Here’s Another Trailer To Remind You Of Persona 2: Innocent Sin

By Ishaan . February 17, 2011 . 8:26am


Atlus’ remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin on the PSP is still a couple months from release, but they like to send out the occasional trailer, just to keep the game on people’s minds.


This latest trailer makes mention all of the new features in the remake, like the new interface, remixed soundtrack, and the game’s Theater Mode, which comes with its own quest of some sort.


That last feature relates to a rumour that isn’t quite confirmed yet…

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  • This is truly amazing, I love everything about it and it even improves the hallway designs of the P1P!!! I love these Persona Portable games and will do everything possible to nab this on day 1 when it comes to CONUS!!! Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!!

    I do hope we get that full soundtrack too, it was the only thing missing with P3P release after we received the soundtrack for P1P.

    • evilmoogle

      It ain’t the full soundtrack. it clearly says “mini soundtrack”.

    • MisterDandylion

      I remember Philemon’s phrase form Persona 1 Portable: …And those who are brave… I reward them… With this…! Persona… the power of soul…

      I seriously need to play this game :)

  • I don’t know what to say, so I’ll just stick with *drool*.

  • Nice, was about to say… haven’t heard about this game for a while D:

  • Dude, it’s super long ago since I played P2 so can anyone tell me who this super hawt movie girl is, as it seems I can’t remember her…aww Ok theater mode, should have listened better, lol..but awesome I will sit on theater mode like 3 hours a day now, while playing the game!

    Also another thing I loved about the old Persona games, 5 playable character at the same time, MUCH better than just three like in FF and still better than 4 like in the newer Persona games.

    • When i played persona 1 i felt a little confised because i had too many characters on my side xD

      • Haha, yeah I can see that, confused me the first time too, but it was a pleasant surprise. :D
        I hate to have most of your characters sit on the bench(in most older games they don’t even earn exp if you’re not using them..), while just using three for the whole game.

  • did i just hear, theatre modo D:?

  • Yui

    God, Lisa. How I’ve missed you. ;_;

    • You and me both bro, Lisa is one damn hawt blondie~
      And funny as hell too, together with Eikichi. xD

      • Yui

        You know who I miss, besides Lisa? Ulala. Goddamn, why is the Persona series full of fantastic female characters? ;_;

        EDIT: And male characters. Goodnight, sweet prince Nate, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. :(

        • Totally agreed, I had my share of laughs with Ulala, absolutely love her personality xD, and there really are a great cast of awesome females in Persona, nah in the whole SMT!
          She was not playable in Innocent Sin right?

          Nate was a cool dude indeed, and I really like Tatsuya, probably my fav Persona main, with Souji.

          • Yui

            You’re absolutely right! The only females in the SMT series that I’ve played so far that I’ve despised without question are Chiaki, Chiaki, Chiaki, Midori and Chiaki. Maybe I’m just weird like that, though. But still, impossibly excellent series. I hate the fact that I only got into it in 2004. XD
            I don’t recall her being playable in IS, but it’s been so long…I might be wrong. ;_;

            Tatsuya was excellent, but for me, it goes Souji first, then Naoya, then Minato, then Tatsuya, and like I said, Tatsuya rawks like the Hawk. :D

            (Souji is my favourite character of all time, though. :D)

          • I think you forgot to mention Chiaki, but it’s ok~~ xd
            I liked Midori, but just to some extent, she was amazingly annoying, everytime running off alone knowing that she can do sh** without our badass troup. :/

            Yeah Souji is my favourite too, he is just the MAN, going out with all girls at the same time(and even having some kind of big bro relationship with her little cousin!), while solving mysterious cases about murders and fighting monsters, yes that dude knows his stuff! xD
            Naoya was awesome too, I can’t tell why, but he was. As for Minato, I really liked him, but after playing with Souji I just felt that Minato lacked the badass-ness of Souji. xD
            And don’t worry I can accept your list, in the end all of them are great in their own kind. :3

          • Yui

            Chiaki deserves everything she gets. God, I hated her and her stupid Yosuga. Social darwinism is bad, yo. >_<
            Yeah, I liked Midori too, but that was goddamn annoying. The amount of times I had to go after her and say "enough of this nonsense, you stupid hussy!" just made me think, 'god, why am i even bothering ffs'. Of course, I forgave her when she joined the team because she was badass like no one else. :D

