Parasite Eve Spreads To PlayStation Network This Tuesday

By Ishaan . March 13, 2011 . 11:13pm

Waiting for Parasite Eve to show up on the PlayStation Network so you can get through it before picking up The 3rd Birthday? We first discovered a re-release was imminent and you you don’t have to wait long to shoot mutated rats and crocodiles. The PsOne title that introduced the world to Aya is headed to the U.S. this Tuesday.


Similar to the Megami Tensei series, which started out as a novel titled Digital Devil Story, Parasite Eve, too, was originally a novel, penned by Hideaki Sena.


The first Parasite Eve game was released by Square Enix as a follow-up to Sena’s story. Yoko Shimomura served as the game’s composer.

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  • Soma

    Any word on Parasite Eve 2 coming to PSN?

    • It hasn’t been announced or leaked, but we’ll keep our eyes out for it :)

      • PrinceHeir

        thank you :D

  • Square Enix has been on the ball with the PSN releases this year. I hope they keep that up!

    • godmars

      If only they could apply such “common sense” to more recent productions…

  • Zero_Destiny

    Nice! :) I’ve been wanting to try this out. Looks fun. Will have to download it and put it in my back burner though since I’m giving XenoGears my full-attention for now. Thank you SE you’ve been making PSN so much better. Now if only you can send us Chrono Cross and the SaGa games and I’d be forever a fan of yours. :)

    • PrinceHeir

      yes please :P

      oh konami, capcom should listen too :D

      Suikoden II, Snatcher and Policenauts, Metal Gear 1,2 MSX(if PS3 does have a MSX emulator) Darkstalkers Collection, Megaman X and Anniversary Collection, Dino Crisis 2, Capcom vs Snk 2, Marvel vs Capcom 1 soo many possibilities :D

      though i wonder when will we get some SNK goodies? KOF 2002UM and Neo Geo BC would be a start :P

      • Zero_Destiny

        There’s SO MANY Awesome old games that need to be on the PSN, Wii VC, XBOX Arcade, etc. And of course Suikoden II!!!!!! I SO NEED it. At least the PS2 has some awesome SNK collections. :) BTW XenoGears is getting epic!!! It’s the only game I ever played that flat out told me evolution is a lie and we should believe in Region. lol That’s awesome. XD To answer your question about the megaten series the original game and I think it’s sequel were based off of books and then Atlus started to write their own stories and then eventually went all Megaman and decided to branch the series out and made Shin Megami Tensei series (like how Capcom has Megaman, Megaman X, etc) but that brand(SMT) ended up becoming more popular than the original and so they only use SMT now. lol

        • PrinceHeir

          i agree it seems Megama X and Shin Megami Tensei are better than the orginals but they’re still just as good as the new ones :)

          btw you reminded me of playing the first suikoden. is it also good? :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            Very good. A solid RPG with six-person parties and 108 recruitable chara’s to join your party. It’s definitely an “old-school” kind of game but the story is fun and it’s gameplay is solid. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes 16-bit/32-bit (but the 2-D kind lol) RPG’s. I also love the atmosphere of the whole game series. It’s based on a Chinese novel so it’s all Chinese mythos which is a nice change of pace. Reminds me of the forth Breath of Fire which had an Korean mythos. It’s a nice change of pace from all the Japanese and Judeo-Christian myths you see in a game.

          • Pesmerga00

            I approve of this conversation.

          • @Pesmerga – Why are you wasting time online? Yuber’s still out there, you know!

          • The Suikoden series is up there with the Shadow Hearts series among my favorite RPG series. That there hasn’t been a PS3 installment of either series makes me very, very sad (and yes, I know the reasons WHY we haven’t, especially Shadow Hearts, but still doesn’t change the fact that it makes me sad).

            The first Suikoden was an okay game, even for its time. I was a little spoiled from playing a lot of the Sega RPG’s at that point, so I wasn’t really that impressed by one that I could beat in about 25 hours. Still, it was an okay game and I really liked that I could make my own base and had to recruit the shop keepers, etc… I also liked that there were three types of battles: traditional turn-based battles (with a 6 person team), one-on-one duels, and more strategic army based battles.

            So, when Suikoden II came out, I made the mistake of not picking it up.

