Meet The Characters Of Tale Of The Last Promise

By Ishaan . February 23, 2011 . 8:28am


Imageepoch’s dungeon-crawling RPG, Tale of the Last Promise, has some cool-looking characters. Lead character, Wolf, will encounter a bunch of them along the way during the course of the  game.


Be warned, in addition to being a  dungeon RPG, Tale of the Last Promise also has permadeath. Producer, Yosuke Uda, says this is to keep the tension high while you play the game.


Imageepoch CEO, Ryoei Mikage, has high hopes for the game. As executive producer on the game, Mikage recently tweeted that he hopes to sell 150,000 copies of Tale of the Last Promise in Japan.

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  • Looks so great to me! As a fan of this style of game, I really don’t have any complaints. I hope it does well in Japan!

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Nice trailer. The characters seem like pretty standard fare, which is fine, I suppose… At first I wasn’t really interested in this one because of the first person perspective in battles, but I can’t resist Imageepoch’s interface and menus, they just look amazing.

    So, great looking menus, enemy animations and character cut-ins during battles. It doesn’t look so bad, after all!

    • Yui

      That really was an excellent trailer! I definitely gained a lot of interest in it very quickly (probably would have found even more if I spoke Japanese! :D). I really hope Last Promise does well enough to get a proper localisation, because it seems like the sort of game us western JRPG fans would really enjoy. We can only hope, right?

      In completely unrelated news, by the way, I can’t decide who I prefer, Mallarme or Sasha. Wolf is easily my favourite male character, but those two are just going to compete and compete! ;_;

      I do love Sasha, though. XD

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Well, Imageepoch and Nis America DO have a partnership, don’t they? They have to start somewhere =P Let’s hope this is the first one <3 Then, we, insignificant European peasants, just have to import =D

        Hey, you're going to end up prefering all of the girls, aren't you? xP

        As for designs… While I don't think they're anything out of the ordinary (not saying they're bad!), I prefer Mallarme out of those two! But out of all the girls, I choose Celes. Yeah, I think Wolf looks good too! One thing I do like, is the weapon design (Wolf and Cain's swords, specifically).

        • Yui

          I’d completely forgotten about that! This is perfect, man! We may well actually have opportunity to play the game, even if we have to fly it all the way over here from the US to do so. Haha, now I feel great about Imageepoch and NISA! :D

          …although I don’t like the idea of passing up on Black Rock Shooter. I watched the OVA and now I’m immensely interested in it. XD

          Don’t worry, I’m not the sort of person who perceives indifference as hate. You don’t need to worry about disclaimers like that with me. :D I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer Sasha to Mallarme (though you’re right, I will end up preferring all the girls! ;P) Wolf is actually awesome (and cute, to boot) so he’s probably going to end up being, if not a good protagonist, then at least one it won’t hurt to look at for hours on end as he runs around failing to differentiate himself from a sea of other video game protagonists. :D

          I do agree about the weapon designs, though. In a weird way, they remind me of God Eater’s weapons mixed with the ones from the DMC series. You know? BP

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Who knows, maybe we’ll end up getting both! I’m looking forward to all he stuff coming from Imageepoch (most of it), so bring it on NISA!

            Oh THANK YOU, I don’t really like having to specifically say “I’m not saying it’s bad” or “in my opinion”, etc. But I do it anyway, in order to avoid potential confusion =P

            Yeah, lots of eye candy in the game <3 Honestly, I'm not expecting a great story or great characters, but I am expecting a good and solid RPG!

            Cain's sword does look straight out of God Eater! And Wolf's looks a bit like Nero's sword, so I think I see it too =P

            (Is the trailer filled with spoilers or is it just to mislead us? Mallarme dies? Probably nothing important.)

          • Yui

            All, followed by most? Someone’s a bit indecisive! What is it you don’t want? ;P But I agree! NISA should totally take up the challenge and be all about localising all this good stuff. :D

            You don’t have to quantify statements with me, man. Frankly, over the internet, it can be hard to interpret sarcasm, opinion, things like that, but I hate it when people confuse indifference for hate just as much as I assume you do. Don’t worry, I love confusion. It’s what I’m all about! >:P

            Exactly!! It reminds me of when I played Ash for the iOS. I wasn’t expecting much, but I got a great game, that looked beautiful, sounded fantastic and was extremely well-written too! All I want is something that makes me think “hey, this was worth my cash”. :D

            I think Imageepoch have basically taken tropes that people like and thrown them into this game in liberal quantities. That’s not bad, right? That’s good! I like it, anyway. Clichés ftw! XD

            (If you remember, the trailer for Agito/Type-zero FF had blood and death all over the place, but the characters were alive at the end. I’m sure they wouldn’t spoil this game by showing us the ending in a pre-release trailer, right? I hope so, anyway. :D)

      • Ren

        Go for Sasha, Mallarme is mine. I’ll share her with you though, if no one robs Jayro from me.

