Tale of the Last Promise Has An Aggro Control Battle System

By Ishaan . February 25, 2011 . 1:05pm


Tale of the Last Promise is a dungeon-crawling RPG, which means that the game’s battles take place from a first-person perspective, too, similar to Etrian Odyssey or Wizardry. Since you can’t see your own characters on the screen during battles, enemies get all the love, and the interface looks very neat.


The system being described in the video above is “control of hate.” In Tale of the Last Promise, certain attacks draw the enemy’s attention. For example, Kain’s attack does a fair bit of damage to the knight in the video, which makes the knight turn on him.


The opponent in the video is powerful enough to knock a member of your party out in two hits, which means you need to get him to keep shifting his attention between different party members. To draw his attention away from Kain, Wolf uses Defense Line in the following turn. This allows Sara to heal Kain while the enemy isn’t paying attention to him.


Imageepoch look like they’re trying to keep the first-person battles feeling lively, too, with a bit of dialogue between characters.

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  • this look very hardcore… one wrong move and there goes your character… and i doubt there will be any phoenix dow.. lol..

    • Ren

      Probably will. Permadeath only happens when the character runs out of SP, or so I read before.

      • I guess so too… Sort of remind me how much I really hate super strong foes… XD

  • This is spurring me to want this even more! It seems like the game wants to be on your toes all the time, which is great! The inclusion of dialogue between characters during battle is a nice touch, too.

  • Apollonis

    This has definitely solidified my interest in the game more, I really like hardcore, old-school looking RPGs like EO or Strange Journey, and it looks like this game is going to capture that feeling as well while bringing some new elements to the table.

    That character art is fantastic, too, anybody know who’s responsible for it…?

    • The character designer is Chinatsu Kurahana, but I don’t know if she also drew the cel-shaded portraits in this video. Those might be from the studio behind the 2D animation in the OP.

  • Guest

    Yeah this won’t hold my attention for long… unless the story is good. Like, REALLY good.

  • I wonder why they decided to not dedicate enough of the art to give out glorious looking attacks.

    • Yui

      Seeing as these all seem to be fairly low-level attacks, perhaps the gamebreaking mega-kill moves are the ones that have interesting and beautiful appearances? Like in Golden Sun, perhaps to cut costs or reduce game size?

      Doing that also helps to emphasise the sheer power of the attacks with the better appearances, so having low-level attacks look unique and cool cheapens later moves. :D

  • permadeath.. and you will easily be killed with two hits, this game going to be tough… I just hope it’s not as though as EO(although I managed to finish it). Not really a fan of permadeath…

    • Apollonis

      As others have noted, it should take more than just reducing HP to zero to make the loss of a character permanent… otherwise it would probably be impossible to finish the game without a few hundred characters in reserve.

  • JustaGenericUser

    So they can animate the enemies, have a Persona 3/4-like support commentary, and a cool interface. But they can’t make character battle sprites?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Well it’s more like the style of the game. It’s a first-person dungeon crawl. It’s not meant for you to see the chara sprites. Kinda of like a first person shooter where all you see is the player’s hand. It’s just for style/gameplay reasons. There not for everyone and it did take me quite sometime to get into them but after messing around with the old Phantasy Stat I (which I never gave a fair chance until like a year or two ago) on my GBA, playing the masterpiece that is Shinning in the Darkness on my PS3 (from Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection and I think it’s on the Wii’s VC), and buying the new Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey on my DS I’ve really started to like this genre. All of those are great games. So if you’re interested in the genre I suggest to check them out. :)

      • PrinceHeir

        i barely play first person dungeon crawler games. guess i’ll try this out :D

      • JustaGenericUser

        Oh, I played a few dungeon-crawlers in my life time. I think Shining in the Darkness was my first. The latest one was Etrian Odyssey… I need to get back into that one. I liked them both. It’s just, I think TotLP could be so much more interesting in third-person.

        Now, if the game didn’t have 3D model cutscenes and voice-acting, if it had almost no story like the two games I mentioned, then FPRPG would be juuust fine. But TotLP DOES have cutscenes with 3D models, so….

  • Aoshi00

    The char design looks a bit like Senko no Ronde’s.. now that I think about permadeaths, I think Archaic Sealed Heat also had something like that (one thing I was disappointed w/ it was the lack of voices, it had some spoken lines by not many).. anyway, looking good and love the seiyuu (mostly Kamiya Hiroshi), pre-ordered. Usually I’m not too big on first person dungeon crawlers, but I think I like the presentation of this one.

  • Sure looked like one hell of a tough battle. Yeah Last Promise is going to be one hard game ^_^

  • Joanna

    The more I hear about this game, the more I want it. I am so glad I picked up a PSP. NISA I am hoping to see this game in North America. ;)

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