

    Woohoo! the Dai-Gurren brigade is there!

  • WyattEpp

    So much good stuff! Double Dancougar, Tengen Toppa, Votoms…really, outstanding. Oh, and SEED. SEED DESTINY.


    (I do so tire of SEED: it’s barely mediocre if you refrain from acknowledging it as carrying the name “Gundam”.)

    • Souji Tendou

      Don’t forget 00, it’s an embarassment for a Gundam franchise. I wish they put Unicorn instead of Seed or 00.

      • theworldofnoboundries

        Well till now i still think that 00 is still better compare to Seed Destiny. But why in the hell still Season 1!!!

        • It’s the 1st season, because this is the first part of Z-2, the second season will be in Z-2 2, which will come out later this year too.

      • Gundam Seed and Wing was an embarassment to the Gundam franchine. Gundam 00 introduce new concepts to the saga (the initial idea was fine with a very good escenary) and had other things that even I did like.

        But yeah I would prefer Unicorn or another Gundam UC serie.

        • Why can’t we all just say(and I mean all, as in here, and on every other Gundam related site) that every Gundam series has their ups and downs and live with it..surely Wing, Destiny and 00 weren’t uber level, but Destiny has awesome Gundams, Wing too, and 00 has nice designs and likeable characters.

          Hell, it’s the first entry for 00 and it’s the first for Wing TV since god only knows how long and if people would look more carefully, they would know that Destiny’s story is written really good in the Z at least give them a chance~

        • PrinceHeir

          hey i like 00 and wing. especially 00. it’s also the first gundam to be aired in HD so that’s a plus. not to mention the ending of season 2 is just too awesome(will be watching the movie later on)

          can anyone explain this Z verse thing? how did it fix destiny?

          • It gave the characters reason for what they did, it made Shinn not a jackass and actually coming over from his RAGE trip, Kira being the badass he is made more sense, because he actually IS a badass here, Neo actually apologising for what happend to Stella was a nice ad too, and Athrun was even more awesome than in the anime, there were just more character development for the ones who needed it, small modifications here and there, which the series failed to an extent.

          • What do you like doesn’t affect the truth. Besides from my point of view the second season was worst than the first, one was that they’d transform Graham in Mr. Bushido when he was cool as a comander not a some samurai idiot from some generic manga.

            If you saw the movie is funny how they fix that, because Graham becomes a comander of a squadron again and said “It was stupid of me” when he remember his action in the second season.

          • PrinceHeir

            well shinn was good in the beginning of destiny. i kinda felt sorry for him for his loss of his family(ironically killed unintentionally by kira) but as more episodes come in he became a little to whiny. especially the part where he’s celebrating after supposedly killing kira in front of athrun. and yeah i was shocked too. he was able to beat kira? sure kira didn’t tried to kill him but it’s no easy feat to defeat kira especially one on one(see Rau Le Creuset final battle) and what’s up with Ray? he really is a failed clone of Rau. didn’t even put a fight with kira(at least they fixed this on the special edition of the DVD’s)

            yeah the bushido thing with graham kinda felt weird especially how graham at first wanted to defeat Setsuna in Flag only mech. what’s even more weird is that in the end of season 2 he just killer his master in an instant. i mean wtf we didn’t even get to know the guy.

            will watch the movie later on. along with Macross Frontier The False Diva. kinda ironic that Graham and Alto are the same VA :P

          • Bruce

            watch Z gundam , you won’t think of destiny the same way after watching Z gundam .

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Bruce lol I’m startin’ to feel like an @ss but I’ll say it. I LOVE Zeta Gundam, I’ve seen it so many times but in no way made has it made me not like the SEED series. But I do agree with you any Gundam fan should go out and watch it. :D And wouldn’t you know it Bandai has gone out of there way to put the episodes up for FREE so everyone can :D

          • @Bruce I see little difference between Z Gundam and SEED Destiny, as both mains are quite rage filled and tend to whine a lot, though Zeta is probably after Crossbone my favourite Gundam design and I love the series nonetheless.

        • Souji Tendou

          I beg to differ, but then again I’m biased (:p). I really……. really like Wing plot (about how they emphasize the politics). And it’s not only about the Gundams, the pilots are good too, this is contrast to 00, where they relied on their Gundams too much.

