Get Ready For Dead or Alive: Dimensions With English Voice Acting

By Ishaan . February 28, 2011 . 8:25am


We’ve already seen this Dead or Alive: Dimensions trailer in the past, but this is the localized version with English voices and captions. It takes you through the game’s different modes and has a good amount of footage.


Tecmo Koei have Dimensions slated for a March 24th release in Japan, but there’s no concrete date available for the U.S. and Europe yet, aside from the fact that Dimensions is a “launch window” game and will release sometime before E3.

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  • I just hope there’s the option for Japanese voices. So far, every DOA game I’ve played with an English track was bilingual…

    • The 3DS game carts do not have space restrictions?

      • Temuthril

        Licensing japanese voices costs money though.

  • Here we go, Ko-ko-ro

  • mikanko

    English voices seem pretty bad. Hope their is a dual voice option, as I believe even Dead or Alive Paradise had both voices. Just with SSF4 3ds having only 1 audio track because of space requirements, it’s hard to be confident. This game has bunches of cutscenes as well, so it does seem a li’l doubtful.

    Sucks 3ds is region locked. I would import this for the great seiyuu cast and knowing a fight game with mostly english menus doesn’t need much translation. The story is pretty vapid as is so it’s not like there’s much I’d miss.

    I enjoy DoA games as a guilty pleasure, but they’re a pretty shallow experience compared to other fighting games out there. Without catering my more shallow self who likes having Yumi Toma, Kotono Mitsuishi, Ayako Kawasumi and Maaya Sakamoto landing bone crunching hits the game becomes far more underwhelming.

    • Just get a 3DS as soon as you can and wait for the flash carts.

  • protofox

    wow…and here comes the sweeping memories of dead or alive 2’s english never dropped so many cute animals into a blender before over voice acting till this game

  • “Traitor, prepare to fight”
    “I have no choice but to fight”

    God…. I’m usually not picky about voices/lines, but… oh wow

  • Hey guys remember Soul calibur 2 and 3? Before match startup “DIE!” “HRUUUUAAAAAAAHHH!”< Siegfried

    I'm not a follower of the DOA series, but were I to buy this It would likely be for the fighting and jiggle mechanics rather than the cutscenes/storyline.

  • maxchain

    I’ll be honest, I don’t hate it. It’s genuinely hard for me to be disappointed by something like a dub after that awful, awful live-action movie.

  • Arcm

    If only this had a real release date since I caved a preordered a 3DS anyway this was the only game I was looking forward to for a day 1 launch game : (

    Looks like I’ll just buy Street Fighter 4 again…

  • Guest

    The dub is fine. I don’t know what the hell you guys want from them.

    • nyoron

      I think it sounds fine too. But I still want to be able to select the Japanese voices that I’ve used for DOA2, 3, 2U, 4, the Ninja Gaiden games, and those lovely/awful volleyball games. I am used to them and I like them.

      Tecmo has a good track record in that regard so I’m not too worried at this point. I’ve got bad speakers at work here but it sounds like outside of dialog the actual battle voices are still the originals, which is a good sign I guess.

      • According to the last Nintendo Power (March 2011), there is a dual audio option:

        “…and you’ll even have the option to choose between the original Japanese recordings (with subtitles) and an English dub” (p.60).


        • nyoron

          Huh, I’ve got the newest Nintendo Power sitting on my desk right here, guess I should have looked at it.

          But yes, I’m happy since everybody wins. Well, everybody except for those that enjoy sh­itting on sub fans from their high horses. Luckily for them I foresee plenty more opportunities to do so in the future!

        • PrinceHeir

          yes awesome news :D

          yeah the dub sounds fine but i still prefer it to have a dual audio optin just like other fighting games like blazblue and SFIV.

  • gatotsu911


    • Yes, how dare people want to play a game without flinching every time someone opens their mouth. Those greedy upstarts.

  • Woah…U.S. box art is way better than Japan’s.

    (look at the Amazon/Play-Asia section below the post)

    • nyoron

      I like the Japanese version because it evokes memories of the classic “she kicks high” commercial.

    • Yeah no way my parents would let me get that game with that cover xD

  • So… the spoken lines are done in English for the dub, but the grunts and moans and other noises when they get hit or when they attack are still the Japanese voices?
    That’s kind of weird… lol
    I think Hitomi’s the only one that sounds like her Japanese voice actress in that trailer xD

  • evilmoogle

    Get Ready For Dead or Alive: Dimensions With English Voice Acting
    More like : Get Ready For 100topics of “dub sucks!”.

    Btw, i like it.

  • KotaroInugami

    Do voice actors in a fighting game really matter at all? I mean, I’ve never really found dialogue that engaging in ANY fighting game ever.

    That said, w00t for Hitomi! LOVE HER! Now make me breakfast ala DOA 4 style. >.>

  • Dual audio or no buy.

  • Dimentionalist

    Dub hating wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uguu~

    No seriously it’s fine. Japanese voices put up this huge barrier for me. I think they intend for you to understand what they’re saying when you’re playing it.

    • Nei_chan

      Don’t you understand what they are saying when you have subtitles only?

    • I don’t. It’s a fighting game. Who cares what they’re saying?

      • “Who cares what they’re saying?”

        And yet, you won’t buy it anyway because there’s no dual-audio. Yes yes, I see, that makes a lot of sense. :{

  • GamerKT

    Can’t wait for this. So disappointed it’s not a launch title.

  • Nei_chan

    aww…so much new cut scenes and no DOAX-style crap. But who is this new guy? Thats Raidou? But he died in the first game i thought?
    Crap i shouldn’t have watched it, now i’m hyped…
    But the voices are…i would rather have originals

  • Chow

    I remember when the PS2 first came out and I played DoA2:
    “I’m coming!”


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