        • Yui

          You can keep Mallarme now! I think I’ll take Sasha. Oh, and maybe Rushdie. :D

          EDIT: Definitely Rushdie. Mine! >:P

          • I’ll kill all the male characters… I will make my own Harem kingdom…. MUAHAHAHAHA!

            Well, i still need to see the personalities of each girls to decide if i want to keep them alive or not, im not that superficial ;D

          • Yui

            NOOOOOOOO!! You already have Aya!! Why do you steal everything I want, Wild?! >:(

          • Everything yours is mine… Muahahaaha

          • Ren

            Don’t worry. I’ll protect Mallarme, and you take care of Sasha. We’ll never let him get them!

          • Is way too late!!! YOU ARE WAY TOO LATE!!!

          • Ren

            No! Yui!


          • Ren

            Keep Rushdie, I’ll take Cain. He’s cuter. You’ll keep Celes, or we can give her to WildArms?

          • Yui

            I disagree, but alright, you can have Cain. I would keep Celes, but I’m assuming that, as main female character, she and Wolf are already canonically together. If not, I’ll take her and Wolf. Or just Wolf, and Celes can go to WildArms. :D

          • Noneone wants Celes? As the main female character she is the best one, I will gladly take Celes into my domains, with Aya, Yui and etc.

          • Yui

            The problem with Celes is that I can already see what sort of character she’ll be – and frankly, I already have an Alicia, thanks, and she’s the best Alicia. :D

          • Celes will be a full woman with a full body all add ons included, no loli, no flat, no overboob, size made >8D,
            and who knows? Knowing Imageepoch and from all past experience with them, the main character girls, tend to be different from common ;D, so i will gladly accept her

        • Yui

          REN, DAMN YOU

          I’m still stuck. I can’t make comments on Lunch even with the workaround they gave me because I’ve hit the daily post count limit for new members.

          Email me at [email protected], or send me a message on my FFN account. That works better. :D

          • Ren


  • Yukito

    The gameplay reminds me of Dragon Quest some. Man, I do have a PSP, and while I want this game, I just cannot stand using a portable for long-term games. I just cannot get comfortable with a handheld, and all the RPGs this gen are on them. =(….

  • anyone here can translate the seiyuu/voice actor names, thats all it needs to complete that trailer xD

    • Sadly… that is the hardest part of learning japanese… Names T_T, if i can recongnize some name i will edit here, but… i dont think i will xD, if some names are not in kanji at least then i will edit here.

      Celes’s seiyuu seem to have hiraganas, her first name is Yukari, last name, i think i know those kanjis, but the pronunciation might change.., i THINK is tamura (but im not sure), of course with the first name im 100% sure. So Yukari Tamura (again, last name not sure).

      … Seems her seiyuu is the only one i could recognize, i tried with the others but is too hard because i don’t know how to spell some kanjis, and if i do, it surely isn’t the normal way to spell but the second or third way to spell that kanji >_> Someday… SOMEDAY! I gotta study moar…

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Kanji sucks =P

        • Yeah, they help a lot but in names, it’s just too horrible T_T

          • Ren

            Try memorizing the radicals, they help a lot when it comes to names, ans always have a dictionary around. JWPce helps a lot

    • Ren

      Got the first three, I’m translating the rest. Wolf: Kamiya Hiroshi; Celes: Tamura Yukari; Rushdie: Suzuki Tatsuo; Cain: Kaji Yuuki; Mallarme: Endou Aya; Jayro: Konishi Katsuyuki; Sasha: Chihara Minori
      All of them here. Thanks to Wildy and Doomrider for help.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Hey, let me help you.

        Jayro-Katsuyuki Konishi.

        There. Helpful, wasn’t it?


        • Ren

          Damn, Mallarme’s CV last kanji is impossible. I can’t find the right radicals.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Acho que é Aya Endoo! (apeteceu-me falar um bocado em Português =P)

          • Ren

            De onde você tirou apetecer? Nunca ouvi essa palavra antes, e olha que eu tenho amigas que adoram usar palavras arcaicas e inusuais. Era ela mesmo. Eu tinha confundido o primeiro Kanji, nunca que eu ia achar.

            Now, back to English.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Oh crap, sorry! I’m actually from Portugal, and I didn’t know that word didn’t exist in PT-BR =P

            Anyway, it means something like “feel like” =P

      • I got Celes right! From my own and pure mind *feels accomplished*

        I might be able to get the others if i use my DS’s kanji translator i brought, i could just draw them xD, but thanks to you, i dont need to bother :o

      • I was shocked when the trailer went to the 2:00 mark, because I’m hearing Sheryl’s voice! It is Aya Endou after all :D

        • Aya..holy really?! DAY1 BABY!! DAY1!!!