            I think the moment I realised Souji was the best character I had ever and would ever meet was when it gave me the option to say "I plead the fifth" to Naoto. That just…wow. I fell in love. Of course, the "badass unofficial detective" thing helped too, and the fact that his social links actually felt meaningful, like he was working people through real problems. :D
            Naoya was just hardcore. He used to smack demons up like they were nothing, and he had badass blue hair (I never got to play Revelations). Tatsuya was hardcore and I loved him, but at the same time he wasn't the protagonist in EP and Maya was just a whole 'nother level. Minato, on the other hand, I loved because he was gorgeous (and I apologise for saying that XD) and the fact that he was just so cool at times. Never Souji-cool, and the things he did weren’t quite as awesome (besides the obvious spoilers), but still an incredible character. :D

            I’m glad you liked my list. Right now I’m beginning to wonder about it, but…you know what the hardest thing to do would be? Write a list of my top ten favourite characters across all mediums. That’d be tough. XD

          • Ouch, really harsh here, but I agree. :P
            That’s normal, every dude that would join this team, would instantly end up being an uber badass, the only thing that was missing was, the guys growing chest hair! xd

            Yeah that was awesome, not to mention that Naoto is awesome herself(blue hairs are the win). Totally I too thought that they were really meaningful and had real personal interactions with the characters, and that you really helped them(in the end it’s for your own benefit, but meh, two birds with one stone~ xd).
            Haha, yeah now that you mention it, he was really a bit too hardcore, while every Persona main had no difficulties with fighting monsters, he just seemed like it’s like every other ordinary day for him, and yes blue hairs of awesomeness! xD
            No need to apologise we all had some of these moments. xD

            Dude, tough is an amazing understatement if you ask me, that would be insane !! o_o My brain would explode from to much awesome-ness! xD

          • Yui

            Damn right you do, because you’re sensible, just like me! XD
            I don’t know, man. What’s-his-face, Mr. Punk Kaido, he looked like the sort of guy who’d be covered in chest hair. Chest hair and things to make normal people bleed. Everyone else, though, they need to grow it. Especially Atsuro. ;P
            (Atsuro was badass, though. I love ‘im. He hacked his way to controlling the demons, you know?! :D)

            Yeah! It’s weird how blue hair automatically makes people ridiculously awesome. I always bought into that theory that all blue-haired SMT characters were related, anyway, especially Naoto and Minato. It’s just too cool to ignore. XD
            Man, with some of the S-links (like Sayoko’s or Hisano’s) it felt like Souji was really changing lives, you know? Not just fixing people’s problems, but actually changing them entirely. When (spoilers!) Sayoko went to Africa, I was like “oh man, she’s living the dream”. Plus the mega-cool Personae. :D
            I think it’s the fact that Naoya was just unflappable. There were times when Tatsuya, Minato, and Souji all felt human, but then you had Naoyo, who never stopped, never gave in. Everything he said was stoic to the max. Even the animated cutscenes were like “wow, look how cool and relaxed i am when the others are flipping out about maki or whatevs”. I guess you’re right, it is the awesome blue hair. Nothing can stop a person with blue hair. Maybe I should dye mine blue… ;P
            Thank you for that. Sometimes I feel like I love Minato a bit too much, though. XD

            I know! I don’t think I could do it. There’d just be too many impossibly cool characters I’d have to leave out. I’d probably end up just picking the protagonists from my favourite games and shows, and leaving out all the other people who rock. XD

            I think, right off the top of my head, mine would have to be:
            10. Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo (any of the series, I just love Ryoko! :D)
            9. Tenchi from OVA/Tenchi Forever’s continuities,
            8. Chihiro from Spirited Away (badass little girls rule! XD),
            7. Ayato from RahXephon (but I hate Shinji Ikari for some reason o_O),
            6. Ezio of Assassin’s Creed,
            5. Laharl,
            4. Sora,
            3. Ryu (Breath of Fire 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, take your pick :D)
            2. Yuri Lowell, and finally,
            1. Souji, of course! :D

            I’ve left a billion people out, but at least I took a stab at it, and that’s what counts, right? XD

          • Hah, that’s the first time someone called me sensible, that makes me actually happy, I thought I was some rock hard dude without feelings at all(would be really cool though :D). xD
            Ou dude, I think I don’t want to comment on that~ xD, though yeah I can see him in chest hair too, maybe like some 80’s-90’s miami vice dude. xD
            Naturally I know, he is like us a nerd, just with super awesome haxxor skills and a much much cooler life! :D

            I know! Blue hairs are like an instant power up on the badass level(while red hairs are a power up on the hotblooded level, both are awesome!).
            I totally need a Persona with only blue haired dudes and dudettes!
            Sayoko was the nurse right? She was indeed awesome, had some intense conversations.
            Yeah, exactly, he was always so cool that it was almost frightening, as if he was too cool for this “lame crap”…which he was! xD
            But totally it’s the hair and the earring he has, I don’t know why but his earring fascinated me, it made him even cooler, if that’s even possible. xD
            Don’t worry you know when you love him too much, when you are going to make the next step in your relationship with him, you just know that you don’t want that. xP

