Aya Finally Speaks In English For The 3rd Birthday Launch Trailer

By Ishaan . February 24, 2011 . 11:32am


Square Enix Europe have The 3rd Birthday slated for a release on April 1st. Since that date is just a little over a month away, it’s time for a launch trailer! Unlike previous trailers, this one has the game’s English voiceovers, so you can finally hear what Aya sounds like.


You can read more about the voice actors for Aya and Kyle in this older post. When The 3rd Birthday releases in Europe, you’ll be able to pick up a “Twisted Edition” which comes with a 48-page hardcover art book, and other bonuses (see above link).

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  • APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!! lolololololololol.

    Oddly the trailer sold from getting the game on day 1.

    • Hope you didn’t play the first two.

  • the voice acting…what can I say???

  • NoElixirs

    Aya speaks, finally.

  • Ereek

    Kyle and Maeda sound great. I’ll need some more listening of Aya, since some of her lines sound great, others iffy.

    Also,that Primal Eyes remix never gets old, even after playing the Japanese version.

    • Ren

      Primal Eyes and From the End are always woth it.

  • No comment on that voice acting.

  • Wiccan1109

    I like her voice, it probably will suffer some script issues somewhere down the line but its soothing to listen to. Kyle was a little bit odd, when i think of a stereotypical American dub voice, overexaggerated and deep, thats kinda what i always hear in my head so its a little strange hearing that from him. Its good though, Square never do too bad with their english cast members.

  • I think they did fine with the voice acting.

    You have to consider what they’re given to work with. Like how this is written in Japanese. Alexander O. Smith once remarked that its often like an effort of fitting dialogue into a haiku.

    My point is, I’m sure they all tried their best.

    Oh, and can anyone confirm the cover shown on Amazon/GameStop is the legitimate North American box art? Cause I’m surprisingly satisfied with it (Europe’s standard edition got slightly shafted here).

    • Ereek

      Yeah, I’m really liking the North American boxart.

      Other sites seem to show that as the “final” boxart as well, the red and black.

    • http://na.square-enix.com/the3rdbirthday/site.html#/About

      Yep, that’s the box art for the North American edition.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m surprised S-E didn’t do custom Eng. lip-sync like FF13, or like MGS4 (I forgot if Peace Walker had different Eng lip sync as well, I think it did).. it’s definitely harder to write the Eng dialogue around the Jpn timing and keep it natural at the same time. It’s not a must, but custom lip-sync makes it so much more believable, I guess it’s small on the PSP so they didn’t bother w/ it..

      Seems like it’s the same Jpn cover sans the sparkle, like KH Birth by Sleep.. They always take away the pretty shinies..

  • animefans12

    Aya’s voice isn’t that bad, but Kyle’s is kind of off, in my opinion.

  • Barrit

    I was pronouncing her name wrong in my head all this time.

    • animefans12

      But isn’t Aya pronounced differently from both English and Japanese language? I mgiht be wrong, but…

  • Can’t say I’m impressed.

  • tubers

    was it too much to expect a better english lipsync?

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yes, since either a) the game didn’t really have much lipsync in the first place (think Star Ocean 4, for example) or b) Square Enix doesn’t care enough about their “lesser” games for that.

      • Aoshi00

        The Jpn dialogue does match the lip sync in the Jpn ver.. they just didn’t redo a custom Eng lip sync like FF13 or MGS4… a bit of a pity.. maybe it’s just on a small PSP screen instead of detailed HD on a big TV, so they didn’t think it’s worth the effort to redo the lip sync for the entire game again.. Even the NPCs (very few there are anyway) have matching lip sync in both the Jpn and US ver of FF13 if you look close enough.. Not many games do it of course, but I thought they would go the extra mile w/ 3rd b-day… not that big a deal, but took a bit of immersion away..

        • Redoing lip animation is one hell of a job. That’s why it’s rarely done.

          However, even without redone lip animations, it can definitely be done better than this.

          Maybe it’s partly because the actors don’t have any experience at dubbing, which is not exactly the same thing as a direct voice acting. A dubber must know how to match his performance with the characters lips flow, which is very tricky.

          Or could be because Square Enix didn’t gave them the reference material while they were recording. That would be pretty dumb on their part, since it’s essential for the actors to have the video playing in front of them.

          Another reason could be that the script adaption wasn’t thorough. The script must be adapted to this too, and that’s something that takes effort from the translator and/or script editor. Though this is way less excusable.

          Of course, you can never make it match 100% for obvious reasons, but it can be done so people don’t notice unless they look REALLY hard.

          • Aoshi00

            Of course redoing animation takes a lot of work, especially pre-rendered FMV, that’s why even the Advent Children movie didn’t have Eng lip sync for the US ver, and I’m surprised in FF13 even NPCs have custom matching lip sync in the respective version.

            But I don’t see what people mean by the lip sync not matching in this trailer, sure it doesn’t look as natural as when they were speaking Jpn because the mouth movement is Jpn, but they got the timing right at least. It’s not like Lost Odyssey’s Jpn dub, the Jpn VAs were actors and not voice actors, so most of them didn’t have much experience voice acting, first of all the way they deliver the readings was a little off, and sometimes the actors were still talking when the chars’ mouths are closed on screen, or the chars would stop talking when the mouths are still moving, that’s what I call distracting bad lip sync.

