Catherine Demo Available On PlayStation Network Once Again

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 9:31pm

Atlus released Catherine in Japan today, and just in case a few people are still on the fence about the game, they’re also making the demo available once again on the Japanese PlayStation Network.


The Catherine demo will be available from (Japan time) today, February 17th to 11:59 PM on February 20th. Now’s your chance if you missed it the first time around!

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  • Aoshi00

    The game is shipping tmw, but I read some reviews from Amazon Jpn, seems like the actual game is mad hard even on easy mode (the demo was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of difficulty), some to the point of frustration because people can’t complete the stages to advance the story, or it takes many many tries… and the bonus artbook/soundtrack is only so-so not that beefy (as expected since there’s a real OST).. If the game is really that hard, I asked NCSX to cancel my 360 copy and just ship the PS3 ver.. and would get it on 360 when it’s localized to Eng.. I can’t imagine replaying that much to pull my hair out..

    Still haven’t rec’d my copy of Tsukumonogatari, the general consensus seems to be it majorly sucked and the main char is not likable at all, I hope it’s not as bad as they say, guess everyone got suckered by the art and seiyuu cast *.*..

    • pridesin

      Thank you for the information, I am just wondering, is it possible for you to share the information about the game until Atlus USA announce the U.S release date ???
      Sorry about suddenly ask you about this.

      • Aoshi00

        Sure thing, I hope the game is not as impossible as some said.. I thought the easy mode in the demo was okay, but that was only the 1st two stages.. I mean I like the puzzles to be challenging and fun, but not roadblocks so you can’t enjoy the story… will keep you posted :)

        • pridesin

          Thank You !!!!

    • Kris

      Man, that’s a bummer. Given the prices of imports, it must be incredibly annoying to see a game you’ve ordered get bad reviews while it’s shipping. Since you do import a lot, I’m curious, what do you do if you get a game you don’t like?

      • Aoshi00

        Major bummer indeed, but you have no one to blame but yourself for jumping the gun (got tempted by the stupid bonus) and not reading reviews first.. I’ve gotten burned several times, imported Rizwoad it was ok but I didn’t like it much.. Sigma Harmonic was garbage (I don’t call many games that..), Sakura Note was ok but repetitive, got it for Uematsu soundtrack.. I dunno, I guess I just knocked myself in the head and keep regreting.. never thought of putting on ebay to sell them, figure it’s not really worth much if the word of mouth is the game sucks you know.. So yea, sometimes if you’re unsure, you really should wait to see if the game is worth it… For US games, if it’s some games I can’t stand, I sell them to recoup some cost (like Epic Mickey, I really didn’t lose any money, bought it for $30 and traded in to Amazon for $30), can’t stand the sight of them and I know I wouldn’t be playing them again..

        But in Tsukumonogatari’s case, the reviews look so bad I don’t even want to open it and just want to resell it or something.. if so many people say it’s bad there must be some truth to it you know, like Sigma Harmonics..

    • glemtvapen

      Crap and I suck at puzzles especially with a timer (or in this case, a monster trying to kill you). -_-;

      It took me a while to beat the 2nd stage of the demo til I figured there’s an item that manifest an extra block so that I could reach the door.

    • MisterFoxInc

      Replaying would be a bitch but don’t fret – the game can’t be impossible to beat. And you beating yourself up over a bunch of people who say the later levels are super-ballsy… it kinda breaks my gamer-heart. Yes, good games don’t HAVE to be hard to be good (or different from “casual” games) but a little challenge never hurt anyone.

      Sure, I’ve played the game as much as you have right now – hardly any, except for the demo. But from what I can tell, it all seems credible and possible. Don’t worry, I’m sure you still ordered a good game.

      I, for one, look forward to a release-date for Europe. (HAHAHA EUROPE)

      • Aoshi00

        You have a point, maybe I got worried over nothing… guess those gamers are just impatient and prefer this to be a straight visual novel instead of having challenging puzzles in btwn? Personally I didn’t think the demo was that hard (on easy mode at least), I died maybe like twice, I’ll have to play this to decide for myself if this game is ultra hard or those people are just wusses lol.. I hope the story is interesting and could branch out depending on the choices you make.I certainly don’t mind the game being more hardcore and has challenges for those who enjoy it (after all that’s what’s fun for overcoming a puzzle), but it would be the best to have easier difficulties for those who need it as well. All games should have very easy->easy->normal->hard->very hard to suit the need of players of diff skill levels. I think I’d play on easy first to get comfortable, time limit puts a lot of pressure on me as it is..

        • MisterFoxInc

          Ah, actually, you pose a very good point with what you assume people expected! It was made by the Persona-3-and-4-team, after all. Also, around the time the game was first announced, I heard many people say “This is Persona 5? Weird!” And the game features a few “social engagements” so people probably assumed it would at least make out half of the game and got disappointed when they were given real-time-gameplay to deal with.

