Kodansha To Revive Sailor Moon Manga In U.S.

By Ishaan . March 19, 2011 . 10:27am

A Sailor Moon revival? Yes, that’s exactly what Kodansha USA are doing, and in a rather grand way, with “deluxe editions” of the manga classic scheduled to debut this September in the U.S.


Kodansha are condensing the 18-volume Sailor Moon manga into 12 volumes, plus two volumes of short stories. Following volume 1’s release in September, a new volume will be published every two months. Kodansha will be re-translating the series, and touching up the interior art, in addition to new cover art for each volume. They also promise detailed translation notes and “extensive bonus material” from author, Naoko Takeuchi.


The new re-print of Sailor Moon will follow the 2003 Japanese re-release format of the series. The prequel to the series, Codename: Sailor V, will also be published by Kodansha in the U.S. for the first time ever.


This news comes soon after after Namco Bandai’s announcement of a Sailor Moon game on the Nintendo DS for the Italian market.

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  • Wow I could finally check Sailor Moon out.

  • Suicunesol

    Wow, that’s a surprise!

    I hope the translation and names are faithful to the Japanese version. Not that the previous official translation was bad, but I didn’t like how they kept calling Usagi “Bunny”.

    Sailor V manga is a good one too!

    • That would be kind of strange if Kodansha didnt stay faithful to their own series…

      • Suicunesol

        I hope you’re right.

      • puchinri

        Sometimes, companies feel that American audiences can’t handle anything that’s not explicitly American/English, so it’s not that implausible. But I’m hoping Kodansha is wiser than that.

    • puchinri

      I was thinking the same. Although I think Bunny didn’t work too badly, it’d be way better if they stuck were faithful to the Japanese version.

    • I thought she was named Serena in the US version (at least the anime?) – she had always been Bunny to me, grew up with her being called that in the German dub of the anime, same name in the manga and it felt very weird to hear her being called Usagi years later when I watched fansubs of the two episodes that were never released over here (the one with Ami and the love letter and the Haruka/Michiru episode).. I think it’s just less cute than Bunny. ;>

      • TokyoPop called Usagi “Bunny” for the manga releases. The anime was Serena, since that was DiC’s handy work there.

    • I believe Usagi means Bunny in Japanese, so that’s one thing I wasn’t too upset about. Although, I know what you mean. I’d have liked it better if Usagi was kept as her ‘real’ name, with Bunny just as a nick-name…along with ‘meatball/dumpling head.’

      Wouldn’t kids learning another language only be a plus?…I never understood why they didn’t find a way to make the Japanese references understood instead of replacing them completely. Everything would have made more sense.

      • Joanna

        To be fair, Tokyopop published Sailor Moon back in the days when manga was flipped, sound effects translated, and names localized, so it really isn’t that unusual. If someone attempted to do that now, well there would be a lot of nerd rage on the net, so I don’t think Kodasha will try that. Plus the article itself says they will be using a new translation, so it won’t be TP’s at the very least.

  • 4shiki

    Best news ever.

    • Joanna


      I own all 18 volumes of Tokyopop’s translation from way back, but I will be double dipping if what Kodasha is promising is given to us: new translation, touched up art, new covers, standard volume size (TP’s are really small :[ ) Also, I’m so happy that V’s manga is finally getting a North American release; it’s about time!


    Now we just need the anime to get relicensed but THIS IS A COOL DEVELOPMENT. Especially with Sailor V coming, as well!

    I guess I’m gonna have to rebuy all of the Sailor Moon mangas again. These’ll probably be better quality than the ones I have already.

  • This is awesome news! About time to see Sailor Moon back in the US in some form.

  • Seems there are some fans of Sailor Moon here lol xD, can’t say i like it, but i remember i watched it a lot when i was like 10 years old? Not sure… Well, mainly because they showed sailor moon before dragon ball on TV at those times xD

    • Sailor Moon was my first take on shoujo, but more important it was my first ecchi anime, so yeah I really like it. xD
      Not to mention that magical girls are the most awesome thing ever! xD

      • Suicunesol

        I wouldn’t really consider Sailor Moon an “ecchi” anime…

        Though it did have its moments.

        • It was ecchi at its time, panty shots, and naked magical girl transformations~ though, today it would probably be one of the “cleanest” animes/mangas out there. xd

          • Woah it had panty shots? O-o i don’t remember that… And i think i would notice those kind of stuff around that age xD, maybe they were removed in the dubbed ver. somehow? (Like when they gave Sanji a lollipop instead of a cigarrete in one piece -.-‘).