          You guys need to watch 08th MS team, it shows you the true “Real Robot” show.

    • Phlo

      SRW Z1 fixed the Destiny plotline, though.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      They’be got classic gundam in there too, so it balances out. I saw Zeta, Turn A, and Nu Gundam, which is awesome

    • Zero_Destiny

      I don’t like all the SEED hate. Not the best and the animation wasn’t too great but I think it was a fun revisit to the original Gundam. And it’s sequel while having one of the worst main charas ever was still fun and had a good story to tell. Jeez I hate all this “new” Gundam hating. I don’t know how Gundam Wing or Gundam 00 are bad. Wing is fun, the mechs are TOO strong and it gets unrealistic at times but come on. You’re going to tell me Double Zeta wasn’t down-right ridiculous at times. And 00 is great. It’s beautiful and has a very well planned-out story with interesting charas and probably one of the most well-written settings. It’s only crime is being too slowed-paced. The first half of season 1 is a bore. But 12 episodes later this show is amazing. I know it can be an investment but it’s well worth it. Plus it’s beautiful so even of the plot isn’t too interesting early on just stare at how pretty it is and wait for the plot to pick up. :)

      • Thanks man, there really seem to exist some people who think the same way as me about the “new” Gundams.~~ :3

        • Zero_Destiny

          No problem I LOVE Gundam. Grew up on it. :) Great series and I’ve yet to find one that deserves any of the hate that people give these “newer” series. I don’t think it’s bias talking either. I like to think when it comes to animation I can be very good critic and give an honest assessment. I love to watch the animations, the acting, the story, etc. It’s all solid in Gundam.

      • PrinceHeir

        hell yeah i grew up with Wing and Seed. though i prefer 00 now. it still nice to acknowledge seed(and destiny) and wing. im actually surprised on how much Shinn Auska has been appearing in SRW. is he really that popular than kira though i prefer Shinn but they are both look alike(see opening song of destiny) except Shinn has black hair

        im glad Code Geass made it here. Lelouch FTW :)

        but what about Eva, Xenosaga, Ace, heck what about Zone of the Enders? make a deal with konami namco :P

        • I think both of them appear equally, as both of them are the “mains” of the series, together with Athrun, but if Shinn really appears more often, than it is probably because in the latest games Destiny is the only part of the Seed-verse which is included.

          I’m happy about that too, I can already imagine some of the awesome interactions ingame. xd

          For Eva, they either want to include it in the second part of Z2 or want to wait for the movies to end, probably the latter, but that’s going to take a while :/
          I’m sure Xenosaga will be in sooner or later, what with them being in OG Saga and ACE itself is a crossover like SRW, so probably just the originals of it will be in future OG’s..maybe.
          Can’t say much about ZOE though, Konami had the rights to TTGL too and didn’t wanted to give the Ok to Banpresto(I think they don’t have the rights for it anymore), probably the same here.

          • PrinceHeir

            i see still Shinn is a good pilot but not as good as kira or athrun.

            that movies are getting longer than i expected. well at least it’s not as bad as Hellsing Ultimate(where’s my episode VIII?)

            yex please namco i want Xenosaga on the next OG saga game :P

            what’s TTGL? did banpresto had a part in the anime of ZOE?

        • Kirbysuperstar2

          FYI Evangelion has nothing to do with Konami and was in SRW MX (alongside RahXephon for laughs) and a few others.

          • Evangelion was in a lot of SRW’s, the Konami deal was probably just meant for Zone of the Enders.

          • PrinceHeir

            umm im talking about Zone of the Enders not eva :P

            Eva can always appear in any SRW games. it’s up to Bandai though.

