Watch The Animated Gods Eater Burst Prequel (In English!)

By Spencer . February 22, 2011 . 1:00pm

Set years before the events in Gods Eater Burst, this prequel video shows Soma on his first mission. Lindow from the Fenrir Far East Branch and his older sister Tsubaki join him on the Aragami assault.


This introduction to the world of Gods Eater Burst was created by anime studio ufotable who also worked on the Tales of Symphina OVA and the upcoming Fate/zero series. You won’t see this ten minute video on disc so grab a snack and watch it right here with English subtitles.


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  • Barrit

    Can’t wait for this game! Lord of Arcana has been holding me over for the time being, but I’m sure I’ll be done just in time for this game. I’ve already met quite a few people on ad hoc party who plan on getting this game. I hope that is a sign of the game doing well on release. Who here is getting this?

    • neogeno

      Already got it preordered. So its a definite day 1 for me. 20 days till this thing hits North America. The wait’s killing me.

    • Me me I’m definitely getting it. Japanese designed characters wielding large futuristic swords killing demonic beasts is always my priority. My PS3’s connected wirelessly to the net, though :(

      • Barrit

        Aw that sucks. I don’t know anyone who has a PSP, but hopefully you do. If not, you will miss out on that cool guild card trading feature. My PS3 was connected wirelessly as well, but luckily my modem is in the same room and now I run a cable to it.

        • Lucky you… Yeah, I have a PSP, but my room is on the 1st floor while the modem’s near the kitchen… I know, not the best place to put it

  • Yui

    Do you guys have a policy on the usage of these videos? Do you subtitle them yourselves? Because Springboard never works properly for me (has a tendency to cause blue screens ;_;), so I’ve ripped the video for personal use in VLC. I’m also considering putting it up on YouTube and MegaUpload so other people who have similar problems can see it…how would you feel about that?

    That aside, I love this! I’ve been looking forward to GEB, so seeing a video that helps flesh out the lore makes me happy. :D

    EDIT: is the link, unlisted for now! If it’s not OK with you guys, I’ll pull it immediately.

    • Actually, this is the official subtitled version from D3/Namco Bandai. We’re the only ones running it so we had to put it on Springboard. But, since the cat is out of the bag more sharing certainly won’t hurt Gods Eater Burst, I suppose.

      • Yui

        Yeah, I just got a Channel Content ID thingy from YT so I’m not sure, but I know that if there are others out there with the same issues, I’d like to help out. Do you guys have a problem with it? Do you think they will?

        • I… don’t know? One thing about YouTube is videos disappear without reason often, that’s one reason we’re not crazy about using it. Even though we have rights to upload trailers they’re pulled down by legal enforcement groups for whatever reason and it’s kind of troublesome. For something this significant, I wouldn’t want YouTube to yank the video and render the post uninformative, if that makes any sense.

          • Yui

            Good point. I actually used to use YouTube to listen to music, until I found videos disappearing extremely quickly. The attitudes they have do get on my nerves.

            To be frank, and I feel like I’m wasting your time here, but Springboard and my laptop just don’t get along well. It’s better than nothing, certainly, and I’m really grateful to you guys for uploading videos like this, and I know YouTube has this sanctimonious attitude towards intellectual property protection and copyright law, but…I don’t know. Alternatives are nice, they help out. I’ll put it up, if YouTube don’t take it down, then that’s a win for the people who watch this sort of video. If they do, then forget other people, and I’ll just stick to ripping videos for myself. >_<

            I'm sorry, Spencer. I'll keep this sort of thing to myself from now on, and not bother. XD

          • No, no. Please don’t feel that way! I appreciate you’re thinking of other readers who may not be able to view the video. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated :)

  • SolidusSnake

    It’s nice to see that they’re still using a Kalashnikov variant in the year 2065. Although I don’t see why would overload that reactor instead of using a warhead, N2 mine, whatever.

    Story looks somewhat interesting, too bad this is a MH clone or I would consider a purchase.

    • neogeno

      I wouldn’t let that stop me. A clone this may be but they actually did a good job in making a similar game without it being a ripoff. It has the same idea of “Hunting Action” but approaches it differently with their own style. What did you think of the demo?

      • SolidusSnake

        Oy veh… should have been more clear in my original post. I don’t like Monster Hunter because a) it’s a massive time sink and b) you really need to have friends who play it since the difficulty is geared toward multiplayer. I’m not worried that it’s a “rip-off” per se but that it will have the same features that I don’t like in MH — namely being too focused on multiplayer when I just want a good singleplayer experience. TBH I haven’t played the demo — is it available on the US PSN yet?

        • Unlike MH this game has story, when you do missions and you can be accompanied up to 3 npc, so if you like the gameplay and like the anime anime style i’d say it’s definitely a good purchase even if you play single player.
          And every game is a sort of clone of another game so you shouldn’t really listen to MH fanboys calling “clone this or clone that”

        • neogeno

          Not on the US psn. There isnt going to be one. The Japanese demo can be found on their site and other sites that hold PSP demos. And about singleplayer, God Eater allows up to 3 other NPCs to take with you on your missions. And if you were ever able to trade avatars cards with a friend, you can have their character join you as an NPC when they are not around.