            Yeah, as far as i remember, Sailor moon was really clean…

          • Suicunesol

            The panty shots were only there if you looked for ’em. :P They were subtle–the way fanservice used to be.

          • puchinri

            Suicensol has a point, it was subtle or not in your face, the way fanservice used to (and still should be…). But the dub did have a lot of bad ass stuff missing from it, fanservice and other things. (Then again, the anime had its own dark moments, but not nearly as many as the manga either, I feel.)

          • MPHavoc

            Actually, there were several panty shots that were left present in the dub that DiC either didn’t notice or they left alone because they figured kids wouldn’t pay attention. One scene in particular is where Sailor Venus/Mina(unintentionally) looked up Sailor Mars’ skirt, which prompted a “Do you mind?!” from the latter.

            DiC was kinda bipolar about their editing.

            Anyway, I’m happy that the manga’s coming back our way. Maybe now Funimation will finally buy the rights to the anime, re-dub and distribute it here uncut.

      • Agree it has a place in anime history! With out it a lot of other female anime lead series would not be around. I love how it’s one of the shows were the heroes died! Oh the good old days! Goes back to watching Bleach to see Ichigo win again :(

    • urbanscholar

      Oh yeah I did the time. Then I followed the series for a bit….moonlight knight for life!

      • Roses could never be more powerful

    • 4shiki

      I’m sure this question will sound weird, but…do you live in Venezuela by any chance?

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah. WildArms is from there I’m surprised you figured that out with just that statement though lol

        • Lol, pretty cool right?! xD, this is really a funny surprise, we dont get much anime with english dub here, but dragon ball was a huge hit at those times, so it was like a block in TV for anime only, if i remember correctly it was, Salior Moon -> Dragon Ball -> Capitan Tsubasa…

          Just a little note, for the curious people out there, Capitan Tsubasa ‘s spanish name is “Super Campeones” wich translated directly to english would be “Super Champions” xD, it was hard to know what people were talking about when they said “Capitan Tsubasa” when i started to get into the webz

          • Zero_Destiny

            Super Campeones is probably one of the funniest names I’ve heard and i have no idea why. lol Got a laugh out of me. That’s awesome detective work by the way you guys. You’d made Kyle Hyde and Phoenix Wright proud. XD

          • Why do I get hungry all of a sudden when hearing Super Campeones? xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            *Walks into a Taco Joint*
            Me: “Yes I’d like to order a Super Campeones Grande with a little Apple pie. ”
            Employee: “Here you go sir, it’s our specialty.”
            My Stomach: *whine* Ggggrrrrr *dies* :(
            Me: “It was worth it.”

          • Ahhh, those are my heroes *_* since they are the ones closer to “our world” (not fantasies/”magic” (a little in phoenix though)) I feel they are closer than other characters xD

          • Was Tsubasa Oozora called “Oliver Tsubasa” in there as well? Man, that’s sure nostalgic… I remember that the time of it’s first run on TV (they reaired it in here not long ago, along a lot of the old classics) it was the time the “magic armor” anime was the big thing! There was Shurato, Samurai Warriors, Saint Seiya (Or “Knights of the Zodiac”, if you would make a literal translation of what they called it in here…). But Yu Yu Hakusho was my favorite, maybe because the brazillian dub was given full liberty to do the translation the way they want it, making Yusuke pull out a lot of crazy obscure sayings I’ve never heard before, all the time!

            Oh man, now you’ve got me ranting about the golden times like an old fool. I would better stop now. But I have to disagree with the way you were saying about “they were better because they were less fantasy like”… for me they were all crazy “out of this world” experiences. If you haven’t heard about it I recommend to you Giant Killing, is a recent seinen football anime really “not fantasy like” (not that there’s anything wrong with fantasy). It’s manga is still ongoing, but I haven’t managed to read it yet.

          • Lol xD, and yep, he was Oliver here, ohh y forgot Saint Seiya!, that was a pretty big hit too! The spanish name is different too, it was “Caballeros del Zodiaco” wich in english is “Zodiac’s Knights” x0

      • Woah! haha, do you live there (here) too? xD

    • Reitsumi

      Sailor moon was the fist anime I saw. I was 3 years old

    • RupanIII

      lol I used to watch it at like 6 or 6:30am before school xD I remember looking forward to a bit of fanservice in those transformation scenes haha I can’t remem the very first anime I saw, but it was one of them, along with Robotech, Dragon Ball and the anime on Sci-Fi channel. Back then, before I got into fansubs, even a censored/badly dubbed anime was like O.O

  • Zero_Destiny

    Oh wow I’ve been hearing people pinning over this for years. I heard if an anime company (like Funimation who is interested) can get through the license hell that is the anime and re-release it that their would be big bucks for them. Personally it was weird for me. I remember watching it when I was younger (don’t judge me lol) Was a crazy show. Not bad though. Not my cup of tea.

