Siliconera Fund For The Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Raffle

By Spencer . March 14, 2011 . 4:50pm

Hey Siliconera community,

The situation in Japan, as I’m sure you are aware of, is heartbreaking and the staff at Siliconera would like to do something to assist relief efforts. We decided to put together a charity raffle with an awesome prize – a Cecil figure from Dissidia: Final Fantasy signed by Final Fantasy IV designer Takashi Tokita.




We’ll be throwing other swag (t-shirts, maybe some games, and… a cape) inside a mystery box in the package too. I won’t spoil these items; surprises are part of the fun! Yes, this time, we can ship the prize worldwide too. Since it’s for a noble cause, we’ll make the effort to get it out to you, wherever you are (It may take longer to reach some places than others, please understand!).


How do you win, and more importantly, help earthquake relief efforts? Donate through this magic button made by ChipIn! Each $5 donated equals one raffle ticket. In other words, donate $10 and you’ve got two chances to win. $15 for three, and so on. The more you donate the merrier.



All of the money collected will go to the Red Cross, specifically for earthquake and tsunami relief, when the fund closes. The drive starts now and ends on March 31.


Please, try to give back just a tiny bit :)

– Spencer & the Siliconera staff.

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  • Guest

    These things always catch me when I don’t have any cash.

  • Well every little counts! Nice to see!

  • urbanscholar

    Great stuff guys, donated to the cause

  • I’ll try to donate in a few days. I was planning on donating to the red cross anyway. Right now, Japan needs all the help they can get.

  • Really nice idea, and with the prizes maybe even some people who normally don’t do stuff like that will donate a bit. I would love to, but I already have and I don’t have a job so can’t afford anymore. >-<

  • lol… a cape? xD

    Anyhow, i will try to create a paypal account if i get the chance… Curse my country that we have the dollars we can use in a year on the internet with a credit card limited….

    • Naturally a cape. With your donation your inner hero will awaken and we all know every hero needs their cape! :D

      • Zero_Destiny

        You mean every villain needs his cape Muwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

        • Oh damn! You’re right these guys have capes too!! Yet still, this cape here is made out of the awesome unlosing power of LOVE, MANLY TEARS & THE PASSION!!

          • Zero_Destiny

            Your passion filled cape is no match for my Shoulder Pads of DOOM!!!!! THERE XTREMELY EVIL. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Uooohhh, you are so xtremely evil!! But I won’t falter at the sight of your Shoulder Pads of DOOM, because we all know wherever there is a heroic cape the rest of the set shouldn’t be to far from it! Now kids give me the strength to unlock my ULTIMATE Z FORCE ARMOR!!!!! Uuuuuooooohhh!!

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh NNNNNNNNOOOOOUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! My Shoulder Pads of DOOM are no match!!!!! THERE MELTING AT THE VERY SIGHT OF YOUR HENSHIN!!!! I’ll remember this!!!!! *Retreats back to the evil empire in space*

          • Narrator: And again stood our hero tall and fought bravely against the xtremely evil Overlord Zero and defeated him!

            random little kid 1: Oh, Hero are you alright??
            Hero: He, yeah naturally, these little scratches won’t kill me, don’t worry…urgh!
            random little kid 2: Oh no, we can see that you’re in pain, come on we have to take him to the “obligatory hawt girl at the same age as the hero who -surprisingly- is a nurse to boot”!
            random little girl: Yeah you’re right come Hero we will help you!
            Hero: ….haha, you three are really awesome!….You see Overlord as long as these random kids and the super hawt chick are there I can’t give up, someday I will end this never ending struggle between good and evil!
            *Epically beautiful sunset behind the Hero and the kids*

            Narrator: And so the three little kids took the Hero to the hawt chick who took care of him. When will this fighting end? When will the hawt chick and the Hero confess their feelings for each other. We don’t know, but as long as there are people in need for help our brave Hero will not give up!!

            End of Episode 473

        • But o mai god capes are so “out” ya know?

          • Just cut the cape in the middle and you have a badass heroic scarf! :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            The only thing “out” is you!!!!YOU CAPELESS TAWT!!!!!MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Your playing with the big boys so you best be prepared. Coming to this fight without a cape is like coming to a gunfight with a sword except this ain’t no Final Fantasy VII baby, don’t think you can get way with it!

          • But bionic eyes is what is “in” now ya know

          • All a hero needs is a whole bunch of SPD chips and he can close distance between him and you in less than a blink of the eye.

