Let’s Compare! Tomb Raider Trilogy On PlayStation 2 And PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . March 6, 2011 . 4:32pm

The upcoming Tomb Raider Trilogy pack for the PlayStation 3 will be the first time PS3-only owners get to play Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Anniversary, neither of which were released on the system prior to this.


Both games were released on the PlayStation 2, however, and those are the versions that Crystal Dynamics remastered for the PS3 by re-using and re-working assets and textures from the high-definition Xbox 360 and PC versions of the two games. Here are some quick comparison shots, courtesy of Crystal Dynamics’ Lara Croft Facebook page:


  • Wow Lara, you dont, hm, look so hot? They could have really gave you more polygons in your facial area. Im ready for Tomb Raider (2011/12) tbh, that game looks like fresh hotness.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    It looks better on PlayStation2 for some reason… except for the one where she’s by the water fall. Either way Lara Croft is hot.

  • Soma

    Call me crazy, but I think that the PS2 images look better.

    • Definitely a reason why Im not buying it. Ill just believe that the movies are canon…and forever live with not playing the games before the one that is coming up.

      • Zero_Destiny

        So no Day 1? I’m amazed. Wow

      • Croix

        Sawada’s NOT buying something, let alone no Day 1. A condemning notion if there ever was one.

        Personally, I enjoyed the older TR games, so if the price is right, I’ll probably get this.

        • badmoogle

          “Personally, I enjoyed the older TR games, so if the price is right, I’ll probably get this.”

          I hope you realize that Crystal’s TR’s have nothing to do with the old ones…

          • malek86

            “I hope you realize that Crystal’s TR’s have nothing to do with the old ones…”

            Wait, you mean Crystal’s TRs don’t have incredibly rocky movements and an awful jump system? Uhm, I always thought they did. Tell me more.

          • badmoogle

            Joke post?
            By all means if you don’t like the precise movement simulation of the classic TR games,the challenge,the non-linear exploration,the puzzles,the traps,the atmosphere,the incredible music and you prefer Crystal’s Tomb Raider for dummies with Lara the automaton,the corridor-linear level design,the insultingly easy puzzles,the gimmicky combat,the cheap hollywood melodrama,and the pompous boring music that plays constantly then boy you’re gonna LOVE this trilogy.

            You may also like Barbie the explorer,i hear they took lots of inspiration from Crystal’s TR games.

          • malek86

            I really don’t know how the Crystal Dynamics games are. I only remember trying TR1 and thinking it had the slowest and most annoying movement system ever.

            Later I tried TR2, hoping maybe they fixed it or something. They didn’t. The accelerated graphics were nice though.

            Such movement system was eventually used in Indiana Jones 5, making it my nightmare (at the time I was a big Lucasarts fan, so I just wanted to play everything they churned out). Admittedly the rest of the game was ok, with decent puzzles and big scenarios, too bad for the movement.

            Then, a couple months later, I finally played Shadow Man. Now that’s how you do it. Similar, but so much smoother.

          • badmoogle

            IMO the movement in the old games was one of the most important things that made the games what they were.The “slow” animations were much more realistic than a lot of games today with characters who move like monkeys on crack.It’s much more likely for a real human to move like Lara from the first 5 games than Crystal’s Lara.
            It’s just that those games (like a lot of games from that era) had a steep learning curve and demanded from the player (God-forbid) to put some time to master the controls.Those who persevered were rewarded with a very immersing control system that actually put the player in Lara’s boots.
            Once you get the hang of it,the classic control movement plays incredibly smooth and fluid.Youtube is full of speedruns from the first 5 games that show exactly this.

            But if someone prefers the game to play by itself (like Crystal’s games) better stay away from the old ones.

          • Guest159

            While I agree that they can make something more fun and intricate, the old games are still absolutely unplayable today, they were just fine back then but the tank controls and the way you should’ve measured steps like in 2d PoP are archaic. After the original one, the animations were terrible btw though, even by those days’ standards, they were very basic and looked totally unnatural. the camera was inferior as well.

            TRA was still better than the original in every possible way though, and it’s one of the best games ever made. The game showed that the new control system doesn’t equal a ‘casual’ TR which was Legend. TRU had some brief but fantastic puzzles and jumpy climby sections too.

