Sega Update Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Arcade With “Version A”

By Ishaan . February 19, 2011 . 1:45pm


The current version of Virtua Fighter 5 in Japan, Final Showdown, includes a bunch of new costumes and customizable parts for fighters. Sega showed off a new version of the game, dubbed “Versiona A” at the AOU 2011 expo in Japan this past week.


Judging by what Sega have revealed so far, Version A only appears to add balance tweaks to the overall game. You can watch the AOU trailer embedded above.

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  • OneOkami

    I’m ready for Sega to update Virtua Fighter with a 6th.

  • d19xx

    Either console or portable port of VF5 would benefit the series. It’s difficult practicing combos in the arcade when some douche keeps challenging you.

    I practice Tekken 6 combos on my PSP. Sure the controls may not be the same as the arcade, but it gives me a chance to practice timing and experiment with the game.

    Do it SEGA!

    • kupomogli

      There is a console port of VF5. I’m jk. I know you mean Final Showdown.

      I’d like an update for the PS3. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Virtua Fight 6. I really don’t care as long as we get VF Online.

  • Guest

    Where’s Lan Di

    • OneOkami

      He’s in the game under the identity of Lau Chan just like Ryo is under the identify of Akira Yuki. (Shenmue = Virtua Figher RPG).

      Chai -> Lion
      Xiuying -> Pai
      Greg Moore -> Wolf
      Rod Stunt -> Jeffrey
      Chunyan Xu -> Sarah

      and so forth. They’re all in there if you look closely enough.

      • Guest

        I remember when it was first announced as the Virtua Fighter RPG (Project Berkeley). Now that you bring it up, I wonder how it would have been had it actually been about the VF cast like that. Hmm…

  • eilegz

    Sega, What about DLC for VF5 for xbox360 and ps3

    • there have been like 5 upgrades for VF5 Arcade. The 360/PS3 versions are in all likelihood, the final iterations unfortunately.

      I don’t think that Sega had the structure to upgrade the console game when it was released. That’s why all the DLC is on disc. I’m sure many PS3 owners would have loved an online play patch.

  • BadenBadenPrinny


  • Please please please let me get what I want.

    Port this.

    • Kris

      Much love for the Smiths reference. <3

  • I’ve never been able to get into the Virtua Fighter series, precisely because (and I know I’m going to catch hell for this) there is no story. All the way back on the Saturn, I remember playing Virtua Fighter 2 and doing everything I could to try to get an ending. Beating it without losing a round, setting it to the hardest level, etc… This was all in the days before GameFAQs, so I thought I was doing something wrong, only to learn that, nope, the series has never had any sort of in-game narrative, which made it very hard to care about any of the characters.

    I know it’s a solid, well-playing fighter, but if I don’t know a character’s motivation and have some sort of reward for it at the end, I can’t get into a game.

    • Guest

      Well there was a slightly mediocre Anime series if that helps.

      Also there was a PS2 rpg that featured the Virtua Fighter cast as supports that taught the main character their special moves. Though I could never get into that one due to the horrible looking main cast.

  • PrinceHeir

    i want my consoe version damn it sega :P

  • To me this looks like they want to tune Dural and make her a “legit” pick in versus mode.

    Oh and *misc port request here*. I stopped playing fighting games long ago, but always had a soft spot for this series, and I’m still highly impressed with SEGAs constant updates and they way the code the AI.

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