Tales Of The Abyss Gets A Bump Of New 3DS Screens

By Spencer . February 17, 2011 . 12:22am


Tales of the Abyss is coming to the Nintendo 3DS this spring and the graphics have been reformatted to support a wider screen.


Touch screen shortcuts for Artes in combat and a bottom screen field map were also added.


028[2] 030[1] 031[1] 032[3] 033[1] 034[3] 035[1] 001[2]


You can’t see it in these screenshots, but Tales of the Abyss utilizes the 3DS’ glasses-free stereoscopic screen while you’re fighting to make the distance between characters more prominent.


023[2] 024[2] 025[3] 026[1] 006[2] 007[2]  016[2] 017[1] 018[1] 019[2] 020[1] 021[1]


The animated video from Production I.G. and theme song composed by Bump of Chicken return from the original release.


002[2] 003[1] 004[2] 005[1]

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  • Feynman

    Hopefully this one gets a western release. I mean, they localized the PS2 version, so a good chunk of the work is already done. Not to mention if they push it out before too many other RPGs are released on the 3DS, they won’t have nearly as much competition.

    • andref

      Even there was a PS2 version I’m still pretty doubtful about any Tales game coming to the West

      • Draparde

        even after the official announcement about graces? at the very least we’ll get graces lol.

        • andref

          wasn’t the official announcement just for Japan?

          • Dimentionalist

            No, it was a localization announcement. Due to fan requests, no less.

          • Darkrise

            Why would they announce a localization-no a release of Graces F for japan when it was already out there months ago? Besides, it clearly says Graces F for North America weeks ago.

          • Exkaiser

            Graces F has been out in Japan for months and the announcement was in English to English-speaking fans on an English page.

          • http://ataleoftworichards.com/

            Says “Coming soon to North America”.

      • I can dream.

    • jeneko

      totally agreeing with you here. it was already translated! :D

    • kariohki

      They’ve never rereleased a game, but it’s nice to dream…

    • AdamBoy64

      Yes, I, like many others, hope so too. There’s none-to-very little new content in the game which helps. But yes, with the fixed loading times and widescreen format it would be amazing if it got localised.

    • That is exactly what i thought for Tales of Vesperia for PS3, at least the “a good chunk of work is already done”


      • Its just not monetarily feasible as yet again late releases on PS3 just dont sell that well even for popular western titles. Id rather Namco Bandai focus on surviving.

        • And what does that have to do with what i said? 0_0, and following your game, i think is more monetarily feasible to localize that one rather than tales of graces F, wich is a completely new game

          • Look at Mass Effect 2 sales.

          • Isn’t mass effect 2 from bioware? What does it have to do with anything O-o, and im not even talking about sales

          • Just because the work is done for a game already, doesnt make it feasible to release it again for say the PS3. I brought up ME2 to show that even something super popular would still not do that well when released on PS3 late (selling less than 190K units…), similar to the low performance of Eternal Sonata and we can presume Star Ocean TLHI too.

            Its more feasible to release something new since there is no fear that people already bought it on a previous console x months ago.

          • Is it? When you already have most of the work done, you dont have to put people work more time and pay them more, you dont have to make voice actors make that many lines, it would be pretty cheap to localize it.

            Maybe selling 90k or 100k, would already give them money :P

        • lostinblue

          I don’t think they’re barely making it. Namco Bandai focusing of surviving “eminent” *insert disastrous event* that is.

    • lostinblue

      And Namco seems to have been overly lazy on it too, they aparently didn’t really add anything. I’d say the localization is done rather than implying a good chunk of it is.

  • idofgrahf

    Not sure what the point is for a western release since the ps2 version has already been localized. Namco is not known to be generous with tale of series western releases to begin with.

    • Yui

      It’d be really good for those of us in Europe (or even Americans) who never got our hands on the original game, and the people who might want it on a portable console or in 3D. If they add content, that might be good too.

      • idofgrahf

        That maybe true if the original game saw a limited print, but it seems the game is pretty well circulated, six gamestops within 10 mile radius of where I live have them available. Again, namco does not have a good localization record in regard to tales of games. We will get grace but a slew of other games before and after grace has yet to be announced (and is doubtful they will be) for the western market.

