Rumour: A Multiplayer Silent Hill…On Xbox Live Arcade?

By Ishaan . March 19, 2011 . 3:33pm

The next game in Konami’s Silent Hill series is Silent Hill: Downpour, developed by Vatra, the studio that worked on Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot. The game is being art directed by Radek Marek, who reportedly made some interesting comments in a recent interview with Xbox 360 Magazine in Italy.


Responding to a question about whether or not Downpour would include a multiplayer mode, Marek stated: “At the moment there will be no multiplayer modes in Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami are investigating a separate chapter devoted entirely to the Multiplayer. We do not know the details but it should be an XBLA title that most players have to survive in the town of Silent Hill.”


Vatra’s comment makes this sound like an entirely separate game. Recently, Konami released Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, which is another multiplayer spin-off on Xbox Live Arcade. Naturally, we’d refrain from treating this as anything more than a rumour for the time being.


You can check out screenshots of Silent Hill: Downpour in this post.


A big thanks to Cj Melendez for writing in with the tip!

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  • PrinceHeir

    oh please no, it’s bad enough the series is already in dismay now. i really missed Team Silent, kinda wish konami didn’t disband them along with the suikoden team.

    still look forward to downpour but all this new SH should have been new IP’s instead of clinging to the series name.

    • SlashZaku

      That’s why nothing has been happening with Suikoden? The team was disbanded? What the hell Konami? But they just keep on pumping out MGS titles…shame.

      • Honestly, the Metal Gear titles are the only thing they left that still has the original people behind it. I’m happy that Kojima is still behind them, instead of some Western developed crap.

        As for Suikoden, as much as I love the series, I’d rather it stay dead than, say, be given to Obsidian or something to Westernize.

        • SlashZaku

          I’m kind of burned out on MGS. That’s why I want Kojima to tackler ZOE or one of his other IPs again or even start a new one. MGS (and PES) are pretty much the only things that bring in a good chunk but still, come on. Look at what’s going on with MGS right now: You have one team working on Rising, another team working on MGS3DS (think this is also the Peace Walker team?) and then Kojima apparently must have another group if he’s planning to reveal a new title at E3 for PS3/NGP and that’s if it’s not another MGS (he’s talked about a ‘Devil/Taboo’ project as of late).

          I just want to see them get a bit more diverse. ZOE3 for PS3 would be a start. He could probably make a new Policenauts/Snatcher on NGP with a mix of Point-&-Click (the touch interface) and some conventional gameplay thrown in (the regular controls). I’m probably a minority but I’d like to see another Rumble Roses as well but the lead for that seems to have moved onto Love Plus (and I think coding/development was handled by Yukes anyways).

          Right now, Konami is kind of ‘eh’ for me, just like Square and Capcom.

          • PrinceHeir

            yes Rumble Roses please :D

            to be honest i think kojima productions would better off handling the Silent Hill series. sure there might be too many cutscenes but i think he can stick to the series fame rather than handling this on different developers that has no knowledge about the series.

            i hope IGA makes another castlevania game. though with Michuru Yamane gone and Ayami Kojima(MIA? haven’t seen her recent work lately) it’s very hard to make a castlevania much closer to it’s roots. i want that 1999 final battle with dracula in Curse of Darkness/Lament of Innocence artstyle and music.

      • Suikoteam was disbanded? D: My world just shattered into smaller pieces.

      • PrinceHeir

        well the Yoshitaka Murayama(creator and director) of the series did left after Suikoden III. they didn’t even credit him in the game even though he did the game from start to finish(due to konami’s BS policy that former employees won’t be credit in the projects despite having some kind of input)

        yup i think MGS is probably one of their only amazing titles left. im sure ZOE3, Snatcher and Policenauts sequels will improve the lineup but i want more diversity.

        Silent Hill, DDR, Contra, Suikoden where are these? or better yet where the creators of this series? soo many awesome IP’s that are either being not used or being mishandled by other developers.

        im glad for games like Otomedius Excellence but they need to revive some of their old IP’s. same goes to Capcom and Square.