  • Seeing how a lot of the 90s fanbase are practically adults by now, I hope they’d stop censoring Haruka and Michiru’s relationship, like they did, back then.

    • puchinri

      I don’t think they pretended it was just friendship as much in the manga (it didn’t come off that way to me anyway), but that would nice too if they just didn’t do any of the censoring at all~.

      • Joanna

        If memory serves me well, there was no censoring in the manga. Hotaru even called Michiru and Setsuna mama and Haruka papa. And I distinctly recall certain scenes like Haruka kissing Usagi being in the manga and Haruka being jealous of Mamoru and Michiru’s little talk. So yeah, this is another case of censoring only in the anime because it airs on cable (where they did pretend to be a couple for whatever reason and were called cousins).

        • puchinri

          I do remember some of the moments in Mixxine and the manga being… Well, not shy about not censoring, but I don’t remember if I read it in its entirety, so I couldn’t recall. But I remember that too! And then things got crazier in the Stars arc and I don’t recall censoring there. Hmm, I wonder how much better Sailor Moon would have faired coming on Toonami at midnight. (Actually, wiki says it did!? But I only remember the movie coming on Toonami…)

          • Joanna

            Hmmm. I honestly don’t recall any censoring except for the name changes of certain attacks and a few misspellings of names (like Lead Crow as Red Crow). The senshi all died in the manga, Endymion tried to kill Moon, Diamond seducing Moon, Black Lady’s romantic interests and kiss with Endymion/Mamoru, all that was there. Maybe I’m missing something. *scratches her head*

            I’m from Canada, so I never had Toonami, but our cartoon channel aired moon right after school around 4 pm, so I certainly think that had a lot to do with the censoring. Although the later episodes from Cloverway were aired a little later, at 6 pm. I remember Escaflowne was late night at the time, around 8-9pm and it wasn’t even that bad/questionable! xD (We got Full Metal Alchemist a few years ago at 11pm too)

          • puchinri

            Oh, I’m sorry, I got that mixed up. That was supposed to be not shy about not censoring. x’D Although I thought Lead Crow was spelled right, but maybe not. But yeah, after seeing the scans on scans_daily of the first arc again, I realized how truly dark the manga was and I liked that even in the English manga, they never tried to censor any implied relationships, mature themes or anything potentially graphic.

            Yeah, we also got it at that time, and I agree (which is sad though). Although we actually got Escaflowne on Saturday mornings, and I was surprised that they didn’t try to censor much there either, but they did stop airing it after Hitomi had that psychic moment with the doppleganger. I was really surprised at how bad Escaflowne got actually. x’D
            (We had FMA at that time too~! Funny how the schedules are so close for most things. x’D )

          • Joanna

            Oh really? That’s annoying since Escaflowne was so engrossing and I would have been so angry if they cut it midway (incidentally, it was Escaflowne that made me a big anime fan xD ). The tv station that aired Escaflowne here actually aired the whole thing and did a few reruns too. I guess I never considered themes like destiny and tarot cards bad/questionable because a lot of fantasy adventures make use of these themes and in very fantastical ways. (And honestly Escaflowne had a really positive message at the end since they did change the preordained destiny and Hitomi gave up tarot card reading because she believed in making her own future).

            Did you get Witch Hunter Robin and .hack//SIGN as well? I thought those two were really questionable and I was surprised they aired .hack at 9pm….Robin got aired a lot later though, at 11pm I believe. Both were so addicting though. xD

          • puchinri

            Yeah, a lot of us were really miffed, but some of us who were invested in the show bought it later. I had to wait until it came on our cable’s ondemand service and watch Funimation’s sub, but I only caught everything after the five eps, and they sadly didn’t bring it back. I don’t think the themes were bad or questionable at all, but some of the content did get extreme and bloody for a show being aired as a Saturday morning cartoon (Celena/Dilandau for instance, not just as a character, but how it was presented could be a slight bit intense for younger children I guess). I definitely loved the series and especially the ending all the way through (and it’s one of the series that also got me into anime). It’s really interesting how it changed over production. We almost never would have had the Escaflowne we have now if the first director didn’t leave the project.

            I did, but not Witch Hunter Robin as much. I think .hack//SIGN definitely got questionable, mostly near the end and with how it played with things a little too much. I was initially skeptical of Robin, but I did end up addicted. x’D
            It’s a shame because I could never catch most of it though. And even though .hack//SIGN usually just made me mad or confused me, I kept watching it through until the end, haha.

