Listen To Voice Clips From Mega Man Legends 3

By Ishaan . March 11, 2011 . 2:31pm

The latest progress report on the dialogue of Mega Man Legends 3 heroine, Aero, deals with the voice-editing process after a character’s lines have been recorded. You can read up on the voice-recording process for Aero’s lines in this older post.


Mega Man Legends 3 main composer, Reo Uratani, starts his post out by providing a brief voice clip of Aero in both English (actress unknown) and Japanese (Akemi Kanda). He then goes on to give a brief a synopsis of how the lines are edited for use in the game. Here are the first two clips:



And here are another two:



Any guesses as to who the English actress could be?


You can read the rest of Uratani’s post over at the game’s development blog.

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  • PrinceHeir

    lol the japanese one seems more cute but both are awesome :)

    • i think the american one fits her look more since she looks a bit tomboyish

      • Agreed. And I like that in a tomboy. :)

      • she seems like a perfect fit for a new character. i wounder what her roll in the game. she isnt the new spotter is she?

      • If only because in her drawing she didnt looked that happy, it would had been better xD

  • Chippel

    The hissing ‘S’! It burns!

  • I think that’s Grey DeLisle.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Awww, this just makes me wish all the more that the Indian-dressed girl won, I wonder how she would have sounded.

  • Pichi

    If only I can mix them both together.

  • mmm i sounds like the girl from futurama

  • DanteJones

    The Japanese voice clips definitely would have fit her original look before the changes, but I still love it, very cute. :D

  • Aoshi00

    “Everyday’s great at your Junes” :)

    • You really think it’s Nanako, Karen Strassman for the English VA?

      • Aoshi00

        nah, sry I meant Kanda Akemi the seiyuu as the cute Nanako, I guess I should’ve said “everyday young life Junes” :) I don’t know who the Eng voice is..

        • Ah, ok. Becuase I was going to say, good guess.

  • Tokyo Guy

    So this is voice recording from a game that, according to the Siliconera post yesterday, is still not an official project? Right…

  • My guess would be Jennifer Hale or Michelle Ruff.

  • Idk what her name is but i’m pretty sure her american voice is the new bulma from Dragon Ball Z Kai

  • MisterDandylion

    I prefer the japanese VA more, I don’t know why even though I thought the English one fit her personality well xD

  • ryebot

    How ’bout that translation? In the first clip how’d they go from, “There’s a town with a hospital in it, hurry!” 「病院なる(にある??)町にあるは、いそいで!」 to “Hurry!”

    My Japanese is real bad, so that might be a bit off. Anyway!

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