Little Factoids About Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

By Spencer . March 7, 2011 . 1:39am

ffiv10[1]Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection has includes three games: Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and a brand new Interlude episode. Through the main menu, players can choose any storyline to play as soon as they unwrap the PSP game.


So, you can start in the middle with the Interlude, try out The After Years, and then go back to the beginning of the Final Fantasy IV saga. The only exception is you must complete the first episode of The After Years to open the other episodes, which can be played in any order.


The options menu also lets players choose between the original music and rearranged soundtrack. You can also select the game’s language from English, French or Japanese. The English translation is based on the Game Boy Advance version. Extra event scenes made for the Nintendo DS remake are not included in the game. This game does not have the augment system, which was made for Final Fantasy IV on the DS, either.


Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection uses unedited art based on the Japanese version, which means some enemies have slightly different sprites. The game has an art gallery with character and enemy art to unlock. While some of the pictures will be familiar to fans, Square Enix said there is some new artwork to see in The Complete Collection.

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  • Hours

    My frothing demand for this game intensifies.

  • Dodzkie

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I love how it’s called The Complete Collection, yet the FFIV DS content isn’t there. Not that I’m heartbroken about it or anything, I just find it funny.

  • Extra event scenes made for the Nintendo DS remake are not included in the game. This game does not have the augment system, which was made for Final Fantasy IV on the DS, either.

    Very smart way of making their fans buy every single version of FFIV!

    • Gestahl

      I don’t quite get it – the Japanese release will be multi-language?

      • Essentially, fans who haven’t already bought FFIV on the DS, and who thought they could just wait to get the PSP version since it’s a supposedly “better” and more complete version of FFIV (eg. me), would now realise that in the end they may have to get the DS version too if they’re completist since each version has content that the other doesn’t. Thus, it’s a rather smart marketing move on Square-Enix’s part to ensure that FFIV on the DS will continue to sell even after the PSP version is released. :)

  • Now we need a Final Fantasy X – Complete HD Collection and Final Fantasy XIII Complete.

    • Zero_Destiny

      No we need Final Fantasy PS2 HD collection. Give us both X and XII (with all the extra’s that were later released in Japan and not here) on one Blu-Ray disc for the PS3. Do it SE. I’d buy it. XD

      • I would buy it if one of those extras is hitting Tidus with an axe then setting him on fire.
        Day one if it makes him wear a shirt first.

        • Bakuryukun

          Ditto that, only instead of Tidus, I would pick Vaan.

    • Yamaneko22

      FFXII Internatonal Zodiac Job System HD comes on top of my priority list.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Uncensored Monsters!!!! XD So I can see the buttocks of Barbariccia and her sisters. XD Nice!!!!!!

  • You can also select the game’s language from English, French or Japanese.

    Viva multi-language releases!

  • Pichi

    Finally, its been confirmed to select! Thanks! I’ll do the DS version then go straight to After Years.

  • Bakuryukun

    Original Soundtrack?! GBA Translation?! Holy crap, this is literally the end all definitive version of this game for me now. I hope FF5 and 6 get the same treatment, I’d love to have the newer translations with the original SNES music. I’m buying thid Day 1!

  • LastFootnote

    That’s great. Now does it include the Cave of Ordeals and Lunar Ruins from the GBA release?

  • It’s good to know that you could choose any section from the beginning, but I’d still play through it in order. It’s been a while since I’ve played FFIV.
    I wish I had more money so I could get this game day 1 xD

  • What.

    The GBA version? They better mean they just borrowed the dialogue and not that they’re throwing out the improvements from the DS version. It’s gonna get mighty awkward if FFIV calls it the “Land of Summoned Monsters” while The After Years calls it the “Feymarch”.

    And what about the Mysidian Prophecy, hmm?

    Birthed from womb of dragon’s maw
    And borne unto the stars
    By light and darkness cast aloft
    Are dreamtide oaths resworn
    Moon is swathed in ever-light
    Ne’er again to know eclipse
    Earth, with hallowed bounty reconciled

    Dissidia referenced the DS version’s poetic take on the prophecy, dammit. If they go back to that “One born from a dragon” crap, I will be one very angry panda indeed.

  • PrinceHeir

    i cannot wait for this :)

  • leeorv

    So wait, you mean this is import friendly? full english translation available for all stories in-game?

    • I can’t say for sure since I saw the US/English version, but those three language choices were available and since Final Fantasy I/II for PSP had similar options I’d bet on it.

  • Tokyo Guy

    The English version is based on the GBA version? Someone please say the gross number of glitches present in that version has been removed…I for one remember how broken it was (though if memory served me, wasn’t the European version corrected?)

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