MangaGamer Hint At Possible Upcoming Detective Title

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 2:38pm

Siliconera recently reached out to visual novel publisher MangaGamer’s head translator and marketing manager, John Pickett (better known as Kouryuu), to talk about everything from introducing visual novels to a wider audience, to MangaGamer’s plans for the year ahead.


During a comparison between traditional visual novels and Japanese adventure and role-playing games that are heavily rooted in the genre, such as the Ace Attorney series or Record of Agarest War, John threw in a hint about a potential upcoming, unrevealed MangaGamer title (image above unrelated) that we believe visual novel fans might be excited for. Here’s his quote:


“While the story, character interactions, and text are certainly the most important elements to visual novels, they most certainly do not always stop there.


Just as Agarest War adds in a SRPG element, there is a fair deal of visual novels for the PC which do so as well, and in fact, one of the games we’re looking to bring over in the future does something quite similar. Just as Ace Attorney adds a detective/investigative element, we have one game which also does so, that we’re hoping to bring over.”


In addition, the MangaGamer also have a completely original “Study abroad” visual novel in the works at development studio partner, Overdrive, which you can read more about here. Do note that the image above and on the front page are unrelated to either game mentioned in this post.


Our full interview with MangaGamer will go up in the near future in two parts.

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  • Release Koihime Musou first then we talk.

  • Ladius

    Kara no Shoujo? The fantranslation was completed ages ago, but it hasn’t been released precisely because it was rumored to be licensed in a possible MangaGamer localization (same for Cartagra).

    • Jesus, sir. Both of those games look pretty damn great.

      I guess it could turn out to be Umineko? Since they just fired away that Higurashi bundle. I’d rather it wasn’t though.

      • BTA

        Umineko doesn’t have any of the elements they’re hinting about, though.

        Well, the 8th game might, but I’ve been avoiding spoilers since I only just finished the 4th game, so…

        • Ladius

          From what I heard, the only “investigative” elements in Umineko 8 are some questions related to the plot, without any kind of actual “adventure” elements akin to the ones seen in 999, Phoenix Wright, Hotel Dusk etc. The rest of the series is rooted in the sound novel subgenre and is far removed from the vnadventure hybrids so popular on Ds.

      • If I remember right, kouryu mentioned a while ago that they weren’t interested in Umineko since the fanlation was prominent enough and easy to buy.
        One other (albeit small) possibility is that MG made some deal with C’s Ware, the company that brought us games like EVE burst error, Divi Dead, and Desire, all three games having a detective like gameplay to it.

        • Ladius

          Considering all three games have been localized ages ago and have been available for years I don’t think that would be a smart business decision.

          A remake would be an interesting choice for localization, but there is nothing of the sort planned about those titles in Japan.

          • C’s War does have more mystery games in its library than just those three. EVE burst error for one has three sequels and a prequel.

          • Ladius

            Yeah, but considering how old they are I don’t think they are viable anymore in the current vn market. It would be nice if there could be a PC backport of some PS2 remakes of the Eve series though, even if it won’t happen.

            Another old vn I would like to see localized would be Cross Tantei Monogatari, but that too is practically impossible.

    • Wait, I don’t understand very well, there is a translation for Kara no Shoujo??

      • Ladius

        Yeah, the translation is complete and some screenshots were posted on 4chan. Of course it hasn’t been released since the script could be bought by MangaGamer if an official localization arises.

        • I see, darn would love to have that translation..whatever, thanks for the information. :)

          • Ladius

            I would love to have it too, I waited for Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo for years and just when the patches were ready to be released the C&D stuff and the talks about the localizations guaranteed fans couldn’t use them :

  • That combination sounds interesting :O

  • I would love myself a translation of Muv-Luv alternative or Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, but this here sounds quite interesting too, just can’t think of a VN that fits the description at the moment. ><

    • Ladius

      Muv Luv Alternative will be available if and when the whole “Ixrec localization” mess is sorted out, Muramasa is being (slowly) translated by Makoto, the great guy who did other Nitroplus vns.