          • Day 1 if it gets localised :P I can’t spend that much on imports anymore :(

          • That’s true, I have to be more carefully with my money too sadly :(, but I would have deadly fears, that the localization would be English voice only >-<, so I end up buying the Japanese one nonetheless, at least PSP games aren't as hardcore with imports as PS3 games are~

          • Why don’t you try playing a game in English? Trust me, it’s not bad as it sounds, provided that the localising team did it right. NISA, SE and Atlus’ dubs are top notch, aside from very few questionable dubs ^_^’

          • Oh no you misunderstood me, I’m no Japan voice purist, I like the English voice actors I hear in most games, it’s just like I said about Aya Endou and Day 1, I love her too much to miss her voice in the game. :3

          • Ah I see, sorry sorry .___.

            I’ll probably do the same if Megumi Nakajima had any role whatsoever… Ranka <3

            But hey, this game looks like it will be well worth it

          • Oh man if Megumi was in this here too, I would publish the game myself and localize it with multi language and a Drama CD of Aya and Megumi~ x3

  • Ren

    Ugyu, Mallarme and Jayro, I think I’m in love. They even have a military loli. I was right, the testosterone levels of the party are really low, like 6:1.

  • Darkrise

    That trailer was just… Amazing! The first person perspective kind of disappointed me at first but after watching this trailer, the gameplay doesn’t look dull at all! And perma death still interests me so I hope this game can really get localized!

  • What can i say? I’ve always been hyped by this game, FINALLY SOME GAMEPLAY AND ITS AWESOME, and there is even a scene where someone seems to die X_X.
    Im glad not all the monsters (maybe some will be) are just pictures, they 3D and it will feel close to the latest dragon quest DS remakes.

    Also, it seems the story is pretty flexible, and will be easy to change by our hands.

    Just awesome, i’ll be counting on you, NISA!!! >8O! Let’s hope it sells well so NISA can feel more secure to localize this game

  • The permadeath aspect is very interesting as the trailer (and previous reports I think) indicate that cutscenes change depending on who’s still alive.

  • kupomogli

    Graphically it looks great. All we can hope for is that it’s a good first person dungeon crawler. While the PSP has had quite a few, we haven’t gotten any over here in the US. DS has had a few though.

    • The PSP did get some, thanks to Atlus. Persona and Class of Heroes. But those are the only ones that I can remember :(

  • Lookin awefuckinsome!
    Cool characters indeed, graphics are sick too
    It should have been a action rpg though, my fav genre, buts thats okay cuz I still have God Eater =)
    This year PSP have so many amazing games, I wanna play them all!

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    …..A little girl with a whip….this….can’t be good. O_o

  • damn it I personally dont like FP RPG but the trailer is so convincing. Well this FP RPG looks pretty good. If they add enough animation for abilities/skills or monster attack animation like what we just saw there, THIS could be the very first FP RPG that i could enjoy.

  • That brought a tear to my eye. I can only wish the best of luck to imageepoch

  • PrinceHeir

    wait is the Endo, Aya’s voice? soo lovely :P

    they said the game has 800 hours or so? or maybe 80?

    • Darkrise

      400 hours =)

  • Well, this ain’t the first first-person RPG I’ve seen, but even after seeing the gameplay (finally), I think this concept of game design is pretty lazy. It’s not that hard to present 3D models in action as players enter the battle system.

    • Is not hard, but is better than just pictures, and is this is pretty much what defines a first person RPG, hell, it seems the character will be running with it’s 3D model, so it would be almost like Dragon Quests (before the 8) times.

      I definitely cant agree with the concept of the game is Lazy, when the story seems to be easily manipulated depending on what you do. It looks a lot better than most first person rpgs, where they mostly think about battles, and dungeon crawling.

      • I didn’t think any first-person RPGs existed except maybe the older games like Voyager. I just didn’t expect it to occur in jrpg standards

        • Guest

          Students of the Round
          Etrian Odyssey
          Shin Megami Tensei
          Dragon Quest
          Dark Spire
          Arms Heart
          Class of Heroes
          The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

  • The game looks amazing… but I’m not really into the battle system… where you can’t see the characters…

  • karasuKumo

    “hopes to sell 150,000 copies” Talk about humble :). Realistically for an RPG as brilliantly designed as this that should be doubled.

    Although the first person part is odd because I’m used to seeing the characters attack but I guess that’s part of the charm.

  • This is shaping up to be a pretty good game. It’s good looking, too. It even comes with Permadeath. This actually might give it an extra dimension of challenge for the player. Adversely, it might deter players who keep losing their characters. Either way, I’m looking forward to how this one ends up.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Is it okay that I already ended up loving this Celes chara solely because of my love for THE Celes from Final Fantasy VI? Plus I love the [email protected] suits, looks awesome. :)

  • joesz

    Now,I really want this to turn into a wild franchise.

  • Guest

    Why 1st person? Why not like DQ VIII??

  • Luschka! Omg, no way! T-this is a huge surprise! …haha Nice! Utattemita and their voices are invading everything!

    Errr anyway, this game looks very exciting. Can’t wait for that hopeful US release :)

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