            Sure a well adapted script could make it flow better to match the Eng. dialogue match the Jpn lip sync.. its like I watch some Hollywood movies dubbed in Jpn, say Harry Potter, it really sounds like the actors are speaking Jpn themselves it’s really quite amazing, but to some they don’t look natural.

            The easiest way is to do custom lip sync afterwards and give the actors freedom in interpreting their lines w/o the constraint of on screen animation (sometimes the game/animation isn’t even finished yet when the recording was going on), like how most US CG animated films are, or like the US FF13, I’m pretty sure the actors were told to just read the lines and later the animation was made to match their performance. Short of redoing the mouth animation, I thought getting the timing right was pretty good alrdy. Did people find the lip sync in the Eng. dub of Advent Children not matching? It’s not as perfect a fit compared to the Jpn dub, but the timing was still pretty good. It’s like Metroid Other M, the Eng dub would match more perfectly because mouth animation was done in Eng, when listening to the Jpn dub, you would notice the mouth animation not matching 100%, though I prefer the Jpn cast. There’s only so much wiggle room to adapt a script w/o altering the lines and meaning w/in the constraint of pre-defined timing for another language, unlike 2D anime where the original mouth animation was mostly “neutral” w/ the mouths opening and closing.

            The Eng. dub here sounds okay, trailer’s too short to tell.. it’s not bad but not really excellent either.. I thought S-E was going to redo the lip animation for 3rd B-day though, because they have put a lot of work in their US localization in recent years, w/ the Eng dubbing of FF12 & 13 surpassing the original, w/ even more polished script (because of director Jack Fletcher?)

  • MisterDandylion

    Finally!! Defintely worth the waiting ! :)

  • karasuKumo

    Sounds great!! Square do a good job picking people for VA roles. Their games are the only games I will play with English VA even if Japanese is available.

  • Pretty good voice acting all round. Looks like Square Enix asked Konami for suggestions (yeah I hold the Metal Gear Solid games as a high distinction of western voice acting).

  • The acting’s fine but the lipsync…?
    Not so much

  • Aiddon

    that’s some….iffy dialogue. Then again it is Toriyama; I don’t think the guy has ever written a single believable human character

  • Aya sounds surprisingly good. I only say surprisingly, because filling in for Maaya Sakamoto is quite a daunting task, and she manages to pull it off.

  • I love Jensen’s Ackles voice in the game.. It gives a different breath to the english VA we always hear.. And after so many news about dissidia, at last I got to hear news on a game that has a beefy plot.. Not to say Dissidia is bad or anything.. But, I just crave for RPG..

    By the way, the J-pop somehow fits in the english voice pretty well… I duno why.. Maybe because its the FFXIII aftermath or something.. But, I think SE should really just stick with J-pop next time..

    Gameplay looks quite busy, although its not as scary anymore.. Anyway, Can’t wait to play it.. Lol..

  • FlamingSausage

    Anyone find it really coincidential that Aya’s voice actor voiced a character in Mass Effect 2 who also wants to save her little sister? :P

  • PrinceHeir

    lol kyle and hyde sound soo awkward O_O

    and why not Ali Hilis? sure Yvonne Strahovsk is good but Ali fits the role perfectly, not to mention nothing wearing the lightning costume would have been sooo good.

    nonetheless it’s still good.

    can’t wait for this. come to me Aya :)

    • I dunno…

      Hilis is a great actress and made a great job with Lightning, but I’m not so sure she would fit Aya. Her voice is a little scratchy, which fitted quited well to Lightning’s stoic personality and Liara’s ancient-like yet youthful character. But for Aya’s troubled past… I don’t quite see it.

      Though it would have definitely be cool to have her impersonating Lightning while Aya wears her costume, that’s for sure. lol

  • The voive acting sucks balls. play the japanese version and or watch the railer.. the emotions are way more better conveyed.. aya and kyle sound too awkward.. like the way she says save eve is as if she’s being forced… bottomline lousy

    • Guest

      the voice actress for Aya is the girl from Mass Effect 2. I think its the Japanese character animation and the dialogue that doesnt flow quite as right

      • makotozenshou

        then Yvonne should have adjusted, it’s her job.. or maybe they just really didn’t care..

        • Guest

          That’s kinda hard…”Act like bad Japanese actress”

  • vrakanox

    The game itself looks gorgeous but I’m not feeling a whole lot of parasite eve from it. I remember Parasite Eve being more about gross mutating monsters almost like a mix of survival horror and RPG, this seems like it might be more of a love story or something. Of course it was just a trailer but I feel like they are taking it in a completely different direction.

    • Well, to be fair, the previous two PE games felt very different from one another too due to their gameplay. The first game was an innovative JRPG and the second one a survival horror. And they seem to keep that track going into Third Person Shooter this time. Which is fine by me.

      And this game is also about mutating monsters, though I will give you that their design does go into a whole different direction. In the first games they felt like Resident Evil-ish monsters. Now they look more like… tentacle monsters.

  • Except for Kyle’s voice, it sounds pretty good.

    Though sometimes it’s hard to tell what the characters are saying due to the poor audio mixing… Like someone has already said, Square Enix Europe needs to improve that aspect in their trailers.

    Looking forward for this one. :)

  • kurosan9712

    English voice overs are sh1t. No exceptions.

  • makotozenshou

    it’s rated down to pegi 16.. i wonder if that will have effect in it’s sales, hope so..

  • They should’ve cast Ali Hillis for Aya instead. This Aya sounds too whiny.

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