          • He’s right! This is too dangerous for capeless people, you should search for a save place and wait for the outcome of this brutal battle of good and evil!!

    • There’s a cape in the mystery box – seriously. Or that’s what the developer told me it is!

      • Omg that is so tempting to get….. suddenly i feel rpg-ish… i mean, a cape!!…. i feel dirty, I SHOULD BE DONATING WITHOUT CARING ABOUT THAT! AHH!

        Anyhow if it’s possible, i will try to create a paypal account as soon as i can T-T

  • Zonic505

    This is pretty great. I’ve been meaning to donate, but this seems like the perfect opportunity!

  • SolidusSnake

    Ok, I donated. I wish I could actually do something personally with my skills, but that’s not possible at the moment so I guess it’s better than nothing.

    • DanteJones

      Same here man, wish there was more I could do to help ya’know? :(

    • Yui

      Donated too! With the money you sent me for the GBA SP and all. It’s all I can afford right now, but hopefully it’s worth something. :D

  • Aww but I already donated thru the txt message thing you guys gave in the previous post! (REDCROSS to 90999) :(


  • irzbos

    tossed in 10 bucks, hopefully i dont win anything cuz i will never know since my paypal is connected to an email i never check.

  • zferolie

    Donated some money. I want to see Japan get back on it’s feet as soon as possible.

  • oooh..! not pay pal… Lol.. Anyway, good luck with the saucy price guys! Although I would seriously want to get a chance to win it too… Oh well, I’ll just donate it straight to the charity site… XD

  • thaKingRocka

    120?! Siliconera is classier than that. We can reach this goal much sooner than March 31st.

    I need to renew my passport. I was thinking of running there over the summer during my vacation to study a bit. Maybe I can swing a bit of volunteering too.

    Update: I added a little extra to make up for the younger readers with limited income. :)

    • You’re right and we did! Thanks to everyone who donated and spread the word. Hi-fives to everyone :)

      • thaKingRocka

        Now that’s a beautiful thing. Much respect and appreciation to all.

        We’ve sent money, folks. That’s the easy part. Now, when anyone can spare some time, let’s get over there and help. Most of us would probably love to go visit anyway. Why not go visit and help out? :)

  • i actually donated for once :). i hope it helps

  • I thought I’d chip in just to help out, but you’ve gone and tainted the good deed with promises of capes! Now I feel a bit guilty.

    Really though, it’s not much but I hope it helps.

  • DanteJones

    Probably a dumb question, but can we donate multiple times? I’ll be able to donate more once payday comes ’round. :O

    • I think you can, i mean, if you get more chances to win if you give more, then it means they dont mind for you to donate multiple times o.o

    • Yes, you can, thanks for doing so :)

      • DanteJones

        Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. :D

  • Zero_Destiny

    Alright Nice!!!! I love this idea. Just gotta check the old bank account and in a couple of days you guys got it. Hope it can help. Best wishes to Japan really. :)

    • Zero_Destiny

      Argh! :( I feel bad. Couldn’t get my paypal in order. I ended up donating to Red Cross via text. Thanks for telling me about that. Hope the donations keep coming in.

  • joesz

    I’ve donated to Crunchyroll and intend to do so again as soon as I have the sufficient amount of money in the card.

  • I donated $20. A drop in the bucket I am sure, but I am buying some Japanese games later this month.

  • I’ll gladly do it. Also, I hope my donation would contribute to expanded nuclear knowledge in Japan; the last thing the world needs is an encore of this tragedy.

  • I donated to the Canadian Red Cross already but sure, I’ll do it again in AMERICAN.

  • Croix

    This is part of why Siliconera is the best. Being sympathetic to Japan in its time of need, and adding an awesome bonus to the cause for your readers? Brilliant. And the best part is that everybody wins! Because helping the relief effort in Japan is a great prize.

  • Count me in! Every little bit helps guys!

  • Tarlol

    I don’t have much, but I’m giving what I can.

  • Sekundes


  • Code

    rar, I wish I had more cash, and work for that matter omo; But I did what I could, and I know a few other people were thinking of donating, so I might see if they’ll wanna chip in here too owo;

  • AnimusVox

    I’ll donate for the sake of donating, I could careless about the swag.

  • I am proud of you Siliconera. It’s only been about 3 hours, but we already got 740 dollars


  • Aoshi00

    So nice we’re doing this… just chipped in (was wondering what I could do when I kept hearing the bleak news), it’s not much, but every little bit helps..