    • I agree…I don’t think it was originally intended for younger kids anyways. Haruka & Michiru are my favorite couple.

      I also hope that when, and if they re-do the anime, they find voices that actually suit the characters. Most English dubs tend to be awkward, & sometimes the voices are gender confused (due to complicated plots), lol.

  • I would die and go to heaven if they would remake the anime series similarly to how they remade the FMA series.

    • Suicunesol

      And have it follow the manga storyline. :o

      I’m sure Naoto Takeuchi would love that.

      • Naoto Takeuchi did both the anime and manga stories, with a few exceptions (like the alien tree part of R — from off the top of my head). So they’re both her babies, even tho she wanted Sailor Moon to end with just the deaths of the scouts from the first series.

        • Suicunesol

          Maybe so. But I distinctly remember her having some issues regarding the final season, and how the Sailor Stars weren’t supposed to have as big a part as they did.

          • I haven’t read the entire book that I have.. but the book mentioned that she had to work on both the anime and the manga at the same time. She WANTED to give up on Sailor Moon after the first season, because she had tooo much stress from working on the Sailor V & Sailor Moon manga as well as helping out with the Sailor Moon anime all at the same time. But she only continued the Sailor Moon series because of the fans.

          • Pichi

            Heard she had issues with the final anime season because they made the Starlights male instead of how it was in the manga, going against that only females can be Sailor warriors and such. Not to mention the differences with Chibi Chibi’s origin and plot.

          • @Pichi
            Eh, the Starlights are females but they decided to disguise themselves as males to find their princess, from what I remember. So it doesn’t really effect the original idea of females only are Sailor Warriors. But yea.. there’s always differences between anime and mangas anyways. lol

          • Joanna

            Yes and no. See the anime made them biologically male and when they transform they turn biologically female (the start of their transformation, they have no breasts and are more muscular and at the end they do and are more round). Whereas in the manga, they are only cross-dressing, so this part is likely what pichi is referring too. I honestly don’t see why the anime producer decided it was better to have them be male and then become female…since that’s kind of weird. Whereas cross-dressing doesn’t involve any sex changes at all. I honestly don’t know why anyone would change that, but perhaps it was to tone down the homosexuality between Usagi and Seiya. (The homosexual relationship between Haruka and Usagi was also really non-existent in the anime, whereas it was hinted pretty heavily in the manga)…but then that begs the question of Michiru and Haruka and why that relationship wasn’t changed in the anime. So I’m back at square one wondering why anyone wanted to make the star lights male on Earth. :/

    • I agree so much. Let’s have a remake that matches the manga series of events perfectly in beautiful HD!

    • I also agree with this. XD FMA Brotherhood was soooo much better than the original FMA anime. So if they did something like that with Sailor Moon, it’ll make tons of fans happy instead of the remastering of the original that they did.

    • puchinri

      You just gave me something worth wishing for.

  • YAY! I’ve been waiting a long, long, long time for this! Perhaps there is still hope that the anime can FINALLY be seen as it was intended and not chopped all to hell. So excited about this xDDDD

  • Yukito

    Awesome. :D…. Now, get the show re-dubbed and back over here. I actually like it. Venus is mah gal. :D

  • raymk

    Well looks like i’m gonna be spending some more money lol. I’m glad there doing a revival though this was actually a good series.

  • puchinri

    My day is named. Since I’ve been keeping up with the posts of the manga on Scans-Daily, I’ve been wanting to reread it and buy the manga again, so this is nice and exciting news.

    I think this will also help for all the people in the anime club who go ‘ewww, I hate Sailor Moon, it’s just fluffy crap and useless girls in skirts’. This way I can show them all the dark, demented stuff that went on in the first arc alone. (BSSM was some serious business…)

  • Ereek

    Hmm, I already own every single novel from the original release in English, so I don’t know if I’ll be getting this, but it’s good to see a great classic and influential series getting a re-release.

  • Aoshi00

    They have always done “kanzen-ban” (bigger and fewer “perfect” volumes) or the “bunko” (smaller pocket size) re-release for most classic manga in Jpn w/ new covers and such, DB, Shaman King, Hikaru no Go, Saint Seiya, Slam Dunk, Kenshin, YuYu Hakusho, Maison Ikkoku, etc all got it.. I guess this is like a first manga re-release for the US? I never feel like buying kanzen-ban again though, the old manga took up enough room as it is.. Also most of the time I prefer the original covers, the artists’ current drawing style look too different from back then after so many years..