        • fisico

          The game was never released in Europe, Western market isn’t only America ;_;

  • Omg this game’s going to be amazing.

    • Dude, lol, what? I just dont see whats amazing in these images.

      • I point you to every article about Naruto you’ve ever posted in.

        • tales of the abyss > every Naruto game created and combined

          • Falsa, sales would indicate that even just Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is > tales of the abyss, and critically speaking both performed nearly similarly for aggregate reviews…therefore Naruto is better.

          • Caligula

            haha what. no. Naruto just has a large fanbase. Just because a game doesn’t well doesn’t mean it’s inherently inferior.

    • Exkaiser

      It already was amazing six years ago when it came out.

  • epy

    Even as a huge Tales fan, can’t say I’m very interested. Aside from the 3D gimmick and most likely a couple more titles/costumes/artes, they will not add anything of great importance apparently.

    I rather we get something entirely new like Xillia or a much more improved port like Vesperia PS3. We better all get Graces f when it comes out for any of that to have a chance of happening though.

  • This will never come to europe. I AM SAD.

  • Fonic

    Looks nice. I’d probably buy it again if it got localized just because it’s a favorite of mine.

  • a couple more titles/costumes/artes, they will not add anything of great importance apparently.

  • They really should have touched up the images. However in reviewing the video I used to watch back in the day (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmkYhn1Y5z0 )

    It is gonna be awesome to see Indignation on the 3D effect, as well as Fortunes Arc!!! Oh and Razing Phoenix! Oh and Brilliant Overlord “Never fight a Battle You Cant Win!” ZOMG now Im hyping myself up for the game, lol!

    • Ren

      Meh, Vesperia’s Indignation was better, besides, Graces has the best Hiougi so far. Come on, with Malik Beam, Majestic Gate, Hyakkaryouran, Dream Strikers! Only Rebirth even comes close.

      note: spoiles from 3:50 onwards

  • Cool game… but they didnt even bother to do a new opening? Not that this one is bad, but you know, at least for old players to feel something different. Knowing that there will be barely any difference from the p2 ver.

    • jeneko

      yea, they should’ve given us something diff but as long as they we get this is english – I’m sold too XD

    • The difference is that you can play it EVERYWHERE. I hope they keep the multiplayer aspect. The Nebilim fight with at least one other person… ffffffffffffffff…

      • Yes…, argh, i dont know about you, but a simple port like this just make me kinda feel bad for spending money, i feel they are taking advantage from us T_T, i wish they could at least change that so i can look forward to something new (besides 3D syle)

        • I wouldn’t want them to change the opening ;v; But maybe more cut scenes or skits…

          • Yeah, i was hoping for more cutscenes, but it seems they wont even do that (most probably they wont)… or they will? all we can do is wait…

        • Yet no one complains when Square Enix release Final Fantasy 1 and 2 on EVERYTHING.

          • haha, i complained by not buying them xD

  • PrinceHeir

    this game needs a western release.

    in fact namco can actually port Tales games to the 3DS that never came here at all.


    • Except all them PSP games that never got localized. That’d just be weird.

  • Darkrise

    Looks ok, not much different from the ps2 version. They could’ve made a new op though…

  • Guest

    It’s a launch title and a port at that. It should get released everywhere despite Namco’s usual stupidity

  • karasuKumo

    Looks good but not worth buying a 3DS for, I’ll get it in the future if they decide to release it in europe.

  • Just asked the Tales Facebook page (which is apparently some sort of official channel to discuss the Tales games now) if North America and Europe will see this game… so let’s hope I get an official response.

    • I think people have asked them on twitter already (well the guy runs the facebook) and all he talks about is that their only talking Graces, whenever people bring up other Tales games unfortunately.

      • If people keep asking, and ask everywhere, well… we can only hope.

        • Ahh, i would really, REALLY prefer that they go for tales of Xillia firts

          • As would I, but they can’t really localize a game that’s not finished now can they?

          • I even doubt they are done with tales of Graces o_o

          • Graces is a finished product… they’re just probably not done localizing it.

  • vadde939

    Considering this seems to have no real extra content to translate Namco would be incredibly stupid not to localize it. Easy money if they get in early when the 3DS has few RPGs. And they’d better give it a PAL release this time.

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