Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection’s Interlude Is 15 Hours Long

By Spencer . March 4, 2011 . 2:42am

ffiv17[1]I got a sneak peek at Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection yesterday, which included a tiny bit of the "Interlude." This new storyline takes place one year after the events in Final Fantasy IV and connects the original game with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.


Cid and Cecil race in their airships from Baron to the restored Damcyan Castle. Instead of corpses, the party is greeted with living guards. Palom, Porom, and Yang are already waiting in the throne room where Edward makes a speech.


Cecil and Rosa start out around level 30 in the Interlude. Enemies are said to be on par with the later episodes of The After Years. While combat was revised for the sequel, Final Fantasy IV’s Interlude is based on the Super Nintendo version. That means no new abilities or Band system.


The "Interlude" is longer than the average episode in The After Years. According to Square Enix, the new scenario is about 15 hours long.

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  • Heh there’s me thinking the interlude would only be a couple of hours.

  • Dodzkie

    I can’t wait, I don’t care how many hours long, just want to know what is the continuation of one of my favorite final fantasy! :)

  • It just keeps getting better. ^_^

  • Gee, sure wish they’d made the effort on the Wii version that they are here.

  • Zero_Destiny

    15 hours. That’s very good news. Glad too see it(interlude) won’t just be a cheap little gimmick. Should be fun. :D

  • kupomogli

    That means that it’s five human hours.

    “Random game is a kajillion billion hours of gameplay.” I looked through a good number of my PSX games and couldn’t find where it said that. I know Tactics Ogre says it, but that right there is the truth. All I remember I’ve seen a couple games games state that they offer over x hours of gameplay, but after getting all the sidequests and finishing the game, sometimes I wasn’t even half that.

    It may actually be 15 hours, but considering FF4 is less than 15 with all the sidequests completed(plus or minus pink puff,) I kind of doubt it.

  • Pichi

    Has it been confirmed that we can select which scenario to start with?

  • When they said it was the “complete collection”, they weren’t kiddin’.

    I doubt it’s 15 hours though. Most of the time, it’s a lot shorter than they say.

  • Why don’t your levels from completing the original FF IV carry over to the interlude?

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :D

    more content ftw :)

  • Hours

    Mmmmmm, beefy.

    Sad about the lack of bands though. Oh well.

  • Joanna

    Very nice. Makes my decision to purchase this all the more stronger and it probably means it will focus on the other characters and not just Cecil and Rosa (which I personally find are the most dull in the whole cast. Well Cecil was interesting during his time as a Dark Knight but afterwards….he just seems to resolve all his issues and just become the upstanding hero type with zero personality).

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