Project Blue, A Game From EA Japan, Is Headed To Australia

By Ishaan . March 3, 2011 . 9:04am

In case you weren’t aware, Electronic Arts have a Japanese division as well. While EA Japan don’t release too many original games, we did cover their last one, titled Shonen Kininden Tsumuji, for the Nintendo DS.


While the Zelda-inspired ninja game was never released outside Japan, EA Japan’s next game will be. The Australian Classifications Board recently listed a rating for Project Blue, with a rating of 15+, citing “strong horror violence, blood and gore, alcohol use, coarse language and sexual references” as content descriptors.


We don’t know what Project Blue is or what systems it will be released for, but we’ll probably find out soon enough.

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  • I think I am a massive ERTS fan and always love seeing what they have, I cant wait to see what this EAJPN game…though considering the rating it is probably not on the DS nor the Wii.

    • It’s Wii’s new revival strategy, they will go for gore now, you will be able to pour out the alcohol from it’s bottle into the death bodies with the wii mote, and laught while you do it… Muahhaa


      • amagidyne

        The Wii would make sense for a horror game. Silent Hill got the characteristic fog as a result of having huge technical limitations after all~

    • GVmanX

      Really? I can’t say that I’ve ever really had that much faith in EA. This DOES sound interesting, though, and I wonder what it’ll be.

    • GVmanX

      Really? I can’t say that I’ve ever really had that much faith in EA. This DOES sound interesting, though, and I wonder where it’ll go.

    • dude i live in australia and there are heaps on MA 15+ Games on wii and ds here. Silent hill, 999, Thresia, GTA chinatown wars, no more heroes…just to name a few. I believe the title will be for wii.

      • how much are you willing to bet that the game will be for the Wii?

        • look i was just stating my comment ok! Why is everyone on this site against the wii. Where i come from the wii is the most popular console.

          • The last time I checked, popularity necessarily didnt translate to a console receiving the most support. If that was the case, then ERTS most robust franchises would have made appearances on the Wii in their full forms (Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is vastly inferior on Wii (no online, different tracks, no autolog) than it is on the other consoles), no Command and Conquer on Wii, no Dragon age, Mass Effect, no online support for The Sims 3, etc.

            This is ERTS we are talking about, lol.

            Im quite sure there are some kids and Wii-only owners on the site…they are pretty vocal…

          • Joanna

            Just ignore Tsuna. He…likes to say things to get a reaction out of people. He says gameplay matters in one article and then dismisses a game in another because it’s from the N64 era and the graphics aren’t good enough. And Siliconera does have a slight PS3 slant, but most members don’t tend to go out of their way to bash the other consoles, so Siliconera is by far the best multi-console news site. I’ve stuck here so long here because there isn’t much fanboy hatred here, if any (mostly it was one random poster that used to come and leave these comments before Ishaan banned him).

    • You think you are so good because your one of the top commenter on siliconera but your not. But ‘James’ is right. The game could be on any platform you have no idea. And thats 2 against one.

      • Verily, it could be on the Wii. But as I stated originally, it “probably” is not.

        Im definitely not “so good” and actually pretty terrible as my comment to like ratio is only a mere 48%…

    • why wouldn’t it be on the wii? There’s plenty of MA15+ games on the wii in fact i have more MA games on wii than on PS3

      • I dont understand, why would your own collection of MA15+ titles dictate what platform this Project Blue game would be on? Does ERTS make their games console appearances based on your buying tendencies?

  • Australian Classifications. Ah. We still don’t have an R 18+ classification, but classification observation aside, this is still nice.

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