          • badmoogle

            @Guest159:Phrases like “tank” and “archaic” were usually used by incapable reviewers of the games back in the ’90’s,who didn’t want to put enough time to learn the controls,and who were also lacking any signs of critical thinking so they just started copying what other “like-minded” reviewers had said.It’s the domino effect and unfortunately it’s happening a lot in game “journalism” especially with opinions and phrases that become trendy.From the “journalists” this effect spreads to the fans like a virus and those who don’t have a clear critical thinking are bound to adopt it and spread it to others of the same line of thought.

            As i said before the controls were never slow.The slowness depends on the skills of the individual player and how much time he is prepared to put in order to master them.Have you seen the speedruns of the classic games?If you did then you’d have noticed that the players move Lara very fluid and smooth but unlike Crystal’s games they do so in a manner that is based in a precise game logic and not in blind and lucky automatic jumps.

            And about the part where you say:”After the original one, the animations were terrible btw though, even by those days’ standards, they were very basic and looked totally unnatural. the camera was inferior as well.”
            I’m sorry but this is completely laughable and anyone who had played the old games would have serious doubts if you have ever played them because the animations were basically the same in all 5 Core Design’s games with some improvements like the animation Lara did after she stopped sprinting for example.

            Also lol at the part you are saying:”TRA was still better than the original in every possible way though, and it’s one of the best games ever made.”

            You don’t give any reasons of why you think so and you are basically trolling one of the most important games ever made with a crippled,linear,automatic shadow of the original.Congrats.

          • malek86

            Nope, I already thought they were tank-like from the demo, even before reading reviews. Perhaps not exactly “tank”, but still, “slow” is the right word. Actually, I did read some reviews where they stated the game was awesome. And every time I would ask myself, what’s so awesome about having to stand still to turn around at a snail pace?

          • Guest159


            Look, I’ve played the games in the 90s thus you should drop that kind of attitude, I’m saying how they ‘re these days. So sorry, but you’re mistaken, I described how I feel about them myself. I don’t see why on Earth would you prefer the tank movement as opposed to the analog controls used in games today. they don’t enhance the difficulty or immersion, only make it feel clumsy. they were the result of limited tech, like the random encounters with screen swirling in old school jrpgs.

            The precision I can somewhat agree with, but not in the same way as in Core games, there’re ways to make your game truly hard without unnecessary stuff. Besides TRA did require quite precise jumps, at least compared to ie Legend, which just had a specific level design (aimed at aa more ‘casual’ crowd’).

            Also, my high and mighty friend, you misunderstood the ‘animations’ part, or perhaps i didn’t word it clear enough. What I meant is that while they looked fine at the time of the original’s release, later much better looking games appeared, and thus the later TRs looked inferior.

            Now for the latest part.

            TRA has fixed every single problem with the original game, while successfully recreating the fantastic esoteric atmosphere. the drunk camera is gone, the new controls while being a tad bit easy, do allow for enough freedom whilst more importantly fixing the clumsy movement. The way the graphics are done is fantastic, the lost valley looked better than ever, and so did St Francis folly and the rest of the game. If one drops the silly elitist attitude and the delusional perception due to their childhood memories, the game is a very faithful and well done remake.

    • Yeah I don’t feel that the addition of dynamic lighting is doing these games any favor.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      They cut out the warm atmospheric bloom and replaced it with a colorless, uni-directional light source. I guess they were trying to make it more realistic and natural, but the problem is the art direction wasn’t realistic in the first place. Casting subtle lighting upon the cartoonish characters only serves to emphasize the lack of detail on the models, rendering the whole thing somewhat… bland. The lighting “upgrades” and increased poly-count also amplifies what wasn’t upgraded–the low resolution texture detail and general lack of normal mapping.

      The excess bloom, the low poly models, and simple textures all worked together on the PS2 to give the game a stylized look were every visual aspect is exaggerated. Taking half of that winning combination away does nothing for the graphics. Put simply, it’s an awkward, jarring transitional clashing of last gen and current gen tech.

      Sorry if it’s downer talk, at least they tried to clean it up.

      • Guest159

        Not really.