            Years later, a friend sent me some of her old PS2 games and Suikoden III was among them. The disc was majorly scratched up, though, but it only went about three hours into the game. Still, I was impressed enough that I searched out a used copy and it quickly became one of my favorite RPG’s. It took a very Rashomon-approach to the story, in that you played as three main characters seeing some of the same events and then at the end of the game, you picked one of them to be the main hero of the story and combined everyone’s parties into one. You got to play as the villains after the credits if you had recruited all 108 characters, which was very cool, as it filled in a lot of the blanks in the story. It was also interesting that the turn-based battles became a lot more strategic.

            Suikoden IV was awful. Well, it was awful for a Suikoden title. It would’ve been an average sea-based RPG (you don’t get a base in that one, you get a ship), but it was just completely dumbed down. Hated it. Suikoden Tactics is pretty much the sequel to Suikoden IV and it seems to be where all the plot was. Since it has the word “Tactics” in the title, you can pretty much guess what it plays like.

            Suikoden V, though, is another of my absolute favorites. I should note they also managed to actually give all 108 characters their own personalities, which made it something that took up every moment of my spare time for the 70 hours it took me to beat.

            Finally, Suikoden II took me years to get. It cost over $150 on ebay last time I looked, and no game is ever worth that, so it was a very pleasant surprise when I went to my mailbox one day and one of my old band’s fans sent me her used copy. It’s definitely the best PS1 RPG I’ve ever played, without a doubt and my third favorite RPG of all time. It’s not even funny how much of an improvement over the original this one is.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes Sukioden III is my fav Suikoden game. One of the best!!! And Tactics is definitely a close-second!!! Really Tactics pretty much made-up for IV’s blandness. It’s why I can’t bring myself to hate IV because it gave us Tactics!!!!!! :D Sadly I haven’t gotten II yet since I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend but I always hear it’s the best one of the series. I have to find it one day so to complete my collection. I liked the DS game too. No one else seems to but I thought it was a blast. It wasn’t very Suikoden like but that didn’t mean it wasn’t good.

          • Croix

            I personally really enjoyed Suikoden IV, but I can see why long time fans of the series didn’t care for it. Tactics isn’t bad, but too much grinding required to get full enjoyment out of it…not that it’s ever stopped me, and it didn’t stop me here either.

            I made the same mistake of not picking up Suikoden II back in the day though, and am, like so many others, REALLY regretting it right now. Would love to see it appear on PSN, especially since the first is on there already.

          • Pretty much summed up my thoughts, good sir. IV was horrible and what made it so horrible was that it was my first Suikoden game. The first thing I noticed about the game was the attack animation. It was terrible. Immediately when I was allowed to do a team attack, I watched as the hero and Snowe pathetically swung their swords at an enemy. The swings were weak and they weren’t very nimble at all. I kinda lost hope for it that moment. And then came other factors and I really regret making the purchase. Luckily I managed to finish it in the end.

            Good to see another person that appreciates Shadow Hearts.

          • The Suikoden series is my second~~ favorite RPG series at the moment (Shadow Hearts being the first XD).

            The first game is great. It’s different than the second and later games, of course. In the first game, everyone only gets one rune, instead of three. The army battles are paper/rock/scissors based, like the one-on-one duels. (lol I loved the strategy battles from II the best, btw.) You can load your completed game data from I into II to get Tir McDohl as an extra playable character in II. :D lol I wanna go on more and more about SuikoI (like about Ted and Gremio /cry), but there’s sooo many spoilers that could be mentioned. XD

            When II came out, that was the first Suikoden game that I played. So I was spoiled by II’s characters and battles before trying the first one. But seeing the changes between the two are great. I loved how Flik went from hotheaded to the mature man that he became. Seeing Futch growing up is cute too. lol He was such a brat in the first game. XD And Luc’s still amazing~ lol Suikoden has a great number of characters, no matter what game it is. I love a good majority of the characters from all of the games (I think that’s why it’s my second favorite RPG series).

            Then I kinda just followed the Suikoden series since then. With each game with it’s highs and lows. My least favorite is the DS game tho. It’s just a bland RPG with Suikoden in the game’s title. I believe it’s nothing like Suikoden, but that’s just MY opinion.

          • PrinceHeir

            okay2 thanks :)

            will try both Suikoden and Shadow Hearts :P

  • Testsubject909

    Ah Aya, my sweet love. I await you with arms wide open and free space in my HDD.