      • Good to know about Muramasa being translated, it interested me from the beginning, but what mess are you talking about with Ixrec localization, aren’t Extra and Unlimited already translated and they began their work on Alternative(not sure, my knowledge about VN rusted a lot..)?

        • Ladius

          Ixrec decided to contact Age to discuss an official localization for the Muv Luv series, and so all the patches released so far were eliminated from his site. He’s currently translating Alternative, but it isn’t clear if and when we will be able to play it.

  • … Wait, so is it *really* unrelated? Because my paranoia tells me that you’re really just teasing us and that this really is a relevant hint, but then you might actually just be using a cool death note image. What’s really going on?


    • I used a Death Note image because I couldn’t think of anything else that even remotely fit! But no, it’s completely unrelated to DN. :)

      • Guest

        that sucks. Back in the day I really wanted the Death Note Kira Game from Konami to come out here in the U.S.

      • Nothing from Detective Conan?

        • I thought of both Detective Conan and Milky Holmes (don’t ask…). But we’ve been covering a Conan game recently, so I didn’t want to cause any confusion there. And Milky Holmes would just have been really misleading. :P

          • Ren

            Oh yeah, Milky Holmes has a PSP VN, right?

          • Yea, but I don’t know a thing about it, hahaha. I…don’t really keep up with Milky Holmes…

  • john411

    -Kara no Shoujo

    It’s one of those 3.

    • Phlo

      Haven’t they been sitting on a near-complete Kara no Shoujo translation for ages? It’s probably that.

    • Here’s some possible evidence that it’s Kara no Shoujo. In this video there’s a TV showing some VN related stuff and late in the video it starts flashing through several pictures and about 5:30 we see a picture of Kara no Shoujo right after a game from Tactics, a company MG has a deal with.

      • Its probably gonna be Cartagra (or at least I hope), since the events of Cartagra happen before KnS. Anyways, I hope its actually true.

  • Darkrise

    Hope it’s not digital release.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yes, they really need to bite the bullet and find someone to US publish and release hard copies beyond this second little ‘test’. Those in the know want this and they are your first audience. If the Japanese owners aren’t willing to bend more on pricing, folks are more likely to pay $40-50 US when they can put something in their hands. While over the counter retail may be out of the question, it also would be best to find more means to get the word out. Cut RightStuf a deal where Shawne puts it on a deal of the day or weekly special.

      • Mangagamer is about to start selling physical copies. On their Blog it is stated that they will start with selling Da Capo copies. That includes a Limited Edition with extra content. If this goes well they will do this for other games as well. They will sell this through Hendane. Pre-orders will be up soon.
        For more info:

  • Guest

    In order for Visual Novels to appeal broadly they have to be not just “read read read read read look at still picture read read read CHOICE” ; it should be interactive and fun like the Ace Attorney games and Latyon. Emphasizing “game” Thats why they do so well here.

  • PrinceHeir

    i want a Switch(Naked Ape) manga style story please :P

  • Would also be nice if this meant a deal with elf since as least their Shin Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan has detective/investigation mode along with puzzle solving. It’s also three games in one since it includes ports of the console released prequels as prologues to the main game. Said prequels have not just the investigation mode, but also anime quick time events at certain points in the game.

  • That L pic is pure win.

  • SupaPhly

    somehow unrelated but I must ask.
    can I still enjoy agarest war zero without playing the first game?

    (because last year I got a friend in england to buy the game for me (the game is nowhere to be found in my country) he got it second hand, but when I opened it there was a different game inside, I was immensely pissed off and didn’t feel like getting the game anymore after that)

  • Really hoping they put out Kara no Shoujo! Would buy that in a heartbeat. Take my money now!

  • Pity, it’d be nice to get a game where you can play as L.

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