        • Exactly. We know if Kojima and his team ever left, they’d still keep making Metal Gear games. The only difference is that they’d be made by some awful Western development team and we’d be talking about Metal Gear the same way we’re talking about Silent Hill.

          • PrinceHeir

            yup2 but to be honest once kojima and his team remake MG1 and 2 from the MSX i think kojima should leave konami with his team and form a studio at grasshopper manufacturer. i want a collaboration with suda 51. not to mention he said that konami seems to be forcing him on making MGS instead of other IP’s. im the biggest fan of the series and i know kojima has hidden potential that is not seen in MGS. just look at ZOE, Policenauts, Snatcher, heck even Boktai. soo many possibilities yet he’s chained down on 1 game.

            oh i forgot about Castlevania too. where the hell is Ayami Kojima(artist of the series) and Michiru Yamane(composer)? i know Michiru left the company 3 years ago but what about Ayami? she has godly art. especially curse of darkness and lament of innocence.

            it’s sad to see great IP’s being a former of itself. oh well money matters i guess :

          • My big wish is that he can work on other projects too, but I’d rather the current situation, where I can look forward to the next Metal Gear game, rather than look at the series with sadness, like I do this. Personally, I’d like to see him work on both. New titles and Metal Gear. I loved Snatcher. It was my first Kojima game, actually.

            I just want to make sure that we never see some sort of DMC-style abomination happening to one of my favorite game series.

        • Jellybit

          I think Konami doesn’t have what it takes anymore. People generally disliked Silent Hill 3 compared to 2, and generally hated Silent Hill 4 in comparison. Konami saw sales and reviews decline, and decided to try other things. Contra Hard Corps Uprising just came out with decent reviews, but that was developed by Arc System Works. Castlevania Lords of Shadow was their best received console Castlevania since Symphony of the Night, which is a shame because it wasn’t that good.

          While I hate the westernized versions of their once-great IPs, I still think they probably wouldn’t pull it off any better if they took it on themselves again. I think they’re not the same company, like Sega isn’t the same company they were 15 years ago. It’s almost like asking Silicon Knights to be Nintendo. They’re just not that company.

          • You know, Silent Hill 3 is still my favorite of the series, even though I do think 2 has a better story. 4, I disliked until I played Homecoming. Then I learned to appreciate 4.

          • Jellybit

            Yeah, there are a good number of people who had to let 3 and 4 “sink in” before appreciating them, and there are some who liked 3 the most, but sales/reviews sent a message to Konami before that had a chance to manifest. And while you disliked 4 until you played Homecoming, many would agree that Konami was on a downward path by that point.

            Kojima Productions seems to have leeched all of the talent from all areas of Konami until the rest of Konami had nothing left. I guess it’s possible that Konami could break up Kojima Productions a bit (if it works that way without Kojima’s consent), but as it is right now, Konami pretty much wants to be Metal Gear Inc., so that’s not going to happen any time soon.

          • badmoogle

            Change Silent Hill 3 with Silent Hill 2 and it’s the same story with me.

          • PrinceHeir

            same :D

            Silent Hill 3 is my favorite ever just because the atmosphere was disturbing and dark, in Silent Hill 2 there’s always the bone chilling fog and such but 3 takes it for darkness and gruesome feeling though there was too much darkness to the point it was hard to play the game.

  • I don’t comment on rumors nor speculation…however, I cant wait for more Silent Hill…Im ready to graduate from seeing it on film to playing it.

    • Well, you won’t be doing this gen, as so far it appears that the series is long dead. Rotting, in fact, at this point. While Downpour looks to be an improvement over Homecoming, that’s like saying having a broken arm is an improvement over getting leprosy.

      Still, you could either download the first one from the Playstation Store or get a PS2 and play SH2, SH3, and SH4.

    • badmoogle

      Please erase the ridiculous movie from your mind,and embrace the pure Silent Hill experiences that are the first three games (and the fourth one but to a much lesser extent)
      After you play these just pretend that no other Silent Hill game exists.

  • And here I thought the franchise couldn’t have more damage done to it than what Double Helix did. Guess there’s always more barnacles to scrap off the barrel.

