Did Korea’s Rating Board Leak Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition For Consoles?

By Spencer . March 14, 2011 . 1:45am

ssfivae"It’s certainly possible," Seth Killian, Capcom Community Manager, replied when we asked him about Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for consoles. "We’d like to see something like that happen. There are a few challenges, but I don’t see anything insurmountable."


Perhaps, those challenges have already been tackled because Korea’s Game Rating Board rated Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition with Capcom Korea listed as the publisher. What’s interesting about the rating is Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was actually rated twice. Capcom Korea usually does this for PS3/Xbox 360 multiplatform releases such as Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Resident Evil 5 (listed as Biohazard 5), and Super Street Fighter IV (the regular version). In the case of PC ports, like Dead Rising 2, Capcom Korea files three ratings.


Captivate, Capcom’s press gathering, is just a few weeks away and that would the perfect time to officially announce Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, if it’s in the pipeline.


Update: Just to clarify, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition has been rebalanced and includes new characters. Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III plus Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma are only playable in Arcade Edition.

  • I’m selling SSSFIV just incase, before it loses even more trade in value. We’re in 2011, this upgrade should be done via in game purchase. Surely there’s a technical way for everyone online to get an update which adds the character data, then a charge for those that want to use it. This way everyone can still play online (as they have the characters) but only some who have paid get to play as the new lot.

  • kupomogli

    I always seem to fall into the “I miss this fighting game” trap and buy it again, but depending on the game/series I always seem to get bored of it in a week. Street Fighter is one of those series. Capcom should make SFAlpha 3 Online and then be done with the series.

    I want to see another regular Budokai/Burst Limit or Virtua Fight 5 Final Showdown on console.

    • Guest

      Bandai could just release the new DBZ Arcade game that’d be a good idea (also release Gundam vs Gundam too) and yes to VF 5 FS

  • I honestly will not be buying it…It gets sickening…You buy a game, boom! New version with new things! Now, Boom! Another version…Ugh Capcom will not be getting my money

    • mikanko

      So you would prefer them not to work on improving an existing game that is played competitively by buffing weaker characters and nerfing lame tactics? Basically AE takes away a lot of the advantages of turtling Guiles and similar, and by many accounts makes the game a lot more fun.

      A lot of character balance changes went into the game, and time money was spent on developing it for arcades (the last version of the game to hit arcades was the original SF4 that didn’t even have Cammy, Sakura, Feilong etc.) Sending it to arcades exactly like console SSF4 would probably be sending it to die, but this way they’ve been able to spend 6 months milking profits on their coinops again because they have something the consoles don’t.

      Bringing it to console and charging for it eventually is a no brainer. Chances are it’ll be like Resident Evil Gold edition and have both a disc release and dlc patch option.

  • mikanko

    Hoping it’s DLC, don’t want to buy another disc. Looking forward to the boosts Makoto gets and the nerfs all the projectile users get. SSF4 with more emphasis on rushdown sounds like a better game on paper, so hope it lives up to it.

  • So what’s new features does this Arcade Edition have?

  • If it’s DLC, I’ll buy it. If it’s another disc release, I’m done. Already bought two discs. Not buying a third.

  • Glad I didn’t fall for the Street Fighter Trap ;P

    • Lol they got me once…Not again

  • People keep buying Guilty Gear and Blazblue upgrades. Something Capcom originated in the 80’s. Considering SNES has SF 2 . SF2 Turbo and Super SF 2 , Dreamcast had Sf III Next Gen , 2nd impact , and Third Strike along with several other SF Variants. It would be normal for Capcom to release another version of SF IV on consoles. Day 1 purchase!

    • And do you remember what happened with the SNES/Genesis Super SF2? They sold horribly. I think part of it was that people saw that the arcades had Super SF2 Turbo and figured “Why buy that cartridge when there will be another one?” Another was that people on the Genesis had already bought one and people on the SNES had already bought two.

      Besides, we live in the age of digital distribution. There is NO excuse to not just have it as a download for people who already own SSFIV. You bring up BlazBlue, but they are patching Continuum Shift to Continuum Shift II later this year, which is exactly what should be done here. Charge me $20 for the new characters and the change in balance? I’ll pay it. Charge me another $40 for a new disc? Uh uh.

      The days of constant retail updates should be over.

      • What if its a $29.99 release? Would you pay for retail?

        • It all depends really, but I don’t think Capcom will be this stupid and force you to buy a new disk when all they are offering is 4 new characters. They got by with that twice when they released SF2T and SSF2, and the only reason why they got away with that is because we didn’t live in an age of digital distribution. Now we do and there is no excuse.

  • Not buying if it’s another disc. C’MON CAPCOM!

  • Prepare for Hyper Street Fighter 4.
    Capcom doesn’t typically release full character DLC… so… yeah.

  • Is this the time where I start annoyingly asking for Street Fighter V?

  • IceRomancer

    I’m crazy for street fighter games so I’ll buy it regardless of how it comes out.
    *sigh* goodbye hard earned monies :/

  • This better be DLC! Glad the 3DS game will be the only Street Fighter I bought this Generation. Capcom with online stores, and hard drives this is unacceptable.

  • Hell I got the first two and if they release this to consoles I will fork out the money for it to. Love the game and the franchise and will support it all the way.