  • PrinceHeir

    Aya Aya is soooo hot :P

    thank you soooooo much square, it seems they love tuesday for some reason :D

    i’ll buy this day 1 for sure, please bring Parasite Eve 2 the next tuesday after this tuesday. lol so many tuesdays XD

    i love Tuesdays though Friday and Saturday are my favorite days :)

    hmm so what’s next for square or sony? Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Dragoon would be nice :)

    • Zero_Destiny

      I forgot about Mana that would be great. SE is suppose to release it on the PSN too. The sooner the better. Like Maybe next Tue. :) I’m still wanting Chrono Cross on PSN so my dream of playing it on a portable system can come true. :D

    • The Legend of Dragoon would be an excellent release on the PSN. Loved that game!

      • Croix

        This, I would love to see. One of the few RPGs that people I knew in person loved across the board, and yet almost everyone I knew who had it ended up with discs eventually worn to the point where they were unplayable, including myself.

        • A good mate of mine introduced it to me. I remember good times were had with Legend of Dragoon. It was a sensational game and experience. Here’s to hoping it’ll end up on the PSN.

    • Legend of Mana is one of my favorites from SE. XD I can’t wait for that to be released on the PSN. I’d probably put it on my PSP and actually play my PSP. XD *ignores her backlog of games to play*

  • It’s been constant amazing PS1 games on the PSN these past 8 weeks! KEEP IT UP DON’T EVER STOP!!

  • PrinceHeir

    “Similar to the Megami Tensei series, which started out as a novel titled Digital Devil Story, Parasite Eve”

    never knew the megami series started that as well O_O

    any other games that started as a novel?

    • You can read a translated version of Digital Devil Story here:

      It’s pretty interesting! Devil Survivor reminded me of it very much in some ways. :)

      Ah, and to answer your question…a lot of Japanese franchsies are actually based on Chinese novels. Dragonball is somewhat inspired by Journey to the West. Suikoden is loosely based on Water Margin, but I haven’t played any of those games or read that novel personally. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a novel as well.

      • Testsubject909

        Romance of the Three Kingdoms is both a novel and a history book, though the novel certainly romanticizes the events.

        • GVmanX

          That’s the way history was done back in the year it was written (estimated to be around 1000 AD). It was always a subjective view. Objective viewing of history didn’t come in until much later.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I’d just like to add some of my two cents to the list of Japanese Media based off of Novels from other cultures. The Dragonball manga/anime was suppose to be more like a parody of the novel A Journey West (Often called Saiyuki in Japan) at first until Akira Toriyama was strong-armed into continuing it a million times from his editors and he threw in all of the alien and sci-fi subplots (that dominated DBZ) and turned the series into a more-action paced one. There is an manga and a couple animes based off of the novels though simply called Saiyuki in it’s western releases (Gensomaden Saiyuki in Japan) though it too is very loosely related to the book and is more like hey look at these four hot bishounens. lol The game Saiyuki: A journey West (for the PSOne) made by Koei is a good reference material to the Journey West story. Follows loosely but probably is the most close to the original story than all the others I listed. At least from what I know. And it’s recently been added to the PSN so you all can go and play it. Really a journey West has been referenced millions of times in anime and manga’s. It’s a popular story to reference. I have read The life of the Buddha (a pretty good read and really cheap too) and I have to say Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha Manga is pretty accurate to it. It strays here and there and definitely makes Buddha into a shonen action hero instead of the religious figure/Life-style Teacher that he is but it atcually follows pretty close and never does anything too ridiculous and too surreal in it. That and it’s a fun manga. I guess that’s why they call Osamu Tezuka the God of manga. The guy can even turn religion into an awesome shonen romp. :) Lastly I think it’s worth mentioning A Dog of Flanders. It’s a sad book about a poor boy and his dog. It’s from England. For some reason the book was very popular in Japan a while ago. I don’t know why but because of that some anime/manga like to reference it for some reason or another. Hayate no Gotoku!(Hayate the Combat Butler in the West) is probably one of the most popular series I can think of that referenced the story. Hayate flat-out makes a joke about it and the chara of Hayate himself is very similar to the boy from the novel. XD

        • PrinceHeir

          i knew Gensamaden Saiyuki :P

          one of the main character’s name is goku right? ^^

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yeah Son Goku just like in Dragon Ball. Their based on the Monkey Sprite/Demon from the novel A Journey West.

    • PrinceHeir

      awesome2 :D

      thanks guys for the info :P

  • I’m happy and sad. Gods Eater Burst, Dissidia Prologus and this.