    Does that mean the first person could’ve gotten the Cecil figure for $1,000 :) I know it’s not the swag, just kidding… anyway, almost to the goal, for Japan!

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      That reminds me of a story… A guy was shopping at a mall with his girlfriend one sunny afternoon when she spotted a huge teddy bear in a claw machine. She had to have it. He understood right away. So rubbed his hands together, looked to the heavens for luck, and began his attempt.

      His first attempt failed. So did his second. Third. $5. $10. $30. Soon a crowd was gathering around this curiously unrelenting young man who was determined to save that bear from the wretched machine at all costs and please his blushing girl. They cheered him on. They made such great noise that soon the mall security took notice and informed the owner of the machine of the situation. He quickly scurried out to greet the intense young man. Not wanting to attract an even bigger scene, the owner of the machine made an offer: “Look, son. You’ve already spent way more than that entire pile’s worth. You’re making me look bad. Shall I open it up and just give you the one you want?” The young man shook his head eagerly. If his girlfriend were to have that teddy bear, it was going to be by HIS OWN TWO HANDS, that joystick, and the big red button. He was going to beat that machine. Seeing the fire in his eyes, the owner knew there was nothing more he could do but to stand back and observe.

      As time passed the crowd only grew bigger and the skies grew dark through the glass ceiling. Soon even the stars bared witness to this unbelievable sight. *Clink*Clink* again and again, went in more coins. The guy had been standing in his spot for so long man and machine had seemingly melded into one. *Whirl*Khhk* again and again, moved the machine hand as it failed after time to dislodge the fluffy fellow from his cozy fellowship. Finally, in a moment indistinguishable from any other–be it that God got tired of fail-watching, or the machine had gotten sick from coin-eating–the claw yanked the teddy bear loose by the arm and pulled him right up. Slowly but surely the arm hovered the bundle over the dispenser to ready it for ejection. As it fell into the tray, a loud chorus of applause rang about the nighttime mall corridor. Surprised, the young man looked up to see hundreds of smiling on-lookers celebrating his achievement. Reaching down to pull the teddy out, the beaming youth handed his love her prize. She hugged the bear and passionately yanked her hero close for a surprise smooch right on the kisser in front of a cheering audience. Then together, they walked out of that mall, hand in hand with their new furry friend, the still applauding crowd dispersing behind them. He had spent a total of $1000 on that claw machine.

      So the moral is… Is that Teddy bear worth $1000? No, it is priceless. So will be this Cecil figurine. ;)

      • And the cape

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Doh! How could I forget. >_<

          • It’s ok, the cape forgives you

      • Aoshi00

        *tears in eyes*… The guy deserves more than a smooch :) As they say in Toy Story “The Claaaaaaaaw….”

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I love that movie…

  • Gah, Could you guys leave it up even after you get more than 1k? I transferred some money to my Paypal, but it takes like 3 days T~T

    • Yup, we’ll leave it up for a while. :)

    • Yes, we plan to leave it for the full run. The $1K mark was just a starting target and everyone here broke through it faster than a thief with 99 speed.

      • And all speed equipment that get added even after reaching the 99 cap xD

        • I’ll go the Disgaea route and make my speed 147,923,666

  • I want to see us reach this goal before midnight (CST), count me in for another pop! @900!

  • WonderSteve

    I kind of wish it is a figure of a female character instead…me and my perverted mind..

    Thanks for doing this. Another incentive for me to donate more even though I already donated to Red Cross.

    If you guys have a female figure…feel free to bring it out… will make me “forget” about the number in my bank statement again.

    Japan provided me so much entertainment all these years. This is the least I can do for them….God Bless Japan and its people..

  • IceRomancer

    Im happy to contribute :)
    The goodies are just a bonus!

  • darkfox1

    my god already 970 raised. My not be any room for any more. How does it work

  • Another $20 from me, that puts me at 11 raffle tickets! :3

    • Broke $1k! So that was just about 3 hours, right? Maybe a little over?

      • I think 3 hours or so O_o, freaking fast xD good luck by the way

    • Wow, that’s incredible. Thanks for your contributions. :)

  • 101%!! Lol, good thing it can break the record, will give me more time

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Damn it, I’m not in a situation to use my credit card right now. I only have my debit card. :(

  • I don’t like doing things online, derp. – but off to Red Cross I go!

