Rune Factory Frontier And Tales of Graces Enter Wii Budget Line

By Ishaan . February 17, 2011 . 4:05pm


If you’ve forgotten how Nintendo’s Everyone’s Recommendation Selection budget reprints line works, the games given budget reprints are based on votes by users of the Japan-only Everybody’s Nintendo Channel on the Wii.


Wii owners can rate games with a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze rating. The two latest games to enter the budget line-up are Rune Factory Frontier and Tales of Graces, both with Gold ratings, and priced at 2,800 yen. The two reprints will be released on March 24th.


Wii budget reprints come in a red slip like the one pictured above. You can view a list of some past Everyone’s Recommendation Selection games here.

  • Great!!!, Rune Factory frontier was just awesome, i can’t belive the wii could do stuff like that.


    And ToG is nice too, really fast placed for the wii, too bad they had too many bugs on the first print, that costed namco bandai some bucks

    • MisterDandylion

      Sorry for bothering, WildArms but I’m kind of new to Rune Factory…. Coul you explain what’s the game about? I just wanted an opinion from someone I can trust that’s all :)

      • Ohh haha! no problem xD.

        Sure, let’s just hope this doesn’t gets too long, i tend to write and write and forget about how much im writing >_>.

        Basically, so far, there has been 4 rune factory games, RF 1, 2 , 3, and Frontier, the first 3 for DS and this one,as, you can see for wii. (soon to be released in japan rune factory oceans)

        Ok, are you familiar with harvest moon games? Is a live and farming simulation game, where there is day and night, days passes, so there is a calendar, town festivals, where you can have your own farm, animals, buy seeds to plant, sell what you harvest get money, give stuff to townspeople and girls, and when you get really close to a girl, and getting some pre-requisites done you can even marry her, and even have children.

        Well, Rune Factory is, all i just said (in a different and unique style than Harvest moon, but at the end is almost the same), PLUS a RPG, a main story you follow about the main character, and even the townspeople help you in all the things you do, with smithing too, you can create your own weapons, also, there are different kind of weapons, and instead of animals, you can tame monsters, take them with you on your adventures, even ride on them, and some of them take the places of animals we love like cow, sheep, etc. So you can get milk, wool, etc. With real time battles (zelda style), you go to dungeons, caves, fight bosses to advance the story, help the townspeople and, in my opinion, they make the girls you can marry with a lot better background stories than harvest moon series.

        By the way, the next RF game, RF oceans, will be available for a male and female main character, so if you are a girl it will be easier to enjoy that way, but all RF so far has only been male MC.

        I think i pretty much wrapped things up, but there is a lot more, and something that is impossible for a person that is talking about a game to give, and the most important part of any game, the feeling you feel when playing the game, you will see everything is nicely done to give you this…. “Rune Factory” feeling, an unique feeling impossible to find in any other game.

  • Guest

    It suuuure would be nice if NOA could bring this program to NA! I’m surprised Tales of Beta didn’t get crappy ratings because of it’s beta status and original shipment bugs.

    • Ladius

      Maybe because it wasn’t a beta (the fact that the PS3 version has far more contents doesn’t negate that ToG is a solid game by itself) and Namco went to the trouble of replacing the bugged copies with free fixed discs, a thing that practically no publisher did before, even for games far more bugged than ToG.

      • malek86

        It’s really only PS3 owners who first used the word “beta” to describe these kind of games (or was it Sankaku Complex? That would explain a lot. I wonder why do people still read that site). Everyone else just enjoys them. Even without extra content, we’re still talking 50+ hours titles.

        • Guest

          Sankaku is entertaining if you don’t take its articles seriously. You know accept the troll or out of context quotes. The stuff they report does happen just differently from how they would make you believe. Now, there are ton of people who do take it seriously and try to have serious discussion. That I’ll never understand.

          • malek86

            Yeah, but if I wanted to read something I don’t have to take seriously, I’ll go read The Onion, at least it’s actually funny. Sankaku is just a bunch of guys trying to attract flames.

          • Guest

            Just because you don’t find it entertaining or funny doesn’t mean other people don’t as well. You’re not supposed to take Sankaku seriously.

      • Guest

        Beta games have less content and have bugs. Tales of Graces Wii had both. It’s pretty obvious NB planned on porting this from the beginning if you look at the big picture. Enhanced ports don’t usually add an extra 20+hours of content.

        • Ladius

          That has nothing to do with calling the original game a beta. ToG’s first release had far more content than many other jrpgs that no one would dare to call betas, and the fact that its porting had some really prominent extras simply means that it’s even better, not that the original was at pre-release status.

          Also, the budget re-release is the fixed version, not the original buggy ones (even if there are some AAA games with more bugs, like the Obsidian titles).

          • Guest

            I know this isn’t the buggy version and if I bought this game I’d be pissed I got an inferior version. That’s all Im saying. Yea it might still be good but NB sold you an incomplete game on purpose.

  • old anyone?

    y dead or alive is on the 3ds has disappeared from the site?

  • PrinceHeir

    i would probably buy the PS3 versions but it’s good for those who don’t have a PS3 :P

    • Kaishounashi

      There’s no PS3 version of Rune factory frontier. The one who got the PS3 version was Oceans. ;)

  • vadde939

    Great to see Nintendo Japan actually trying to do something for core gamers on the Wii with these reprints and Xenoblade/The Last Story/Pandoras Tower. If only NoA and NoE would do the same.

  • maxchain

    Japanese Wii owners may think they’re hot stuff with this sorta thing, but we’ll have the last laugh as we use our Miis to vote whether we prefer cats or dogs.

  • Did they fix the bugs in graces for the release?

    • vadde939

      They released a fixed version of Graces after the recall so this reprint will be the fixed version too.

  • I haven’t finished rune factory frontier yet … even after 100 hours gameplay

  • thebanditking

    Nintendo needs a budget line for the Wii games in NA but it goes without saying that these are by far the worst box design of any budget lineup I have ever seen. Ugh it has hardly any emphasis on the actual game your buying.

    • Kaishounashi

      It’s just a slip to put an enphasis on the grade of the game. You can just thrown it away. The package of the game is just the same as the non budget version.

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