Final Fantasy III Takes Up A Job On iTunes In March

By Ishaan . February 21, 2011 . 8:26am

You may have heard that Final Fantasy III is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch. It turns out the Japanese release of the game isn’t too far off at all — Square Enix have it pegged for a March release release.


While we still don’t know what version of Final Fantasy III this will be, our money is on the Nintendo DS remake.

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  • Hopefully this’ll be an international release.

    • PurpleDoom

      Almost certainly. As far as I know, Square Enix’s iPhone releases are always international and even if that’s not the case, pretty much anything Final Fantasy gets released here.

      EDIT: Just checked the North American Square Enix DL website, they have this listed for March 2011 as well.

      • badmoogle

        Before Crisis FFVII.:/

        • Yeah, but that’s not really valid considering how abysmal our phones were back then.

          • badmoogle

            Good point.

        • PurpleDoom

          Well, Kingdom Hearts Coded got a port, so hopefully Before Crisis gets one as well.

  • Didn’t Spencer already do an article on this 2 days ago?

    • badmoogle

      Yeah but this is about the release date.:)

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I want the original version of III not the DS remake. Seeing how this is for iPhone though… It seems unlikely.

    • But why? Classes were horribly imbalanced and bosses were a joke because they could only attack 1 time per round

  • Is it bad that III is my all-time favorite Final Fantasy? The locations/world were really interesting, the music was tight, exploration felt rewarding and I enjoyed the variety of jobs, especially in the DS remake where they didn’t constantly make each other obsolete as soon as you got a new set of them.

    • badmoogle

      It’s not my favourite FF but i really enjoyed it for the reasons you mentioned as well as the story and characters.

    • You’re not alone, Jon. FF3 is my favorite 8-bit entry — if not overall entry — of the entire series, rivalled by FF5 and FF6 otherwise. But I favor FF3 more because of its blend of simplicity and difficulty, which I don’t experience as often as I’d like to nowadays.

      That being said, I hope to Bahamut this gets ported to the PSP afterwards. With the 2D sprite polish of FF1 and FF2 no less. Nothing wrong with the 3D really, just I’d like to have more of a nostalgiac approach with this game again. Plus I’d feel stupid to own TWO 3D versions of FF3. :(

      • PurpleDoom

        I totally agree on the PSP port part – I have nothing against Matrix’s remake, but I’d love to have this game in not 8-bit 2D.

  • thebanditking

    I recently bought a “smart Phone” and while i don’t have any plans on using it for games I can say that I tried playing games on the iphone before deciding on what to buy. I hated it, the lack of buttons in favor of sudo touch areas was wonky at best, I am sure not all iOS games are like the ones i played but Sonic 4, Ridge Racer, and a handfull of other ones did little to convince me that cell phones would be replacing my hand held consoles anytime soon

    • Well Sonic 4 leaves a horrible impression regardless of what you play it on

    • mirumu

      I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Android, and own an iPhone myself. I think you’re 100% correct. Games that depend on touch-screen d-pad and buttons are just horrible to play. People who are new to handheld gaming and have never owned a console seem to like them, but they just don’t have a reference point of something like a PSP or DS to know what they’re missing in terms of control. I just get frustrated trying to play games like that on a touch screen.

      What smart phones are good at are games that rely solely on other input mechanisms such as pure touch screen controls or the motion sensors. Games like Phoenix Wright and Game Dev Story on the iPhone work extremely well. Visual novels are great to play on them too although of course Apple’s store content rules limit which ones can be sold.

  • lostinblue

    my money is on a FF1, 2 and 4 PSP graphics.

  • PurpleDoom

    Just thought I’d drop a little update here: the North American Square Enix Downloadable Games site has this listed for a March 2011 release as well.

  • Looks good since i haven’t finished the game on my DS, more reason to play it^^

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