  • Tarlol

    Square really rocked the PSX era. I’m glad they’re putting all these games up for download. I’m in for this, too – I played this game as a kid and it scared the hell out of me, then revisited it in my teenage years when I found it for cheap at a closing down mom-and-pop rental store. Was glad I did, its really a great game. 3rd Birthday looks to be pretty good, too.

  • badmoogle

    If they want the 3rd birthday to sell well in Europe they should try their best and bring this to the Euro PSN as well.
    In fact they should have done so many months ago before PE3s release.I’m not gonna jump to a game that its storyline is heavily connected to a game that was never released in my country.

    • Croix

      Unfortunately, this seems to happen every so often with various games series. I remember Xenosaga II’s especially poor performance in Europe which had a lot to do with the fact that the first game wasn’t released there.

      • badmoogle

        Ugh.Don’t even remind me the Xenosaga fiasco…>_<
        I just pretend this series doesn't exist (and no i didn't want to mod my PS2 and buy a pirated copy like many Europeans did!)

        • Croix

          It was a pretty bad market decision, but I think that’s exactly why we should be reminded of it. If a game’s own publishers in a certain region don’t appear to be fully behind it, it really, really hurts the success potential of that game.

          It’s made even worse by the fact that many consider the first Xenosaga to be the best, and the other two games just providing (sadly rushed at the end) closure to its events. Speaking of declining sequels, I am admittedly hyped for 3rd Birthday, but PE2 holds a special place in my heart, and I’m curious to see if 3rd Birthday is able to approach that or not.

          • Xenosaga III is actually a really, really good game and it manages to fix most of the problems fans of the series had with II. The problem with II was that it was basically altered to try to appease the people who didn’t like RPG’s in the first place. The higher-ups figured by trying to appeal to the mainstream, they could attract a bigger audience, when all they did was kill the franchise and turn off fans of the original. The people who they were trying to attract in II didn’t buy it because it was an RPG and they’re not interested anyway.

            I actually feel that Suikoden IV had to have been the exact same situation, because everything is just so simplified and aimed away from the hardcore RPG fans who made the series in the first place.

          • Croix

            Oh, I would never say any of the Xenosaga games are ‘bad’. Just that the first is the best among a trilogy of good games, and even II, the least awesome of the trio generally speaking, is still something I would recommend over a number of RPGs I’ve seen come out since then. What bugs me is how the funding pretty much dried up near the end of production as we know, leaving that series (ironically) in much the same state as Xenogears, being only a portion of what it ultimately could have been.

          • PrinceHeir

            actually Xenosaga Ep II has the best gameplay of the trilogy. if they combine it with Ep I(ability to assign attacks and such) story and atmosphere of Ep I, music from both Ep I and Ep II with Ep III graphics the series would have been sooo godlike O_O

            the trilogy is still excellent but you can really tell they change alot of things especially in Ep II and III.

  • 128bitigor

    What’s the point of releasing Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday in Europe if they don’t bother releasing the previous two?

    • Ren

      Because The 3rd Birthday doesn’t have the Parasite Eve series name attached to it so people new to the series won’t really care? Remember, the game is named The 3rd Birthday and should be called as that, it has little to no relation with the previous games of the series. Playing the previous games won’t make the game more enjoyable, it will just make you rage for what they did with this game story.

      • makotozenshou

        maybe SE really wanted that to happen.. and if they don’t, why re-release PE? I wonder if they’ll also release the PE2..

  • Yet another Squeenix title I still own. It makes me realize just how good they used to be, since for the longest time, if it was a Square title, it was an automatic buy, no questions asked.

    When they put PE2 up on the store, though, I’ll be picking that up, since I never played that.

    Since Enix is a part of the equation these days, I’m very surprised we haven’t seen some of their titles, like the second Star Ocean or Dragon Warrior/Quest VII, even in Japan.

  • KotaroInugami

    Great. Now I have to start this and God Eater on the same day. Tis a busy busy month for a gamer.

    • Indeed, its gonna be pretty bu$$$y T.T

      • Croix

        Not to mention everything else already out and still coming out. Pokemon and Dragon Age will be dominating people’s time enough on their own even before we consider everything else (though I’m personally most excited for Ar tonelico Qoga).

  • cmurph666

    Now to find my old PSX saves……..

  • Now hurry it up and bring it to the UK :D

  • Hopefully Parasite Eve will debut on PSN in Europe sooner rather than later!

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