        If this is the same as the 360 versions then ie the bloom in TRA is amazing, and considerably better looking and atmospheric than in the PS2 game. The anti-aliasing is amazing as well, and so is the lighting. I’m not sure what you mean by normal mapping, the lightmaps? If so then these versions don’t use fake lighting. Or you mean the exported models don’t have normals? What makes you think that?

        And actually iirc CD said the textures are redone.

        ‘ jarring transitional clashing of last gen and current gen tech.’
        no, it just looks like an early current gen title.

        I know some folks don’t want to spend the money on the rereleases, but talking out of the rear end isn’t really sensible either.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Well I was only judging by what I observe IN THESE (low res) SCREEN COMPARISONS, not *theoretically* “if this is the same as the the 360 versions”. I’ve never seen the 360 versions. Maybe I am blind or don’t know what bloom is, because to me the “smudgy piss filter” (aka bloom) has clearly been toned down in favor of cleaner dynamic lights. Maybe the yellow bloom effect is still present, I’m just not seeing much of it in these screens.

          Normal mapping, an extension of bump mapping. You know, the technique of faking the lighting on small details to give a better illusion of depth without adding more polygons. It’s commonplace in games nowadays. Here most of the surfaces/ textures just look flat, without much highlighted bumps or dents. Also, I said “general”, not “complete”. On the other hand, you’re saying this game has NO pre-baked lightmaps? I find that hard to believe. Even Uncharted 2 uses a mixture of pre-baked lightmaps and real-time. 100% real-time is just unnecessary & resource hogging.

          I also don’t know what CD said, from where I sit those textures really don’t look much different from the PS2 version, and if they do look different it seems to be a byproduct of the lighting changes. Maybe you have better screenshots you’d like to show me, because I sure didn’t go out looking for some.

          Incidentally, I already made a mental note of how it looked like those early current gen titles on the 360, because to me those were the very definition of “transitional” games, lacking many of the graphical features commonly found in games today. I never really liked how early games this gen looked, I feel like devs were just discovering how to work the hardware.

          So back off, buddy, no one’s talking out of their rear end.

          • Guest159

            See, i would argue that the bloom (be it fake or not) fits the game just fine, I suppose we have different visions of atmosphere then.

            Yes, the lightmaps then. Actually if you read my post, I said these versions don’t use fake lighting, Lightmaps certainly are being used in games these days for some small enhancements, but not nearly to the same extent as on the non programmable pipeline of the PS2. Since you do the lighting using shaders, that’s what I meant. If they switched from the fake one to the shaders, then the lightmaps remark doesn’t quite make sense to me.

            “All three Tomb Raider games included within the Trilogy pack have been built using the Crystal proprietary engine. In order to remaster the two PS2 titles previously released, we’ve gone back and reworked the highest available assets from both Legend and Anniversary and this has included reusing some of the HD textures from both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the games.”
            Right from this same site, http://www.siliconera.com/2011/01/14/how-was-tomb-raider-trilogy-remastered-for-playstation-3/

            Although, I’m not sure which version textures you were referring to in your previous post. I presumed it was the PS2 one.

            And, I reckon an early current gen title does look better than something from the days of PS2, that’s the point. I was commenting on the ‘clash’ thing.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            No, I’m not saying the bloom filter is bad, I’m just using a common slang for the bloom filter.

            I heard what you said, but I responded that even the most graphically impressive console games use pre-baked lighting on static environments/ objects (bloom is a separate effect all together). There’s not enough memory otherwise. Now dynamic real-time, shader based lighting on the character models, I accepted that from the beginning. I’m saying overall it’s most likely a combination of both.

            The ‘clash’ comment is my way of saying I can tell it’s an upgraded port of an old game. You think it looks good, I don’t. Now I can see you are very vested in this and have been following its development closely. I obviously haven’t. I just stumbled in here, looked at those screens, and made some layman’s observations and opinions based on what I saw. So excuse me if I’m wrong about what CD claims the final product is like.

  • Not caring about these remasters at all.

    However, the premise of that Tomb Raider reboot compels me. I’d like to see more of it.

  • thaKingRocka

    I’m more interested in the framerate. God of War I & II were much more enjoyable for me with 60+. It was hard to accept III’s 30 after that.

    • mikanko

      I’m more interested in this as well, especially with the 360 versions being pretty horrible, for anniversary especially.

