Ridge Racer 3D Has 150 Locations, 40 Music Tracks

By Ishaan . February 22, 2011 . 9:27am

The latest third-party Iwata Asks interview is with Yozo Sakagami, producer of Ridge Racer 3D at Namco Bandai. While the majority of the session is about Sakagami’s own fascinating past — be sure to read about the chimpanzee that played Pac-Man and how Sakagami applied to Namco instead of Konami because he got their spellings confused — they do talk about Ridge Racer as well.


Sakagami says that the game has over 150 “locations” in it. We’re assuming he’s referring to the number of race tracks in the game (almost certainly including reverse tracks). Sakagami also says that the development team composed 15 new music tracks for the game, so Ridge Racer 3D has 40 music tracks in total.


Amusingly, Iwata even touches upon the game’s visuals, telling Sakagami: “I felt like some people may have been disappointed when they saw the first screenshots you released. I thought they got the wrong idea.”


The game looks better now, apparently, and Iwata goes on to tell him: “Even I wanted to say, "If you could make it look this good, why didn’t you do it sooner?"” It isn’t the most informative interview in terms of the game itself, but an interesting (and highly amusing) read nonetheless.

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  • They definitely should have thought of releasing screenshots at a later time (laughs)

  • Well considering what the graphics are for what the Wii and produces and hearing that Iwata thinks it looks “good”, has me worried, as, the best Ive seen is that the 3DS graphics rival that of the N64.

    I would love the game if it had Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, and Honda all present…(still wondering why my precious Ford Focus/Fiesta, and Toyota Camry, Prius, and Yaris, and Honda Civic, and the Hyundai Genesis are all absent)

    • puchinri

      I don’t know, even OoT for the 3DS looked brighter and better than the N64’s version. (This is a good comparison using Starfox, but you have to scroll down http://www.nintendoeverything.com/44446/ .) Idon’t think the 3DS’s graphics are stunning per se, but they are very nice.

      I’ve never played a Ridge Racer game, so I never knew all those cars were available in it. In what version are those cars in the game?

    • Right because they could make Dead or Alive or Street Fighter 3d on the N64! Really?! The 3Ds is in the range of a Gamecube the same why the DS could make N64 quailty games! Super Mario 64Ds was superior to the N64 version. To think otherwise is almost fanboyish!

  • neo_firenze

    Ridge Racers on PSP was fantastic. Ridge Racer 6 was the only retail game that made my 360 worthwhile for the first year of that system’s life (“retail” clarification needed due to Geometry Wars also being awesome). RR7 was really “6.5”, but was easily my favorite PS3 launch game.

    Therefore, I’m pretty excited about the 3DS version. It will be coming home with my system on 3/27.

  • @TsunayoshiSawada if u are seriously wondering that i think you don’t know this series too well…….XD

    • puchinri

      I don’t know the series well, but I never heard of actual real cars models being in it, so I wondered about that. XD
      (Although looking it up, I see some cars resemble real cars, is it always very obvious?)

    • Considering there has only been one Ridge Racer released during the time that Ive been in games, I dont consider myself a series veteran.

  • xxbrothawizxx

    Still no online? I might skip out

  • puchinri

    I have never played a Ridge Racer game (as far as I remember), but they look fun and I love the music from the games. For a while, this has been one of the titles that made the 3DS worth getting. It’ll hold me over until the other games see a release.

  • That’s more than I expected. Great to hear.

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