High-Definition Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Announced For PC In China

By Ishaan . March 1, 2011 . 1:31am


Falcom are primarily known for developing PC games. Before being ported to various systems, the PC is where a lot of the company’s Ys and The Legend of Heroes games originated, and Falcom haven’t forgotten their roots.


While The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki is a PSP game in Japan, Falcom are also developing a PC version…for China.


The PC version of Zero no Kiseki will feature high-definition graphics to boot, and will be controllable via the mouse, keyboard or a gamepad. Here, take a look at the game’s world on PSP.

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  • alundra311

    Thank you, Falcom. Now I wish they would release the PC version in english.

  • XSEED you must bring ZERO here one day… one day…..

    • vall03

      Trails in the Sky 1 – 2011
      Trails in the Sky 2 – 2012
      Trails in the Sky 3 – 2013
      Zero no Kiseki – 2014
      Ys vs Sora no Kiseki – 2014/2015

      please dont die on me XSEED!

      • Two titles have to be realese in one year.

      • PurpleDoom

        I doubt they’re going to be that far spaced apart, especially with the imminent arrival of the NGP. Unless it manages to keep alive somehow like the PS2 did, the PSP will probably be pretty much dead by 2014.

        • Xien12

          If we’re not all dead by 2012, that is.

  • So they gave themselves the PSP version … but they made the PC version a China exclusive? Erm, sorry, but I just can’t see the sense in that. I know PC gaming isn’t exactly a big hit over at Japan when compared to consoles, but wasn’t most of their original fanbase Japanese PC gamers anyway?

    • PurpleDoom

      Well, it doesn’t say anywhere that they wouldn’t bring it over to Japan later. Heck, a Japanese version might even come first and it just hasn’t been announced yet.

      • As both Ladius and I stated above, Falcom lost their PC game distributor. This means that they will not be distributing a PC version of this game. Falcom took a significant hit to their finances, due to this problem.

        As a result, Falcom cut their losses and took apart the PC development team to focus entirely on console development.

        • PurpleDoom

          Ahh, OK. I didn’t know that. I’ll just get back to waiting for XSEED to get around to the PSP version, then.

    • Ladius

      They faced big distribution problems in the japanese market, so continuing their Pc development would have been reckless, not to mention their PSP sales have been far more satisfying than their Pc ones so far.

      The chinese market (and the korean one), on the other hand, not only has a much stronger Pc scene, but also has already a decent sized Sora no Kiseki fanbase due to the chinese Pc version released by Typhoon games.

    • They lost their primary distributor for PC games in Japan. They lost a chunk of income abruptly because Softbank suddenly stopped distributing their work.

      They backed up from the PC gaming because if they were to continue it, they would have to distribute the games themselves, and they’re not a big enough company to do that.

  • Smart business move, to be honest. I think the PC fanbase is much, much bigger in China than in Japan.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Partially because games consoles are banned in China. I am sad for them.

  • Come back when you announce an english translation, if not a release in the west, ok? Thanks :D

  • malek86

    Wonder if this could mean a 360/PS3/PSN/XBLA/whatever release in the future?

  • Apparently it is the Chinese companies who approached Falcom and ported the game, plus remastering the graphics textures.

    • This sounds to be more like the case, actually. I was a little confused because Falcom doesn’t do anything for the Chinese ports of the games over there.

      It would most likely be some sort of agreement or deal to assist a game company with a Chinese port- like they do with XSEED for the US.

      • PurpleDoom

        EDIT: Realized that by “porting” you probably meant just meant localizing, making my post here useless.

  • Oh gawd!! This is like the best news I ever heard!! Hope that it will be released by this year!! So gona get this game!!! Will be playing the chinese version first before the english..Yipee!!!

    But, chinese translation especially from china never did a job as good as Xseed though .. Oh well.. I am still happy!

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