    • Is not a MH clone…

      It only looks like it, but after i played it, im now sure is nothing like that, first of all, with all the weapons here that are missing already takes out a lot of the MH approach…

      So if you get this, dont expect a monster hunter copy, only expect monster hunter’s graphics and interface, this will be a lot more action based rather than hunting based (if you played MH im sure you could understand). And MH is a lot more harder than God eater D:

      • SolidusSnake

        I could never get into MH, partly because it feels like an MMO grindfest to me, and second because of the steep difficulty, it really feels like you HAVE to take advantage of multiplayer to really get into it. Since you’ve played God Eater, would you say that it’s more suited to solo play compared to MH? None of my friends own PSPs or are interested in this kind of game, so I don’t feel that it would be worth investing time or money into the game if multiplayer is where the best action is at.

        • Yes, is a lot more suited for solo play, mainly because you can take NPCs to fight with you :D, so it feels like you are with people (and they can revive you). The game is forgives more the deaths, you dont need to die that many times to get a game over and fail the mission (is pretty hard to get it actually,meanwhile the NPCs can revive you)

          And definitely, compared to MH, this game is easier (still, this doesn’t means it is easy, its pretty average level)
          Look in youtube for a video, you will see what i mean when i say its more action oriented, and, every weapon can be a gun (i think there are 3 kinds of swords) and all of them can turn into gun too (in the middle of the battle).

        • MH isnt like a “MMO grindfest” not even close d00d! MH is actually pretty easy you just have to get use to the buttons and learn the monster attack patterns.

          • But you gotta admit is all about trial and error, making it really tiring for most of the people… If you do one movement wrong…

            Or you are death, or you will have a less than 1 hp, your HP bar would be in like 0.5hp xD

            God eater is a looooooooooooooot more forgiver

          • And that’s the hardest part ^_^

            I think I know how Solidus feels, because I spent around 5 hours with that game and I can’t help but to throw my PSP to the wall because you need to micromanage your stamina as well as avoiding enemy attacks+knowing when to strike.

            I don’t particularly hate the game, but I was spoiled with auto lock on and combo happy gameplay

  • lightningrook

    Does anyone know if the US release will have the option to choose between Japanese or English voiceovers?

    • It’s English only. We asked D3 about that earlier.

      • lightningrook

        I see. That’s kinda disappointing; for me it’s more about having the choice as opposed being particularly pro-Japanese voices.

        Thanks for the timely reply, in any case.

        • I’m not particularly sure of the exact spec differences between PSP discs and PS2 discs, but most companies would probably make their games under the assumption that someone out there will be playing it from the disc and not the memory card, so almost all PSP games only have a single language track on them.

          • say what?

          • lightningrook

            Be that as it may, I know it’s possible. The only two examples I can name off the top of my head are ZHP and BlazBlue: CT; to be fair I downloaded both of those off of PSN but I know they also had disc releases and I doubt that one would have multiple language options while the other did not.

          • Ren

            UMDs come with single layer(900 MB) and double layer(1.8 GB). Games like this, KH, Peace Walker and most RPG go around 1.1 to 1.7 gb, with 1.3 being the norm, with only one voice track. All downloadable games also fall in the UMD limit of 1.8 GB, although I don’t think the system enforces it and if it’s impossible to have over that.

  • Wackoramaco87

    This makes me even more excited to get this game! Haven’t played MH or LoA yet, so I look forward to trying this genre (?) out!

  • The art of this game is really good, love the opening

  • karasuKumo

    And that is why it could easily be a good anime series! :)

    I love the opening for this game, the remix of “Over the Clouds” is brilliant and the animation quality is pure beauty.

    I seriously can not wait for this!

    • badmoogle

      Alan is incredible,i hope one day she sings a FF main theme!:)

  • Aaaaah, delicious ufotable.

  • That was fabulous, one of the reasons, why I’m looking so forward to this game: The awesome Anime style…Well that and the super bigass weapons and cool characters(not to mention the hawt ones), lol. :P

  • Ren

    Wow, it took them time to sub this. I actually watched this video subbed on youtube before the vanilla game even launched on Japan.

  • animefans12

    Ufotable… You never fail to disappoint me. Other than that, finally get to watch this in subtitles! I’ve watched it raw and it won’t be bad to rewatch it the second time through. Besides, Gods Eater Burst is going to come out next week. :D

  • So, are they joining with the Rock to take vengeance on the Aragamis who took his brother’s life?

    Anyway, Lindow should have used Diable Jambe and Soma should have used Asura. Oh wait.

  • Have to say I’m a bit irritated at the military is shown but that’s nothing new. They need to nerf competent soldiers to make the specialists look better.
    Also, why are they shocked by the evacuation? Didn’t they pay attention to the plan? Did I just miss something?

  • Not just anime series but several anime films based on the God Eater Burst series would be awesome.

  • Guest

    Too bad the gameplay gets boring very fast and whatnot. Wouldn’t mind watching more of this though.

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