            Oh Ryoko is totally awesome, hell Tenchi Muyo is! :D
            In the defense of Ayato, he is not as whiney as Shinji is, he is actually cool, and RahXephon is one badass mech! Though Shinji is a lot cooler in the new Rebuild movies, than he was in the series.
            I can totally see Ezio, probably my favourite western game character.
            Yuri!!! XO

            Oh dude, I think I have to think about it, really really carefully, there are just too much great guys I’s even harder when you put Animes and games in the same pot…>_<
            Without sounding too cliche and fangirl I for sure would have Kamina in my top ten, he inspired me a lot and he has blue hairs of awesomeness! xD
            The rest I have to think about..

          • Yui

            No worries, man. You come across as just as sensible as I am – whether that’s good or not is entirely up to you! ;P (Though it would be awesome to be a rock-hard dude without feelings. I’d kill to be Captain Harlock. :D)
            Now you can’t get it out of your head! Hairy Kaido, forever haunting your dreaaaaaams, prowling the streets, committing crimes against both nature and humanity at large! XD
            He always made me think “god, if i spent my time programming instead of playing vidya, i could meet Naoya and control demons irl!” ;_; But then I’d remember that vidya is awesome, and I wouldn’t know about Atsuro without it, so it’s cool. XD

            HOLY- I just had the best idea ever. Blue hair…with a long strip of red down the middle!!! Then you’ve got the best of both worlds!!
            A Persona with only blue-haired dudes and dudettes would be awesome, but it’d be even better if it had all the old casts, wearing blue wigs. Then you’d have an unimaginably cool game on your hands. :D
            Sayoko was the nurse, yeah, and she was intense, but man, she was frightening too. Always trying to seduce Souji into doing naughty things. My Souji was too focused on cleaning the hallways and doing his job to want to do naughty things to her, though. XD
            Naoya looked like the sorta guy who’d beat you up if you talked to him, but if you talked to him enough, he’d tell you how to be a badass, what you need to do to be cool. For a while I was seriously contemplating getting an earring just because he wore one…then I decided to be even worse and get a Water Crown tattoo. Haven’t done it yet, but I’m booked in! It’ll be stupid, but awesome!! XD
            No way! I love Minato, but the only game character I’d ever even consider that with would be, of course, Souji. He’s just too cool for me to say no to. XD

            I grew up on Tenchi Muyo, haha! It was my first anime, the show that got me into it. It’s why I love harems and harem comedies so much. Man, I always sympathised with him…so it made me happy when I heard that according to the producer he eventually marries everyone. XD
            I haven’t seen the Rebuild movies, so I can’t comment on new Shinji, but…RahXephon was a badass mech. With those head wings, and the ears, and all that stuff…I was always jealous of Ayato because he had everything. A weapon he could use to recreate the world, a Nakama that was so much more awesome than mine, and most of all, he turned out looking like an even better Itsuki. That blew me away. :D
            Ezio was what got me back into AC. I always thought “look at him, with his stupid big shoulders, how can he be an assassin?” then I played the game and realised he was infinitely better than Altair. He’s been one of my favourites since. :>
            YURI!!!! *high-pitched fanboy squeal*

            Don’t worry, man. I already want to change mine! I forgot Serph, and Hitoshura, of all people! They’re too fantastic to leave out, for me. So take your time. XD
            I haven’t seen Gurren Lagann yet, so I can’t comment on Kamina, but I hear he’s one of the world’s biggest badasses. Is it true? :O

          • Endless conversation of awesome talking continues…!!*big ass explosions everywhere*

            Oh man Captain Harlock, now you’re going way out over our level! xD
            We’re not even cool enough to spell out his name, without bleeding from the nose and eyes, but it’s totally worth it! xO
            Argh stop it! now I have to sleep with my parents for two weeks to forget about that “thing”! On the other hand that may be a bad idea as my father is hairy himself…shoot, I’m doomed!! q__q
            Totally ok, but to have awesome hacking/programming skills would be super nice, I could hack the game and port myself in it, to be part of it!! Whoo yes…ahem..yeah. xP

