Pokémon Typing DS Taps Japan April 21st

By Ishaan . March 3, 2011 . 10:03am

Nintendo’s Typing of the Dead-style Pokémon game for the Nintendo DS, Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS, has a release date in Japan. Nintendo have the touch-typing trainer slated for release on April 21st.


Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS comes with a Bluetooth keyboard that you use to play the game. Nintendo have confirmed in the past that the keyboard works with certain other Bluetooth-compatible devices such as the iPhone.


Pokémon Typing DS hasn’t been announced for a release outside Japan so far.

  • Scyther is sutoraiku (I imagine is like strike) …?
    English edition pwnz

    • Ren

      Ditto is Metamon, Magnemite is Coil, Cleffa is Pi, Clefeary is Pipi, Clefable is Pipipi, Chansey is Lucky, Blissey is Happiness, Haunter is Ghost, Rapidash is Gallop, Drowzee is Sleep, Hypno is Sleeper, Krabby is Crab, Magikarp is Koiking(the fish koi), Mr. Mime is Barrierd, Magmar is Boober, Taurus is Kentaurus, Lapras is Laplace(can also be Lapras, rapurasu), Vaporeon is Showers, Jolteon is Thunders, Flareon is Booster, Aerodactyl is Ptera, Articuno is Freezer, Zapdos is Thunder, Moltres is Fire, Dratini is Miniryu, Umbreon is Blacky, and those are just a few aside from the Strike you mentioned. Ever wondered why they love changing the names for US releases? It’s not only to maintain the puns.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I definitely like the US names better except for Magmar. Boober is just the best name ever XD It’s official the next time I catch of one of’em it’s getting named Boober. lol According to Urban Dic Boober – “the process of raising Satin from his reign to rule out the rest of the earth in the form of Lucifer aka that boober is so big that its gonna take over!” How could that not be a fitting name for a fire Pokémon?!!! lol

        • Ren

          Discovering that Lapras was originally Laplace gave me a whole new meaning to Devil Survivor. The idea the Laplace Mail is given to you by a Lapras is oddly enticing.

          • … I’m learning how to use Laplace (for differential equations) in the university… Now i will remember Lapras everytime i think about it

          • Zero_Destiny

            The same thing happened to me when I learned about Turn-A in college. All I could think about was the Rocking theme song
            lol Oh such a great show :)
            And the second Op was amazing too (not enough Turn-A in it though lol)

          • Zero_Destiny

            I never played Devil Survivor so the reference is sorely over my head. I’m looking forward to getting the 3DS version though, can’t wait to get it. :D

  • WyattEpp

    Interesting. How big is the keyboard? What sort of keyswitches? Battery life? Power source? Can you just use a bluetooth keyboard you already have? So many unanswered questions….

  • This game is going to KILL Black & White in sales.

    • Bruce

      It could happen ! .

      • Zero_Destiny

        It WILL happen!!! Muwahahahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!

      • Quick, to the bizarro portal!

  • So is it possible to get a “Game Over” in this game?

  • I saw some other screenshots….. why aren’t they using Hepburn Romanization? Pikatyuu instead of Pikachu looks weird!

    • tr1gun1212

      Japanese people don’t really use Hepburn in the first place, and it is shorter to type ti than chi.

  • the weird thing is about its release date is that… 4-21 IS MY BIRTHDAY!! :D

  • ToSeektheChosen

    I don’t think anyone wants this game to be release outside of Japan. They should really just stick to their RPGs.

  • “Nintendo’s Typing of the Dead-style Pokémon”

    If Pikachu and co. were zombiedfied violent creatures coming at you with bad intentions, while saying their pokemon names in a slow, evil way, then I would import a Japanese DS just for this game.

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