          I’m currently replaying Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 and that relates to your second paragraph. When I first read that you want to play an easy mode to get used to the game, I thought “Huh? So he plays it twice in a row? Strange…” But then again, this is exactly what happens in Ouendan 2 (and 1 and Elite Beat Agents) – you finish the game on Easy or Normal and are given the next difficulty to play all songs in again. And then comes Very Hard. And that adapts perfectly to your personal increase in skills. So it actually works.

          That was sort of off-topic, but it made me widen my horizon, haha. So thanks.

          • Aoshi00

            I have both Ouendan (lost the first game though, on the bus probably).. I was never that good at rhythm games, they were fun but hard for me.. the cover songs are pretty good.. I’ve read more reviews thruout the day today lol, seems that everyone (even above average players) agree that the puzzles are indeed hard as hell.. so the thing that bums out people is “easy” is not actually easy at all. It’s like easy is hard, normal is almost impossible, and hard is sadist.. and people said finishing the game on easy is very hard alrdy, dying a lot. And one thing they didn’t like was the loading time after game over is quite long, so adding extra frustration btwn retries.. They all said this game is good, but just wish there’s actually an easy mode that eases you in and give you more time to think, instead of rushing you, so you hardly even have time to think on how to tackle the puzzles.. the bosses are hard too.. guess I’ll see for myself when I rec my copies, hopefully tmw or Sat, or if not would have to be next week :(…

    • superdry

      Thanks for the heads up.

      I have my 360 copy on order from a local store.

      But, if the game is actually as hard or harder than the demo…I dunno if I want to actually play the game. The 2nd stage on the demo was frustrating – I’m not great with super quick thinking puzzles, but half the time I died because the controls are a little wonky.

      As I’m older, I dunno how much I like games that raise my blood pressure while playing (in a bad way).

      • Aoshi00

        No prob, but I’ll have to play for myself to see or if the others are just too impatient (like just wanting this to be a visual novel). The 2nd stage demo on easy wasn’t that hard for me, I think I died maybe 2-3 times (only got silver for stage 1 & bronze for stage 2), but it definitely got my heart pumping, and fun. I’m not very good w/ scary games either in general, I don’t even like to watch the gory films as I grow older too.. I’m reading more reviews now, maybe it isn’t really as insurmountable as some said.. I told NCSX to keep both ver (I just can’t decide which one, I prefer the 360 cover and achievement, but the PS3 ver’s “Catherine” seems more official to me), it’d be nice to get this before the long weekend.. maybe we could add each other’s gamertag or PSN ID or something.. mine’s Aoshi00 on both (forgot if it’s capital a, or if it makes a difference..) I rarely play multiplayer, but I’m always interested to see what other people play :)

        • Ooh, I’ll be playing the game starting tonight! Add me to PSN: ChrisTaran

          • Aoshi00

            Cool beans, added you Chris. NCSX cfm they shipped my copies and bonuses today, hopefully I could get it tmw or Sat :) Sounds like the game is brutal, I’m scared..

    • Barrit

      Hm, I actually took that as good news about Catherine. I love my games difficult. Games these days are just way too easy. I guess I feel that way since I had been playing MMOs for several years before this past year. In that genre at least, it seemed like not many people wanted to put any effort into advancing and always wanted things easy mode.

      I personally take reviews with a grain of salt. After playing the demo, it comes off as a game where once you figure a stage out, you really don’t lose anymore. The game hasn’t been out that long, they may just be trying to rush too fast through the game instead of just putting a lil more thought into the stages.

      • Aoshi00

        I used to like harder games too when I was younger, but I prefer medium or easier difficulty these days because of just how many games are out there (I have Last Story/Dream Club Zero/Gyakuten Kenji 2, etc to finish) and time constraint on my part. Like Megaman 9 & 10 are way too hard for me now.

        I’ve read more reviews on Amazon Jpn, quite a few new entries now, I don’t think they’re looking for an easy game per se, but rather “easy” is not actually easy, I get the impression that here easy=hard, normal=sadist, and hard=masochist. Seems to be the general consensus that even gamers of above average skills said this game is really really hard too, again even on easy mode, one could die like 30-40 times in a stage, most people tried to play the first couple on stages on normal and are forced to switch down to easy (which again is not easy). The think that in easy mode, the time limit could be more lenient so you have more time to actually think about how to tackle the pulling the blocks instead of in panicked state all the time, and later there’d be rival sheeps and traps to obstruct your way too..

        Also they said like if you can’t get extra lives (the pillows), after game over it would go back to the title screen and the loading time is a bit long, which is why it’s extra frustrating because there are no unlimited retries, so you just keep dying and have long loading, and the checkpionts aren’t very user friendly either. I’ll have to play on my own to judge, my copies just shipped today, but I have to say I don’t play hard games to punish myself these days either, mostly I still want to enjoy all the games out there but I just don’t have the time to master everything, like I play fighters and shmups only casually and not competitively online.