            Oh yes! I had that idea myself a few weeks earlier, it would be super awesome(not sure about rl, but would be damn nice in a game!)
            Hahaha, that’s too cool for me I couldn’t handle the awesomeness, the controller would probably just explode the instant i start the game! :D
            Persona 5: Strike of the blue wigs!
            Souji was just THAT cool that he didn’t had to do anything and a sexy mature nurse instantly started to be attracted by his aura! xD
            Nonetheless yes they were great, I always waited for the option to say “HELL YES!! Bring it on!” or something like that. XD
            Yeah, he is the Aniki type of character, you just have to follow him and sooner or later he will start to train you in the way of badass.
            Oh if I would look the slightest bit as cool as him with an earring, I would totally get me one, but I know it would end up looking…well not as I wanted it to be. :P
            Oh man a tattoo is awesome too, though I’m friggin frigthened by needles, so I think I have to give up on that. :/
            Haha, yeah I wouldn’t even know what happened before after our….”that”. But hell it’s Souji you can forgive him. :D

            Yes it’s really an awesome series, I loved all the spinoffs too, Dual! was great. xD
            Man I was jealous as hell, but that one time where he fought against an enemy without knowing it was Hiroko, that was just cruel of the producer. ;_;
            Haha, yeah Ezio is just a badass as well, with his cheesy talking, his unknown potential to draw the women to him as if it was nothing…damn I wish I could do that. >-<
            YURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—-cough…damn now I'm bleeding from my mouth, but that was worth it as well~! xO

            Hahaha how could you forget them! And never forget Raidou, everything is better with Raidou. Yeah I will take my time, it's the first time I thought about something that large, that needs it's well thought time~ :P
            Absolutely! He is so badass, that he surpassed badass and is now something totally unimaginable! :D

          • Yui

            We’re terrible, clogging up the Siliconera comments like this, but I don’t care. This conversation is awesome. XD

            We could be Captain Harlock, man. We could do it. We could be badass, or try to, anyway. XD
            Uh oh, my eyes! They’re about to fall out of their sockets just reading those letters in sequence!!! I better hurry up and type before…well, let’s just say it won’t be as easy on the eyes as Harlock-uh oh!
            HAHAHA!!! I’ve ruined your sleeping patterns! Every night, you’ll think of Hirsute Kaido, and then you’ll think of me, and I will laugh like a madman as I think of how you must be suffering, looking for comfort from ANOTHER hairy person!! :D
            …I hadn’t even thought of that. We could be Atsuro, man, or the King of Bel! That’d be sweeeeeet! Now we need to learn how to program! :D

            In a game, yeah, it’d be wicked cool. I’d pay money to play a game like that (though I tend to pay money to play games anyway! XD). But IRL, you’d have to be hot-blooded and badass to pull it off…can we do it? Can we be hot-blooded and badass IRL?!
            That’d be the best part – you’d play it using a camera, like the PS Eye or Kinect, so you could be in the game, and you’d pull on the wig to summon your Persona!! The weapons would all be hairbrushes and wigs and things! It’d be weird, but damn, it’d be cool too. :D
            Exactly. Sexy mature nurses are rare enough in the real world (they all seem to be the homely, matron type :<), but you find one in a game and bam, the main character snaps her up, despite the fact that he already has around six different girls pining for his affections. :D
            Greatest part of the game, I'd say, getting to make choices like that. Always go for the hardcore choice. ;P
            Just being in his presence will make you a Naoya-wannabe, then a Naoya-student, then? A Graduate of the Academy of Naoya. >:D
            I know, right? I’d end up getting it in the wrong ear, or getting the wrong style, or chickening out mid-procedure. Then I’d have wasted all that and I wouldn’t even look like Naoya. Maybe we should just change our names. XD
            I’m afraid of needles, but the tattoo was just…I had to do it. It just clicked with me. Maybe I’m crazy, or stupid, or both, but man, I don’t care! Just to do something reckless for once…that’d be awesome. :D
            You know what? I’d probably end up saying something stupid, like “please stay, I love you!” and he’d be like “no way babe, i don’t stay the night” and then he’d jump out the window and I’d be left to cry like a heartbroken girl. It makes me sad just thinking about it. ;_;

            I want to check them out at some point, but…it’s also been years since I watched any of Evangelion, and I don’t know how much I want to put myself through that again. :_:| So take your time, man! Need to get it perfect!! :D
            I listened to ‘Fight The Power’ or whatever it’s called, and I love it, personally. It’s so…energetically awesome. Badass, even. Touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable!! Sounds like an awesome series! :D

          • Indeed, I didn’t have fun like that the whole week, need to make full use of it! xD

            We would end up as super pitiful Harlock(uuuooah..) wannabies, like totally failed along the way, but dude we would have badass capes and eyepatches!! :D
            You for sure did!! That was super cruel man q_______q….now I need to watch some harem and moe Animes before going to sleep..
            We could be some omnipotent super badass that gets every girl at the end, haha Devil Survivor Extreme: Another Story, we’re the mains and really hardcore ones at that! Surely the first thing I will do tomorrow is looking after an uber skilled programmer, so he can teach me everything about it!

