Dragon Quest IX Is The Best-Selling Game In The Series

By Ishaan . March 17, 2011 . 9:25am

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies has done well…really well. Square Enix report that they’d shipped 5.3 million copies of the game globally by December 31st, 2010. We know at least 1.02 million copies of the game have been sold in the U.S. and Europe to date.


This makes Dragon Quest IX the best-selling Dragon Quest game so far.


When it first released in Japan, Square Enix president, Yoichi Wada, said that he hoped to ship over 5 million units of the game. Though Square Enix may not achieved that number in Japan alone, they’ve exceeded it globally.


This brings total shipment numbers of the Dragon Quest series as a whole (packaged goods only) to 57 million units worldwide.


2011 marks the 25th anniversary of Dragon Quest. Square Enix are presently working on Dragon Quest X for the Wii, but so far, it remains unknown whether one can expect the game to release this year or not.

  • Whenever series get these sales and I look at my collection and realize Ive not owned any of the, it makes me feel left out. I will surely try to play the next newest entries to experience the series finally, most likely the console DQ X if it comes to CONUS, or if they bring it to the 3DS/NGP.

  • Well deserved as it’s an awesome game that any Nintendo DS owner should have. VIII is personally my favourite but IX was just fun to play :D Now I should catch up and play the other ones :D

    • Zero_Destiny

      I suggest starting out with the Zenithia trilogy on the DS which IV V and VI. Vi is my fav of the series. Going back farther than that really depends on how much you like your retro games. It can be hard for some. But the first three are still masterpieces if you ask me. VII is great but hella long and sadly out of print. You can still probably find it for like$30 maybe $40 used but I suggest holding out for a remake. I’m sure there is one coming soon. The Dragon Quest Monster games are a blast. The first two on the GameBoy/Color are so awesome. Joker on the DS is good but not AS good as the original two.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I kinda of already knew this. lol XD Still it’s music to my ears. I’m so happy IX did numbers in the West. I love you Nintendo thanks for all your hard work. I’m looking forward to X, can’t wait. I’m so excited for the anniversary. Please make something magical happen. Like Release X or maybe even remake I on the 3DS or something. That would be great. :D
    EDIT: As for sales numbers the last I heard was that Dragon Quest IX did about 4.15 million in Japan (that was taken near the end of December 2009) and it did 1.02 million in America and Europe. Just in case anyone is curious about the sales numbers. It’s of course changed now but that’s the break-down of it.

    • Joanna

      Something is going down with DQ on Nintendo systems this year that’s for sure. Otherwise, why would Iwata mention it in the same breath as Zelda, right? x3 I’m just as excited as you. Hopefully it’s X and maybe a release of the first three DQs….I kind of need to find myself a copy of I and II….they are the only ones I’m missing along with VII.

  • Just goes to show marketing DOES work when you do it right. Opposed to Square Enix’s strategy of not marketing at all with DQ4 and 5.

    Even DQ6 sold 50,000 in Feb (and since it launched in the middle of the month, means it sold that in 2 weeks), not DQ9 levels, but still good for a “niche” game.

    • I think Nintendo marketed DQ6 less, I guess they will do more throughout the year since they struggle to even just handle Pokemon and a new console.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah you’re 100% right there Sawada but that was a smart move on Nintendo’s part. Dragon Quest VI is a remake and a 2-D/pseudo-3D game at that. Dragon Quest IX was a brand new game with top of the line DS graphics and tons of multiplayer. So it made more sense to give IX more of a push. I doubt VI would of been capable of doing as well as IX did even if it was given the same amount of ads. So Nintendo would of lose money with a more aggressive advertising philosophy with that game. Plus IX had mutliplayer which meant you could host events and have swap-meets which was a big part of the game. IX was a very social kinda of game. With events to download new maps, met players have little DS lan-parties. It was an experience and because of that Nintendo could make events for it and said events paid off well. VI is more basic. Not really a multiplayer experience. So really in this case less is more. I don’t think the advertisement for the 3DS or new Pokémon should worry you either. Word of mouth has paid off well. Pokémon has sold great and all I hear is people clamoring to get their hands on a 3DS. Nintendo will do just fine don’t worry. :)

      • It isn’t a question of struggling, it’s a question of pacing out your big releases.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I haven’t heard the numbers for VI yet that’s awesome. :) I love that game SO much. I’m glad it pulled numbers. I think we have Nintendo to thank. They got the ball rolling with IX last summer and now that’s everyone’s interested kept up with that momentum and released VI. Good job Nintendo. Also all their internet ads and Magazine ads helped too. :) I know I bought VI day 1 baby. :D

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    guys, what are the chances we’ll see DQ on the NGP? I love me some DQ (DQ VIII is probably my favorite game of all time) but DQ’s only been coming out on nintendo consoles this gen.

    • Depends upon whether the NGP dominates Japanese sales charts.

      Mainline DQ games tend to be released on the systems with the greatest install base.

    • Zero_Destiny

      On a Sony console? It’s hit or miss. Right now Dragon Quest X is planed for the Wii. Nintendo of America and Enix go way back. Back in the NES times Nintendo co-published the games in America. Nintendo always works on a philosophy of it’s popular in Japan let’s make it popular in the west. That’s why we got such a push with Pokémon back when Nintendo first released it and that paid off well. Right now Nintendo of America and Europe have a deal with Square Enix to publish the games in the West. Because Nintendo has the money and is willing (sadly Sony didn’t even bat an eye at VII and VIII and made SE do all the advertising themselves) the games have done pretty well over here recently. Because of that I think Dragon Quest will stick with Nintendo for a while because SE get’s free advertising in the West and really no matter what system Dragon Quest is on it’ll sell in Japan. Plus after the amazing results of Dragon Quest IX on the DS (the best selling game in the series) and the great results it got in the West farther makes me think SE will stick with Nintendo more. But they may go back to Sony. They did have VII and VIII on the Playstation after all. But right now it’s a real sweat deal everyone wins kind of thing going on between Nintendo and Square Enix.

  • It’s not my absolute favorite chapter, but its success is well-earned. I’d love to see a full list of sales numbers for the series, though.

  • Makes me so happy to hear my favorite series is getting some attention now. It’s always good to see obscure JRPGs get recognition, next stop Tales series!

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome :)

    can’t wait to see Dragon Quest X :D

  • Joanna

    It deserves those numbers. I really liked IX. It brought back a lot of what I enjoyed about III and III was one of my first RPGs, so it will always have a special place in my heart. :3

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