      • thaKingRocka

        I played Legend on 360, and I don’t remember many issues, but it was quite a while ago, and it was on an SDTV. I’ve never tried Anniversary or Underworld.

        • mikanko

          Legend has some hiccups framerate wise for the added bloom and effects they threw on the Xbox/PS2 version, but not too noticeable. Just performance wise the regular Xbox ver. is probably the best console version of the game. Anniversary is probably the worst port of the game between all platforms, especially in the really open areas in I want to say Greece it feels like you’re lagging out in online game because the framerate chunks so much. I honestly don’t really remember a time a console game felt that sluggish, and was more akin to PC games I’ve played years ago that my machine couldn’t handle.

          • thaKingRocka

            If I ever play the others, I’ll just play them on PC then. Mine is hooked up to the TV and I have a wireless dongle for the 360 controller anyway. I always kind of chuckle when they re-release console games as reworked HD versions when they’ve always been available in “HD” on PC.

          • Guest159

            I’ve played the 360 ports and the framerate drops were certainly noticeable, but very rare. Besides with the slow pace of the game in TRA it doesn’t really affect the gameplay.

  • PrinceHeir

    well i haven’t played the series since the PS1 release. might check them out now :P

    but im more interested with the reboot one :)

  • badmoogle

    The new Tomb Raider games are crap anyway so it doesn’t really matter which version looks better.

    • neo_firenze

      Legend is excellent, I enjoyed it more than any of the old Tomb Raiders. I also can’t imagine anyone who enjoyed Uncharted 1 or 2 hating Legend. But different tastes…

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Whew… I thought I was the only one who liked Legend. Really loved the fluid gameplay.

        • shy_mel

          I like Legend, I just wish it was longer! But I like all the Tomb Raiders I’ve played, minus 3.

  • kupomogli

    PS3 version looks much better. It’s not just a higher resolution, but like promised, the textures have been enhanced.

    Also. Where is that vine coming from in picture five?

  • Wiccan1109

    Its a shame this is the last we’ll see of the proper Lara, now Square enix got their hands on her its turning in to some hyped up Japanese RPG/FPS. And im gonna miss Keeley Hawes so much ; ;

    • badmoogle

      You obviously haven’t played the classics if you call Crystal’s crybaby as “proper Lara.”
      It’s really an insult to the fans of the classic games.

      • Wiccan1109

        I’ve played every installment, but i felt the original Lara was a bit too hollow for my tastes, since back then it was more about the game. The modern Lara felt a lot more human to me, and i really liked that about her. :)

        • Ren

          You are calling Lara Craft human?

          Great joke! And it amazes me that people still think of this oversexualized and complete monster as a good female role model.

          • Guest159

            Fans of jap emo dramas and spiky haired kids here I presume? Oh well.

            Actually, the whole concept of Lara Croft was never to be an everyday person, Her being too perfect is the whole point. A godlike protagonist shouldn’t have a personality of a human. To each their own i suppose.

          • badmoogle

            “Fans of jap emo dramas and spiky haired kids here I presume? Oh well.”

            Well you must be an expert on emo dramas since you like Crystal’s mommy melodrama so much.;)

            Btw your other post is so delusional (talking about a “drunken camera in the original TR” and other “colourful” points like being “very faithful” when in truth they really butchered the original) that there’s really no point to take it seriously.
            If you like Crystal’s games so much then more power to you.I don’t.
            But please don’t mention the classics anymore because the more you talk about them the more obvious it is that you’ve never played them.

            Edit @Guest159:Wow nice stealth edit to cover some of your contradictions in your long post (but still it’s full of them.)Many of your points are so stretched in order to make your opinion sound as fact that really it’s laughable (like:”rearranging things and locations” lol)After statements like these i find it impossible to take your view seriously.Everyone who has played both versions knows that Crystal butchered whole locations from the original…
            And i can take a different opinion just fine,i’ve been doing so for a long time in this site.But when you start throwing your ungrounded opinion as fact without anything to back it up and insulting one of the most important games ever made (like accusing it for unbased things like having “shitty controls and drunken camera”) then i really can’t stand it.But it was a mistake that i bothered,really.
            Also about me having not played the trilogy:just lol man!What can i say you’ve really uncovered me!!!!! ;D

            Seriously those who know and who’ve played all games extensively they will judge both of us on the merit of what we’ve said.I’ll just end it here from my part.