            We have to believe in it man!! We have to go out on the streets and scream at the first guy we meet(hotblooded), then after the super epic fight, where half of the city exploded, we have to stand cool, turn our back at the enemy and say “omoe wa mo shindeiru..” or something as badass as that, and at the instant we end our sentence, the dude explodes in an illogically awesome explosion….and we get the random sexy girl!~ Yeah that’s the tale of a man. xD
            Holy, that’s sounds so awesome, we need to patent that idea, and sell it to Atlus, the idea of using full body control with blue wigs to summon your Persona, that’s….fabulous! ;_;
            That’s just like him, always aiming for the top, for the Zettai super harem heaven! If there is one who can do would be him. Such an awesome man, we all should learn from him.
            Ohh, how great would it be if I was a Graduate of the Academy of Naoya, I would brag with it everywhere I had the chance…wait no that isn’t badass, I have to make it so that other people come to me begging to tell them the awesome time I had with Naoya~
            Haha, yeah that’s far easier. xD
            Yeah I can understand that, would indeed be awesome. :D
            Sure you would cry that night, but you knew from the beginning that he is too cool to stay, and that it would go against anything you believe to hold him here, so you let him go, but you would wait for him to come back from his amazing adventures…so…heartwarming…;_;

            I had the same feeling, Evangelion was great as a whole, but it had it’s parts where I just thought, “hell, that’s not worth it”, but the movies are really nice.
            Indeed, it was brutal to watch that, you just wanted to shout to Ayato: “Shoot man, stop it!! Don’t you see your killing your friend!!!”, but it was too late. ;__;
            Oh man awesome tactic, need to find some of these overload magnets myself!
            I don’t like Flynn at all, sure he isn’t that bad, but the actual cast you had was far more awesome, Repede alone is more awesome than almost everyone together, except for Yuri naturally. Yeah, exactly that was what I found so cool about him too, he didn’t stop when something dirty needs to be done, awesome man, and sexy long hair~
            Vyse was the reason I bought VC1, after a friend of mine told me he is a playable unit in that game I was like “OMG!! You’re kidding right?!”, loved Skies of Arcadia..good old times…haa~
            The whole soundtrack of that series is awesome, and indeed the series itself naturally too, you should watch it whenever you have the time for it, you won’t be disappointed! :D

          • Yui

            It makes me sad that after this comment, I have to go to sleep, or I won’t wake up in time for my lessons in the morning. I don’t want this to end!!! It’s too good to give up!!! ;_;

            We’d be good enough! A super-pitiful fail Harlock wannabe is still ten times better than the average human walking the streets, am I right? Especially in our capes and eyepatches, carrying badass weaponry! :D
            No worries, man! Just watch all the moe and harem stuff you can. Then, when you go to sleep, you’ll see hairy moe characters, terrifyingly hairy, and things’ll be even worse! XD
            I will too! Hopefully not Devil Survivor Naoya, because he’ll use us to destroy the world, but definitely an incredibly skilled programmer who can rewrite the entire game to include us. Or maybe we can pay Atlus to make us the main characters in the 8th Day content for Devil Survivor Overclock?! 8D

            The only way we could make that even better is if we wore black sunglasses and flew away during the explosion. Then? We’d be unstoppable! :D
            Can you imagine it? Let’s say it was Persona 4, you’d see the card appear on the screen, and you’d use your hand to crush it, calling Yoshitsune forth to use Hassou Tobi as the world around you shakes! The only thing better would be the one we’ve just devised, with wigs and hair-pulling and seas of blue everywhere. We’d be spectacularly rich! :D
            Absolutely. We could stand to learn a lot of things from video game characters! I know I learned how to use a gunblade without blowing a hole in my torso from Squall. Imagine what else Souji could teach? ;P
            But dude, that’d happen anyway! Just being a graduate makes you a badass! People would instinctively beg to understand just how much Naoya taught you! :D
            I’ll be Toudou Naoya, you be Naoya Toudou. We can go around the internet confusing people. XD
            If only there wasn’t so much pain involved in getting a tattoo. Then there’d be no downside! BD
            I can see it now…it’d be just like a movie…let them fly away, knowing love would bring them back…so romantic ;_;

