Attack Of The Tales Of The Abyss Artes Screenshots

By Spencer . March 17, 2011 . 2:55am


On May 19, Tales of the Abyss will be re-released as a Nintendo 3DS game with stereoscopic 3D and widescreen graphics. While the game is light on new content, it features Artes Namco added to the North American release.



003 004[2] 005[1] 006 007[1] 008[1] 009 010[1] 011[4] 012 013[1] 014[1] 015 016[1] 017[1] 018 019 021


Event Scenes

022 023[1] 024[1] 025 026[2] 027[2]


Animated Cutscenes

034 035[1] 036[2] 037 038[2] 039[2] 040[1] 041[1] 042[1] 043[1]


Menu Screens

044[2] 045[1] 046[1] 047[1] 048[1] 049[1] 050[1] 051[1]

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  • malek86

    Will this be coming to Europe, I wonder?

    I’ve just found Vesperia 360 for a pretty low price, so it’s time to try a good Tales game (Tempest lol). If I like it, maybe I’ll get more. And many people say that Abyss is the highest point in the series, but it never came here, this would be a good chance.

    • Tales of the Abyss is on Ps2, so it did come here…

      Edit: Wait, Europe…DOY. My mistake, disregard this idiocy.

    • A European/PAL release would be wonderful. Abyss being the highest point of the series is debatable, it’s still a great game don’t get me wrong, but seeing as it was never released for console in Euro/PAL regions, the port on the 3DS would be in Namco’s best interest.

      • Tales hates Europe. Just like the Super Robot Wars series as well :(

    • puchinri

      I think Abyss is one of the significantly better points of the series (in comparison to Legendia and such), but not the highest to me. I still feel like it’s a fantastic Tales title and a fantastic RPG in general though. I notice Europe got a PSP port that America missed out on though for a Tales titles (ones Europe didn’t get the original PS ver. of while NA did, at that), so maybe Europe will.

    • I don’t even like Abyss but I will throw money at any English language Tales release

  • The question is… Will be a US version? T_T

    • Moises, you have taken the words right out my mouth, that is what I am wondering too!

    • OneOkami

      A likely companion question is…Will Tales of Graces sell? T_T

      • As long as people are not serious about boycotting Tales of Graces F, speaking of which, we still have no details. I feel its been over a month since it was revealed that it is seeing release in CONUS.

        • OneOkami

          People have threatened to boycott it? Why?!?

          • Cause they wanted the Tales of Vesperia PS3 version instead and/or the original Tales of Graces on (Wii)

          • malek86

            “Cause they wanted the Tales of Vesperia PS3 version too”


            But I don’t think they are serious about that – when the game comes out, everyone who asked for it will probably buy it. Heck, even I might get it, if I end up really liking Vesperia.

            Whether that will be enough people to convince Namco to bring more games, though, it’s an entirely different matter.

      • Wiccan1109

        It probably will sell copies but honestly once youve played it, its severely lacking compared to most of the recent mothership tales games. Characters, graphics, battles, art, system, its all just like a big step back. I can’t be so bold as to say its a bad or terrible game, even if thats my opinion, since it really is /just/ my opinion, and thats why i wont mention plot or story, because everyones gonna think differently about that. In a series as broad a Tales theres always going to be different ideas on the best and worst, and maybe something about Graces might hit people hard and become their favourite game ever. The truth is that since Symphonia they began to go on a path that lead forwards in developing what i mentioned above, after Vesperia they took a side path that lead back on itself before finally continuing forwards to Xillia. Going from 360 to Wii with a mothership title for this series wasnt their best idea but it’ll sell just as well as every other mid-profile JRPG thats localised.

        • OneOkami

          To make sure I follow you, you feel Symphonia (and I’m not talking Dawn of the New World/Knight of Ratatosk) has been the peak of the quality of the mothership titles in recent years with Vesperia and Graces being of relatively lower quality?

          I actually own all three (Symphonia-GCN, Vesperia-PS3 and Graces F) but I’ve only played Symphonia and Vesperia so far. Of those two, I enjoyed Symphonia slightly more but I still really enjoyed Vesperia.

          How exactly (without spoilers) would you say Graces (F) compares to Vesperia in each of those aspects you mentioned? I may finally crack the game the open after I finish Ar Tonelico Qoga.

          • Wiccan1109

            I wouldnt say any title is the series highpoint, since i think again thats an opinion thing really, but i do think Symphonia was the point where the series entered in to a new realm with its character designs, battles, enviroments and system. From then onwards, i think those aspects were enhanced with Abyss and again with Vesperia, from what ive seen they’ve taken yet another jump from Vesperia to Xillia. It’s like 4 solid evolutions of the concepts brought about in Symphonia. Generally i just mean in terms of the development of the games, and not the actual storys and characters personalities, because any game can become a firm favourite if the story and characters touch you, we’re all different.

            One thing that for me that let the Graces team down a bit was that with the exception of Malik, the characters were really quite generic and ugly, and the battle animations will probably induce epilepsy theyre that bright, i cant look for long without getting a mild headache actually. The colours and visuals are harsh and violent, which is a big step away from the soothing, dream like styles that came about in Vesperia. Whilst fights are enjoyable, (its still a video game after all) they’re are also quite restricting, and all of these together felt rather primitive considering the game came after Vesperia. PS3 port added a nice layer on top of the enviroment and field quality but remnants from its wii based creation are very strong. Its definitley not a game for me, but i still think everyone should try it. It does stray from what we’ve been seeing in the series recently. Some people might find that a very good thing, i dont know.