          • Ren

            Hahahaha! I hate those things, actually, I find most japanese writing to be subpar at best unless it comes from few resposible japanese writers or if it’s translated by few resposible american writers, not that your nowdays american games have it much better. I meant not human on the idea of she being a completely and unsavageable monster moved only by greed and bloodlust. I never mentioned being perfect or anything, nor I said her character is bad in overall, nor that she’s bad handled, just that she oversexualized(kinda unnecessary since, what isn’t nowdays) and that ‘human’ is not a adjective I feel that fits her, altough in a different sense than the one Wiccan meant.

          • Guest159

            Look, badmoogle regardless of how you want to believe that, I did play the old games. The camera was atrocious, and I had to struggle with it as if it is there to make the game even more clumsy than it already is. Perhaps you also prefer the need for having to hold the button while standing still to look around? The controls were awful and the games became worse and worse with each installment.

            That’s not skill, it ‘s like saying the fps became casualized because you don’t have to manually open every single door now and the health system was replaced with regenerating shields.

            I’m sorry, it’s obvious that folks like you can’t get over the fact that there’re people preferring the new games. I’m not saying this because I want to force my opinion on you, you could’ve said we can agree to disagree. But funny: you keep disregarding people’s views and insisting nobody could prefer the remade version unless they’re some ‘casuals’ or haven’t played the old one. perhaps it’s you who haven’t played the new ones?

            ‘Phrases like tank’ LMAO! I’ve been calling these controls tank ones since the days of the original Resident Evil and TR. Btw, I also prefer RE4 to RE1, can you believe that?

            Colorful lines you say? I think it’s quite amusing to call these ‘hollywood melodrama’s, prefer the crappy attempts at Indy like stories?

            Classy denial there.

            Probably ‘failthful’ wasn’t the proper word, this isn’t my native tongue btw. But I was talking about how the game looks and feels as whole, if making the old idea relevant is butchering to you then so be it.

            Sorry if you’re so sensitive to rearranging things and locations. And generally I meant that despite tweaking the gameplay and LC, they successfully kept the spirit of Tomb Raider. Sorry, dropping things like the silly clunky boss fights is irrelevant imo. I think people like you hate it, because they played the game and already know what to expect, but instead they have to deal with CD reimaging things, and thus perceive it as ‘disrespect’.

            I do prefer the reimagined level design, the sense of scale and the redone story, I even liked how they redesigned the very late parts of the game like the pyramid. Sorry, the feeling of immersion is much better in the new one, I’d take that over cutted off rooms and less running around pointless labyrinths.

            I prefer the remake Lara as well, she is way more believable, I liked the subtle story sequences like the one where she kills the guy in Natla’s Mines, if you see her killing someone for the first time and being shocked as a crybaby, well, then so be it. I suppose you prefer the two dimensional joke that was the old LC.

            and I say you haven’t played the CD developed games btw, since LC went from a ‘crybaby’ in legend to absolutely the opposite in underworld. Do you remember the scene before Mexico, where she says she has to find the hammer to kill God? Notice what just happened before that (hint – someone died), and the ‘What it’s business as usual’ line.. erm, yeah, out of us two it’s not me who’s delusional and haven’t experienced the game.

            And, my point isn’t to persuade you which way is better, the CD ones or the Core titles. It’s as much of an opinion as yours’. Besides, stop putting words into my mouth, I called TRA a superior version of the original, I didn’t put Legend or Underworld above it. they’re still great games in their own right though, the gaming world in old ones became less and less intricate and immersive with each installment. It went from fantastic stuff like Opera House to generic same old rehashes that was TRC. The combat wasn’t any fun either, when comparing to other games from that time., it was as much of a tacked on ‘action’ feature as it is in the latest game.

            Also, btw: lol @ the trolling one of the most important games ever made. You know, honestly.. For years i’ve been defending the original Tomb Raider from the haters, and I rank the game in the top ten titles that changed the course of the gaming history.. but frankly reading jaded fanboys refusing to acknowldege the fact that there’re people with different visions of the series makes me even more sad.. I should probably stop taking the likes of your posts seriously indeed.