            It’d be good to see Asuka back in action, though. That’d definitely win me over. XD
            When the buildings lit up, with all those words, I wished he’d just look and see, realise what he was doing, maybe not be an idiot. As always, he let me down. God, it was like he couldn’t even read!! >_<'
            They're pretty heavy, but hey, what can I say? With 'em, I'm a babe magnet. XD
            Amen. Yuri's hair is beautiful. I wish my hair was more like his! :( But the way people fawn over Flynn always annoyed me. By the end of the game Yuri's better than he is, so the only advantage he had is gone…so why is he so unfathomably popular?! Especially when he's such a typical justice guy!! <__>
            How do you feel about VC1 now? It’s no Skies of Arcadia, but I love it, and the fact that it does have Vyse, Aika and Fina just made it even better for me. XD
            I will, definitely! I love me a good soundtrack, and a good series, so I’ll make sure to check it out soon! :D

          • Aww man, I will miss you ;___;, but like with you and Souji, I will always wait for your epic return!!! Q__Q

            Heh, that’s true!! Ok, then it’s set we totally need to be Harlock wannabies!
            AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Dude you ruined everything, I so wanted to have a peaceful perverted dream, but now I won’t be able to sleep at all! ;__;
            We need money to pay Atlus, and I for one sure don’t have any. xD
            Whatever somewhere I will find a super skilled one, that will do it for us, so we can be badass together in an awesome game, maybe he is even skilled enough to implant some kind of dimension teleport chip into us, so we can change the game worlds whenever we want!! THAT would be amazingly awesome! :D

            D’oh! How could I forget the sunglasses, silly me! >_<
            The idea with the wigs is gold man gold! But truly if Persona 5 comes out on the PS3/Xbox360 I so want a camera function like you mentioned, maybe the extra item with which the characters in the game summon the Persona, like the pistols in P3 or the glasses in P4, that would be so fun!! :D
            And yeah we would be rich too, haha that's probably the best thing about it! xD
            The first thing he need to teach me is to be able to make so awesome friends in such a short time, and make the girls be even in love with you! After that I want to know how to be a badass mystery detective, because honestly I always wanted to be detective, even now! :D
            True enough, I have the blue aura of badassness so everyone can see that I'm one of the graduates from the beginning.
            Haha, that's the idea! xD
            Well, everything has it's downsides…in rl that is. :P
            Totally! I think that's something even I a rock hard dude(xD) would watch. ;_;

            Haha, me too dude, Asuka is awesome, except in her crazy ass moments, but hell who cares?! :D
            There is a new girl in the movies though, she had just short screen time for the moment, but the time she had, was used perfectly, she's totally crazy awesome! xD
            Exactly, that was just…no man.
            Who cares how heavy they are, when the girls are coming to me I have no need to stand up! :D
            But dude I can totally see you as a babe magnet, here talking about being badass video game characters, but on the streets the pimp! XD
            It really is isn't it? Such perfect hair, I wish I could touch it~
            And yeah I don't understand it at all, the time Vesperia PS3 came out, some of my friends and myself had the 360 version and totally loved it, but they so wanted more Flynn, then my friends bought it, they all were like "Cool, Flynn, he is so awesome!!", and I was like "…who the hell was Flynn?! I buy the game for Patty man!", they all looked at me like I was some freak..well I am, but that's not the point here..xd
            Repede was totally awesome, a super badass dog, with a flue pipe, and such loyalty…greatness in it's perfection!
            Yeah thought the same, but that is what makes Yuri, Yuri, he is just awesome.
            I loved VC1 to death, Vyse, Aika and Fina were always in my main troop, I loved everything about it, was kinda disappointed with VC2 though, but looking forward to 3! :D
            Perfect, I hope you will enjoy it like I did! :D

        • Lol, Ulala

          • Yui

            your comment makes me sad ;_;

            why “lol, ulala”, man? she’s the queen of rough-housing crazy ladies :D

          • I don’t know what you are talking about, if its about Persona 2 i never played it xD, but that name is funny, and just imagine how the mouth moves when you say Ulala xD, funny

          • Yui

            OK, I get that. As long as you aren’t making fun of beautiful, alarmingly maniacal Ulala, that’s cool. XD

            (Why haven’t you played P2, man?! It’s so goooood! :D)

          • I dunno o.o, maybe it never came to my country, at the time it was released, i wasnt much part of the intrawebz, so i just brought what i sawn and called my atention, besides, it was ps1 right?

            i never had ps1, the ps1 games i’ve played, i played them on my ps2 so maybe that one just escaped my radar X_x

          • I thought you were referring to Space Channel 5’s Ulala :(

            I is sad

          • Yui

            Oh, WildArms. You’ve missed so much. ;_;

            I recommend you at least emulate some of these older games. Sure, it’s not the best route, but…you’re missing out, man! :D

          • Yeah, if Atlus doesnt localize this one for psp, im sure i will do that :P

  • Yo Persona 2, imma let you finish, but first I gotta get through the first Persona, okay?