  • Lamashtu

    How much more can they rape this poor corpse of a franchise?
    Maybe add some first-person elements and iron-sights?

    • SolidusSnake

      First-person elements? Pyramid head approves. I just hope he’s a playable character in the inevitable CTF and Team Deathmatch modes.

    • badmoogle

      All sacrificed in the sake of the almighty dollar.F**k art and creativity.

    • They already did that with Silent Hill: Arcade. It was actually covered here a bit at Siliconera. There is also a Silent Hill game on the iPhone, which seems all you do is walk around and hit nurses, but I haven’t tried it myself.

      I don’t mind what they do with franchise, but fans really shouldn’t expect to “go back” to what the series had in the earlier games. Personally, I would like to see them try their hand at something like Shattered Memories again. Many people didn’t like it, but I thought it was worthwhile and what the series needed to at least stay interesting after something like Homecoming.

      • I really wish they’d just let the series die, personally. It had a good run and now it’s over.

        • Or that, but who’s gonna let that happen, especially with the second film already in production… Figured if they’re gonna press on they should at least try to put some effort as opposed to phoning it in. But, that’s just me.

          I agree, though. Team Silent was a lighting that struck the same spot a couple times, a group that shared a vision (grotesque as it was) and knew what to do to make it happen. It’s a nice time to let another team step in and let them do their own horror thing as opposed to just Silent Hill’s and hinder their own potential of creating a great horror title.

          • The thing is, though, that sales haven’t been strong in a long time. I’d honestly been hoping that, for once, a game’s poor sales would result in the end of the franchise. Usually, it’s this sort of give and take between arts and commerce, but here, as the games have been lacking, so have the sales.

  • …..
    I’m unsure about this kind of move since I’m used to playing the games by myself.
    (I have the first 3(1 from PSN and SH2/3 on PS2)).

    I’m really unsure about downpour as well, seing as how I’ve never heard of Vatra or the fact that nobody from Team Silent appears to be connected to it.
    (like Akira or Mary)

    • If it were along the lines of something like what Capcom did with Resident Evil: Outbreak that would feasible. I’m more concerned if it’s more along the lines of being a co-op or a free roam type of mode, like exploring the town on your own with others around doing something else.

  • badmoogle

    lol…is it so hard to understand that Silent Hill and multiplayer don’t mix?

    Seriously Konami when will you stop ridicule the dead body of this once great series with lame,cheesy hollywood movies and incapable small time developers?
    It’s painful to us old fans to see one of our favorite games in the condition it is today.

  • Wouldn’t having a friend play along makes the game less scarier? Of course, if he’s playing as the demons, that’s a different story.

    • I don’t see how it’d be scary if you’ve got someone being all, “Dude, I am so going to rape you with Pyramid Head!” on your mic.

      • Eto… Probably scary isn’t the word. Sorry ^_^’ Probably tense would be a better word? But heck, Silent Hill is just not meant for multiplayer.

  • Hraesvelgr

    no ty

  • hush404

    … oh gawd… no :(

  • eilegz

    so konami sold his little ass to microsoft again?

    • Well, it is possible, BUT you do have to remember this was in a 360-centric magazine. While we have seen some sad examples of Konami favoring the 360 recently (which is odd, considering where they make the majority of their money), I think he can be forgiven for not mentioning the Playstation Network in a 360 magazine.

      That said, if this was 360-exclusive, I’m not sure I’d mind, as it does not sound like something I’d want to play.

  • some games dont need multiplayer, silent hill is one of them, you are supposed to be alone, sh1 had such a deep felling of lonleyness

  • xxx128

    Fastest way to kill a franchise dead? Yup, outsource it to overseas developpers.

  • Icon

    LOL, I’m almost impressed that Konami can still find ways to make this the most confused franchise they have. Every game is different from the last. It’s been dead since part 4 (and I even liked that one).

  • Ya know, I am okay with this. If it is at the right price point (10$ or less), I could get behind it.

  • Ask yourself, do you really want the tension of creeping around with other people, not knowing what and when you see it being destoryed by players speaking in 4chan language, trolling you any chance they get and hindering your progress on purpose because “its funny and because they can”?

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