It Had To Happen…Steins;Gate Heads To PSP

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 2:06pm

This June, 5pb’s hit visual novel, Steins;Gate, is headed to the PSP. Originally developed for the Xbox 360, Steins;Gate was later ported to the PC and then green-lighted for both anime and novel adaptations.


5pb eventually updated the Xbox 360 version of the game with new features such as additional events, more achievements, and a new introduction song. The PSP version of the game, according to this week’s Famitsu magazine (and website), will include the Xbox 360 DLC and the cosplay patch from the PC version of Steins;Gate.


5pb also recorded a new intro and outro for the game, and assured Famitsu that nothing was cut from the game’s story, even though it was rather harsh. Steins;Gate on PSP is scheduled for release this June.


Meanwhile, Kurisu from Stein;Gate will be making a guest appearance in 5pb’s upcoming fighting game, Phantom Breaker

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  • Oh holy yes!! I shed tears of sadness when it was 360 only(don’t have a Japanese one), now I will finally be able to play this! Such a great week of announcements I can’t believe it! XO

    • Ladius

      There is a Pc port available, if that helps :P Maybe some fantranslator will pick that version up.

      • Yeah, thanks that’s the first I heard about the PC port, will definitely check it out later. And yeah I hope, maybe the same dudes that translated Chaos;Head. :D

        • Ladius

          AFAIK they are part of the Nitroplus USA deal by JAST, and because of that suspended all the Nitroplus fantranslation when Demonbane was announced for the USA. After that, however, the patches of Nitroplus’ Kikokugai and Hanachirasu (translated by Makoto, if I remember correctly) were made available on TLWiki itself, so it’s probably best not to make assumptions.

  • PrinceHeir

    yes region free PSP FTW :D

    hopefully somebody can translate this :P

  • MUAHAHAHHA! I KNEW IT, 5pb IS GLORIOUS, EVERYTHING THEY PUT IN XBOX GETS PORTED LATER TO PSP, i love those guys, Chaos;head was great, ill be looking forward to this.

    Watch how the next release will be steins;gate double love chu chu xD

    • john411

      Yeah… they already announced that along with Steins;Gate PSP ;)

    • Ren

      Hey, what was Chaos;Head Double Love ChuChu about?

      Hah, I wish I knew enough japanese to play games like this. One would have thought that learning a language for four years would give you at least something more than the basic. But then again, I can never memorize those damn kanji, and self learning is an arduous path of loosing any interest and coming back to it for some days just to rinse and repeat. Do Venezuelan(did I write that right?) unis have Japanese courses?

      • Yeah i think Venezuelan is well said o.o (i think? xD).
        There is one university that has course and you can choose to take it or not, but im not on that one, instead, i went and got into classes directly from the embassy of japan, and im almost in my 2 years of studying xD, still i could say i understand 40% of these games T_T.

        And regarding to the love chu chu thing xD.

        You know this “;” series started with Chaos;Head, well, they first made Chaos;head, a sci-fi story with a couple of endings, but after that, they released chaos;head love chu chu, that is like, the sequel to chaos;head but with dating sim, it has an story, but you can choose what to do depending on what girl go for.

        And it seems they are doing the same for Steins;gate, they first released this one, and they already announced “steins;gate my love and science darling” or something like that, and it seems it will be a dating sim too with the girls of the original story.

        I just said double love chu chu for saying anything, guided by chaos;head xD

        • Ren

          Makes sense.

          Wow, it’s still not even eleven on Caracas and it’s already one am here. And its still seven on the pacific USA. How confusing.

          • Haha yeah xD, here is just 11 now D: freaking time goes too fast when im playing

  • malek86

    Don’t companies do sound novels anymore? You know, they used to be all the rage on consoles during the 32-bit era.

    • Sound novels? As if those cds that sometimes comes as bonus with the games where characters just talk?

      • Their Drama CD’s I think what malek86 means is something more the line of Umineko no naku koro ni on the PC.

    • Visual novels and sound novels are same thing.

      • malek86

        Yeah, I use that term to refer to novels that don’t use characters portraits speaking, instead doing everything as if they were books with just backgrounds. For example, Baroque Syndrome or Imabikisou.

        • Oh. I understand where you’re coming from now. I think the only sound novel I’ve played is Radical Dreamers. I guess developers just decided to go with the trend of putting character portraits in NVL category games and never looked back or something like that.

  • Ladius

    5pb and Nitroplus are pure awesomeness, it’s a shame that there isn’t a western publisher interested in localizing their titles. Chaos Head is really good, Steins Gate seems to be a masterpiece and Robotic Notes has me totally hyped.

  • Kris

    Dear Aksys-

    You know what to do.

    -Love, Kris

  • calling Xseed, Aksys, and NISA!


  • Darkrise

    Good, now plz make NA release happen.

  • Aoshi00

    It’s pretty cool these games are getting PSP ports, but I want my achievement :) I just started Steins;gate, the beginning was pretty cool, suspenseful, funny, and cute at times, but too many games I’ll need to go back to it later..

    If people really want a good VN on the PSP, should definitely check out Anata wo Yurusanai w/ Uematsu music. The art done by a fashion magazine artist is very unique and unlike your usual anime art, the themes are pretty adult as well. Plus you hold the PSP vertically :)

    • Yesssssss Anata wo Yurusanai. Wanted to play that for the longest time since Siliconera posted news about that game :(

      • Aoshi00

        If there’s any translation that helps people go thru that somehow, get it, one of the most unique games I’ve ever played. Well, it’s mostly just reading and not much branching or substantial choices.. I totally loved the art, music (jazzy pieces by Uematsu and other artists), and the mature themes.. wonder if most people who played that game were females though, that’s how they advertised it before.

        • I doubt it’ll get a fan translation, sadly. It’s been like how many years since it’s been released? I’m okay with it, though.. I missed quite a lot of untranslated games anyway ;__;

  • N2O1990

    no 5pb didn’t include cosplay patch to PSP,thats only for PC(come on PC version was 8000yen,360+DLC only 7600yen,they can’t let everything to PSP lol)

    edit:doubled sry

  • N2O1990

    no 5pb didn’t include cosplay patch to PSP,thats only for PC(come on PC version was 8000yen,360+DLC only 7600yen,they can’t let everything to PSP lol)

  • Please come to America!

  • By any chance, is this related to Chaos;Head ?
    I hope it comes to the US. The art for it looks beautiful ~

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