    • jello44

      I think I have to start my game on the PSP over, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to get the bad end.

      • SolidusSnake

        I got the bad end on mine. It was a really disappointing ending. I think I got it for pissing off that loli in the forest, it was worth it to see her temper tantrum though.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Ya Yui what do your spies say this time. I want them to be right.

    • Yui

      I don’t have any spies…
      …but there is a guy I go to about this sort of thing (maybe even a detective!), and he says “keep spreading the rumours.” :D

      • M’iau M’iaut

        We should put him on the case of those phantom thieves! Or have him find out what happened to those folks trapped down in Lemu in Ever 17.

        • Yui

          Of course! He’ll be freely available as soon as he’s finished tracking down Demon King Abaddon. But don’t tell anybody. :D

  • endaround

    The fact that she wearing 3D glasses obviously means that the theater mode connects with your PS3 allowing you full 3D cutscenes.

  • amagidyne

    So has Atlus USA said anything about this?

    I know it hasn’t been released yet, but it’s been 11 years..

    • I would think Atlus would first mention Catherine before mentioned P2P considering one is out and the other is not.

  • SEXY!!! ive been wondering so much about this game when siliconera made that post about SMT endings, and the ending for this MC seemed to be the worst X_X epic.And the girl of the theater mode pwnz all.And… The game has innocent sin as subtitle but is actually just persona 2 sin? Interesting…

    • Couldn’t agree more with the theater mode girl, I instantly fell in love~

    • I find it way cooler to have Innocent Sin rather than Sin. Like P2:EP, having Persona 2 Punishment have less impact compared to Persona 2 Eternal Punishment

      • I’ve always been confused about that, what is the difference betwen P2 Innocent sin an P2 Eternal punishment?

        • Persona 2 is splitted into two parts, the first part being Innocent Sin, the second Eternal Punishment. It’s actually one big story, splitted into two games.
          I would go into detail, but that is really spoiler heavy.

          • And is the same MC for the 2?

          • No, IS’s main is Tatsuya and EP’s is Maya, you’ll eventually see why, when you play the game. :D

          • Instead of “splitted”, it’s “split”.

          • Ha seriously thank you, don’t know what happened back there. xD

        • Raioh has kindly answered it with a very concise description. ^_^.Side info: Innocent Sin was never translated, so that’s why we’re really enthusiastic about this title. Sure, there’s a fan translation, but I’d prefer official localisation (personal preference).I wonder how phantasian productions is coping with destiny 2 :(

          P/S: Also WildArms, you, me, Ninja Storm 2, Hinata battle. Let’s do it

          • haha, I’m not good at long descriptions, it always ends in too much information for the good of both parties. xd

            Rebirth as in Tales of Rebirth? They translate that?? :O

          • Arggg sorry not rebirth. Destiny 2. It’s been so long since I checked the site, I forgot about it :(

            But yeah, the project’s been stalled for a couple of years now, so who knows..

          • @Ashgail:
            Aww, man false hopes shattered my innocent heart. ;_;

            Hmm, I see, well I wanted Hearts to be translated as well, but can’t seem to find anything new about it..

          • SURE!!, but im the one using hinata OK? >=0!

          • It’s a Hinata battle! :3 Hinata vs Hinata. Ai wo torimodose!

          • lol, i dont think we can choose the same main battlers to battle o.o

          • Woah, how did they do that O_O, anyway i hate minatos, all they do is spam triangle X and then rasengan >_>, i pwn them so bad with Hinata

          • Exactly. So far the matches I’ve played in ranked are either against Hokage Naruto, Minato, Sasuke or Deidara and it’s getting annoying. I still need a strategy for rasengan spamming minatos, since I’m too slow to react. This one time, I tried to start the battle with a Rokujyuu Yonshou and got greeted by minato’s ultimate jutsu. I was like O_O that was <0.000001second start up!

            Anyways, the purpose of the video to show that we can do mirror matches. Don't worry, I don't spam rasengan

          • Lol its ok, you can do it… I already perfected my Hinata againts ALL!!, all but Deidara, THOSE are the worst spammers T_T, you already added me to your psn right? I know i accepted 2 pals from siliconera these days, but im not sure if the name there is the same you have here xD (my psn is different too, so i put WildArms in my comment >_>) And i have an Adell Avatar :D

          • the official localization for eternal punishment was horrendous they butchered that script but as you said personal preference but that story was no where near as what was going on in the japanese txt

          • That was the old Atlus, dood. Look at the original Persona and you’ll get what I mean.