  • Natat

    I have always thought this was a given, especially after the achievements leak, but it’s nice to see some more proof, I guess, just never listen to Ono. I’d say it’s going to be both DLC and disc

  • neo_firenze

    Hey everyone, it doesn’t have to be one or the other (DLC/retail). They can release it as both, and I think that would be a smart decision.

    An all-in-one $29.99-$39.99 disc release at retail that doesn’t need SSF4 to play, or a $10-$15 DLC update to Super Street Fighter IV (we know from previous Capcom comments that SSF4 console release was programmed to allow for possible DLC). A disc release would appease people who want physical media, and people who might not have SSF4 (either those who didn’t upgrade from vanilla SF4, or those who are new to buying the console SF4 games altogether). DLC would address those who do own SSF4 and just want the lowest cost upgrade option.

    There’s precedent for this kind of thing – Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label (thanks for catching my typo Code) just released this exact same way in Japan last month, Black Label DLC for the owners of the previously released retail disc OR a more expensive full retail disc that didn’t require the original game (and came with a nifty bonus mode that the DLC lacked). Or for a less exact match, we’ve seen stuff like the GTA4 DLC episodes and the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC released on stand-alone retail disc.

    • Code

      I think you mean Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu? Basically they released DLC for Black Label mode if you owned Daifukkatsu. But they also released a disc for Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label which also includes both Black Label and Ketsui Mode (which the DLC doesn’t include). The key issue here is though the disc release of Black Label doesn’t include the original content of Daifukkatsu, 360 Mode, Novice Mode, Arrange A, and Arrange B, so it’s not exactly a well handled release in my opinion either xpx; Short of owning both discs your either missing out on four modes with just Black Label, or one mode with just Daifukkatsu and the DLC.

      • neo_firenze

        Er… yeah, Daifukkatsu. My brain is stuck in older Cave mode at the moment, I’ve been playing the original Ibara while letting my new Pink Sweets sit on the shelf.

        Also, DFK Black Label blows 1.5 away. But you’re right that the disc release of Black Label lacks those modes. Still, it also sells for much cheaper than the original DFK retail release (Black Label retail is about half the price as the original released three months earlier) so that’s a consideration.

        At any rate, it is an recent example of an arcade game update released as DLC and retail. No reason Capcom can’t do the same with SSF4 AE.

        • Code

          haha yeah no worries took me awhile to figure out just what Daifukkatsu, and black label had going on, it wasn’t exactly what I call the easiest way to go about it >ww<'

    • mikanko

      I think this is pretty likely. Capcom pretty much did the same thing with Resident Evil Gold edition.

  • I hope this is a console release as I have yet to play street fighter 4 in any iteration

    also packaging it with all the DLC would be nice!

  • PrinceHeir

    i think companies should do this:

    release a arcade vanilla version of a fighting game. location test it around japan. let the pro’s playtest it for bugs and exploits, nerf some overpowering characters or just make the low tier characters just as powerful. then after a year of testing. release an upgraded version(more balance, characters and such) wait for 4 months then release it on the consoles.

    i know Tekken 6 did this(which was supposedly have the dub Bloodline Rebellion)

    but i would see people complaining about the game being far too long for a console release. Tekken 6 and KOF XIII comes to mind.

    SNK please release a console version of KOF XIII. i don’t care if it’s not an upgraded version, just copy the content of blazblue(challenge mode, ability to choose music and stage, great online, practice, replay mode, gallery etc) i’ll buy the Limited Edition Day 1 for sure :P

    • mikanko

      Problem KoFXIII has is the director quit working at SNK and they don’t have any manpower working on the game any more. I doubt they’re really even thinking of tweaking the game further, since they just don’t want to pay anyone to fix anything else. If there’s a port it’ll likely be outsourced.

      If we’re blessed by the heavens it’ll be outsourced to Arcsys the way Arcana Heart 3 was, so we could count on a good interface and incredible netcode. Unfortunately the reality is if it even gets a console port it’ll be outsourced to some Chinese company using outdated tech from the 90’s that’s a step below quakeworld netcode.

  • Pretty much mirroring the thoughts of most here. If it’s DLC and a reasonable price as such ($10-15ish) then sure. I’ll go ahead and grab this.

    If it’s only on a disc? No. I’m not paying retail disc price for a product I already half (or more) own. Maybe i’ll wait till it’s stupidly cheap on Amazon, but otherwise I’m not paying that much for a balance change and 3x new characters. (In my book Evil Ryu and Oni are both half a new character.)

  • When’s that 3rd Strike Online coming, I wonder.

    • They really should give some sort of release date.

  • Angeru_Lito

    Complaning about this new versions would be the same thing to complain against any other game series , why nobody says anything about pokemon,Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Need for Speed, etc. Some of you seem to dismiss it just because is a Fighting game for a Fighting game fan or SF fan new Character and moves are great additions to a game, im not a good SF player by any means but I enjoyed the games , I would not buy all the versions but any of those is a good game on itslef , the new shinny car isn´t nesesarely the best one arround

  • omg i want this on ps3 so BADLY. n i own SSFIV on PS3 n i preordered SSFIV3D :] :]

  • if it’s available as a dlc for those who have ssfiv sure, else.. no..
    I bought sf4… I REbought ssf4… I sure as hell won’t buy ssf4 arcade edition and triple dip for their wallets :)

  • amygjung

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