    • I agree with the last sentence. lol I was looking at the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne re-releases (for Japan) with the newer artwork and it just looks weird. ._.

      Edit: Yay~ people who actually know what KKJ is. XDD I thought I was the only fan of it.

  • Wow finally a remake I was about to sell my old Sailor Moon R manga or give them away since it is the only ones I own at least I can keep them and go for them again.

  • Wackoramaco87

    Sweet~! I can’t wait to finally get my hands on these, this time around! =D

  • keriaku

    I’m sooooo excited for this! YESYESYES

  • noice

  • Awesome. I’ve waited for years for this.

  • Oh hell yes. I’m actually totally down for this.

  • I look forward to the re-release of the Sailor Moon series. To think the states is actually getting the Sailor V manga! Such a bummer that I have to wait until September!

  • Pichi

    Never really read the manga, so I’ll give it a go and see if I like it. And since Sailor V thing is new, I’ll check that out for certain.

  • I believe Sailor Moon is the ideal anime/manga for people new to our hobby.
    It taps into so many genres.

    Sailor Moon was the reason I got into anime and manga. While my interest is not as strong as it used to be, I still consider the first three TV seasons some of the best anime every and I still draw fanart to this day.

    Glad to hear America gets a chance to read Sailor V. It’s a fun manga. And Minako is so cute and funny.

    Italy has Sailor Moon DVDs now. Dual audio: Japanese and Italian. Check out amazon.it for details. No chance for the rest of Europe though. Seems the same old licensing issues are holding the series back.

    • Japan decided to remaster Sailor Moon and hoped for a revolutionary movement after they did it. The only country that jumped onto it was Italy so far. Fans in America are also hoping for Sailor Moon to be re-licensed but no real news on the anime yet. Hopefully someone will pick it up, re-dub it, and release it as box sets that they’re doing now instead of individual DVDs. XD Boxsets save us more money than individual DVDs.

  • shion16

    Sailor Chibi moon woke up the lolicon instict in the japanese otakus xD

  • …. Am I dreaming… No seriously…

    Sailor Moon is one of the first anime I watched, and till this day it’s still one of my favorites. I never had a BSSM manga of my own before, So I’m ECSTATIC to hear this. And it seems I’m not the only one happy to hear this. This alos makes me happy. (tears of freaking joy!) ;w;

    Hopefully with sales, it would a chance to redub and re-edit Sailor Moon. By re-edit I mean leaving everything the way it was it original version. And leave it in the hands of FUNimation. Now that make a lot of people happy.
    Dragon Ball Z is back and changed a little so why not BSSM? Just leave out the “Kai” part.. -__- bleh..

  • This is huge news.

    It was said (mostly by jsevakis of ANN), that Sailor Moon could never come back to the US in any shape or form because of some legal battle which was *never* elaborated upon.

    Well, here we are.

    Hope the anime announcement follows soon. While the manga is great, there were some plot elements in it that I thought the show did better (I realize purists will hate me for this, but it’s just my opinion…)

    • Well I guess no one saw Kodansha handling its own properties in CONUS…but I wonder why the guy would say that, considering I thought the anime has been rumored to return for years, as I dont even think its even on DVD in CONUS…

    • Zero_Destiny

      From what I heard (and this is just through the grapevine I’m not a big Sailor Moon fan) the anime is what they were talking about. It’s a license nightmare like a lot of earlier and mid nineties animes are. You see back in the 90’s companies didn’t know if anime would fly in America and where able to get licenses for pretty cheap from animation studios. But some did take off like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon and the companies made a crap load of money especially since they got such a cheap license. Now the license have expired and the animation studios are really mad because they got screwed out of potential money. They sold the license for too cheap and the American companies made so much money. So now when companies want to re-licenses these properties the studios are asking for a crazy high amount of money. So no dice. American anime companies don’t want to sign on for all the new conditions the animation studios are requesting and don’t want to pay all the money they want. But from what I heard Funimation has for the past years been very interested in bringing out the Sailor Moon anime again and have said that if they get enough fan-support their willing to try to negotiate with the studios. It also helps since Funimation has a pretty good relationship Toei (the animation studio behind Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Sailor Moon).

  • Totes going to be legitimately buying every volume. This is the kind of manga release I can support fully.

  • Great news! I never got to read the manga, so I’ll definitely buy these rereleases.

  • MangaTherapy

    Sailor Moon + Dragon Ball Z = first two anime I ever watched.

    Recently wrote about my experiences watching it here:

    I hope the re-released manga brings a new generation of fans to the table.

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