            The Atlus you know now is different from the one back then

    • innocent sin and eternal punishment were meant to be one game but as you can see it was too long to they split it in half
      i played the fan translation of innocent sin and loved it never played eternal pushiment cause i just didn;t like the characters that much
      but the hilter thing and the gay romance between jun and tatsuya and usa was like no…

      • whuat? Gay relationship with the main character? I can expect that from Atlus but That is something i wouldn’t like D: (tatsuya is the MC right?)

        • ….. Now you’re spoiled. Stop reading anymore stuff about it before you’re spoiled of the whole storyline!! D:

          • Haha, i dont mind that kind of spoiler xD, it would relly feel weird and dissapointing if i figure that out in the middle of the game, im someone that loves when there is some kind of romantic relationship in a game… but this is too much xD

        • Zero_Destiny

          Kind of unrelated but wanted to help clear stuff up. From what I know Innocent Sin is first and then Eternal Punishment is set in a parallel world where the events from the previous game never happened. The same charas are used over again and everything but the main playable chara is different. Innocent Sin you played Tatsuya and in Eternal Punishment you play Maya. That being said I don’t know how the two game relate to EACH OTHER. There might be some overlap between the worlds I don’t know. I’ve only played P3. I do know Innocent Sin is suppose to have a really sad ending with bad stuff happening to the charas and and Eternal Punishment is meant to make it better and clear stuff up. But I haven’t played them so I’m sure I could be mistaken. All my knowledge comes from here []
          So you can look for yourself if you want to. Some spoilers follow naturally, be careful there’s no warnings or anything. :( I’ve only skimmed it it so to not spoil too much for myself either. Be careful because even the chara descriptions have spoilers in it. Not very safe.

  • Saraneth

    I’d love to see this on the 3ds. Maybe it’s the persona game listed for the system?

  • anbu

    I’m not interested in this game. Hope Atlus concentrate on bringing Catherine more if possible.

    NGP/3ds games are a better option for them, like maybe a port of P4 like what they did with P3p. Imho if they localize P2, the sales won’t be as good compared to a remake game like Tactics Ogre. So Hope they don’t localize this game ever.

    • I don’t know, but many people (I think?) will be really interested in this game, in particular those who have been waiting 11 years to get an official localisation, especially after they fond out that the game that they were playing were part 2 of the duology.

      Give Atlus some time to breathe before announcing Catherine. You know it’s gonna get a lot of backlash from the media *cough*foxnews*cough*

    • PrinceHeir

      “Hope the don’t localize this game ever”

      what the? you oppose more games by atlus? not to mention a game that never made it here? unbelievable never knew such people exist.

      i say bring this here, heck a digital version would be fine but i prefer physical media :P

      please remake eternal punishment :P

      • anbu

        This game is ok. It was great during the ps1 era (it got that cult/niche feeling imo). But for me localizing this game is just a waste of Atlus time. Alot of people reading or posting here might be a big fan, that’s why there’s alot of positive posting.

        As for me I’m one of those people who really don’t care if this game comes or not and some don’t even bother posting since they might get nr attack lol.

        If this game comes good. Maybe I’ll buy it, mostly since it might get rare and I won’t be playing it anyways due to huge gaming backlog.

        Imho there is 80% chance it won’t get localize. Again NGP/3ds is here. That’s one of the major reason. Plus iirc P4 I think didn’t reach their target goal (I read it somewhere over here).

        I just posted cause I like reading replies that get angry to my post cause I didn’t agree with them that this game should be localize. lol.

        Also I posted so You will believe that people like me exist. lol. I’ll start a rumor that hopes this stays in japan.

        • Ladius

          Many jrpg publishers are releasing games on PSP even with 3DS and NGP on the horizon (Square-Enix, NiSA, XSeed, Sega, Aksys), and there’s no reason for Atlus USA to back down after P1 and P3 on PSP were successful. Moreover, Sony promised to allow publishers to re-issue PSP games on NGP cards in order to remarket them, not to mention PSN.

  • What who is the character designer this is it kazuma kaneko(p1,p2) or shigenori soejima(p3,p4) can you pls tell me

    • Sal

      The original Character Designs were made by Kazuma Kaneko,

      However, the art for the PSP Port/Remake were done by Soejima.

  • It’s good to see some of the new stuff in action. Eikichi.. moooooooves!

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