The Complete List Of Yakuza 4 Edits

By Spencer . March 4, 2011 . 12:12am

yakuza4Earlier this week, I met up with Sega to see the US version of Yakuza 4 and I think fans will be happy to know only two parts were changed. The Answer X Answer arcade mini-game was unfortunately removed. The team was not able to localize the quiz game since text is in images, which cannot be edited.


The opening video was also changed. Licensing issues prevented Sega from bringing the original song, "Butterfly City" from Zeebra overseas. Instead, Sega created a remix of "For Faith" from Hidenori Shoji to replace the song. All other songs, including the install screen track, are intact.


All of the hostess side-stories and ping pong mini-games (with a stare command) are in the English version of Yakuza 4. Interesting fact about the create-a-hostess game within a game – her self-esteem stat will be higher if you don’t force her to wear makeup. If you make your hostess alter her appearance with ton of makeup and colored contacts her stress with skyrocket and her self-esteem will plummet.

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  • lurkingsalt

    Had to purchase Y3 even though I knew of the edits, which were in my opinion was a massive amount. Still enjoyed it and hoped that my purchase would bring then next title with none to minimum edits. This news make me glad I put some faith in Sega. Only 2 more weeks till release, can’t wait.

  • Then my preorder will continue as planned. Sad about the song, but totally understandable and not worth being bothered by.

    Thank you, Sega, for doing the right thing.

  • DanteJones

    Thats actually a lot less than I thought they would, just by going off of what they did for Yakuza 3. And these were things they couldn’t really help, so its not that bad. :)

  • Well, I’m a video game translator myself (English to Spanish, hoping to translate from Japanese in the future too) and I know by experience that localizing text that is made in images is complicated to implement in a game, since the graphic makers need to create new textures and all…

    But it’s not much more difficult than taking it out of the game altogether.

    I would have found more believable if they had claimed that they couldn’t localize the questions. “Answer X Answer” is a quiz game with questions that are supposed to be about kinda obscure Japanese culture that only Japanese people would know about. At least, without making an extensive research in the Wikipedia for each question.

    And making the quiz about American/European culture would not have fitted the game at all.

    • tr1gun1212

      Yeah, I think that is what they actually mean. I found Answer X Answer to just be impossible – even with specializing in Japanese studies. So, like you said they would have to change it, and at that point it is just easier to remove it.

  • Shuryou

    We’ll have YouTube for the song. Very happy to hear about the lack of edits, may have to give Yakuza 4 a chance after all.

  • kupomogli

    The edits in Yakuza 3 didn’t bother me because I could very well do hostess clubs in Yakuza and Yakuza 2. There really is no difference. Running your own is a different story and that’s really the only edit that I would have liked because I somewhat enjoyed the Yakuza 2 hostess club quest.

    Yakuza 4 is going to be amazing. I don’t care about Answer x Answer and not going to whine about a music track. Unfortunately they didn’t remove Shogi and Mahjong again. Mini Game Master is going to be harder than Yakuza 3(but I did it and I’ll do it again on Yakuza 4.) I don’t like Shogi and Mahjong because I’m no good at them, but eh, I guess I’ll have to learn playing them and maybe I’ll grow to enjoy them.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      “Unfortunately they didn’t remove Shogi and Mahjong again.”

      Oh so they are confirmed intact… aren’t they completely optional?

      • kupomogli

        They are, but this is one of the few games I’ll want to platinum so they’re required for that unfortunately.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Ah, I never thought about that. Again, not a trophy guy. But good luck to you then!

        • As soon as I saw that there were golf and fishing mini-games in Yakuza 3, I knew I’d never platinum it. lol

  • “her self-esteem stat will be higher if you don’t force her to wear makeup. If you make your hostess alter her appearance with ton of makeup and colored contacts her stress with skyrocket and her self-esteem will plummet”

    Surely this should be a random factor, as some women like having make-up on. Well whatever not like this is a deal breaker.

    • Yeah, but most women like to put makeup on themselves…
      Not do whatever some guy tells them to make them look prettier to him. =/

    • Code

      Well I know my self esteem is higher when I’m not forced to wear makeup! Seems like a universal enough concept to me~!

  • maxchain


  • badmoogle

    I don’t mind the changes,looking forward for the game.
    On an hemi-related note i played the demo Of The End yesterday and man that was fun!The only thing that bothered me was the camera as it was a bit jerky sometimes.I really hope Sega will bring it in the west!

  • See, I can live with these edits. Yakuza 3 had too many, though I did still enjoy it. I’m so excited, glad I got this paid off. I’ll be playing this from start to finish on the 15th!