        • Zero_Destiny

          I have no idea why Shinn shows up in games either. I guess he’s somehow become quite popular. lol I’ve always love Wing. Remember watching it as a kid on Toonami. It was great. My first ever Mecha I’ve seen. SEED was cool too. Don’t know why the hate. And I liked DESTINY but my only beef with it is SPOILERS that Shinn was such a tool in the show. I get what the writers were trying to do. It was atcually very interesting. They took this chara and kept breaking him (killing his family, love interest, making his mentor Athrun out to be his rival) and manipulating him (darn you Durandal and Ray). I kept wanting Shinn to have his redeeming episode but like after episode 30 or so when he shoot down Kira, I could no longer stand him. The writers had an interesting idea but they never went through all the way. Shinn just came out as a jerk. Plus I miss the old days of the “bright-slap”. lol In the older Gundams if a chara acted up and disobeyed orders they’d be slapped or servery beaten by their superior officers and reprimanded. Heck SEED did this pretty well (but a bit toned-down). But Shinn just seemed to do whatever he wanted and got off scotch-free or was issued just a warning and a little speech. Heck half the time it seemed like the military promoted Shinn every time he went against his orders. lol But the writers did a great job with Athrun and Kira. I like Athrun’s chara development in DESTINY. Even if he kind of “learned what he already was taught” in SEED to an extent, it was done well. Plus they totally made him into a player in DESTINY. lol Girls were throwing themselves at him. Kira was great in DESTINY. He got all his chara development out in SEED so in DESTINY he was just like a [email protected] I loved every battle he was in, in that show. :) It was great to see him being awesome all the time. NO MORE SPOILERS A Zone of the Enders Mecha would be awesome. Give those guys a taste of the “FIST OF MARS” lol Lame pun :) I know. Also here’s an example of the “Bright-Slap” done right. This is what Shinn really needed. lol It’s epic.

      • WyattEpp

        Much of my problem with SEED and its sequel stems from the how only a Gundam can beat a Gundam. That’s not how you revisit the One Year War. The RX-78 was a good unit, but it was far from invincible (taken even farther with the RX-79). UC Gundam has a lot to do with the phenomenon where individuals become symbols against their wishes, and I feel this was completely lost in the new interpretation. UC Gundam simply isn’t really about the combat, and I think SEED forgot that.

        Moreover, I feel the execution of the transhumanistic plot devices is similarly botched, with none of the intrigue of science probing the limitations of this new phenomenon.

        Gundam Wing stands head and shoulders over SEED in this regard. Not because the Gundams in it are far too powerful than they should be, but because they take the meaning of the _Gundams_ to an extreme, not the pilots. The politics of Wing are much more interesting than people give it credit, and while I don’t necessarily LIKE Wing all that much, I _respect_ it.

        But that’s all long-winded opinion; I don’t expect to change others’ minds so much as make sure my own is not assumed to be just mindless “me too”-ism.

        In this case, I’m just sick of SEED in SRW. I’ve just really had enough of them, go away, I want my Crossbone back, 00 isn’t too bad.

        • Zero_Destiny

          I never said SEED was perfect lol The fights get more overblown, it’s true. I think a lot of shows (mecha or otherwise) seem to get like this lately. With the whole forgetting to set things in a realistic fashion. That’s what’s great about the classic shows. How well they coordinated their fights and how embedded into reality they are. Anyways I like the Coordinator thing. It made more sense to me. Don’t get me wrong Newtypes are more interesting and more fun to watch. The bond between Amuro, Char, and Lalah is amazing. I think about it all the time. It’s one of the coolest chara interaction. How there drawn together because of their similar nature but how they ended up on different sides and fight. And then Zeta goes and puts them on the same side a kind of. Oh man and the movies. I know there’s some debate about the Zeta Gundam movies and there rewrites but I’ll never forget the scene where Amuro and Char met up again after all these years. It brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing. But sometimes the Newtypes get just ridiculous. They end up more like magic physics than people with increase mental capabilities/reflexes and “telepathic”-like bonds. But Coordinators seemed like a very good modern twist on the Newtype ideology. The way it all works and how it happens seems less sci-fi and more down to earth close to real-life science. So I don’t think SEED will ever be as good as the old Gundams but I don’t think people should hate as much. :)
          Epic Char and Amuro reuniting scene follows:

  • I’m so hyped for the game, it’s not even funny, the last part was awesome and lol @ Yoko being a playable “unit”. xD

    Edit: Also, awesome Patrick being cut to oblivion from Setsuna and his ever lovely Exia, Ashura now bashing the enemies him/herself, AFTER symmetrical docking xD, lol at Lelouch missing the Lancelot, can’t blame him though, Godmars being so epic, that he just punches through the enemy, Cornelia(no really, I love her, so everytime I see her in the game I will be like :D), and Alto being a stage dude as always(awesome animation).