        And some seems to be shocked by the hardcore easy difficulty because the game was hyped for the animation, story, and veteran seiyuu, many people just wanted to advance the story, I guess I could understand their frustration. Well, hopefully the game is w/in my ability and I could see the ending..

    • I’ve read that too, it actually surprised me, but it seems the game is not as good as many people thought D:.

      BTW i just finished Catherine’s demo, IS SO AWESOME, SOOOOOOOO AWESOME, seriously i will be hella mad if Atlus doesn’t localize this

      • Aoshi00

        I loved the demo too, they just wish the easy mode is actually easy, instead of ultra hard and unforgiving, and normal being almost impossible, imagine hard.. and the long loading time doesn’t help after a gameover it seems. If a game is too hard that I couldn’t go on, it bums me out too sometimes because I really want to finish the story but I can’t.. they all agree the story/char/seiyuu/animation (CG/drawn) are all top notch, game just being way too hard even for regular gamers.. You’ll hear from me if I need to pull my hair out lol.. pray that I wouldn’t need to throw controller..

        • Lol, the end of the 2nd stage was rather hard, but it was exciting xD, and i admit, i had to use a couple of times the select button.

          But i really felt like i was moving blocks like in any other rpg, i dunno, i almost felt i already knew how to move the blocks so they can let me go up… is this some weird reflex that i attained after years and years of rpgs?!

          • Aoshi00

            I just played the demo once, I remember I kept telling myself “I can’t die, there’s no way I would die, I’ve gotten so far!” I just kept scrambling to go up and up.. I guess it would be nice if there’s an easier mode so the time limit is more lenient you could have time to think.. I guess the nightmare sequence is actually hell literally, even in terms of difficulty.. hope it’s not that stressful, my gamer skills have declined in recent years as I grow older (just don’t have that much time to play anymore you know).. I hope to get my copies soon..

          • Oh and it was the first time i ever saw anime is such a high quality, i was like OMFG O_O this thing is beautifull, and lol, the music when Catherine (The blonde is with C right) appeared xD, and you can even ignore Katherine’s cellphone msges xD, and she was rushing to get married but Vincent (like most men) are scared with that compromise, seriously, its just awesome.

            But i understand what you say, there are some people that might get too anxious, might be a pain, but this game seems to be really made for the trial and error style of game.

            Gotta put those fingers and reflexes on training again!

        • If its truly that difficult, maybe they will re-balance it for western release, though Im always up for any challenge.

          • Aoshi00

            Wow I thought you were against extremely old school hardcore games and just liked to experience the story, guess you changed you stance on that too.

            Yea, that’s what some Jpn players are hoping, that if Atlus could patch the game w/ a more forgiving difficulty so the game is more accessible. If they do it for a western release (if there is one), then a patch should be done for the Jpn version too.

          • Heh, when did I ever say I was against, I guess, hard games? I’m always down for the amazing feeling of beating a game that was hard, nothing feels better than accomplishing that feat.

            But what would be rebalanced, giving players more time?

          • Aoshi00

            You said that several months ago, that sometimes you just want to experience the story and not needing a game to be ultra difficult, I think it was when people were discussing about Vanquish and Bayonetta, both games you thought were very hard, you said that Bayonetta was hard even on easy mode right? I said that Bayonetta is quite manageable on normal and that there’s an super easy mode that could be played by one hand, and Vanquish is indeed hard on normal. Have you played Vanquish yet? I don’t want to bother looking thru you post again.. And a few people were trying to convince you that hard game would feel like a good accomplishment if you overcome it at the end. You’ve said many things both ways it’s hard to keep track. Sometimes I’m not sure if you’re trolling or really just forgot what you said..

            Many things could be rebalanced, more time, the long loading screen after gameover could be improved, unlimited continues, more generous check points, no need to go back to the beginning of the stage again after losing all lives, more helpful items to pick up, etc? I thought you said the game could be rebalanced. I guess by making easy mode actually “easy”?

  • The people better get it while its hot. Now that the game is out in Japan, I guess Ill just continue to keep the faith and to tarry its announcement–like sand in an hourglass so are the days of out lives.

    • Guest

      Is your name Marlena?

  • Maybe I will download it again to boost their number of downloads +1

  • YES!! gonna download it

    • Guest

      I remember you were sad about not getting it so I emailed ATLUS to put it back up and they did

      • haha lol, thanks a lot xD, you made my vacations become better

  • Good move, didn’t had the chance to try the demo the first time, definitely won’t make the same mistake again!

  • PrinceHeir

    thanks atlus but i already plan on buying the game so i’ll just wait for the western release ^^

  • Thanks for the alert! I just created a JP account on my NA PS3 and am downloading this demo!

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