          • Ren

            I would have to disagree with some things that Wiccan said and say about the battle system. Yeah, the characters are more generic on the idea they are less distinguished, Malik and Pascal aside, but they are still likable and the character interaction is still on the same level as previous games, although is a bit less funnier than Vesperia. But the battle system is a great step forward compared to the same battle systems they used on Symphonia, Abyss and Vesperia(and arguably the 2D version on Eternia) which were just enhanced versions of the previous one. It feels and plays very differenty from Vesperia, but unless the Team Symphonia battle system is the only LMBS you can enjoy, you’ll probably like it. It’s not as restrictive as Wiccan says, it’s just that you have to use all you have available on battles differently from Vesperia where you have a lot of optional courses of battle but no optimal ones and a lot of gimmicks that aren’t as useful as they might seem. And the watercolor looks of the system are not bad and they don’t really clash as he says, but everyone is entitled to their opinions, he just sounded like he found the flashiness and the more cohesive battle system unappealing, and that for a game like this one you’ll have to play it to see if you like it or not, going by mine or Wiccan’s opinions won’t do any good for you.

          • OneOkami

            Thanks to both of you for your feedback. I could kinda tell from screenshots that Graces F probably looked evident of being an upgraded Wii game but that doesn’t really bother me.

            The most interesting thing I’ve gathered from both your comments is that the battle system feels noticably different from the likes of Symphonia and Vesperia which, for better or for worse, has me very curious/interested to try.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      I think that entirely depends on whether or not Namdai thinks that sales would be able to make up for costs of distribution. If they think it will, then there is very little reason NOT to release a US version, especially with localisation already completed.

      Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time that a port of an already localised title doesn’t get released outside Japan. *thinks of the PC port of the original Persona*

      • puchinri

        We did miss out on the ToD and ToE ports long before too… (Which I sitll want and hold out hope for.)

        I agree, but I almost feel as though that perfect kind of logic somehow doesn’t apply to Bamco, and that makes me sad. (But I actually do feel a bit confident that we might get it here.)

    • That’s the biggest question everyone has. I even emailed Namco but I really didn’t get an answer. I guess. Well I guess it really didn’t seem like an answer to me.
      Also they are probably too focused on Tales of Graces f to care about the half a dozen other Tales of games

  • anatawabakadearimasu

    Why don’t they capture both screens so people can see the 3D effect of the game with the cross-eye method? It wouldn’t be that much trouble, surely.

  • This looks phenomenally epically awesome! Day 1 Baby Day 1! If it comes out here, look at those graphics!!!!!

    • darkfox1

      Tsuna your new profile picture……

      • Its so epic, Sasuke’s and Naruto’s expression crack me up in the full size version, lol. I can never stop laughing when I see it!

        • Darkrise


        • Zero_Destiny

          Though it is a little awkward considering your name. lol I guess it’s fine though. That pic is all you after all. :)

        • IceRomancer

          It’s like their surprised and excited to see eachother in the bath lol

          • LOL LOL I know LOL

          • Zero_Destiny

            Ooowwww :( You changed your pic.

          • @Zero_Destiny Apparently some anons took offense…I really didnt see anything wrong with the image, surely everyone knows Sasuke x Naruto…

          • Code

            Best response to anything, ever, today, lol!

  • Darkrise

    Nintendo just had forsaken us with a region lock…. DAMN IT ALL!

  • Zero_Destiny

    I always liked Abyss. Not my fav tales but definitely a good game. The 3DS version looks just as nice as the PS2 game. :) I don’t have my hopes up for a western release but I would like to see one. I loved the anime cutscenes in it. That’s pretty cool that, the 3DS game will have enough space on a cart to keep them. P3P didn’t even have enough space for that. :) Speaking of the anime scenes that reminds me that the anime will come out this year in the US (or it’s suppose to). I can’t wait for that. :D

    • Ive always wanted to play Abyss, for in those Artes exhibition videos on youtube, I loved the little cut ins for the attacks, and the variety of the characters and the skills. But whats your favorite one? Symphonia?

      • Zero_Destiny

        Either Legendia or Eternia (which I played on the PSOne so I always call it by the BS American name Tales of Destiny II since we had no idea that the name was changed back then lol). I love Legendia because it’s fresh to anyone who played a Tales game. A new artstyle and different cartoonish kinda graphics. The gameplay isn’t as advance as the later games but I think it’s still fun. Plus the game has two stories it it. A main quest and then an epilogue. Fun stuff, the chara’s are really fun and fleshed out. I love Eternia because those chara’s are just so FUN. Reid is such an awesome main chara. Once again the gameplay isn’t as advance as later games but I had fun with it. Great story in the game. :)

    • malek86

      Early 3DS cartridges seem to go up to 2GB in size. UMDs can go up to 1.8GB. I don’t think it’s a matter of space, especially because P3P takes 1.2GB or so.

      My guess is, they just didn’t wanna have to make new cutscenes for the female protagonist, and thus removed them altogether.

  • So hows the multiplayer going to be on this? If there is any… o.o?

  • Masengan

    I would re-buy this just because I’m sure it will have faster load times than the PS2 version, I remember running away from EVERYTHING while on the world map.

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