  • LOVE the way the characters poiliting the mechas are animated during the special attacks and the how some of the special attacks look. The voices are icing on the cake.

    Now how about Rocket Punching this game to the west Banpresto :D

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Well hope that Bandai still haven’t forget their new policy where they will be more fan base compare to their Western Game policy.

    • Phlo

      Due to licensing issues, this will absolutely never be localized.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Indeed. We are better off hoping that they will decide to localise OG3 whenever it comes up, since that is the only thing is that is entirely in their hands.

      • I see it a double standard how @NamcoBandai @NBGI gets away with localizing #Dragonball games, while NOT spending enough effort, let alone $$$, to localize #SRW #SuperRobotWars outside of Japan.

        Seriously, Namco Bandai has a headstart of doing so, since they own #Gundam, while they have the US rights for Gurren Lagann.

        • It is still to expensive to buy the rights for every single series in the game 2 times(I think they need to buy them again if the wanted to localize it), it just wouldn’t be worth the effort as come on how many would actually buy the game? Dragonball is just one franchise which they hold the rights for too, I think(damn, need to look everything up again, to lazy these days~).

          • Phlo

            As he says, the cost of localization would be ridiculous even before actually translating and dubbing it, and the returns would be miserable – the existing US fanbase for SRW, like it or not, is as small as it is dedicated. Gundam and Gurren Lagann are only a small drop in the bucket for the huge cast list this game has, and they wouldn’t have a hope of making a profit.

  • MisterDandylion

    This looks awesome. As much as I’m beginning to love this game I have one little question: Where is the King of Braves? Where is GaoGaiGar?. I know he’s part of SRW Alpha universe but I would have love to see Guy Shishio (the pilot of Gaogaigar) and Kamina talking about the potential of human bravery… …Or at least well…. kicking each other’s ass xD

    • Shuryou

      Just one of the Braves? Give us all of them! Exkaiser, J-Decker, Might Gaine, Fighbird and the others!

      • I think they can’t because of Tomy(The right holder..I think), though I’m not sure, would love to have Exkaiser and Might Gaine too~ :P

        • MisterDandylion

          Actually I remember playing a game more or less like SRW but with only the braves. It was a good game…… Especially this part where GaoGaiGar uses all the powers of the Braves to muster a one-of-a kind Hell and Heaven. Pure win!! HAHA :3

          • Ha, I think I remember that too, can’t remember the name of the game though. But I agree that was great. xd

          • Guest

            THere were two games actually. For PS1. Then a third one for PS2. And then Battle of Sunrise


    Yeah! that made my day.

    *UGH* silly Geass, I’d rather ignore those scenarios.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi


    That’s a problem

    • Save the best for last, or in this case for the 3rd PV and or game. ;D
      We saw Lagann Impact(I think at least that it was that), that’s awesome too.

      • Phlo

        Yeah, I bet (or at least hope) they won’t show it in any of the PVs. It’s just too awesome to spoil before playing the game.

        • Same here, I too hope they don’t spoil too much of the awesomeness that awaits us in this game.
          But I would like to see something about the gameplay, like do we actually have Squads, or at least something similar and if we have parts again after L.
          Oh and I at least want to see the Original main~ xd

  • nonoko

    Those animations were great!

  • Happy Gamer

    i stopped buyin and playing since 3rd srw alpha but this has me sooooo hyped. Gurren Lagan alone i will get this game.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Dumb Comment but it must be said. TURN A TURN, TURN A TURN, TURN A!!!!*Manly Voice Comes in* TURN A GUNDAM!!!! Oh man and Zeta Gundam, and Gundam X and Nu Gundam and all the others like Overman King Gainer and Macross, and so much more :) That’s great. Now all it needs is Patlabor and Escaflowne and, and . . . Well we’ll be here all day so let’s end it here.

  • Scallion


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