  • Phew, that’s not bad at all, when they said they’d release a full list of edits alarm bells were ringing, and when it was getting so close to launch without knowing it seemed like a dirty little secret, but this much is fine, much better than expected

  • ikiryou

    My pre-order’s in place (along with God Eater Burst). I’ll be playing the …’Of The End’ demo ’til then ^__^

  • Aoshi00

    Before the jump, I thought it was Noctis and gang *.*…

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      So did I xD

      • Aoshi00

        I was like yay, more men in black and VS 13 news lol..

  • They changed the opening song? You know, I thought Sega had learned their lesson. It’s bad enough we’re losing Answer x Answer, but this…

    Oh, I’m just kidding. ;) This isn’t bad at all. Thank you, Sega. Already have this pre-ordered.

  • KyoyaHibari

    I heard that Butterfly City song, it wasn’t really good, didn’t match Yakuza’s them i think, glad they changed it

  • Barrit

    This will be the first Yakuza game in the series I’m going to play, and I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully I won’t be too lost.

    Played the demo for Of the End yesterday. Not too bad, and pretty easy to figure out. The ping pong game was pretty hilarious. In the conversation stuff after the ping pong game, I had no idea what I was doing. Her happiness meter just kept fluctuating. Guess I was picking the wrong drinks and food.

    • I’m sure they’ll have the stories of Yakuza 1,2 and 3 on the main menu. They have that for Yakuza 2 and 3…so I don’t see why it would be absent. Don’t worry though, even if they don’t reading Wikipedia or asking for small synopses won’t be too hard to find.

    • just like mass effect, you will not understand the story and why everyone loves it until you played the first 3

  • Very reasonable edits. Seems like they tried their best.

    Good on you, Sega!

  • nyoron

    Well that’s good news. Guess that means I can pick up Y4 day 1 instead of waiting for the price to drop like Y3.

    Related question – if I’m trying to avoid Y4 spoilers is it OK to play the Of The End demo? I’m thinking yes but just want to be sure…

    • badmoogle

      I don’t know enough Japanese to know if it’s 100% spoiler free but from what i played i think it’s safe to play it especially if you don’t know Japanese.
      Awesome demo btw,and quite big!

      • That’s good. Yakuza 4 demo was really short for its size :(

        • badmoogle

          I didn’t even finish it…i played it for around 2 hours (i got stuck at some points) and got to the point where you go down in the sewers with the other guy but it was quite late and i was getting tired (not from the game) so i had to stop it…
          Will definitely play it again though!

  • Yukito

    Yeah, the hostess thing is pretty interesting. Since I have 3 and 4 in Japanese, I got to experience them first hand already. I love how the girls react to that kind of stuff. They make it painfully obvious if they are pissed off or not. They can be all looking around at their bodies all happy nearly clapping, or the screen can pan up them, and the look on her face is of disgust.

    Sucks about Butterfly City, that song grew on me.

    AnxAn sadly, I would LOVE to see that localized one year. Though it is in Japanese, and though it was hell on Y3 to complete, I still enjoy quiz games. Atleast there were like….two English questions in the Y3 version or so.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    So Mahjong and Shogi are in too? (They were cut from Yakuza 3)

    EDIT: Sorry I know you supposedly listed all the cuts, which from above are only 2, but just wanted to be sure.

    • Yes, Shogi and Mahjong are in Yakuza 4. You’ll see in an interview later, perhaps, that Sega was serious about retaining as much content as possible.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        It really comes as a surprise how much Sega listened to their fans for this game, really… even the cover art, which was a complaint for 3, is now not only acceptable but *even more artistically pleasing* than the original.

  • Ok… Okamiden, Yakuza 4, Monster Tales, and Trails in the skies LE. Man, march is such a crazy month for video games.

  • I think this is the most overrated series from Sega…such boring games.
    The legend says that the mini-games are good. The plot is awful and often predictable, you have to run from point A to point B trying to avoid some weird (fat) japanese trying to run into you. Yes, the fights are all the same and you get tired of them you just want to end the main “story” quick.

    Oddly the psp game seems to be the best one. Maybe it’s because it’s made by syn Sophia

    • dude dont be a dick head, go back playing cod and shoot everyone in the face, while i enjoy quality games like this

  • PrinceHeir

    thank you sega :)

    can’t wait for this, please bring yakuza of the end also :D

  • JustaGenericUser

    “Interesting fact about the create-a-hostess game within a game – her self-esteem stat will be higher if you don’t force her to wear makeup. If you make your hostess alter her appearance with ton of makeup and colored contacts her stress with skyrocket and her self-esteem will plummet.”

    It seems Sega agrees with me: Natural beauty is the best.

  • i hope they didnt dubbed it, cause japanese voice makes yakuza a unique game, and the hostess looks fun too, everyone should know by now that japan is a sex craze country

    • Ummm, they said a long time ago, like when this was first announced for the West, that, just like Yakuza 2 & 3, it isn’t dubbed.

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