A Call For Dungeon Siege III Developer Questions

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 7:02pm

Square Enix are hosting a showing of the Obsidian-developed Dungeon Siege III tomorrow, and Spencer will be at the event to try the game out and speak to the development team.


While we’ll have questions of our own to ask the developers, we’d love to take a few from our community, too. If you have a good question you’d like to have answered, post it in the comments, and we’ll consider jotting it down to pose to the devteam tomorrow.


Remember, Dungeon Siege III questions only! We’ll be moderating the comments to remove questions about other Square Enix or Obsidian games.

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  • What was the reason for creating a third Dungeon Siege? Although it is the third entry, is the story and game world approachable for people new to the Dungeon Seige universe?

  • A nice bit of the info we’ve gotten so far about DS3 has been related to the story, but gameplay-wise it’s still a dungeon crawler; a genre which usually puts play far above narrative. So, what’s the Killing::Talking ratio like? Also, do we get control over our companions (and if so, how)?

  • Ereek

    Apologies if most of these have been asked before, I haven’t been reading a lot of interviews about this subject. But after replaying some of the older titles, I have a newfound interest in this. I was interested before, but now I’m quite excited.

    1. How has Obsidian’s work with SquareEnix been? Is it as they’ve expected? Different?

    2. This one’s a bit obvious and has probably been asked before – but I missed it, Can we expect specializations based off of “morality,” something like Throne of Agony? Because, let’s face it, playing as an undead Warrior-Mage or a Lich is great.

    3. Expanding a bit on the last question, has there been effort to balance classes? That’s been something of an issue in the past, with mages getting the short end of the stick. Or, for that matter, can they elaborate on the difficulties they find in balancing? The issues they might face, or design challenges.
    Do the developers have a certain class they favor/they think is the most fun?

    4. How long can we expect a single playthrough to last?
    Is Multiplayer an important feature or is it simply “on the side?” What I’m really trying to ask here is that has the main storyline/plot been sacrificed for the addition of a multiplayer experience?

    5. We’ve seen the 10th legion before in past Dungeon Siege games. Can you elaborate a bit on your hero, who comes from the legion? Is is semi-preset, with a set background and appearance, or can we modify gender, appearance, and class from the start? Can we have any information on the customization available?

  • I have a question. What’s the character customization going to be like?

    • Testsubject909

      Addendum to the character customization.

      Will there be a Respec system in place of any sort so to encourage more exploration rather then limiting people through playthroughs. Even just limited Respec would be better then none.

  • Xeahnort

    There will be any differences between Xbox360, PS3 and PC versions?

    excluding pc, Which platform do you recommend to play Dungeon Siege III?

    Any plans for a Collector´s/Limited edition?

  • capristrider

    This game for some reason has got me really interested the first time I see it and hasn’t dropped off my radar since. Just 1 and half questions, Will DS3 have a co-op/multiplayer aspect and if yes will there be any cross platform play? (like PS3 players with PC players).

  • DarkElf

    Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege II were both moddable games and the mods created for both games made the games appeal last longer. My question for the development team is will Dungeon Siege III be moddable? Does it support skrit? will it have modding tools?

  • Guest

    Will this game be bug free since it’s involved with Square-Enix despite it’s coming from Obsidian??

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