Shakycam Teaser Trailer Gives Us A Better Look At The Next Atelier Game

By Spencer . March 8, 2011 . 2:27am

While Gust is slowly releasing details about the next game in the Atelier series, an attendee at this weekend’s event recorded the teaser trailer and leaked it on to the Internet.


You can see a glimpse of the upcoming Atelier title for PlayStation 3 at the two minute mark.



And here’s the new, possibly named protagonist. A trademark hints that she may be Meruru.




Dengeki PlayStation revealed Rorona from Atelier Rorona will appear in this game too. Her role has not been specified, but Rorona says players will see her grow up beyond her 22 year old self from Atelier Totori.

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  • godmars

    Surprisingly, neither the Cloverfield monster nor Godzilla did not make an appearance…

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol I thought the camera was shaky too. The person filming could of definitely used a second hand to hold it straight. It reminds me of when I was young and I couldn’t hold a camera straight. Good camera skills is something we really take for granted now-a-days. I’m guessing the person was filming in secret as well which may of been some of the reason why it was so shaky.

  • joesz

    Oh~~ The press is not going to be happy about this..

  • Hexen

    And the audience goes wild at the start of the vid

  • holyPaladin

    Haven’t finished Rorona yet…

    Still got time before Totori and Meruru come to NA I hope :(

    • I still have to get around to getting a copy of Rorona. Derp.

    • Kai2591

      That makes two of us :)

    • Zero_Destiny

      The pie ending involves doing some extra work but it’s awesome. :D I’ve heard the true ending is pretty easy to get and can be done on your first playthrough. I’ve only beat it one though (pie ending baby) so I don’t know.

      • holyPaladin

        I’m playing Rorona, WKC, and RoF now
        Dunno which should I finish first lol..
        and AT3 coming soon :D

        I’m thinking to finish Rorona just once, too much ending and so little time

        • Rorona needs a lot of time, so I would finish the other two first, as they can be beaten much faster. :P

          • Zero_Destiny

            Rorona isn’t hella long but it does take devotion. I got it day 1 baby and just beat it a couple of weeks ago (though it wasn’t the top of my priorities).

          • holyPaladin

            Thanks for the suggestion :)

            Gonna finish RoF first I think
            Playing Rorona sometimes to counter RoF atmosphere haha

      • It can be done – it just requires that you know what you’re doing (I did it from a standing start, and even proved you could nail a million cole before game’s end. The game will default to the true ending, not the millionaire one if you fulfill both, if you’re wondering.)

        There are a couple of things to note that can make it tricky though and which can cause some odd glitches. (In my case, I managed to evoke two major plot events happening at the same time.)

  • kupomogli

    That woman that’s reading out the advertisement sounds exact like the one reading out stuff on the intercoms on Yakuza 3(I think at the Poppo stores.)

  • Kai2591

    Are they like releasing a new Atelier for the Ps3 every year on June?

    Cuz thats awesome.

    • HarryHodd

      First jrpg trilogy to be released on home consoles this gen.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Project A13? We’ve really burned through that many Atelier game by now. We’ve almost reached Final Fantasy level numbers and these games only started in the ps1 era. XD There was a lot of pics from Rorona I hope that means she does play a big role in the game. The game looks nice, I think Gust has transened well into 3D games. Also they’ve been able to get so many of them out so quickly too. Definitely a plus in my book.

  • great

  • Looks really interesting, is kinda obvious the next MC is a princess… for the crown and what they said, i might be wrong though, but i hope GUST’s next project is a full fledged RPG (like atelier IRIS, or MANA KHEMIA, i hope more like Atelier Iris rather than Mana Khemia if that were to happen xD)

    • Which Iris though? They were all pretty different from one another.

      • Well, i meant like, in the Atelier iris 1,2,3 style, wich are, in a really basic way, RPGs, turn based battles (dont mind if they wanna go real time battles like most of rpgs nowdays) with Alchemy.

        If you are asking me wich one was my favorite, then the second, the one with the talking sword xD

  • Guest

    A sorta interesting FYI: Rorona is 17 in the US version and 14 in JPN version. I’m curious to see if and when NIS brings Totori to the US, if they’ll keep her at 22 or make her even older.

    • Technically she was 17 in both, right? Not like her age is ever discussed in either explicitly.

      • The Japanese version lists her age at the start of the game, while the US version lists her age at the end.
        . . .
        I think.

      • Well, it’s hard to say. The manuals explicitly peg her age, on all the games.

        At the beginning of Rorona she’s 14. She finished Rorona at 17.

        5 years go by before Totori, making her 22 at the start of Totori.

        She’s 28 by the end of Totori, on the assumption you take the game to the final leg. (And considering the plot point in question, I imagine the true ending is the canon one. The point matters to Rorona.)

        So odds are she’ll be nearing her 30s, short of time travel, which wouldn’t be completely out of question (this is Rorona we’re talking about here, and I imagine she’ll make a pie powered time machine if given half a chance.)

        Adding 3 years shouldn’t be an issue, but the timing may cause issues for the other characters (Namely, Totori won’t be 13 anymore otherwise you get into various issues with Totori’s setup) which may cause some issues.

        An example is Rorona’s reaction when Totori asks her about alcoholic formulas and Rorona lecturing her about how she’s too young to drink before finding out why she’s actually asking – Adding 3 years actually kills the joke because the earliest this can happen is in the game’s late second year – making her 15. Adding 3 years makes her 18, which would make her legally able to drink in most areas of the world.

  • HarryHodd

    Looks really awesome even with shaky cam. Environments look atmospheric and the castle looked really cool.

  • PrinceHeir

    if she is Meruru she looks sooo lovely :)

    why haven’t i bought rorona? and where the hell is totori? :P

    • HarryHodd

      Dont know why but I recommend Rorona. Fun and addictive game.

  • Its official. I NEED this game or else my lifeforce will dry out from pie-shortage!

    Gust and NISA, I bleive in you guys!

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