La-Mulana Remake On WiiWare Almost Complete

By Ishaan . February 28, 2011 . 12:36pm

Japanese indie developer, Nigoro, have been working on a remake of doujin game, La-Mulana, for WiiWare for over two years now. La-Mulana is a game that draws inspiration from Metroid style games, and stars an Indiana Jones-like character, Lemeza Kosugi, searching for hidden treasure in the ancient ruins of La-Mulana.


While the original La-Mulana was developed by GR3 Project for Windows PCs, the game’s art style is inspired by MSX games. Kosugi even carries an MSX laptop with him during the game, and you can insert a variety of cartridges you collect along the way into it to enable different power-ups.


While the WiiWare remake of La-Mulana was originally scheduled to release in winter of 2009, it was eventually delayed to 2010. In 2010, however, Nigoro posted an apology on their developer blog, revealing that the game had been delayed yet again, and that the debugging process was keeping them busy. Ever since August 2009, they’ve been keeping fans updated on the state of the game.


Yesterday, Nigoro updated their blog with yet another post on La-Mulana’s progress, this time with happier news. The game is almost complete, they say, and the Japanese version will be submitted to Nintendo for approval “in a few days.” While Nigoro are developing the game, Nicalis will be publishing La-Mulana outside Japan.


Nigoro will also be running a live-stream of the game later today. You can check the stream timings out on their blog.


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  • Exkaiser

    Make sure to bring a notebook with you when you play this game. It really helps.

  • The stream ended last night. It’s on YouTube:

    • Thanks for that! There’s a second one today 5:00 PM PST, too. :)

      • It’s supposedly running right now, but I can’t for the life of me make left or right of the Nico Live website.

  • Hours

    I am so ready for this game.

  • Holy freaking crap! I hadn’t heard that the game was getting this much of a graphical uplift. Definitely has me glad I never played the original version, since I can now get the full experience but much better looking from the getgo. (Yeah, I’m a bit of a graphics whore. I’ll admit it. D: )

    Color me excited for this release~

    • Exkaiser

      I dunno, man, those MSX graphics in the original are pretty awesome.

      • Not gonna lie. They were indeed pretty awesome, but the sheer difference and upgrade here is still blowing me away.

  • Icon

    That would be something if the original is unlockable in this game. The game has a more mysterious feel to it when you play the PC version, but I really appreciate the clarity of these graphics because sometimes I just got incredibly lost.

  • Feynman

    Is the game going to include the original version as well? Honestly, I think the original PC version looks and sounds much better.

    Yeah, the new graphics have more color and detail, but the animations and the detailed shading they’ve given the sprites gives don’t match the way the game plays, which gives everything a sort of flaky look. The picture of the minecart boss is a good example, as both the boss and his attacks look out of place compared to the rest of the scene, particularly the way his very detailed foot is just sort of hovering in front of the minecart rails.

    I have the same complaint about the latest FFIV remake as well… when you take sprites designed with a limited color palette and just add tons of shading, detail, and animations, it comes out looking kind of flat and soulless compared to the source material.

    • It won’t. Their stance is that anyone who wants the original game should just play that.

  • Already seen Amphisbaena and Sakit, but the new screens of the other main bosses (minus Tiamat) are plain awesome.

    I’ll admit I was confused by Bahamut at first, but when I looked at the original on YouTube, I finally saw the resemblance: Bahamut was never that interesting a boss to look at, but the new version makes it a lot easier to tell what he’s supposed to look like.

    Plus, I love how the sequence seems to be scrolling into the background now. :3

  • About time we got this. Been looking forward to this. I do hope we get a 3DS version like Cave Story.

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