  • I basically have like $30 in my account at this time, but I’ll donate anyway xD

  • vadde939

    Much <3 Siliconera. So awesome to see you guys doing this. :)

  • I just donated $20 :)

  • kupomogli

    Too bad this wasn’t listed before I donated through Amazon. I would have donated regardless, but also having the chance to win something is nice also.

    I decided to donate $5 here so I could get atleast one raffle ticket in. While it’s not much I’ve altogether donated $15.

  • PrinceHeir

    okay i might donate this week.

    it’s good to see siliconera being very supported about this.

    shows you that siliconera is full of love :)

  • vrakanox

    Hey guys, I really appreciate what you all have been doing asking the Siliconera fans to chip in for this. It’s a great thing for you all to be using this site for a good purpose. I’ve already donated a decent chunk to red cross when it first happened. Just got back from a trip in Japan a few weeks ago. The people I met in Japan were the most kind I have ever met in the entire world. Anyway I decided to chip in a little extra for you all here as well. Siliconera is always the first site I bring up when I power on my PC even though I don’t post a lot. Best Website Ever.

  • evilmoogle

    i’m not that evil.
    Donated $20

  • Good things always happen when I sleep >_>

    This is for all the great games, enjoyable anime, beautiful figures, splendid electronics and hen… Nevermind.

  • While the funds to donate currently escape me until later in the week, I do have a small website which I can leverage to hopefully bring in a few more donations. Hope this helps a bit Spencer.

    • Japan has been very good to me over the years (game wise, still haven’t gone yet). Scrounged up 5$ to donate for now, we will see how things are at the end of the week.

    • Thanks. Every little bit helps. :)

  • I donated £50 already on a different site. I would donate more otherwise.

  • karasuKumo

    Just got 2 tickets ^^ I can’t believe how well you’re doing so far!! I wonder how much it’ll be by the 31st! 0_0

  • Hope you dont mind if I post this around a few of the RPG communities I frequent? Might get a few more people to donate, as I will myself when I get paid (Already donated this week heh)

  • Xeahnort

    Japan deserve our help

  • IgneousFeline

    As members of the global community I think it is important that we always be willing to extend a helping hand to those in need and I think its wonderful what you guys are doing.

    I donated $100 and I wish I could afford to donate more because they deserve our help but I can’t give more right now.

  • Really good idea ! I put the link on my website and some blogs ! I hope a lot of people will participate !

  • Isn’t this a bit wrong though? It seems as though people are only going to now give money in the hopes of winning and not being sincere to the fact loads of people are without home, lost family members etc…?

    • irzbos

      you think it would be better if people didn’t give money? I could give a rats ass about the prizes, but if it got some ppl a little extra motivation to donate the 10 dollars that they would not have otherwise, then it is a very good thing. Any money helps, and if an extra incentive brought in the money that otherwise may not have appeared then it is a good thing. Besides, I doubt anyone has donated thinking im gonna win this prize baby, considering how much money is in the pot already. Pretty much everyone is donating cuz they want to support japan and why not donate here for the small incentive of a figure over amazon or sending a text.

    • Plenty of community centers run charity drives/fundraisers with a contest as a sub-event. Like irzbos said, the prizes are incentives to those were hesitant to donate before. Whatever the intentions of the donors that participate in these events may be, what’s most important is where the money ends up.

      • Imma have to agree with Mr. Tommy Lee here, says it better than I could say it.

  • irzbos

    ugh…I feel cheap. I will toss in another 20 when I get home from work today. Great job everyone.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Donated! 15$ from me, and 15 from my GF.

    NIPPON BANZAI! You’ll get through this guys =)

  • fuzzy_hobo

    Glad to contribute. Go Siliconera!

  • irzbos

    yep, just sent in that 20 i promised earlier.

  • Done! I donate for Japan! Thanks for Square-enix put this on Blog for us to help more! :)

  • Done! I Donate for Japan’s Relief… Hope things get well asap! Pray for your quickly recovery in Friend, Family love one. God bless!

  • Pesmerga00

    It’s over $2000!

    Siliconera you make me proud.

  • Well, I’m not really interested in prizes. But I will donate again 8D; I’ve donated through several other places ;v; but donating is the least I can do!


  • So close to $3000!

  • 4shiki

    If my brother is comfortable with this I’ll donate.

    EDIT: … Aw, it ended. :( Oh well, it was great to watch numbers climbering! You guys rock!

  • i thought it was supposed to end at march 31 but the chip in says the event has ended.

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