MangaGamer Announce Visual Novel Guide To Tokyo, Go Go Japan ~My First Trip~

By Ishaan . March 5, 2011 . 3:01pm

In July of last year, visual novel publishers MangaGamer and Overdrive announced a collaboration to develop a “study abroad” visual novel aimed specifically at the non-Japanese audience. Putting you in the shoes of a foreign student, the game would offer an interactive guide to Tokyo within the presentation of a visual novel.


This week, we have more news on this project. Titled Go Go Japan ~My First Trip~, the game is an all-ages title that follows you, a university student from abroad, on a one week trip and home-stay in Tokyo with a pair of twin sisters who will also serve as your guides.


While Go Go Japan will cover popular Japanese sites such as Shinjuku and Akihabara, the game will also introduce you to the Japanese rail network, food and “how to find a public toilet and avoid the bidet button.” The artist behind the game is Overdrive’s Fujimaru, who worked on DearDrops (pictured above).


Price details and distribution formats for Go Go Japan haven’t been “officially” announced at this point in time, although MangaGamer have been tweeting about the game this past week and sharing some of their potential plans for it.


Recent tweets by head translator, John Pickett, indicate that MangaGamer hope to release Go Go Japan at Anime Expo this year. Go Go Japan won’t have voice-acting, but you can also expect the game to cost significantly less than the average MangaGamer title — somewhere within the $10-15 range, in order to make it competitive with the average guidebook.

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  • Kirbysuperstar2

    Actually, given that John said “Overdrive are hoping that if it does well, they’ll also sell it at “, I’m pretty sure it’ll be out a fair bit before then.

  • Going from translating to making?
    While I may not buy this visual novel, this is great news for Manga Gamer and I wish them well.

    • The actual development is being handled by Overdrive, who are partners with MG. But yea, this is a collaborative process between the two. :)

  • No voice acting? Thats not very competitive at all! Shouldnt it have JPN voices since it is aiming to be a guide to visiting JPN, the people in JPN are not going to be mute.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I BELIEVE THAT GAMES DON’T NEED VOICE ACTING. I guess we’re not of the same belief after all. Also their can’t be Japanese voice acting in it’s English release if the game ITSELF doesn’t have acting at ALL

      • I dont understand what you mean; it makes perfect sense to have JPN voices since it is a visual novel that takes place in JPN. Get some JPN speakers, like I said, if this is to be used as a guide, then in the real world, the JPN people are not going to be mute speaking in txt bubbles.

    • Skua

      I’m not overly familiar with what this company releases. However, the project is likely a low budget promotional piece intended to lure the merely curious into learning about Japanese culture (and probably bits of otaku subculture, along with their style of art). There’s probably hope that once they familiarize themselves with Japan, they’ll graduate onto the “real” games that are offered.

      Currently, visual novels are perceived to be the exclusive domain of hardcore anime fans/Japanophiles, which is something the publishers may want to change.

      • Is Disgaea Infinite a visual novel? I wonder why we dont have Western style ones or ones on consoles…seems to be a market that is untapped in CONUS.

        • Zero_Destiny

          *FacePalm* I’ve SEEN you on other VN post. There’s no way you wouldn’t know about all the leaps and bounds that VN’s have to go through to get released in America. Plus I quite remember you badmouthing some of the VN/Poin-in-Click games. Your comments on 999 still upset me.

          • What is 999? I thought I didnt post on any of those articles on that game. Surely you have me confused with someone else.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Too lazy to answer your question tired of wasting my energy on you. I’ll just link you and ANYONE ELSE (who is the keyword since you’re beyond help) to a good article posted on this site that talks about some of the troubles VN’s face in the west.
            Article: []
            Another Good Article: []

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Please knock this series of stunts off. It is disappointing knowing what you can and have brought to the boards here. You know how folks react to your pure troll mode.

          • @M’iau M’iaut What are you getting at, I had interest in this title read and commented. As I was trying to say to Zero_Destiny, I think you both have me confused as Ive not commented in a 999 article (which is why I even asked what it is) nor the two long articles he linked too, nor any other Visual Novel articles as of late. Surely asking why we do not have Western style ones doesnt warrant the response you gave me, I guess?

        • There are at least a couple western companies that have created their visual novels that are out.

          Actually, years back there was a game (and possibly a few others) that played like a novel. It was just text where the screen would prompt up a setting and you’ll have to type in an action to progress. It could be easy such as the game asking you “left or right?” to having you come up with you own logical answer to progress, sometimes requiring you take notes. Some might consider that too broad, but it’s amazing how a game like this was open-ended just based on your own reasoning than high budget games of today.

          -Er, well, anyway, I’m very much looking forward to this! I’ll be at AX again this year and hope to see the team there.

    • Bruce

      Actually , i’m pretty sure that you won’t get the chance to talk to people in this VN . so no need for voice acting .

  • Zero_Destiny

    This sounds really awesome. Totally got to buy it. It looks like it’ll be both fun and educational like Turbo-Man lol I just made the worst reference ever didn’t I?

  • Zero_Destiny

    @Sawada”Get some JPN speakers, like I said, if this is to be used as a guide, then in the real world, the JPN people are not going to be mute speaking in txt bubbles.” While being correct English it is sloppy and ill-refined. If you were to hand-in an assignment with such English it would surely be viewed as of poorer quality. Too many sentence fragments lazily thrown together to make one ugly and awkward to read sentence.
    Now I’ll answer you’re question. Guides DON’T SPEAK!!!! But I wouldn’t yell at my pamphlet and go “Man false advertisement it doesn’t talk to me like people from that country would.” 1 word budget. The game is being backed by a smaller company that is just getting off of it’s feet. Likewise said company is trying to sell this product for less. I think this is a good idea. While I think it’s cool who knows how many people out their want an interactive guide. It could flop for all anyone knows so it’s best to play it safe right now. Hopefully it’ll do awesome and some more of these can be made. :)

    • My English was flawless as my point was able to be comprehended, which is what matters most.

      The last time I checked there were mp3 visual hybrid guides available that spoke in the native language. If companies can offer those, then why cant this one? It seems like an odd business venture if they have to make concessions to make their product competitive.

      • Zero_Destiny

        My English was flawless as my point was able to be comprehended, which is what matters most.” Thus spoke the grammer Nazi. lol
        Also said guides with mp3/visuals options cost more than the pamphlet that doesn’t talk (aka the budget guides). I guess you skipped the part about how this is a budget project. Glad your reading skills are SO developed, Oh smart one. :P

    • PrinceHeir

      lol you nailed it right in the head :P

      i mean this could be them experimenting for people who at least want to know more about japan(actually that’s the game’s purpose :P)

      so yeah i say go for it, sales might not be hit but at least there’s an option for those who want to experience japan in a visual novel way :P

  • Voices or no voices, I hope we get a downloadable version simply because I love Overdrive’s games and I am too far from the US to be able to support them with this release. I’m sure MG will deliver, though.

  • Apache_Chief

    If that price it true, that’s pretty cheap. It doesn’t seem like this will sell very well, but I sure hope it does.

  • Great news. What’s also great to hear is that their fastest release has sold very well too! The fastest selling to date, even.

  • Natat

    This is actually a really cool idea, and at that price, at that. Gotta buy it if I get the chance.

  • Dimentionalist

    I hope I get to stay with some twin sisters when I go to Japan someday~

  • Ooooh, this looks interesting. And I’m going to AX this year. Awesomeness, I’m definitely picking it up if I see it.

  • can someone tell me the name of this

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