Let’s Compare! Final Fantasy III iPhone Vs. Nintendo DS

By Ishaan . February 23, 2011 . 3:33pm

Final Fantasy III on the iPhone is indeed based on the Nintendo DS remake of the game. However, Famitsu point out that Square Enix have redone the artwork for the iPhone/iPod Touch version, slated for release in March.


Compared to screenshots of the DS version, the textures in the iPhone re-remake are definitely higher, while portions of certain textures have been redrawn or made more detailed. Here’s a quick comparison we threw together so people can tell the difference:













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  • Makes me a bit more interested now. I’d underestimated the graphics power of “i” devices

    • Happy Gamer

      I got my first iphone in dec and i was super amazed by what it could do as well. U should check out games like Infinity Blade, RAGE HD, and Dead Space even.

      THe best part of iphone gaming, if i play em at all are the simply yet clever games on em. i don’t think i have any of these big IP games on my phone.

      • dead space iphone wasn’t really that impressives it seems slow but it did look good for a phone game

    • mirumu

      And yet those graphics aren’t very good compared with other iPhone games. Have a look at some screenshots for the titles Happy Gamer mentioned. The iPhone 4 beats the DS and PSP easily in terms of graphical power.

      • doomspeller10

        Absolutely, but the PSP and the DS are rather old by now. It’s better to compare the iPhone 4 to the 3DS and the NGP. As you said, this remake in particular isn’t that good in terms of graphics for the iPhone, it would look the same or better on the PSP.

        • mirumu

          Graphically the iPhone 4 and 3DS look fairly similar on paper. The iPhone 4 has a much higher resolution screen, full OpenGL ES 2.0 support and tile-based deferred rendering. The 3DS supports only OpenGL ES 1.1, but has slightly more polygon power and a higher fill rate (lower resolution helps here).

          There’s no point comparing with the NGP since by the time it’s out near the end of the year the iPhone 5 will likely have been around for months. I do expect the NGP to win against the iPhone 5, but Apple’s on a 1-year upgrade cycle so if the iPhone 5 doesn’t beat it, the iPhone 6 the following year likely will.

  • Wow, looks fantastic. Very excited for this and hope they keep bringing over FF games for the iPhone. I’d love to have most (if not all) of the classic series available on the go. Now if they could just revamp V and VI like they’re doing for the “Complete” version of IV, my life would be set…

    Also, I know this was just announced to come out in March, but I’m curious if the same was said about FFT: WotL for the iPhone since they were kinda lumped together in that one article picture, or if it’s still the broader Spring ’11 period. Been waiting for that one since the original September ’10 “release date”…

  • malek86

    Some textures look better and it’s overall sharper, but lack of filtering hurts and the low polycount rears its ugly head. Looks like a low tier PSP game.

    Maybe it would have been nicer if they had made it in high-res 2D like FF1 and FF2.

    • I think low tier-psp is being generous…

      If the game has save points mid-dungeon and quick saves, then this has total potential…. Otherwise, not worth the hassle and the short battery life the iPhone already suffers without gaming.

  • *sigh* There goes my chance to see a new classic battle-posed Onion Knight sprite…

  • ragnarok989

    Bleh, completely uninterested in a port of the crappy remake…

  • Looks smooth, but lack of Buttons is the killer. DS > iPhone everytime.

    • I feel the same way. Apple needs to make an official bluetooth controller, that is somehow compatible with every existing game. (you’d set up per-game profiles, where each stick/button maps to a certain part of the touchscreen) that way no dev needs to add support for existing games.

      • Right on. I’d even say that if Apple made an official controller… even if Devs had to update their Apps to support it… I bet most if not all would do it. Being a 1st party peripheral instead of some 3rd party making a controller that most Devs wouldn’t give the time of day to. I’d be willing to pay more than $0.99 for a Game if a controller was supported. As it stands… no App is worth more than $0.99 to me.

        • crunc

          An add-on controller makes no sense. How would you hold the phone and the controller? That would be ridiculously awkward. And if you try to make something that attaches to the phone, then you end up with something as hideous as the iControlPad. It’s not going to happen. And honestly, I can’t imagine that buttons would make a big difference in a turn-based RPG. I’ve played some turn based RPGs on my iPhone and they have played just fine. Who wants some tiny, incremental improvement that requires carrying around extra stuff and the above mentioned issues?

  • Roanoke834

    Too bad none of those improvements will make it a good game :/


    how mature.
    you removed my comment.

  • Bakuryukun

    I always liked FF3DS because it makes me think of how Final Fantasy would’ve looked on the N64….also poking enemies and menus is more fun then just choosing them with the D-pad.

    • animaster

      So the iPhone version would use a virtual D-pad/buttons?
      I thought we could poke enemy and menus by tapping directly to the respective stuff.

      • leeorv

        The iPhone version will likely use touch commands and targeting, like the FF1&2 PSP ports, but virtual D-pad control for overworld.

      • Bakuryukun

        I’m almost certain you still can. If not that it’s a blatant waste of the tech.

  • dogxa

    Brilliant, will be an instant favourite on my iPhone. But FF IV DS is more desirable so I want that ported next. More Free iPhone game here:

  • Wow that is sharp. Reminds me of when I played Final Fantasy VII on an emulator and the graphics – espiecially the summons – looked sharper and more impressive.

  • badmoogle

    I care more about art direction than the technical side of graphics,so in that aspect both versions are equally pretty imo.
    Even if i had an iphone i don’t think i would have bought the game again just for some slightly less pixelated textures.

  • Hope it looks like the iPhone version when played through 3DS

    • vadde939

      I doubt it. The DS is not an open platform like a PC so DS games will look exactly the same on the 3DS as they can’t utilize the more powerful hardware. They may look a bit better on the higher resolution screen of the 3DS but the difference won’t be this dramatic.

    • This looks better because they’ve redone the art for it. 3DS won’t magically upscale DS games, haha.

  • Guest

    The movie is simply superb and it was the best experience I had while watching. The theme is unique with a perfect blend of action, comic, tragedy making it genuine. The acting of the characters was simply superb; everybody carried their role pretty well.

  • badmoogle

    Btw the DS screenshots look kinda blurry here.They sure look crispier on my DS…

  • This is exciting. It’s look a lot like the DS game.

  • crunc

    So no Retina display graphics? That’s a disappointment to say the least. Why not?

  • The first image is a beta screen of the DS version.

    The Princess does not look like that, I JUST got past that part in my replay (And went back to the castle to make sure). And all the other models are exactly the same (plus you’re comparing a lot of Freelancers VS actual jobs).

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