            Why are you on the internet even, if you can’t take anyone with a different view? What’s the point of discussions then. Notice how you refuse to even acknowledge the existence of someone thinking differently, nice to live in that ivory tower of yours? You know, maybe, just maybe, it’s you who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          • Guest159


            bloodlust, greed? What?? Lol, she is as far from being greedy as possible.. did you even see the ending of TR1? did you hear what she says to Natla?

            And she raided the tombs for fun in the past games, and during the trilogy she looked for what happened to her mother. What ‘re you supposed to do when a wild wolf is trying to kill you or something?

          • Guest159

            Look, your post is pathetic.

            You edited it, adding the stuff after ‘You’re an expert on emo’, before this new edit.. Seriously, man grow up. I’ve just been adding points for about an hour to that comment. You have so little to justify your opinionated agenda that you resort to things like that..

            Keep telling yourself that, as you can see I even stated it myself that they cut out the rooms, no crap Sherlock. Doesn’t take away the fact that I prefer the new design. And sounding like fact? Wow, that’s a good one, I even said that mine is as much of an opinion as yours is. I don’t contadict myself, like I said the remake has fixed everything that was wrong about the game. The alterations and cuts made by CD only made for a more immersive experience, since their design is superior, unless you look at the game through some sort of nostalgic glasses imo. Sorry, deal with it.

            You know, I’ll tell you what shouldn’t be taken seriously: stating that the old keyframe animations look better than the skeletal ones in the new games.. Yeah, I guess that’s what the extreme fanboyism does to players. I suppose CD really ruined your childhood memories.

            The points aren’t stretched, if anything yours are, you’re just bad at arguing opinions. All you seem to be good at is attacking people you disagree with with the likes of ‘OMG a joke post’ and making up generic accusations.

            You keep on grasping at straws and desperately trying to seek out errors in my posts, and arguing semantics, which is funny. You even mistook a grammar error.. You ‘re really determined to see what you want to see.

            Also, it was actually a mistake of mine that i bothered. I just had no idea there’re such fanboys in denial out there. It’s hillarious, you even still can’t see that I was saying the camera and controls were fine back when the original came out but have been surpassed since.. I even said that I rank the game in the top titles which changed the gaming history.. Doesn’t take away that it feels clumsy now, much like some turn based jrpg from 1989.. Seriously, read the posts not just the words.

            Oh, and ‘judging us’.. uh, are you really doing this cause you believe people will make decisions based on two random guys arguing on the internet? uhh, I see then. I hope you did work for Core (although even then it’s crazy).

          • Croix

            What’s with all the hate? If you’re going to eat up the comments section in aggressive arguments with other users, do it over email or something. No one really wants to see it.

          • Guest159

            I didn’t mean to sound aggressive myself, just trying to take the point across.

          • Wiccan1109

            I never said she /was/ a human, geez xD I never said she was a role model either, im not sure why you’re over reacting like that. Tomb Raider is a fictional story portraying a human being, when writing a story its usually the writers goal to flesh their character out as much as possible, this is what fiction is. If you fail, you didn’t do your job. Giving a character motives, reactions, emotions and development is a part of the whole fiction experience, we pick up on these and we relate to them (or atleast those of us with souls do, anyway) This is why video games, books, films and television are popular forms of escapism. I dont think anyone here is trying to convince themselves a video game character is actually alive out there, and i dont think anyone is trying to put Lara’s name forward for the most inspireing and ground breaking character of the decade, but my point was that her transition from her TR1 days (where she had maybe….8 whole lines?) have evolved to a point where you can understand who she is and where shes coming from as a concept.

          • Ren

            Nothing of it was a jab at anything you said, it’s just that calling Lara human makes me laugh, altough for different reasons than the one you used for. I understood what you meant. It was only a simple commentary I wanted to maked based on your wording.

  • Sorry, Crystal Dynamics. I’m kind of over the Tomb Raider series.

  • Lara has a bigger head in the PS3 version :P

  • Code

    rar, that dinosaur needs more feathers >w<; rarr this was my desktop for the longest time, because nothing could be more delicious http://www.atomicmoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/teeewrecks_revorution.jpg

  • she looking hot as ever lol

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